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RP: Today Has Been for Shopping for Food -- and Resting Up, as My Letter to Lawyer Brian Williams (repping Spectrum Cable), Has Become ENORMOUSLY More Complicated after the Events of Yesterday and Last Night!!!

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It is a TREAT to say that although BOTH my Grandmothers died before I turned six, so I barely remember Mom's Mom, except for her over-boiled fresh asparagus -- and her ample lap and delightful laugh, and Dad's step-mother I never really knew well, my OWN mother, Ruth Anne (Meyer) Kenan, now in Raleigh, ALWAYS pushed food on me like this -- LOL!!!

To begin with, I just can't believe some people's attitudes, witness the following posted today by Linda LeBoutillier, who tested above Genius back in 7th grade when I first met her:

Now come on, Linda LeBoutillier -- you are starting to sound like Trump going on about all HIS admirers!!! 

I've gotten well over 1,000,000 hits to my Political Blog, and I'm sure many are admirers, and many are my "enemies" who admit -- even a few of them to my face on the street -- that they read it RELIGIOUSLY to see what I reveal about them that they need to worry about. 

I'm thrilled to have BOTH kinds of readers, but that is NOT AT ALL why I write. I write to reveal 
TRUTH and also hope to inspire others to COURAGE -- so we ALL can rebuild our Country to be fair to ALL, including those I disagree with or do NOT like. 

I work for God and Country -- but in MY case, unlike that of most people (I hope) -- NOT for my family, near or distant. THEY chose their paths in life, and they need to sleep in the beds they've made for themselves. THEIR attitude is that I am a CRIMINAL because I reveal THEIR Felonies and lesser crimes that DESTROYED my wealth and my path to being a WELL RESPECTED WRITER. 

They suffered NOTHING, and claim I've hurt THEM irreparably -- while they flew off to long luxury vacations around the world -- while I was still homeless due to their crimes against me. 

Well, I got off point, but no one is impressed by numbers of admirers -- except Donald Trump -- and he doesn't care about anyone's admirers except his own.

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What I realized today, is that Spectrum Cable that hit me with a truck when I was on my way to DEMAND that Mayor Bill Saffo RELEASE the full police report on the MURDER by City Police of my friend Evan Fish on September 3, 2011 -- because he knew ALL ABOUT my former employer Patrick Lee Stansbury of Pentagon Publishing, Inc., Snellville, GA, supplying the BULK of the illegal hard drugs to Wilmington's Politicians and corrupted Christian Churches, via fellow salesman Lee Gosney. 

This was confirmed by several Sheriff's Deputies on the scene, including the Negotiator who had talked the troubled Evan back from the edge, when police released Evan's HATED (held unseen), former girlfriend Eleanor Schwaner, who ran up to Evan, whispered something in his ear, and he jumped to his death yelling, "There's NO WAY OUT!!!"

And then the Wilmington Star News helped not only to cover that murder up, but ERASED my comments that NAMED the victim -- which they REFUSED TO DO FOR YEARS, and allowed people making up fake names surnamed Kenan to TOTALLY DEFAME ME. All typical behavior of Wilmington's Christians of BOTH Parties.

While it is TRUE that Mayor Bill Saffo -- well known to be under control of his Uncle who runs the Saffo Mafia from NYC -- and whose wife Renee divorced him a few years ago, and had to get a SECRET Restraining Order against Bill for his violence toward her, COULD have set that up, but the logistics are so difficult, I think it more likely to have been coincidence. So I do NOT expect to pursue this as THAT type of crime.

However, since I had the WORST corruption of this computer last night -- even ERASING nearly ALL the emails between Pam Heisser, who was working on my claim for ESIS on behalf Spectrum Cable, and me -- and NO OTHERS!!! You see, my internet provider is Spectrum, and they have a HISTORY of harassing me deliberately, which is ALSO well documented in this blog. And of course the ones who came to work on my physical equipment, were ALL professing Christians, and all told me LIE after LIE and did NOT fix what they knew how to fix all along!!!

The rest is voluminous, and I'll write it up after a good night's sleep, tonight. 

Just this moment, it strikes me funny that I actually have TONS of AVID ADMIRERS in Wilmington, and Evangelical Christians who voted for Trump are largely included. EVERYONE here is sick of the Politicians of both Parties -- even if they are naive to the Churches being at least as much of the corruption. Today, I spoke to MANY of them all around town.

And the ONLY place in town I feel uncomfortable is around the occupants of two apartments downstairs, including the 6' 3" Denise Wood, associate of Bill Saffo that even Bill's Admin, Dawn Grants, has confirmed -- and stupidly made WORSE by volunteering that he doesn't know her all THAT WELL, and I never had even brought that relationship up to Dawn!!!

Denise Wood is NOT this wide, but this is her attitude -- she an AVID Evangelical Christian.

My landlady, Gold Walker has told me she is SCARED TO DEATH of any conflict with Denise, who has 43 Felonies as an International Drug Mule, and keeps a loaded six-shooter in reach of her bed. She sublets from Sa'ant Samuel Celia, Jr., who leases BOTH apartments on the first floor, and Sam freely ADMITS his PAST drug lab making LSD for Jerry Garcia and Dr. Timothy Leary -- as well as Dr. Leary's male lover, Theodore Druch, a Jew, now married to Maria Ruiz, a Christian, and a part of the Puerto Vallarta Writers Group the WHOLE time I lived there most of 2010 - 2015!!!

On this side of the property just south, also owned by Gold, Steven and Patty use their side entrance, so with Drug Trash often coming and going by Denise's back door -- and I never SEE them, but I hear them knocking at all hours next door, it's like a BIG DRUG DISTRIBUTION center here, that Gold may not have intentionally ALLOWED, but is actually totally intimidated about doing a thing about.

While I am not "afraid" of Steven and Patty, the last few months they DISAPPEAR inside, when I park my car, putting OUT the cigs they smoke outside their door -- or they get busy on their cells, and refuse to look my way. They USED to love talking to me -- HA!!!

Gold is the ONLY one of these who is ALWAYS friendly to me, except it got a little rough shortly after Denise told me that SHE controls Gold and would have ME kicked out!!! And I have NO PROBLEM or RUDENESS-ES from the occupants of the OTHER two of Gold's apartments next door, both of THEM have entrances on the opposite side of that building.

Here is an article from the time Bill and Renee were separating: 

And for the record, just now, I went out for a smoke, and for the third time in as many hours, Denise stepped out for a cig as well. This time I commented on our drier, cooler weather, and the beauty of the full moon, but DID add that it's been GREAT walking around town and having so many people thank me for my courageous blogging. But the moon is behind clouds right now, and what I thought was psychologist Ben, brought a bag of trash out behind us without turning on any lights, and called to him, "Hey Sam, check out the full moon when you can see it again!!!" But it was his WIFE, and I said, "Sorry, I thought you were Sam," and she was back in the house before I realized she must wonder why I thought someone with named Sam was her husband -- LOL!!! I DO need more sleep.

Now, the oddest thing today, was that at 12:23 PM, I got a text from Bill Romney, "I have disappeared. You keep emailing me though. You must enjoy it." Strange, because what he got was copied on my morning blog post along with over 200 other people -- yet instead of replying and asking OFF my list like EVERY other person who desired that does -- nicely or not.

It APPEARS that Mr. Romney doesn't even LOOK at who is copied, and thinks I send these to him PERSONALLY. I will include him just this one time so he can see this, then take him off. Hes a CHRISTIAN previously married to a MORMON ROMNEY, so TRAINED to be stupid -- aka MOR(M)ONIC -- and can't even ask to NOT get them.

And what is so interesting is NOT ONLY that Bill told me the Romney he legally married was from a BIG CRIMINAL FAMILY of Romney Mormons, his husband, after a few years, got ADDICTED to anonymous sex with others and then slowly descended into DEEP DEPRESSION -- Bill said it was due to Mormon Programming Programs from that Church -- but also that Bill's own mother had committed suicide, as well as other's from his late husband's and Mitt Romney's Criminal Family. i don't think he told me how his husband, Doug Romney, aka "The Gay Romney", died.

BUT hot in the news today, is that Donald Trump and OTHER "PERFECT CHRISTIAN" Republicans are now STRONGLY urging Mitt Romney to run for US Senator -- LOL!!!

So a DEEP LOOK at this, the ONLY article I can find on the internet that mentions Doug Romney or the "Gay Romney" at all --actually having a LOT, including an interview with Doug, is called for:

Doug and Bill Romney

And I have had MORE trouble with Mormons over the year, most importantly, lately, from Jennifer McCracken of Carolina Apartments who slashed my tires after  stopped buying pot from her, ADMITTED her brother is narco-trafficking CIA on Sheriff McMahon's force, and was the ONLY person who knew about HOW and WHY former BBC star Colin Stuart Hamilton -- also leader of the Puerto Vallarta Writers Group in 2013 and 14 while I was part of that, was murdered by the CIA in P.V., WHERE the killer led them to dig up the body five hours away, and how the CIA forced him to then be RELEASED -- DESPITE his confession.

The Romneys lived in Mexico for a couple of generations -- and there are still PLENTY of them there. I wonder if it was the Romenys who murdered Colin Hamilton, no???

>>> BREAKING @ 11:07 PM: Bill Romney just texted me that he got hold of Mitt Romney, and they have THREE ATTORNEYS who will FORCE the CIA to SHUT DOWN MY BLOG!!!


* * *

Jennifer McCracken still lives in apartment 67, in Kenan-built Carolina Apartments.

Colin Hamilton in foreground, with Wilmington, NC native Stanley Winborne III, whose family had controlled the Atlantic Coast Line Railroad here. Those are MY "devil's horns" over Stanley.

James Lester, who both teased me with his GORGEOUS uncut cock fully erect as he played with it -- and harassed me too, on ORDERS of his Mormon Bishop when we both lived in Mercy House Shelter, late 2011, then RECENTLY got back in touch:

James Lester 

James Lester in 2013

James Lester
Tennessee Williams was, is and always will be a FAG no matter how you color it.

James Lester
Fuck all Kenans

James Lester
Fuck you

James Lester in 2017 -- ALWAYS now looking SCARY.

>>> ADDED LATER: Kathleen Kincade (or Kinkade), who moved into Carolina Apartments about 1/1/2016, told me her Gringo family lived in El Salvador, and BUILT Bain Capital there for Mitt Romney as a CRIMINAL ENTERPRISE, but Mitt moved it elsewhere when they were all tried and convicted of Drug Mafia Crimes and Financial Frauds.

Also, Kathleed said she knew Monica Lewinsky VERY WELL, Monica's GRANDFATHER was an accountant for her family, back then:

Do YOU think Ms. Lewinsky was a TOOL of the Mormons and Romney to bring down Bill Clinton -- or of Newt Gingrich, who was then fucking his current (third) wife while still married to and living with his SECOND wife, before SHE converted Newt to Roman Catholic???

Newt and Calista Gingrich

Going back, I'll not detail Mark Beard the artist and lover of Tennessee William's friend Vassilis Voglis, how I knew him THEN, and again in 2009 and 2012. Nor the daughter of one of the Twelve Mormon Leaders, whom I stayed in Salt Lake City with for a weekend in 1977. And also on this list is the Mormon Bishop hired by Wendy's International when I worked for them in the mid-1980s in Sandy Springs and Alpharetta stores as head manager.

Right after my District Manager -- called "Hollywood Hal", a former football star at University of Georgia, who EXPOSED HIMSELF to me after learning I was gay -- and I acted like I had not noticed it -- and it WAS surprisingly small -- and NOT erect when he pulled it out in a hallway at a meeting when no one was around.

So for some reason I was put on "probation" and allowed a few months to turn around the store, but this Bishop came in as a "Co-" to me, to document everything, and he hired his niece as an Assistant Manager. Soon, I caught them passionately deep-kissing, and they admitted she was his SECOND Mormon wife and lived with them and all the children by the main wife.

They had me over for dinner with the whole gang, and the Bishop showed me all the ships models and his workshop in his basement -- he then the TOP Ship-Model Builder for the film industry that was JUST THEM switching to electronic models, and he actually got to really LIKE ME (not sexually), and said they were all STUPID to put me on probation, he documented THAT, I was RELEASED from Probation -- and within two seconds, gave me two-weeks notice, and that was IT for my Wendy's career -- REALLY!!!

BIZARRE -- and MORE bizarre is that the WHITE SUPREMACY and NARCO-TRAFFIC supporting Wilmington Star News never even thought this was important enough to put in their twice-daily news-brief emails of about 15 stories. WHY, because the Wilmington paper is TOTALLY CHRISTIAN and only supports EVIL -- LOL!!!

The N.C. House voted 71-44 Thursday morning to cancel Gov. Roy Cooper’s call for a special legislative session for redistricting, making the case that the governor’s move…

Scott Kenan shared a link.
5 hrs

California lawmakers consider a bill to protect state-sanctioned marijuana businesses from federal agents.

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Upon the Nipples of Julia's Breast: Have ye beheld (with much delight) A red rose peeping through a white? Or else a cherry (double graced) Within a lily? Center placed? Or ever marked the pretty beam A strawberry shows half drowned in cream?”
Robert Herrick H-O-N-E-Y!!!!!!!OWWWWWWW HOT!!!!!!!

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Jerome Aery Bet you can't eat just one!

 11 hrs
Stephen Finsel Forget the doughnutsget me those breasts!

 6 hrs
Scott Kenan Stephen Finsel: 

1. Your profile says you are ENGAGED, so shouldn't you keep your interests with whomever you are engaged to??? 

2. Photos of you appear a tetch-bit overweight, so wouldn't a man's lollipop be far less CALORIC??? 

3. It says you are a "born again Catholic", an absolute OXYMORON, as the Catholic Church taught me for eight years in Catholic schools that "born again" is akin to Devil worship to the Catholic Teachings. 

Perhaps you are Mike Pence under false identity -- he is a "born again Catholic", spreading fear and hate. The leadership of the Catholic church on my block said they are EMBARRASSED that so many Supreme Court Justices and high Republicans (like Paul Ryan, Gingrich, etc.), CLAIM to be Catholic but NEVER live by what Jesus taught.

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