Tuesday, September 6, 2016

RP: Wilmington Cats Groom Themselves Before Tim Kaine Comes A-Speakin' at 3:00 PM -- This One My Landlady's "Buddy" by Entrance to First Presbyterian's Biblical Herb Garden!!!

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Yes, my first stop was to talk with a woman volunteer who was gardening in the Garden that I took care of voluntarily in 2011 -- so NATURALLY we took about ten minutes to speak!!!

Now, there are LOTS of volunteers that groom the Biblical Herb Garden of First Presbyterian (aka "The Kenan Cathedral of White Supremacy and Narco-Trafficking"), today, but this woman was from a family in Wilmington for generations, but she was born a Buckeye like me, so we talked some "Buckeye Business and Colleges", she getting her degree from Kent State.

And although I listed the most EGREGIOUS crimes of the ministers and congregants at First Prez -- that I have first-hand knowledge of (and those "hiding their true sexuality") -- in the END, she invited me to come back to church and sit next to HER in one of the front pews!!!

WORRY NOT!!!: I told her it would cause FAR TOO LARGE a disturbance.

Some things I learned:

1. She told me that First Presbyterian has both the SMARTEST and WEALTHIEST congregants of any church in Wilmington (which I've always known) -- and then she AGREED with me, many of the TOP CRIMINALS in town.

2. I asked how they voted on Marriage Equality, and she said they TURNED IT DOWN (although as a denomination, 89% of Presbyterians AGREE with it -- the highest of ALL Protestant Churches), and said that that was ONE of the important reasons Pastor Ernie Trice Thompson LEFT. 

3. She said the reason she chose THIS congregation is that it is the ONLY Presbyterian congregation in town that is not disappearing FAST -- with MANY young married people and children still bothering to attend.

Among Wilmington CHRISTIANSWhite Supremacy and Narco-Trafficking are ALWAYS BIG DRAWS!!! -- just ask Elders District Attorney Ben David and Judge Lindsey Luther:


1. I next came across the "Old USO" venue where Tim Kaine will deliver a "MAJOR POLICY SPEECH" this afternoon:

The Hannah Block USO/Community Center, as seen through a spyglass

A. I learned that Kaine will speak at 3:00 PM, and in the front left room, where I saw them setting up the seating -- the room being SMALLER than I remembered, and they were spacing chairs as if they really couldn't even fill THAT MUCH!!!

As the Press of ALL STIPES keeps reporting, Blowhard Trump draws thousands and thousands -- and Hillary is lucky to get hundreds when she speaks.

B. I spoke with the satellite-truck driver (who complained they won't even let HIM into the building), and several officials who are WITH the Campaign -- making CERTAIN to start and stop with this sentence, "Regardless, I am FORCED to still vote for Hillary -- as things now stand," and they THANKED ME for that, and seemed to know the rest of what I said about that Narco-Trafficking Bitch is entirely TRUE:

+ The Clintons are in partnership with the Bush, Cheney, and Kenan Families in Narco-Trafficking, and AFFECTED by the same three families who support Deporting, Jailing, or Murdering non-Whites, Non-the-right-kind-of-God-Hating-Christians, and Homosexuals.

Or BLACKMAILING them -- like they did the homosexual Barack Obama, to ENSURE he protected their CIA Drug-Trafficking Operation.

+ But Trump is the HOT SEX-BOT (to perverted Christian narco-trafficking White Supremacists), meant to attract the voters, then he will STAND DOWN and out of the way so that Mike Pence can ACT as President -- Mr. Pence the TOP CHOICE of the Roman Catholic Popes. to drop the SWASTIKA to cover the US Constitution -- an EVIL DOCUMENT to Roman Catholic Popes.

>>> My mother, again, confirmed this just yesterday: http://theweathercontinues.blogspot.com/2016/09/having-spoken-with-narco-trafficking.html

Perhaps FUNNIEST is that while the Catholic Church does and DID always support NAZISM, the Catholic PEOPLE are currently polled to prefer Clinton over Trump by a TWENTY-THREE POINT SPREAD.

For several Presidential Election Cycles, Catholics have voted nearly IDENTICAL to the general US population -- which is currently in a near draw. This means that Catholics DON'T TRUST THE POPES, and are SMARTER than the ignorant Church, itself -- and this leaves PROTESTANTS heavily favoring Donald Trump.

2. And then after getting and depositing my weekly allowance check, I passed Thom Goolsby's LAW OFFICE:

And TODAY -- despite Thom's ads running more and more FREQUENTLY on CNN and MSNBC, NO ONE was at the front desk and that computer was OFF, and only ONE light could be seen on in a back room. I did NOT try the door, not wanting to alarm ANYONE who might actually be there.

And to the right side of the building -- at the entrance door for ALL tenants including Thom, a gentleman was changing the codes on the combination lock to enter, so I walked back to discover the owner of the building, who said he was NOT doing it to "lock Thom Goolsby out", as I'd asked, but when I told him all the DIRT I have on Mr. Goolsby and my intention of sending him to PRISON for LIFE, he was CRACKING UP and wished me the best in achieving that -- HE has NO LOVE for his TENANT!!!

And if you click the link to "Goolsby Law" above, you will find that Thom is now REALLY RAKING THE BUCKS IN with his new emphasis:

I have PLENTY on my plate for today, so THAT'S IT -- for now!!!



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