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RP: OY -- Such a BIRTHDAY!!! A Self-Righteous Christian -- Waiting in the Parking Lot While I Finished Lunch -- Accosted Me, Claiming It Is His CHRISTIAN DUTY to SHOOT Faggot Liberals, and He WILL if He Catches Me in Wilmington While He's GOT HIS GUN!!! / I Call Authorities on My "Meal Ticket":

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Christianity in Wilmington, North Carolina, as ENCOURAGED by Evan and Judge Lindsey Luther, and ENDORSED by Evan's friend, former Assistant D.A. Alex Nicely (now associated in private practice with my FORMER attorney, Bruce Mason), and the ENTIRE CONGREGATION of First Presbyterian, which includes D.A. Ben David (Elder), Judges Lindsey Luther (Elder) and Jeffrey Noecker (Deacon until recently), and FORMER Elder and Republican New Hanover County Commission HEAD, Beth Dawson!!!

First Presbyterian, totally endowed by my wealthy Kenan relatives, who from there led the 1898 Wilmington Insurrection: 

1. I received a birthday card today, signed by my mother, Ruth Anne (Meyer) Kenan, and my sisters Jane Ann Kenan and Julie Ruth (Kenan) Duffy, containing one $50.00 bill ($16.77 each), they spending this entire week together -- allegedly -- at a Holy Roman Catholic Retreat near Raleigh. This makes NO SENSE, since Julie drove down from Pennsylvania, so Jane, who CLAIMS to HATE Catholicism didn't need to drive/attend 94 year old Mom. So I figure it was ACTUALLY some kind of NAZI CONFAB like this one in Indiana in 2009:

And it was BEYOND underwhelming that these BITCHES sent so much money after colluding with D.A. Ben David, Police in Stone Mountain, Georgia as well as in Wilmlington, NC -- and the Dekalb County Ga Courts, and New Hanover County, NC Courts (especially Judges Chad Hogston and Sandra Ray), to JAIL and NUT-HOUSE COMMIT ME so many times!!!

Not ONLY do they feel no need to apologize -- even after I FORCED Ben David to clear my record -- but they still feel JUSTIFIED because Mom's boss, Pope Francis, ORDERED IT!!!

I've heard NOTHING from Michael William Kenan, my other sibling, AT ALL!!!

2. The woman at Protective Services and I discussed MOSTLY Joseph Faulk's situation, but also my work revealing corruption directly to the State Department, and how I KNEW "Sonny", in Puerto Vallarta, who with his "Son Kings" (now just called "Kings", I believe), corrupted New York City's Police Department years ago, then spread down the whole east coast to Florida -- Sonny still in Puerto Vallarta protecting the CIA Drug Mafia there:

And since I am NOT reporting Mr. Faulk "anonymously" -- and WARNED him of consequences of certain actions or inactions, the lady told me it's OK to let him know to EXPECT THEIR VISIT, and I figure it is only FAIR to let Joseph enjoy his POSSIBLY last days of freedom, or at least in his neighborhood, where he's lived 50+ years. 

There is NOTHING in this that I have not said or written to Joseph this week, and blogged as well:

Re: I pay-paled $800...  

FromScott Kenanhide details
ToJoseph Faulk

Yes, and I thank you.

I got DELAYED a couple of hours by someone who wanted to beat the shit out of me at lunch -- threatening to shoot me with a gun next time he saw me and was carrying, and I then filed a police report, etc. I'll blog about that too in a few minutes.

Some BIRTHDAY, no???

YOU chose not to make the deadline we had -- and not the 1 hour grace period I gave you -- and that was showing for that whole hour on my blog, but you sent it twenty minutes after that, so when I called Protective Services, I explained everything for half an hour to them, and that you know I am doing this as promised and told to you that I would do under these circumstances -- and emailed to you, so they will visit you for evaluation within three business days. 

They have your cell and Kapner's name/address -- also know your doc has Power of Attorney (not activated), to handle things if you are judged not competent to handle your money, due to being controlled by criminals (Haston Lavern Caulder II). If you ARE sane, then I am going to FBI that you support Narco-Traffickers and Christian Whoring in Wilmington -- with BIG BUCKS.

I did not think to ask if you could live as now with doctor doling you an allowance, but she said your apartment with no refrigerator, mounds of junk, no occupancy certificate, etc. is as DEPLORABLE as she's ever heard of, so it would have to be fixed up completely or you move elsewhere is my GUESS. I'll let you sleep on this and we can talk on phone tomorrow about it. You always knew this might happen one day -- and you prepared for it with the Power of Attorney.

Relax, and think how much easier life without fighting me, Haston, and others will be, no???


-----Original Message-----

From: Joseph Faulk
To: Scott Kenan 
Sent: Fri, Jun 16, 2017 3:31 pm

Subject: I pay-paled $800...

around midday using your aol address. 


>>> I just realized I gave her the WRONG last name of Joseph's landlord, "Kaplan" when it is "KAPNER" but an internet search will straighten that out.

So with the UNEXPECTED 50 bucks in my wallet, I went to Jackson's Big Oak Barbecue for lunch -- my FAVE "casual dining" restaurant in Wilmington, where I often go and they know me.

FRIENDLIEST customers and staff, usually, but over two years, I have had a COUPLE of Christians give me grief outside the restaurant -- but RABID CHRISTIANS/REPUBLICANS do that all over town -- but rarely, recently.

Before beginning, I must say that when I spoke with a police officer after I got home, having him come TO MY APARTMENT, to be sure I was AWAY from this guy, he told me I could SURELY get CONVICTION for "Communicating Threats", since my description FIT the age of the owner of the vehicle (he got by checking the plate in his computer), and was so DETAILED, LOGICAL, and CONSISTENT IN DETAILS, but a Magistrate would NOT issue a Warrant, since that did not PROVE it was the owner, who might have lent the giant, nearly new, black pick-up truck (I believe, with double back wheels, but I concentrated on getting the PLATE NUMBER right: NC plate#: CS 7863), to someone ELSE of similar physique.

I also had an EYEWITNESS, a youngish, very HANDSOME man (and actually the cop was TO DIE FOR, with no RING on his finger and a HOT cut-up SNAKE tattoo on his bulging right bicep), and the witness was clearly friends with some Jacksons at one table, and he later walked back across the street to return to work (presumably), so HE could be tracked down easily as witness, and HE was well known there, and said, "You have GOT to SCREW that ASSHOLE in COURT!!!"

But the officer wrote copious notes into his computer about it, and said to call Police IMMEDIATELY if I ever see the guy again. He gave me David Alan Young, DOB 1/11/1958, as the name of the vehicle owner, and nothing else. At home, googling, I learned that his 61 year old wife is named Danette Grant Young, and they live at 3406 Middle Sound Loop Rd, Wilmington, NC 28411.

I figured if I found his PHOTO on the internet and it was HIM, I could then swear out a warrant, but I could not find Mr. Young's photo.

STRANGEST is that David told me he had NEVER seen me before, but my HIGH CRIMES were told to him by his parents -- DEVOUT CHRISTIANS in their 80s, so NO ONE has the right to give them an unkind word, EVER, and his SISTER, who accompanied them and sports HUGE, SHAPELY BREASTS, which I commented on.

And that I told them I am a LIBERAL FAGGOT, so I said well WHAT did I say about BREASTS, then??? (I really was not remembering this, but can imagine that months ago I might had said she should COVER those knockers before JESUS thinks she's just a SLUT), and he admitted she likes to expose them far as is legal -- and shake them about.

AGAIN, HE was not there, and only heard that a super-tall white guy had done all of this, and I pointed out that they MIGHT have exaggerated what happened (as I sometimes do), and he kept insisting -- as he PUSHED his largish, not BULGING, belly into mine -- actually into my CROTCH!!! -- forcing me to back up the whole time -- and THAT is literally Legal Assault -- but nothing I can't handle.

He kept repeating over and over that it is the CHRISTIAN'S DUTY to SHOOT FAGGOTS and LIBERALS (I'd asked why they didn't file a charge against me -- or call in Police at the time), and CHRISTIANS are NOT supposed to use the LAW, but to just TAKE LIBERALS OF ALL KINDS OUT -- with GUNS. And that if his father who usually carries his gun had done so, he'd have SHOT ME DEAD ON THE SPOT, and that he, David Young, would have shot me dead, today -- had he had HIS gun on him as he usually does.

I kept telling him that he was PERFECTLY CLEAR in his warning to me, hoping to STOP him from repeating himself -- he SEEMED to be almost in a TRANCE-RAGE, and also I was SORRY that he and his family got so UPSET over whatever actually had happened -- I didn't remember it, and HE DID NOT WITNESS IT.

I run into white guys -- near enough to my age, and only 1-3 inches shorter than me -- FREQUENTLY in Wilmington, THREE of them yesterday. IMAGINE if he had just assumed some OTHER tall guy eating in that restaurant was ME!!! He must have witnessed my height as I entered, left earlier (I discussed Politics with NO ONE inside, today -- or outside, either, so he didn't get it from THAT), and then sat waiting for me in his truck all that time to do his threatening.

I DID in the course of our "discussion" tell him I'm a Kenan -- my family putting Trump in office to get Russia's oil, and I now work with both State and Justice Departments to get Trump OUT of office, he saying he didn't CARE who the fuck I am, and Donald Trump is JESUS'S TOTAL BLESSING OF GOD on the USA.

I also told him I was held hostage five times in Mexico by DANGEROUS CIA/HILLARY CLINTON/BARACK OBAMA Drug Mafia, and escaped every time, being beaten up and poisoned FIVE TIMES EACH, so I was used to "ROUGH HANDLING", and frankly, I was SHOCKED that I did not even feel nervous about it -- until I got home.

I didn't even light a CIGARETTE on the 15-minute drive -- LOL!!!


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