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RP: FUN in Costco with a Board Member of "Military Officers Association of America" -- Then Encounters with "Turd Blossoms", One from Hillary Clinton's Campaign, the Other from First Presbyterian!!!

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Col. Philip M. Odom, USAF (Ret) of the Military Officers Association told the press conference that military retirees are subject to a “triple whammy” because the Chained CPI affects their retired pay, their Social Security benefit and, for many, their veterans’ disability benefits. Photo by Mike Theiler

Sen. Bernie Sanders is featured on their website as a TRUE FRIEND of the Military!!!

Mission and History

MOAA is the nation's largest and most influential 
association of military officers. It is an independent, 
nonprofit, politically nonpartisan organization.
See more athttp://www.moaa.org/Content/About-MOAA/About-MOAA.aspx#jumpto2 

So this woman wearing her name badge with title and I got talking -- she of course knows Gen. Colin Powell, and I told her I work with his PEOPLE, that I'd never met him, but was a close friend of his Chief Protocol Officer, who got me out of the USA to Mexico in 2010, when the Republican Party with CIA and my parents and siblings tried to commit me to a mental hospital FIVE TIMES in one month, and then decided I would have to be KILLED, since I couldn't be committed.

STUPIDLY, I could not remember Col. Dottie Newman's name:

Dottie Newman (high hair) was also a Docent at the High Museum of Art in Atlanta.

Dottie's late husband had been the most decorated soldier of the Vietnam War -- and Dottie was nearly as accomplished. She sat on the BOARDS of a few of the TOP Veteran's Orgs, and frequently flew to Washington, New York, etc., for meetings and duties. I believe Dottie said she had testified to Congress several times.

In any case, my new friend this afternoon might have known her. She got a KICK out of my telling her how the last time I spoke with Gen. Russel Honore', we had BOTH cussed each other out -- yelling a BLUE STREAK!!! 

But Russel had been SO HELPFUL confirming MUCH I knew about the wealthy Kenans (with my immediate family as well -- unknowingly -- LOL!!! -- they made a FOOL of my mother!!!), narco-trafficking with the Bushes and Cheneys, etc., in Altanta/Stone Mountain.

We talked a LOT covering much very quickly -- perhaps because being MILITARY she valued TRUTH!!! Military has to operate on TRUTH -- or they are overcome.

I'll just list some of the subjects: Patrick Lee Stansbury of www.Pentagon-USA.com distributing the drugs flown in by the State Department on Air Force planes (especially Heroin from Afghanistan), to Maxwell AFB, and while we at Pentagon Publishing, Snellville, Georgia DID actually have contracts to sell all the ad space in the yearbooks for every Service Academy and War College.

And that Patrick had a SPECIAL relationship with the Christian Churches and Politicians of BOTH Parties in Wilmington, NC (via employee Lee Gosney who traveled Maine to Florida under the guise of a trained AA and NA counselor -- which he WAS!!!) -- WHY my good friend Evan Fish was murdered five years ago -- almost to the day -- by Wilmington Police, and confirmed by the Sheriff's Deputies, also on the scene.

Evan Fish HATED Christians and everything they stood for -- but look what his family in Ohio did to him!!!

Of course the Kenan/Bush/Cheney/Clinton connection -- and how the Exxon-Mobil retired exec told me WHICH Kenans put President Enrique Pena Nieto into power in Mexico -- for the Kenans to get the oil, and ALL of them, the narcotics.

And the joke of closing the small gathering in Wilmington today for Tim Kaine's speech -- so people didn't realize how FEW Hillary and Tim normally draw.

She had called her husband over -- another retired "High Brass" -- to hear all of this, and in the end said she'd like to have a MEETING with me. I told her how to find this blog -- and that my email address is on the side. I FORGOT to tell her that hackers prevent me from getting many emails, so she could send a message to this blog, which won't post unless I approve it, and I could get and erase it.

Since I don't have a picture of the actual guy I discuss next, I use this -- the result of image-googling "Fancy Gay Hillary Clinton Supporter".

When I drove away from my apartment at about 2:00 -- planning to STAY AWAY from Tim Kaine's Extravaganza just a few blocks away -- I went to Costco, and with new eyeglasses to adjust (and a wait for that), etc., I didn't get home until about 4:00. 

When I left, I had noticed a top-end new Buick SUV I had never seen before in the neighborhood, parked behind my car. I figured it must be a Law Client of Oliver Carter's, next door, but when I returned, seeing its behind, there was a sticker of a HUGE gay org on it, and I thought, "Well Oliver has an OUT GAY CLIENT!!!"

But then a fancy, tall, thirty year old male -- dressed like for Fire Island Easter -- unlocked the car, and I told him that I am the BIGGEST POLITICALLY ACTIVE GAY around, and told him much of my story. He then said, "Well, THAT'S why we have to elect HILLARY!!!, and I learned he is with her campaign!!!

It is always a SHOCK the rare times I hear anyone in Wilmington actually be FOR Hillary Clinton OR Donald Trump, and I should have steeled myself about "MY VERBAL BOMBASITY" -- but had not. I let out with a RANT about what Hillary Clinton -- and Bill as well -- ought to have done to her FACE (whether she wins or not) -- tossing in that I'm never physically violent.

That boy hopped in that car and locked the door so fast -- then hit some kind of panic button that had all his lights flashing and horn blowing, as he desperately called 911.

I began LAUGHING -- it all so silly, me holding a HUGE box full of Costco stuff --so big I had to balance it with my other hand. And I told him I STILL HAVE TO VOTE FOR HILLARY -- better than the NAZI, Pence.

Of course I sauntered right back to my car where the doors were still open, reorganized to carry all into the house in one load, and he had immediately pulled about 30 feet up the road, still dealing with 911.

I was never arrested -- no Police showed up -- but "Shake's" Probation Officer DID come out for a check of his digs, about an hour or so later. That guy was so "straight up" and for REAL, I gave HIM a load of my Politics as well, and he said, "That's GREAT (he knows about all the corruption like most citizens also do) -- and best you remain non-Partisan."

And then as I got all balanced -- and the SCARED HOMO had driven off, my old friend who used to give me extra loaves of bread (knowing I was "well-dressed, but homeless"), when I exited Kenan Chapel's early services in 2011 -- and is also Hostess at Jester's Cafe -- was driving out of Boney Hall's parking lot in an older land yacht, window down.

So I called to her, and told her of my conversation with the woman in the Biblical Herb Garden this morning: http://theweathercontinues.blogspot.com/2016/09/wilmington-cats-groom-themselves-before.html. I told her that REALLY, anyone who donates a PENNY, or does volunteer work for First Presbyterian, supports the White Supremacist and Narco-Trafficking Agenda of the ministers, elders, and deacons who run it all.

She started laughing at me derisively -- like a hyena-ess -- which got me going MORE, and I told her that "God CONDEMNS (her) for that," but immediately took it back and said, "You condemn YOURSELF, you foolish BITCH!!!" 

She began DEMANDING the name of the TRAITOROUS Member who had been so honest and loving with me, earlier -- but I didn't know it anyway.

And then she drove off caring NOT IN THE LEAST.



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