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RP: Donald Trump -- Now Appearing to Have Been TRUMPED -- STRONGLY Denounced Russia (think "Kenan Family/Exxon/Tillerson"), so Let's RELAX and CATCH UP, a Little, OK???

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FIRST, in regard to MY relaxing, since REAL Law Enforcement seems to be ACTUALLY investigating all the corruption at the TOP of our Government, now -- and the Christian Drug Mafia here in Wilmington, NC -- I may not NEED to broadcast-email postings from this blog anymore, and I am WILLING to remove anyone AT ALL (even Ben David), from my list -- without "rancor" -- just email me or send a blog comment (or Facebook message), to me asking for that if you want.

An illustrative recent event of HOW much things have changed, is that a gentleman of "mid-maturity" in a specialized profession, asked me NOT to mention him in my blog ever again. It had been a good while since I had done that, and I don't remember claiming he did anything criminal -- nor would I NOW suspect him of any such activities -- but I understand why someone would not want to be misunderstood due to poorly- or mis-educated people who MIS-READ my blog -- like Joseph Faulk of NYC frequently does.

I asked the gentleman if I'd blogged anything false, and if so I will certainly remove or fix it, but he said, "No, no reason to change it."

This was just a FRIENDLY communication -- and had he had a SERIOUS problem, he would surely have contacted a lawyer to send me a "Cease and Desist" letter (he is a man of "considerable liquidity"), or even sued me for Libel, Slander, Defamation, or similar.

BUT HERE'S THE KICKER (and it has nothing to do with this guy)!!! 

The LAST person who told me to NEVER put him in my blog again, did so in late fall 2012, in Chacala, Nayarit, Mexico -- a Gringo from Oregon state who narco-trafficked for his Episcopal Church, and gave me a KILO of marijuana (more than I could smoke in several YEARS), to SHUT UP.

I didn't actually understand that unspoken expectation, even publishing this photo of one of his closest associates, Dave Wilson's, LICENCE PLATE, and Dave with HIS wife, also BRAGGED that they narco-trafficked under auspices of the Episcopal Church, USA:

The gold Obama "O" was a sign on Mexican highways not to MESS with this narco-trafficker!!!

And after this guy told me to NEVER blog about him again, he PUNCHED ME REPEATEDLY (and I clasped my hands behind my back -- NEVER getting violent, which stops them soon enough). However, it took about 3.5 weeks to get over the pain of bruising from the blows -- NOT nearly as long as the far more SEVERE beatings by Joseph Faulk's "friend", "Sonny":

Readers will remember that Mr. Faulk tried to talk me into letting Sonny into my house when he KNEW Sonny was then just trying to kill me for the Drug Mafia.

And also Enrique Rojas (Henry Red) -- and I knew Henry BEFORE I ever first heard from Mr. Faulk -- and Enrique KICKED ME nearly senseless on the ground, after I confronted him on his CRACK ADDICTION, that he had brought into my rented apartment in 2010:

Enrique hung out at the pool at Hotel Mercurio, offering "Massages", but ALSO I found this photo of him on a STRAIGHT internet site for dating -- LOL!!!

"Wanna take me HOME???"

Anyway, BOTH of those beatings took me SIX WEEKS to get over the pain -- and this RECENT request is ENTIRELY DIFFERENT IN EVERY WAY!!! 

Yes, I NOW BELIEVE that Civilization will WIN this battle with the AGENTS OF FEAR!!!


1. I have not yet heard from my oral surgeon, but today, we are to decide if the AGGRAVATED nerve that one implanted socket for a denture-securing post is sitting on will HEAL -- or if he will have to go back in and MOVE the socket. While there has been IMPROVEMENT the last week, ALL is still swollen and I still can't wear the denture, but I need to hear from the TRAINED PROFESSIONAL if he thinks I just need to be more patient -- or it needs to be moved.

2. At my semi-annual check-up with my physician, ALL has improved (or is stable and healthy or at least OK), except that my cholesterol is still too high (so one drug increased), and the circulation in my feet and lower legs is so bad he's ordered sonograms to check for blockages. 

IF it is due to blockages, they must be REMOVED, or I could eventually need amputations

INTERESTING that this is LIKE the problems my uncle Robert J. Meyer, DDS, had -- and he DID have all those painful amputations -- after my mother worked with the US Veteran's Hospital in lower Mississippi (now closed), to give Bob DOUBLE STRENGTH Lithium Carbonate on a FALSE DIAGNOSIS of "Mono-Polar" (a grammatical and logical impossibility):

 -- because Uncle Bob allowed my cousin Janet (Meyer) Opperman -- now divorced from him and remarried to an Aryan -- the Jew, Kim Opperman -- to marry a JEW!!!

(It gets confusing to ME, TOO!!!)

And Mom's forcing ME to take Lithium for 31 years may have contributed to this, but I have NO SIGN of actual diabetes -- and I got the doctor at New Hanover County Jail to check me TWICE for diabetes, when Ben David and David Nash (and associates), had me ARRESTED on FALSE CHARGES five times in 2011 and 12, and both proved negative, THANK GOD!!!

Mom's original notes (now in MY possession), from several YEARS before she did this to her brother.

Janet, now styled "Jan", and her new surname is Larsen, is photo-shopped in  -- here on crutches -- as she was at the hospital after a water-skiing accident when this was taken.

Also "shopped-in" with Best-Selling authoress/United 747 Full Pilot/ former "christianizer" of her Alma Mater, the US Air Force AcademySusan Grant -- -- in black slinky, and Greg Lernihan (to far right -- in more ways than one), husband to my first cousin Marybeth (Meyer) Lernihan, and our host.

Greg who co-founded THIS CIA spying agency, but has NOW gone on to THIS (as well -- of course)

Jan and Kim Opperman's two children, Ian and Andrea, BOYCOTTED this Meyer Reunion (the ONLY descendants of Henry John Meyer and Gertrude Hesselbrock Meyer who did NOT attend) -- TIRED of being around Catholic NAZIS, while their Dad is a JEW -- and Andrea went on to actually CONVERT to Judaism!!!

3. My doctor signed off on my having completed healing from having been knocked 12 feet by a utility truck from a crosswalk -- and that is FAIR, I seeming to have no more of that back pain. So I need to drop that at my lawyer's office, so he can get on to WRAPPING THINGS UP!!!

And THAT is IT -- for NOW!!!



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