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RP: . . . And When the Pie Was Opened -- the Birds began to SING!!!

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Yes, the "birds", worldwide, are sure singin' NOW.

This is John C. Eastman, who is chair of the National Organization for Marriage (NOM), and was recently hired by the State of North Carolina to fight to allow their already-ruled-unconstitutional state amendment barring any but heterosexual marriages, thus wasting ANOTHER ton of taxpayer money -- while a wek ago, North Carolina was recognized for the LOWEST PAY and LOWEST MORALE of teachers in the USA.

Do not confuse him with:

John Eastman on far right, was Tennessee Williams's last lawyer. Tenn had had Lee Eastman, John's Dad, for most of his career -- Lee Eastman, one of the best Arts & Entertainment lawyers ever, was born Leopold Vail Epstein, anglicized his name, and John was a practicing Episcopalian.

It is THIS John Eastman who authorized both John Lennon's and Tennessee Williams's deaths. More:

As brought to my attention by Falco de Testo, a lawyer-acquaintance of mine in New York, two things.

1. In the official records of court actions on the case (which are AMAZINGLY lengthy),, While the monetary award is noted, NOTHING about copyrights of either my memoir of working for Tennessee Williams, nor for either my blog posts or emails.

I wonder if it was just hand-written in later, but not legit at all.

2. At the time, I misunderstood and was too angry to think right about it, but Amazon was presented with the paper, and ALL they did was suspend sales, emailing me that they got notification that my copyright was being challenged, and they left the posting up for six months before removing it.

They had actually written to me that it was in suspension until they got clarity -- so AMAZON didn't believe it was a FINAL JUDGEMENTor they would have transferred the listing and money to Jamie Sutherland right away (like my bank sure did!!!)!!!

The Dancing Gay Dogs of Colima, Colima, Mexico, where I lived part of 2010.

Well GOOD LUCK to the Dem who with Al Gore and Rahm Emanuel SOLD Barack Obama's SOUL to the Bush/Cheney narco-traffickers before the 2008 primaries. This was reported in the press -- at least Kenan Charities-associated Huffington Post -- at the time and even LATER. It is documented with links to original articles in my blog.

Former Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa posted on Facebook Saturday that he is "seriously" considering a run for Senate in California now that Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-Calif.) has announced her decision to step down in 2016. "Too...
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forget the alamo. let's return texas to mexico.

If you're a state employee in Texas, you could soon be stripped of your paycheck and pension if you obey federal court rulings that Republicans don't like.
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From Randy Jones: and Roy Rogers Oldenkamp: "Now THIS is a proper way to start the day! Right, Will Grega? 
Carpe Diem because Tempus Fugit, y'all! 
Get 'em, Boyz!"
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Couple of lads rocking out to Indian music... as you do.
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