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RP: I Confront John O. Brennan, Director of the CIA as Directly as Possible!!!

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ALREADY got my answer from the CIA!!!

I tried FIVE TIMES to send via their ONLY online form -- and they list NO EMAIL ADDRESSES.

However, I have now also sent a link to this posting with explanation to Senator Burr via his secure server -- and received confirmation his office has received it -- but had to email the NEW Senator Tillis (both Republicans from North Carolina), which I did putting ALL 500 of my contacts into OPEN copy.


Dear Mr. Brennan:

Just this afternoon, I realized that the person in charge of the NAZI Government of the United States is YOU – my beef is NOT with President Obama!!! And I am going to attempt to be civil in this message, despite being so angry I could just SPIT (yes, on YOU)!!!

Now, I will add at bottom my appeal to the Center of Justice and Accountability, sent November 17, 2014. I had expected a response within a month, but it has been holiday time, so I will give them until January 15, 2015, although I BET the CIA or NSA prevented my email from even GETTING to them – or you have moles in their org and stopped it that way.

That is EXACTLY what happened earlier last summer when I contact the Illinois ACLU – my voice-mails to them were ERASED, and they only got about a third of my emails!!!

Your narco-trafficking in the USA is about 10% of the economy, now – although you pay no taxes and hide the money to spend on DOMESTIC AND INTERNATIONAL TERRORISM, including trying to murder or at least silence me.

You are NO BETTER than a Jihadist Terrorist!!! You are WORSE, since your job is to protect our CONSTITUTIONAL GOVERNMENT – do you even remember what that is???

And this US Consular Agent in Nuevo Vallarta, Kelly Trainor de O, is known to ALL OF PUERTO VALLARTA as a TOTAL CIA narco-trafficker. Not only is she a Bill Clinton appointment, but when my mother called her from the States to find a doctor who might see if he could get me on psych meds in 2010, Kelly and her office recommended Dr. John Mabry Crouch, once head of an American hospital, but after finding out the woman he married was ACTUALLY the largest importer of cocaine from Mexico to the USA (many years ago), he told me he was FORCED to work for the CIA.

Now, after getting into trouble here, he’s hiding in central Mexico – but Kelly Trainor told me SHE STAYS IN CONTACT WITH HIM. And I have seen Carl Timothy of Timothy Real Estate Group jump line and deliver packets of what appears to be cash to the hand of Kelly – real estate sales being a BIGGEST form of laundering money. This EXACTLY LIKE what I saw passed between Patrick Stansbury of, my employer of 18 years, and now retired Georgia Congressman (Rep), John Linder. Patrick is in charge of distributing all the illegal drugs coming in to Maxwell AFB – and in 2010, I met a lot of US Marines on many separate occasions and all SWORE to me that they were ordered to guard US Air Force planes in foreign countries WHILE THEY WERE LOADED WITH ILLEGAL DRUGS to be flown back to the USA.

So, HOW can your organization declare PEACE!!! I want to HELP you protect the USA – can’t you people GET THAT???

And I really think you need to take your info and either URGE President Obama to admit in public his homosexual past – or force the sucker OUT OF THE CLOSET.

You have apparently been able to scour off the internet all the reports – including first hand of employees of Men’s Country private gay bathhouse, telling how the CIA had seized their computers and records and scrubbed not just Barack Hussein Obama’s lifetime membership off – but Rahm Emanuel’s too. But I did find these:

I look forward to your reply – and how we can get past this NAZI NIGHTMARE!!!

Scott David Kenan (worldwide unique name)
Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Dear Sir or Madam:

My name is Scott David Kenan, an American citizen 63 years of age, who was the last assistant to playwright Tennessee Williams, and related to the Kenan Family that heavily endowed Duke University, where your archives are being kept. The primary relief I need is quite simple, but my knowledge runs deep, I having met President Reagan and most of JFK’s generation of Kennedys – as well as Frank Sinatra’s heirs who sold my Kenan relatives control of Bank of America. I am not in the Kenan line of inheritance, and my immediate family all helped the Republican Party attempt to commit me to mental hospitals five times in one month in Georgia in 2010. I know so much I scare most people who have much knowledge of politics, so I ask for your assistance. There is much potential for me to win large judgments – which I would share – eventually, but the most important thing should be quite simple and easy.

Two years ago, Jamie Sutherland, an exec of Wells Fargo Advisors, Chicago, who has a house near Puerto Vallarta where I now live, sued me for LIBEL in Cook County with the help of Daliah Saper and her law firm Saper Law, LLC, Daliah a talking head on Fox News, as well. Although a moot point due to abuse of the system, I had blogged about Jamie’s narco-trafficking in P.V. as well as his having seen Senator Barack Obama in his private gay bathhouse several times. Wells Fargo Bank, Chicago office received the largest fine in US history for laundering drug money that same year, 2010.

I actually worked with Jamie and removed what he found offensive, he stating he wasn’t after money but to get the drug part off – he did not care if I left his seeing Obama in the baths – but instead of dropping the suit as he said he would do, they proceeded, and even though Jamie sued me only for $50,000.00, in absentia they convicted me of LIBEL, awarding Jamie $500,000.00, copyright to my memoir Walking on Glass: A Memoir of the Later Days of Tennessee Williams, forcing it off Amazon where I eventually self-published, as well as copyright to everything on my blog (past, present, and future), as well as every email I write having to do with related subjects until I die.

My memoir had gotten rave reviews from John Lahr of The New Yorker and many Williams scholars, was scheduled to be published in hard cover spring 2010 by Alyson Books, but publication was cancelled for political reasons and parent company HERE Media’s lawyer called to tell me they would see to it that I was NEVER published. I can prove that Sewanee and the Episcopal Church actually caused Tennessee Williams’s death, and then stole his estate from Harvard, as Jackie Kennedy Onassis told Tennessee they planned to do with help of the CIA, FBI, and Republican Party, at Jean Stein and George Plimpton’s party that we attended on January 11, 1982. Tennessee Williams’s brother Dakin, a lawyer, insisted this was true until the day he died – as have a few others. One of the conspirators whom I knew very well, told me and John Uecker (still alive), that a top legislator, Republican, in the Tennessee state legislature paid for the conspirators’ luxury lifestyles until they died by the mid-1990s.

Although in 2010, I fell prey to Mexican Drug Mafia who tricked me out of my wealth from selling my nearly paid off house in Stone Mountain, GA at direction of Col. Dottie Newman, Gen. Colin Powell’s then recently retired Chief Protocol Officer, who said the Republicans planned to kill me if I didn’t leave the country (I extremely naïve then – but never involved in drug trafficking), I got on SSI Disability in spring of 2012, and Rishi Nair of Nair Law, LLC (working also for Mr. Sutherland), drained my Bank of America account of all my money – which he knew was from Disability, but through a technicality was able to do that. I cannot put money in ANYTHING in the USA, or they will be able to seize it up to half a million dollars, so that is the relief I really need most.

I was actually in the United States picking up the last of my belongings when the Service arrived at Mailboxes, Etc. in Puerto Vallarta nearly two years ago, and did not get back to Mexico until after its 30-day window of service expired. Apparently, they presented the MBE employee’s signature receiving it as if it were my signature, and the Chicago judge accepted that. It is easy to prove I was never served legally. And in most areas of the US, LIBEL cannot be tried without a defense, but not so in Chicago!

Rather than detail what I know, which is unbelievable even to me, sometimes, let me hit just a few things. I had trouble before when I discovered a huge narcotics operation running through Stone Mountain Park, and after reporting that to Congressman Newt Gingrich in 1990, I ended up in Dekalb County, Georgia jail for a total of 15 weeks and had to file Writ of Habeus Corpus to get a trial, where I pled Nolo to simple trespass and got house-arrest probation for a year, and forced to take “lobotomizing” psychiatric meds, or be jailed for another year.

The records of this trial in Judge Linda Warren Hunters’ court were ERASED from the online courts database in late 2012, but I have all the original paperwork. Also erased, was the New Hanover County (Wilmington), NC Detention Center’s record of my five stays there in 2011 and 12 on eight false charges, eventually dropped on a deal where I left the state for at least a year. And I was twice committed to a mental hospital there, too, but the doctors let me right out. I know too much about the narco-trafficking there, which my parents helped set up in the 1980s and 90s. It was in association with my employer of 18 years,, where we legitimately sold all the ad space in all the yearbooks for the US Service Academies as well as War Colleges, but also distributed the illegal drugs coming in to Maxwell AFB where we had three legitimate contracts (this, I learned for certain only at the end). I witnessed Patrick Stansbury exchanging thick envelopes of cash with now retired Republican Congressman John Linder of Georgia.

You see, back in the late 1960s, we lived across the street from Coach Lou Holtz, then assistant football coach at Ohio State, and he was my parents’ best friend. It is said that in exchange for his help, Mom got him the coaching job at Notre Dame. We had pastel swastikas on our dinner plates and daily beatings. Today, Lou Holtz is John Boehner’s closest friend and political strategist, and a year ago, I caught my Mom on communication with them at the exact time President Obama made the deal to re-open government. Mom is now nearly 93, but of fit mind and driving ability. My father, not knowing I was in the room, once claimed he had put Sen. Jesse Helms (Republican, NC) in power, and that he could take him out. My father was also close friends with Lee Gosney of Pentagon Publishing, who under cover of traveling as a certified AA and NA counselor, made the deals with politicians and distributors to sell them drugs, including to many in Wilmington, but even to someone I met who distributed cocaine in Maine.

I apologize for writing so much, but I have actually barely scratched the surface. I hope you can help me undo the illegal and unconstitutional conviction, and perhaps explore other problems too. For instance, Jeff Duncan, who had interned in D.A. Benjamin R. David’s Wilmington, North Carolina office while I was being falsely prosecuted there, got his first job at Saper Law in Chicago, right before the false LIBEL lawsuit was brought against me by them! Surely, that must be some kind of collusion, racketeering, etc. And Sean Hannity’s wife’s college roommate, Christal Presley brought some false charges against me in Georgia in 2010 – even got American Express to robo-call me at 10:00 PM on a Sunday night, dropping my credit limit by $24,000.00 to only $243.00 available – only twenty minutes after I confronted her about her FAKE story (about to be published), of her father’s PTSD and the charity she hoped to make a lot of money on. In GA, it is illegal for banks to robo-call at ANY time on Sundays. Later (August 2010), AMEX sued me and WON $25,000.00 in ABSENTIA, but in December 2012, THAT conviction was back-changed to DISMISSED, and I have screen captures if not paper evidence to prove these things. Christal (spelled that way by her parents so that she would always be “Christ-like”), had been instrumental in getting me the publishing contract with Alyson Books.

I hope to hear something from you soon, and if you cannot help me, perhaps you can point me to another organization. The ACLU in Illinois considered this for a month, then said they only assist those suing government entities, not individuals like Jamie. Most of my emails and voice-mails to them over that month NEVER were received by them, and two years ago, Jack Stein, Wilmington’s Risk Manager, read back the number my phone call came through showing was mine. When I googled it, it was one the NSA uses to channel calls. Really. I have many computer and communications difficulties.

Jamie was unable to get Google to remove my blog (which had become two blogs, one mirroring the other in hope that the newer one could not be removed), because Google keeps copyright to everything blogged on Blogger. They are here: http://scottkenan.blogspot.comand I should warn you that I spent much of the last four years angry as hell – and it shows in my blog, but more recently, I have understood well enough to calm down and even find the humor in all of this – and I am now “safe” – and also socially/professionally presentable, responsible, and ready to handle what might be required.

My Williams memoir (including some customer and professional reviews), is here:

Thank you for your consideration!

Scott Kenan


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