Tuesday, July 19, 2016

RP: After Melania Trump's Christian Nipplegate (Metaphorical, not Physical), I Know I Must Be More Forthright about Yesterday's Events!!!

Original Nipplegate with Janet Jackson and Justin Timberlake

America's Christian Couple goes NIPPLEGATE in public frequently and shamelessly, giving EXAMPLE to America's Youth of what is Proper Christian Behavior.

And just for balance, here are CNN's Chris Cuomo's nipples (my FAVE of the three):

And then there are my old buddy Antonio Sabato, Jr.'s -- Antonio speaking at Trump's Convention and INSISTING that Barack Obama is a MUSLIM -- LOL!!!

At least Antonio has a SMIDGE of hair!!!

And REMEMBER, the Democratic Convention will be even WILDER -- if of a somewhat different flavor:

OMIGOD!!! Chelsea is wearing Mary Trump's HAIR!!!

Had she even DIED, yet, then???

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Will Kilstein This is what the media isn't telling you!

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And let me FIRST say that I HOPE D.A. Ben David is LAUGHING ON THE FLOOR for at least three weeks over ALL of this!!!

Ben David on far right -- and NOHeroin Addiction is NOT a "Laughing Matter"!!!

Overnightone of my Readers sent this to me, since I was NOT included in this emailing:

----- Original Message -----

To: paul@electpaullawler.com ; jwfish7@msn.com ; bdawson@nhcgov.com ; wwhite@nhcgov.com ; rzapple@nhcgov.com ; jbarfield@nhcgov.com ;swatkins@nhcgov.com ; mfmoye@gmail.com ; rcarroll88@outlook.com ; burgawpresbyteri@bellsouth.net ; info@allsaints-pas.org ;andrearedmondstonemountain@gmail.com ; revwatson@capefearpres.org ; office@capefearpres.org ; mmoore000@aol.com ; stjudes@bellsouth.net ;nhcnaacp@gmail.com ; Susi.Hamilton@ncleg.net ; Ashley.N.Bullard@nccourts.org ; moyredikh@gmail.com ; info@juliabosemanlawyer.com ;jamie.sutherland@wellsfargoadvisors.com ; sdistrict16@ncleg.net ; lenaludwig@gmail.com ; Contact@AthleteSpeakers.com ;office@stnicholaswilmington.org ; communications@stnicholaswilmington.org ; info@goodshepherdwilmington.org ; saffo@saffocontractors.com ;casapacifica99@yahoo.com ; conagencypuertov@state.gov ; todddillon@earthlink.net ; president@harvard.edu ; brian.t.moynihan@bankofamerica.com ;jamie.sutherland@ampf.com ; sordidwedding@gmail.com ; faulkjoseph6@gmail.com ; mcook@fbcwilmington.org ; jeverette@fbcwilmington.org ;jdavis@fbcwilmington.org ; krjec@yahoo.com ; roostersutherland@gmail.com ; dsaper@saperlaw.com ; info@saperlaw.com ; info@naacpnc.org ;Jcboseman3@Gmail.Com ; michael.lopez@alphamortgage.com ; information@allsaints-pas.org ; publicaffairs@episcopalchurch.org ; ken@citywatchla.com ;erniefirstonthird@gmail.com ; lindsey.m.luther@nccourts.org ; Jennifer.Harjo@nccourts.org ; dollarlois@att.net ; 1kikiwin@gmail.com ;gingertindall@hotmail.com ; joyeckel@yahoo.com ; KHolditch@cox.net ; pjwillisnola@aol.com ; asaddik@citytech.cuny.edu ; telliottk@gmail.com ;runningsun@earthlink.net ; ps@pentagon-usa.com ; joel@pentagon-usa.com ; flynn@pentagon-usa.com ; mike@pentagon-usa.com ;mitchdouglasicm@aol.com ; Christian.Ferney@duke.edu ; hobbsart@bellsouth.net ; bojones@verizon.net ; connor.kenan@gmail.com ;ChadHogston@gmail.com ; gm2127@columbia.edu ; charlie@firstonthird.org ; kathy@firstonthird.org ; dtaft@nhcgov.com ; lmacneish@nhcgov.com ;CHayes@nhcgov.com ; wcrowningshield@nhcgov.com ; jhart@nhcgov.com ; lwyatt@nhcgov.com ; loisannfisher@yahoo.com ;lroberson@mcguirewoods.com ; rlewis@mcguirewoods.com ; info@majorityconnections.com ; don@querellepressbooks.com ;cynthia@secondcitypublishing.com ; jfaulk001@nyc.rr.com
Sent: Monday, July 18, 2016 9:56 PM

Subject: Stopping Scott Kenan

GoDaddy.com host a website for Scott D(avid) Kenan.  He is engaged in habitual and chronic mass emailing and harassment, Scott D Kenan has been sending abusive and unsolicited emails to me and 100's of people for years including federal agents.

The only way we can stop him is by reporting him to the email provider he subscribes to.  He frequently changes his email address to stay ahead of law enforcement.  

Please help to stop him.  One way is to google the email domain followed by the words "report abuse"  eventually if enough of us continue to report him he can be stopped.  

He uses AOL and Yahoo with Gmail too.
 www.scottdavidkenan.com his blog is theweatherunderground  http://scottkenan.blogspot.com/

Let me just make a few notes about this "attack":

1. I should let all know that overnight, hits from the USA remained in the "normal-of-late" range, while hits from RUSSIA jumped from a typical 30 or so per day to MANY HUNDREDS, in fact THREE TIMES yesterday's US hits!!!

And in the last HOURRussia is STILL hitting -- but now FIVE TIMES as many as from the USA.

YOU can decided what THAT meansno???

2. "hexone53074@mypacks.net" MUST be on my list with his REAL NAME or the REAL NAME of his organization, but was TOO COWARDLY to use that, and uses what appears to be an anonymous address provided to Comcast subscribers.

Either that, or he's from a foreign car dealership in Wisconsin (STRANGE results from googling for more)!!!

Justin LaNasa FAILED Christian/Republican Candidate for Mayor in 2011

And when Republican Judge Sandra Ray Criner (who violated MANY of my rights in her Court -- and whose husband was caught diddling a young girl's vagina in Thalian Hall about eight years ago), was caught CHRISTIAN-HANDLING SNAKES, Judge Criner PROMPTLY divorced his ASS!!!

Sherman Lee Criner

NO ONE has tried to pull this crap since I LAST lived in Wilmington, 12/30/2010 - 4/30/2012, and THAT was Miss Justine Lanasa's Drug Mafia that hung out at Hardwire Tattoo, hacked my computer, and cat-called me a Child Molester all over town -- with help of Catholic Frank Delia of the Italian Cafe on Front Street.

3. For half a year, now, I have publicly stated that ANYONE can get off my email list for simply asking, but it is ALSO true that when clergy from an Episcopal Church in Pasadena, CA, and Mayor Saffo's Greek Orthodox Church here in Wilmington asked to be taken off I REFUSED -- because the Episcopal Church must FIRST apologize for murdering Tennessee Williams and stealing his estate from Harvard, and St. Nicholas's Greek Orthodox contributes money to Wilmington's BIGGEST HEROIN DISTRIBUTION SYSTEM (where the staff has also embezzled enough funds to buy themselves cars and boats):

While MOST Wilmington Churches STOPPED donating to the Shepherd, those who still DO are VERY COMMITTED to the Wilmington Christian Drug Mafia, and that includes the Mayor's church, First Baptist (on Kenan Plaza), and First Presbyterian, the church that FOUNDED the Good Shepherd Center.

Renee Saffo after the divorce: "I'm lookin' for a SECRET SANTABaby!!!"

In June 2013, Jamie Lee Sutherland -- without legally serving me (in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico), managed to sue and CONVICT me of LIBEL with Daliah Saper (also a Fox News, Chicago Talking Head). They tried me IN ABSENTIA, getting an illegal and unconstitutional GUILTY verdict, with judgement of a half million dollars, and my copyrights to http://laterdaysoftennesseewilliams.blogspot.com/, and EVERY blog post, email, and letter I write UNTIL I DIE, so they could scrub my words OFF the internet with their Christian Swastikas.

BUT, Amazon.com did not believe them, and DID shut down the sales site after six months of getting no further clarity -- but sent all the ROYALTIES to ME, not Jamie.

Google/Blogger didn't believe it and kept www.scottkenan.blogspot.com in MY control.

ONLY Kenan-Family-owned Bank of America HONORED IT, but sent them my DISABILITY MONEY that is protected by LAW from this type of seizure.

BoA ALSO lied REPEATEDLY about how they got notice of this via a shell lawyer in Chicago, and ALL of that is documented in my letter to Brian Moynihan (Catholic, presumably)CEO of BoA:

4. I have NOT used Yahoo since about 2008, nor Gmail in well over a year, now. And in FACT, it was Jennifer McCracken of Carolina Apartments -- the International Narco-Trafficker with her Mormon Church who KNEW all about Colin Stuart Hamilton's murder in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico -- and WHERE they dug up Colin's body five hours away -- and HOW the CIA murderer got LET GO BY MEXICAN LAW ENFORCEMENT -- SCOT FREE!!!

Jennifer McCracken has known aliases of "Tamira Blakeman", "Christine Hitchens", and "Hitchenteimpo", some of which she used to make comments on this blog, eventually ADMITTING she is these "people", and not only THAT, but that her BROTHER is one of the most corrupted Sheriff's Deputies (in service to the CIA, and OUT of Ed McMahon's control), AND that SHE had been able to get Google to CLOSE what eventually was FIVE Gmail addresses of mine.

OH, and she ALSO has a "Special Relationship" with Republican Judge Lindsey Luther:

Evan and Lindsey Luther (Lindsey is a Deacon at First Presbyterian)

Evan Luther PULLED this and photos of HUGE Armories from his Facebook page -- AFTER I blogged about it -- LOL!!!

5. "The Weather Underground" was a radical organization from 1969which I was never part of.

My blog-of-that-address's title is "The Weather Up Here" (refers to my 6' 11" -- 2 meters 10 -- height)!!!


It actually happened in Cousins' Italian Delihttp://www.cousinsitaliandeli.com/, directly across the street from Sheriff McMahon's office on Third Street. I had just ordered and was paying when Ben David walked in with two other men, and when I saw him, I IMMEDIATELY extended my hand and said. "Mr. David, it's great to SEE you!!!", and without the slightest flinch, he shook my hand and said quite similar -- then said he wanted to introduce me to a couple of his friends, which he did (but I don't remember their names).

I have NOT felt this comfortable with an OFFICIAL of Wilmington since Sheriff McMahon and I had a long talk ("I'm into HEALINGS, not PUNISHMENTS."), before the Democratic Party Unity Dinner last fall -- or for THAT matter, since sitting with Mayor Saffo in his Cadillac SUV in 2011.

Yeah, Bill, I STILL give you "the benefit of the doubt".

WE both were like long-lost Spiritual Bothers, reunited, and BOTH said the past is just the past and everyone did the best they could back then under DIFFERENT CIRCUMSTANCES, and BEN first said that he wants to bury the hatchet with me (not IN me)!!!

I also quickly APOLOGIZED for being so rough on his wifeStephanie David, whom I told Ben "I've met --and she's a nice lady" -- Ben accepting my apology GRACIOUSLY.

I said I'd LOVE to work with him busting corruption and Ben said he'd love that too -- but then thinking, I said it is BEST NOW that we not be seen together in public -- and he agreed, quickly seeing my point -- and I said I'd better not BLOG about it, but that I'd give some SERIOUS HINTS.

That cracked him up, but he didn't ask me, and I'm TIRED of everyone thriving on CHRISTIAN GOSSIP in Wilmington, so have decided to blog it straight.

I DID mention Ben's Legal Intern while I was being prosecuted here, Jeffery Duncan, who then was Daliah Saper's employed lawyer (in a three-person Law Firm), in Chicago when Jamie Sutherland brought his false charge of LIBEL, and it was TRIED without my being allowed a DEFENSE.

Mr. David immediately acknowledged that, and that he might be able to "back-door" get rid of that conviction.

1. Mr. Duncan may have been PLANTED on Ben David's staff -- unbeknownst to him -- so my blaming Ben might not have been fair AT ALL!!!

2. The WHOLE OPERATION was both illegal and unconstitutional, so if Ben David pulls a "trick" to undo it, I don't see how THAT could be considered "illegal" (but I don't know that he can actually accomplish this).

Anyway, I think it will take me until next Monday to be prepared to contact the FBI Special Wilmington Office.

And that's all there is to it, really!!!


Scott Kenan shared a link.
4 hrs


Scott Kenan shared a link.
4 hrs

Rep. Steve King suggested no "other subgroup of people" has contributed as much.


My Dinner with Audrey Hepburn:


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