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RP: Here We Go, AGAIN (and again, and Again, and AGAIN)!!!

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Melania (Knauss) TrumpFirst Lady of the United States of America

“We need to build a rehab clinic or something and name it after her, something like, ‘Melania Trump’s Gay Rehab for American Boys and Men’ or something. And before…



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"You cannot have somebody who was on the campaign and who is an appointee," the…


Mayor Bill Saffo

Just staring at Mayor Saffo's ex-wifeRenee Saffo (who had to get a Restraining Order against the Mayor), is enough to heal HETEROSEXUALITY!!!


1. Wilmington Mayor Bill Saffo gets his orders from the Saffo Family Mafia of New York City (a guy who wanted to date me last summer said he worked for THIRTY YEARS for Bill Saffo's Uncle in NYC, who has headed that family Mafia for 40 years now -- and he gives Bill ALL HIS ORDERS. 

This is the image of the thirty-year Saffo Mafia employee. Get his identity from the address and number of his profile as listed on his photo.

Anyway, my point about Mayor Saffo is that he has NOT responded to my letter of early this week (actually a follow-up from weeks before that), asking for help in getting the Police or Sheriff's Deputies' Report on the DEATH OF EVAN FISH:

Evan Fish showing off his HOT PIT -- but THAT isn't the POINT!!!

Although Jamie Kalven, the Kenan Practitioner-in-Residence with the Cover-Ups project at Kenan Institute for Ethics ME how to go about FORCING the Report out via the Freedom of Information Act, I am still hoping to do this FRIENDLY, and if our Christian-Mafia Mayor won't do it, I'll write each City Councilperson individually next week.

2. I continue to heal SLOWLY from the Time/Warner Cable truck hitting me in a crosswalk nearly two weeks ago. ONE thing that concerns me more and more, is that I have a "gurgling" in my left ear that began a couple of days after the accident. I thought it might be just a reaction to taking so much Advil for so long, the prescribed muscle-relaxer, or the combination of the two. However, I stopped the muscle relaxer four days ago, and the gurgling has become more and more frequent.

I have NOT been TOO concerned, because I suffer no dizziness from it, and it has all appearances of coming from my inner ear.

I meet with my attorney about this Monday afternoon -- and MIGHT have to have him send a "Cease and Desist" letter to Joseph Crawford Faulk, Jr. of 14 W. 75th Street in Manhattan, who -- with Haston Lavern Caulder II -- have been waging PSYCHOLOGICAL TERRORISM against me, which has ESCALATED during this time of my being in GREAT PAIN since the accident.

Probation Officer Billinger told me that Haston had SIGNIFICANT Kratom, Cocaine, and Methamphetamine in his system, causing him to FLUNK his drug test this past Monday -- but NOT to Violate his Probation, so he remains FREE and committing crimes on Wilmington's streets.

This photo is only an illustration, but Haston BRAGGED TO ME this week, that he had gotten into a FIGHT with his friend Rob over HEROIN MONEY, and "knocked Rob out with one punch to the side of his head -- left him unconscious and bleeding from his ear."

It being over Heroin Money, Rob has NOT filed an Assault Charge -- and Officer Billinger KNOWS ABOUT THIS AS WELL!!! 

3. Anyway, last night, Haston had a FIT and claimed he was going out to eat something -- this after 10:00 PM. No problem there (except his FIT) -- except that I was EXHAUSTED and ready for bed at 10:00 -- the time Haston is ALWAYS in bed by (when he worked -- or at least pretended to), regardless the night of the week.

He DEMANDED that I stay up -- or GET UP FROM MY SLEEP -- to let him in whenever he returned then or otherwise, and the reason for THAT was while out doing tons of drugs and having sex with "girls" nearly every day for over a week, he had been so UBER-HIGH late this week, that he lost THREE NEW PHONES in THREE DAYS (but found the last one two days later) -- and left his keys at a "f*ckee's" abode -- but could NOT remember where she lived.

And the latest on his former siding-installation employer, Travis, whom Haston had told (lied to) last week that he had been HIT BY A BUS, and could not work for a while, continues to REFUSE to answer Haston's calls and texts to get his tools back -- becasue Travis, TOO, could probably file "Communicating Threats" Charges, and is AFRAID of Haston!!!

Yesterday, Haston told me he CAN'T REMEMBER where his employer lives (although he's been there more than once), to go pick them up.

So last night, I told him to stay out until after dawn if he left, then. He DID leave then, and after Joseph Faulk (having gotten Haston's call), yelled at me and told me I have to do ANYTHING HASTON SAYS TO DO, I refused, and then he said Haston would contact me after CHURCH, tomorrow, and NOT BEFORE THEN.

Of course, Haston called me several times beginning at 10:00 AM this morning, I took none of his calls, and got his text and voicemail that BOTH contained THREATS (possibly not legally actionable -- but we'll FIND THAT OUT IN COURT, if he EVER comes to my apartment again WITHOUT a Police Escort).

FUNNIEST, was that Haston claims he is the ONLY FRIEND I HAVE, but I've lost him, and also that Joseph Faulk told him to tell me that if I don't let him IN RIGHT NOW, Joseph will NEVER give me another penny of the continuing financial commitment Joseph made to me.

Joseph Faulk REFUSED to deny he'd told this to Haston to say to me, so I hung up on him -- LOL!!!

And THAT is where we stand for now!!!

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