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RP: After My Hour's Wait for His WRITTEN Reply, "Testosteroni" Has ADMITTED He Works with My Mother's NAZI-CATHOLIC Church -- by REFUSING to Explain Himself!!! (but he's in GOOD COMPANY)!!!

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First of all, I was not online writing or harassing people on Facebook, yesterday, due to my stomach's COMPLETE REBELLION (out of TENSION, I drank and smoked too much), over events of the night before last, when my TWO new roommates had a misunderstanding, related to Dapper Dan's HAVING NO MEMORY -- just like Testo HAS NO MEMORY, although probably for different reasons.

The above is a representation of "The Falconer's" (Testosteroni's), remaining BRAIN, he taking medically unnecessary Testosterone shots for YEARS, now, as well as daily Cialis, "Poppers", and porno to jack off good at age 83 or so. This is his ONLY pleasure!!!

Dapper Dan, went through a windshield at 90 mph, as well as having a lifetime of SEVERE ALCOHOLISM (not currently active), both his father and brother having burned to death in separate fires from falling asleep in bed drunk and smoking. The other adults in his close family all having died violently, too, except two of them now in prison til they die (so they can't figure out WHO actually owns that house in Charlotte, NC area), and a sister who screwed Dan repeatedly out of money and jobs -- all because he BELIEVED her Christian ass and her beggings for forgiveness. He wants to go to Charlotte to help her Christian ass again!!!

He has LITTLE BRAINS LEFT, and this is TOO COMPLICATED for him to figure out -- especially since he was brought up forced to Christian Church services all day Sundays, all evening Wednesdays, and once a day the other days.

He KNOWS his family is RIGHT WITH GOD!!!

And beyond that, he's afraid that homo-sex will send you to hell, and he's had LOTS OF IT, I had REFUSED three of his calls over the last year asking to come over for a beer or two and me servicing him -- because I could tell he was drinking and would NOT "remember" what happened later.

This is the TRUTH of how most adult WHITE Christian men in Wilmington behave -- just ask Mayor Saffo or District Attorney Ben David.

And this is WHY I will NOT contact the special FBI Investigators trying to shut down the Heroin Trafficking (a Kenan/Clinton/Bush/Cheney/Republican and Democratic Party JOINT venture).

I ALWAYS got "good vibes" from D.A. David, and am prepared to let "old dogs lie" and move on TOGETHER to confront the corruption of Wilmington which seemingly pervades it TOTALLY, although the Democrats toss peanuts to the citizens better than the SUPER-GREEDY Christian Republicans. 

I am over it SPIRITUALLY, but LEGALLY it is VERY COMPLICATED for Ben David, Mayor Saffo, and Police Chief Evangelous, and I'd rather not go into details, but since I DON'T know how to shut up about the TRUTH of the PAST, it is BEST that the Feds and locals work it all out on their OWN, and I won't try going to Federal Authorities again -- for at least a week after this "Democratic Party Convention", to see how THAT affects the current BALANCE OF POWER, and of course to see if my false conviction of LIBEL has been vacated by then in Chicago.

So for THOSE who prefer to attack me for my irreverence, potty-mouth, etc., I remind you of these STELLAR examples!!!

You see, THIS BLOG is MY "Point of Effectiveness in Life", and in the last several days MANY Facebook Friends who NEVER replied or commented on my DEEP Comments on their threads -- and whom I never personally met -- have been DEFENDING my comments -- usually this posting pasted in there: 

or THIS one:

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Karl J. Woelz
But I say unto you: That ye resist not evil, Miss Thing. But whosoever shall smite thee on thy right cheek? Oh, gurl, you SPREAD to him the other also!

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Best example of Christian Thinking for "Ladies" or "Laddies" that I can now find.


Christians are SO HATEFUL that they TRULY BELIEVE that God is the SEAT OF ALL HATRED (not Love), and DROWNED the world in an event that was PHYSICALLY IMPOSSIBLE!!!

And THEY think it is PROVEN -- LOL!!!

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Karl J. Woelz
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Favorite LAFF of the Week, 2nd runner up

Reagan: "Shining city on the hill."
Obama: "Yes, we can."
Trump: "Look at this shit hole."

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Scott Kenan
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The Bush/Cheney/Obama/Clintons sure know how to BILK THE TAXPAYERSno???

The $13-billion USS Gerald R. Ford is not ready for combat, despite expectations it would be delivered in September, sayd the Pentagon's top weapons tester.

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They can't get that JET flyin' EITHER!!!:

The Military Has Wasted Enough Money on This Jet to Buy Every Homeless American a Mansion

The F-35 Joint Strike Fighter is looking like a very costly mistake for the U.S. military.
How costly? According to an analysis by ThinkProgress, the money spent on the F-35 would be enough to buy every homeless person in the country a mansion.
Image credit: Getty

The U.S. has spent nearly $400 billion on the jet, much more than anticipated thanks to breakdowns and cost overruns. (The price tag has gone up $7.4 billion since just last year.) That money could be used to buy a $664,000 house for everyone of the approximately 600,000 Americans who live on the streets.

This Washington Post article about Trump's deep ties to Russia may be the scariest thing I've read about the election. It goes a long way toward explaining his...
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The GOP candidate’s controversial views on Russia follow his three-decade quest…

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