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RP: On the Day that "Testosteroni" REFUSED the Explicit Photos that "Old Roomie" Sent Me to SHOW OFF How Well Over-the-Counter "SUPER HARD" Works to Restore His "Manhood" -- Now FULLY Shaved (he was PRETTY damned excited)!!!

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Birth, copulation and death. That's all the facts when you come to the brass tacks

T.S. Eliot


GREAT LECTURE this Wednesday at Duke University -- sponsored by my FAVE Kenan Institution, The Kenan Institute for Ethics

INTEND to make it -- since I know so much about my Kenan Family narco-trafficking with El Chapo Guzman, BOTH Clintons, blackmailed homo Obama, and Rahm Emanuel -- all HIGH in the Chicago Drug Mafia!!!

My FAVE KIE graphic from several years ago:

Jamie Kalven is an investigative journalist and human rights activist who has reported extensively on patterns of police abuse and impunity in Chicago. It was Kalven who brought the police killing of Laquan McDonald to public attention. 
Most recently, he has published a compelling account of the operations of the code of silence in the Chicago Police Department

Jamie Kalven will be the Kenan Practitioner-in-Residence with the Cover-ups and Exposes project at KIE. His public lecture will address lessons learned about institutional accountability during the turbulent period since the release of the Laquan McDonald video. 

The event is co-sponsored by the Forum for Scholars and Publics and the Department of Political Science.

With regular reports of police killings of unarmed citizens, the issue of police misconduct is now on the national agenda. Jamie Kalven is an investigative journalist and human…

February is Black History Month.

Atlanta Black Star
10 States Where The Most Black People Were Lynched

Scott Kenan This is sad, but what is WORSE is that my Kenan Family that founded The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and today controls Exxon-MobilBank of AmericaCoca-Cola, etc., CAUSED with white christian churches the ONLY successful coup d'e'tat in US History, murdering enough blacks to turn Wilmington, NC from majority black with half elected offices held by blacks as well as half the prosperous businesses, to MAJORITY WHITE -- and they NEVER paid AMENDS!!! 

The numbers are NOT included here, because Wilmington Christians (included my grandfather in his youth, Joseph Emerson Kenan, Sr.)BEHEADED the local blacks, and impaled their heads on stakes on the peninsula between the Cape Fear and Northeast Cape Fear Rivers -- clearly visible from downtown -- and called for DECADES "Niggerhead Point"

I'm living here now to FORCE my sick-o relatives (also the biggest financial support of Trump), to build a major museum about this!!! And I'm making good progressnow
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Mayor Saffo

My letter to you, that I gave by hand to Dawn Grants last week, was NOT RHETORICAL, and I will begin visiting your office after this week if you have not bothered to reply to me (and making more and more public stink), until I get a SATISFACTORY REPLY.

It seems to me, that with more than a week, a LOST Police/Deputies Report on an ALLEGED suicide should be EASY to find -- or find out who TRASHED ITTOO MANY Wilmington citizens I have spoken with remember the incident from 2011 very well.

And Evan Fish was my friend, roommate, and business partner, then.

Evan Fish with his Dad, James Fish, a few years earlier

We ALL need answers -- even if I have to take you to Court!!! 


Rims on the River shared their event.

1 hr
Here We Go!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sat 11 AMWilmington
72 people interested · 28 people going

Scott Kenan Well, at least it isn't "Rimming on the River" as so many of us Wilmington gays like to joke about it!!! (Same thing as today's slang, "Tossing his -- or her -- Salad".)
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Rims on the River Please feel free to share!
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Scott Kenan OK!!!
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Sandra Beckham SHO NUFF!!!
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Bob Jones Agreed
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Mark Williams I don't use water....I use Evian.......
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Scott Kenan So that is water plus the petroleum container and petroleum-based transportation to get it to you from France. Are you Donald Trump's brother, or what???
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Mark Williams I love the smell of warm petroleum in the morning......
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Scott Kenan My family is top stockholders of not just Exxon-Mobil, but Bank of, and TOP Kenan businessman Rex Tillerson DEFIED my "Christian" hyper-racist Kenan Family -- founders of The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, by NIXING Trump's desire to ally with Putin by VOIDING President Obama's SANCTIONS against Russia -- HA!!! 

My Kenan Family is FURIOUS!!! Thank God!!!

Kenan Advantage Group | Leading at Every Turn
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Mark Williams Maybe you should try and cut your caffeine to four or five cups in the morning....(I like whiskey and Evian after my first cup).......
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Scott Kenan Mark: Maybe you should stick to commenting with people as ignorant and uneducated as you are personally. Clearly you did no research on me or my position, like I did on you and YOUR position -- LOL!!! you are too much of a coward to have a photo on your FB profile -- LOL!!!
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Mark Williams Scott, you DO realize the 'Evian' thing was a joke, as was the caffeine comment.....(no photo, cause I can't find a decent one....darn cameras).....joke, too.......
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Scott Kenan Good Save!!! Don't mess with the Kenans -- WE put Donald Trump into power (although I'm the "black sheep", and fighting my family and Trump -- and Clinton was nearly worse).
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Mark Williams Saving is 'hoarding'........(joke, also)......
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Scott Kenan You have to be more clever than that to interest an educated person. Kenans DID found UNC The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill with others -- simultaneously inventing the world's FIRST Public University in 1789. Today, the Kenan Charitable Trusts are the largest support of University Education in the world for many, many decades now. Sadly, I got no Kenan money, but had to earn my own.
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Mark Williams Scott, ...William Williams, a direct descendant, signed the Declaration of Indepenence, and our family founded Williams College.....what does that have to do with anything ????...(joke wearing thin)....
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Scott Kenan So what??? Nearly a dozen "blood Kenans" (differing surnames all due to Kenan males almost always being gay) wrote the Articles of Confederation (pre-Constitution for the USA). If a joke is wearing thin, there must first be a joke. And the largest man-made lake in the USA, Lake Lanier, was named for my old boss Tennessee Williams's Lanier poet relative. None of this really matters, but adds RICHNESS and MULTIDIMENSIONALITY to life. My family is the biggest private support of 63 major universities in the USA as well as founder of this:
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THERE, I have said some NICE things about the wealthy Kenanstoo!!!



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