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RP: After America TOOK A BIG DUMP, Yesterday, It Is Time to, Finally, GET DOWN TO BUSINESS!!!

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And of course the business we need to get down to is REMOVING the CIA from its current role of directing world-wide hard-drug trafficking (does not include much of marijuana trafficking):

President Obama cannot take a lead on this, because the CIA will immediately prove he has a HUGE gay past -- how Bush/Cheney/Bill Clinton (GW Bush's "brother" as recently on-TV re-RE-stated by both of them), blackmailed him into protecting it.

No offense to womanhood, but would YOU French-kiss her???

And nothing is more "small potatoes" in my recent experience than two Christian Republicans (one also an NRA member), trying to run me out of Puerto Vallarta Writers Group and getting poor Leader Colin into a FINE TIZZY, over all kinds of things.

Charles Quigley with his daughter at Pastor Ric Lehman's "NO RULES" Christian Church -- Ric having lost lease to Paradise Community Center because he leased to the CIA's perhaps top Puerto Vallarta operativeLuis Melgoza, whom you can learn about here:

Frank Meyer, DDS was Frank Sinatra's personal friend and dentist in Las Vegas.

And they tricked Colin Hamilton into holding the "detonator"!!!

Now I hope no one thinks I have taken a THING Colin has written or said in recent weeks personally -- he has at least a half dozen times the last couple of months (most recently when we had coffee last Saturday before Writers Group meeting), stated he has been CONSTANTLY harassed by Charles Quigley and Frank Meyer for over a half year, now -- and Charles's emails are so un-grammatical he could not resist sending many of them to other members to LAUGH OUR ASSES OFF AT!!!

The fact is, they got him so afraid of THEM -- and exhausted from their half-year onslaught (mostly in summer so REAL WRITERS -- or at least THINKERS -- were not present), that he might need a week or two break, now, and I recommend he choose someone like NC Stanley (although he has a situation that might cause him to have to skip meetings now and then, so someone similar, instead) -- but someone Colin feels comfortable with -- to handle things for a week or two.

In any case, I think everyone has had enough of me for now, so I'm taking off for Colima (Colin-ima???), tomorrow for a few days to visit my godson Diego, his family, and the family of my now deceased friend, Dr. Waldemar Salazar, who kindly introduced me to the then Governor of the State of Colima, and was best friend to former Mexican Presidente Salinas (who recently sold his IUSACELL to AT&T, so by early next year my cell phone should work seamlessly in the USA, no???).

The house I rented in a Colima suburb in 2010, was unpainted then and without grass (the blade type).

Twin Colima volcanoes EXACTLY as seen from my front window, although I did not take this photo.

And not only have I blogged about Salazar and Salinas traveling incognito to Puerto Vallarta during his term as Presidente, for Waldemar to show him all the evidence that the drug trafficking was ALL CIA from the United States -- and they cried together, unable to fight it then, I have also blogged about Dr. Salazar's AWESOME BALLS, which I will tell again now:

You see, when I visited Colima in 2012 and even ran into George W. Bush's TOP DRUG-MONEY LAUNDERER -- which the FOOL gladly admitted, thinking I had "Kenan-Class money", that I would invest with him -- see: 

I also ran into Dr. Salazar, whose health had declined -- he was only a year older than me, but always looked 15 years older, and on a cane -- he had only a year or so before that (while I was back in Wilmington, NC), been called late at night for an overdose emergency in the "out-back Mexican countryside", grabbed his doctor's bag, and drove out alone.

When he arrived at the farmhouse, all the lights were blazing and the doors were all open -- but no one answered his calls in through the door. So in he went to find the place LOADED with heavy-and-smaller US weapons and general disorder. One of many freezer doors was open, revealing kilos and kilos of white powder drugs, and as he set out to satisfy his curiosity, discovered freezers full of American one-hundred-dollar bills!!!

He shouted "EUREKA!!!" (or the Mexican equivalent).

Then he quickly stuffed a revolver that he found on the floor into his waistband, and grabbed enough dollars to buy himself a TOP FLIGHT LUXURY CAR!!!

But he told me to be SAFE, he had taken a YEAR to visit many Mexican states to exchange small lots of those bills -- in case they had been marked, but HAD just bought his car before I saw him that time.

So I give Dr. Waldemar Salazar my TOP Mexican Patriot and Hero Award (although I can't really, as it is illegal for non-citizens to politic in Mexico -- pity). 

It's just plain BEWITCHING!!!

And Rey Coliman (King Colima), was the ONLY native Mexican King who NEVER surrendered to the Spanish -- although his kingdom was eventually assimilated into Mexico-the-Colony.




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