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RP: OUT with the Bed Bugs and IN with the JUNE BUGS (and lady bugs to add a dash of cuteness, too)!!!

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I just googled "Ben David shirtless", and this was the FIRST shirtless photo that came up in Images.

What is so funny, is several things. ALL the top images that came in were from THIS BLOG -- despite my NOT including "district attorney" or any location at all. A few years ago when I googled just Ben's name, EVERYONE who came up was JEWISH, since nearly everyone of note with that surname is a JEW!!! So no surprise that this photo is from some kind of Jewish confab.

The lesson here is that my blogging about so many people so frequently and getting TONS OF HITS, means that everyone I mention in this blog should google their own name without other description (except maybe place if it's a name shared by many), to see how much my blog now DOMINATES what info anyone googling you will see!!!

>>> BREAKING LATE THIS AFTERNOON!!! Because of my coverage, the Port City Daily has published THIS!!! Those narco-traffickers who chased actress Linda Lavin out of town and with Wilmington Police concocked false charges with help of D.A. Ben David to JAIL ME, falsely. And LOOK what they paid for the house in 2005:

Last sold in 2005 for $10, the house has been cited by the city for neglect and seems to be moving toward foreclosure, Edwards said. New Hanover County tax records list the property as valued at $534,000.

* * *

And I decided (tentatively), NOT to go ahead and contact the local office of the FBI about Wilmington narco-crimes, because the FBI is ALREADY working a task force here because we are the TOP city in the USA for Opioid Trafficking and Addictions, and I BET they are in the process of TRAPPING Ben David in his participation in Drug Trafficking with his First Presbyterian Church and the Judges who are high elders and deacons there also. The Government really IS getting my info, and using it in many places, so I'm sure they are getting ready to "HANG" Ben David!!!

And speaking of "hangings", here is a TRUE PICTURE:

Just like Donald Trump won't give up his ignorance and hatreds, so won't CNN, proved most recently for firing Kathy Griffin who displayed an image similar to these which NO CHRISTIAN or NAZI ever complained about at all!!!

This morning, I called Joseph Faulk at 8:00, and of COURSE he had not attempted suicide -- that is the LEAST LIKELY thing a narcissist would ever do -- and the ONLY reason I razzed him so bad about his illness, yesterday. To his CREDIT, he did not ONCE mention the idea that I should drop anything from this blog, and I suggested -- once again -- that he should START HIS OWN BLOG, since he is SO PROUD of everything he ever says and does, and then he can get HIS point of view out and gather his own following, like I have!!!

I ALSO suggested, since he's so smart about all of things regarding the health of American Society, that HE should found a community action group for his neighborhood, to PRODUCTIVELY use all his GREAT IDEAS to improve things.

Of course, when he holds his first organizing meeting in his apartment, everyone will SEE you can't walk around it without stepping over strewn clothes, old box TVs, bags of non-rotting trash, long-unused exercise equipment, and even things like the vacuum tubes he had to hide away before the LAST time his landlord was expected -- they used to enlarge his WANKER!!! 

I told him that HE and his situation, words, and actions, are JUST LIKE a GREAT bit on Morning Joe at 7:00 AM, exactly, this morning, that Mika started and ALL expanded on: calling Donald Trump's use of "covfefe" -- and then all the ABSURD comments by Trump surrogates about it, was that Trump "pooped in his pants", and rather than admit that occasional error that we ALL sometimes do, claimed it was a necessary expression of philosophy (or some-such), and then made it WORSE by sitting down on the poo, and then calling THAT a work of ART!!!

THAT is exactly what Joseph Faulk's neighbors would think if they EVER saw how he lives. REMEMBER, the apartment beneath Mr. Faulk rents for $6.500.00/month -- furnished -- which is fair value in his neighborhood, and here is a photo of part of it:

You SEE, Joseph has lived in his place for just over FIFTY YEARS, under rent control that allows a 2% increase in rent every two years, so his $750.00 rent recently went up by $15.00 to $765.00 for the next two years.

Well, you SEE how Joseph finds the money to support me, now ending, and any NUMBER of NAZI Christian Narco-Trafficking Whores-Runners, like Haston Lavern Caulder II here in Wilmington!!!

Yet he CHOOSES to sit and lie around in HIS OWN POO -- just like Donald Trump, ANOTHER Narcissist.

And then I called Mom, whom I'd cussed out worse than EVER BEFORE just this Monday, after she said I had NO BUSINESS warning my nephew, Maxwell Andrew Kenan's company that Max's RECENT Linked-In connection to Christal Presley (intimate of Sean Hannity and other Catholic NAZIs), might need to be investigated -- and even NOW, I'm not certain if Max still has his job or not -- I'm afraid to ask!!!

But Mom and I were both entirely civil and cheery, but after 6 minutes and 22 seconds we ended when Mom said she had to GO -- because she expects a TIMER to soon go off. Well, I would answer a timer, too, but not get off the phone while waiting -- I NOT being a DEVOUT NAZI Catholic like MOM!!!

And Joseph Faulk had to quickly get off the phone after 11 minutes and 11 seconds, claiming the phone call had TOTALLY EXHAUSTED him -- poor baby!!!


The Spectrum Cable guy arrived two hours earlier than I had expected him, probably my fault of memory over the time. As HE pointed out, EVERY SINGLE EARLIER INTERACTION I had had with his company over my reception the last few weeks was NOTHING BUT LIES and they had REFUSED TO FIX MY SERVICE before today.

As he said, they are RE-TRAINED to LIE BETTER (in service to the NAZI/Christians who own them), and FOOLED ME into believing they were trying to actually REPAIR my service, but since EVERY ONE of the techs on the phone -- or in person, they ALL claiming to be CHRISTIANS (except in India), HAD TO KNOW, pixillation is ALWAYS a physical connection problem, and their BS stuff they did that sometimes worked for a few hours, was just a WASTE OF TIME AND MONEY -- and every single one of them knew that.

And the two previous techs who came out over the last ten days COULD have replaced the rest of the ancient cable -- all the way to the power pole, as he got THAT leg of it, while others had done all BUT THAT before -- and KNEW if they had done that it would have been fixed, the last one telling me he knew I was still not getting an improved signal -- PROVING he knew the problem was the stretch running across the street to the main lines.

Anyway, NO ONE EVER had this much trouble getting a simple-to-diagnose (to them), problem fixed -- and it WAS PERSECUTION of me for politics and my REFUSAL to get on board with the Narco-Trafficking Christian/Republican Leadership of Wilmington and the US Government.

And Joseph Faulk's big PROTEST (which he had completely abandoned by this morning), was part of it too.

I DID spend the 2.5 hours he was here working cleaning my apartment with icy air-conditioning to be invigorated, achieving FAR MORE than I thought I could in such a small time, but PHYSICALLY exhausting myself, and after lunch as Donald Trump nixed the Paris Accords, I lay down until now to get some strength back.

CONGRATULATIONS to Steve Bannon, who took over from my mother and is NOW the TOP CATHOLIC NAZI in the USA, for winning the battle -- but the REACTION is likely to quickly upend the Trump Presidency, and tomorrow we go back on focusing on his and his administration getting ALL THEIR MARCHING ORDERS from both Vladimir Putin and Pope Francis I.

Ruth Anne (Meyer) Kenan, the UGLIEST BITCH IN THE WORLD -- and my mother. Here seen at her HAPPIEST EVER, the Meyer Family NAZI FEST in Indiana, summer 2009.

Mom CONTROLLED the males of the family, including my father, brother Mike, and nephews Connor and Max, by finding out about all their sex with MEN and blackmailing them into service of the NAZI PARTY.

Also, THINK of District Attorney Benjamin R. David, Mayor Bill Saffo, and former NC State Senator Thom Goolsby -- ALL KNOWN to have a lot of sex with men, although I only have the PROOF on Ben David!!!


With the exception of the younger generation here, the Kennedy Family of Rose and Joe's generation -- and of the current generation, possibly excepting RFK, Jr., are ALL CARD-CARRYING NAZIS.

We know this because in this day of gay folks coming out and not getting resistance from even MOST Republicans, NO KENNEDY HAS COME OUT GAY!!!

And yet there is PROOF that a serious number of the males are gay. I'm GLAD it is not MY responsibility to get the PROOF of this to show the American Public how EVIL THESE Catholics actually are.

"Fast-tracked" to SAINTHOOD by Pope Francis I!!!

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