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RP: Tonight, I Had a Long Conversation with Psychologist Ben Who Lives Behind Me -- Regarding the TOUGH CHOICE I Will Have to Make About the Guy Who LOVES MY WRITING, but NOW Seems to HATE ME:

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As a REMINDER to my Readers, it was TWO blood Kenans, bearing OTHER surnames, most responsible for REMOVING Homosexuality from the list of Mental Illnesses (the DSM), in 1973. One was the Head of the American Psychiatric Association then, and the other was in charge of collating all the studies that the decision was then based on.

This had NOT happened until AFTER the original 1967 edition of the book The Kenan Family was published in 1967, so not found there:

But it IS in the 1999 Mercer University Press updated version, available through Amazon and other sources.

Nevertheless, my mother ALWAYS referred to it as my "Arrested Development", and tried to -- and succeeded in -- getting me committed to a mental hospital, Anchora, in South Jersey in 1978, where the intake guy said that 90% of the males there had been committed because they were gay and pissed off a family member. And when I was put into a ward, I was told that all the boys wanted to do me -- as soon as I got yard privileges, there being many bushes to hide in.

But I had GREAT insurance, and soon transferred to best Mental Hospital in the USA, then, The Institute, part of University of Pennsylvania, and founded by Benjamin Franklin. There Mom made certain I was put on Lithium Carbonate, and was forced to remain on it for 31 years -- it causing a soft lobotomy, so I didn't CARE about Politics, or all the crimes I witnessed my family members committing.

And I STILL don't understand why my brother Mike and his two sons, all having had plenty of sex with men, Mike obviously with women, too, have treated me so badly, backing up Mom.

Oh, right, they get GREAT JOBS and income through Mom's NAZI/Catholic connections!!!

Well, that is the Kenan Family's contribution to Psychiatry/Psychology totally SPIT ON by my close family.

And that has nothing to do with what Ben says is one of the saddest cases of a life he ever heard of who is NOT committed to a mental hospital, Joseph Faulk. Such a waste of Joseph's life, when most people do productive things after retirement and don't live in a pile of old gym equipment, box TVs, bags of trash, with a refrigerator broken (so he drags up bags of ice to use in it), for over six years that he's simply afraid to have his landlord repair or replace, a LEGAL obligation of the landlord.

Ben said I really need to get the health authorities to check Joseph out, and can do it anonymously, but I said I do everything "proudly" and am NEVER afraid to attach my name. He said I have it exactly right -- to tell THEM who Joseph's landlord is, who must have Joseph's doctor's name as emergency contact -- but BEFORE THAT will lead them to Joseph's apartment door, letting them INif Joseph won't open the door -- so if he must be declared incompetent, that doctor will have Joseph's signed Power of Attorney asking him to do that, if necessary, and I think Joseph said it specifies WHERE he would like to be taken care of -- likely a PHYSICAL CARE facility -- but then they would find an equivalent MENTAL CARE facility.

Now the reason I have waited so long to do this, is that I have been committed by my Mom, (actually to shut me up about her crimes), in 1978. In 2010, the Republican Party of Georgia tried to commit me, first with Patrick Stansbury of Pentagon Publishing, Inc., my employer of 20 years, who I discovered distributed the drugs flown into Maxwell AFB from Maine to Florida, but mostly in Atlanta and Wilmington, NC -- where Mom, Dad, Nixon Aide John Ehrlichman set up the Christian Drug Mafia with others, then all of them with politicians of both Parties, CNN, the AJC, and especially Newt Gingrich set it up in Atlanta/Stone Mountain -- as my friend Lt. Gen. Russel Honore' knew ALL ABOUT the RICH Kenans directing the Christian Drug Mafia!!! 

This contains the email trail in which Patrick even tells me my own family totally HATES ME, I have NO FRIENDS, and NO CHOICE but to IMMEDIATELY commit suicide. Twenty minutes later, Officer Nunn of Stone Mountain Police, then another, showed up at my door because my sister Jane -- who had NOT spoken with me in over ten days, called them claiming I was about to commit suicide!!!

But I was SO FAR from suicide, after ten minutes they left with all of us LAUGHING at what a hateful asshole BITCH my sister Jane is!!! And the LAST of the five times they tried, they told me it was my sister Julie, who called to say I was suicidal.

Jane and me a year ago in Mom's house.

Julie at her wedding to Joel Duffy, Jr. twenty years ago -- Joel now LESS HAPPY, OBESE, and unable to hold a steady job -- but Mom makes certain they have LOTS OF INCOME!!!

I was NOT committed in 1990, but COURT ORDERED to take Lithium or go to jail for a YEAR, by Dem. Judge Linda Warren Hunter, now a Superior Court Judge and friend of the Clintons!!!

More recently, here in Wilmington, Mom worked with D.A. Ben David, Republican Judges Hogston and Sandra Ray, especially, to convict me falsely of crimes (all now CLEARED from my record, but Ben David made CERTAIN I was in jail long enough to go HOMELESS, again, after clawing me way up out of it in early 2011. And then  Judge Sandra Ray Criner (who later divorced Sherman Lee Criner for publicly posting photos of his Christian Snake Worship:

Sherman Lee Criner

 -- and Sherman previously was caught molesting a five year old girl in Thalian Hall, but Wilmington cops intimidated the girl's Dad into NOT prosecuting, Sandra SOON becoming HEAD of the County Republican Party -- committed me to a mental hospital in concert with a BAD CRACK ADDICT, Brenda McKnight -- with her CRACK DEALER, Gerald Austin-Wynn.



Gerald was convicted of major drug distribution in South Carolina within a year, spending a few years in prison there -- but in WILMINGTON, they are CHRISTIAN HEROES, like Ben David's former co-Elder at First Presbyterian, County Commission HEAD, Beth Dawson:

Beth, whose husband had a little problem 1.5 years ago:

And one of the most SHOCKING THINGS to me, was that Judge Sandra Ray heard Brenda/Gerald's request for an unnecessary Restraining Order against me, and when they did NOT show in Court, after having the Deputies SEARCH THE COURTHOUSE for them unsuccessfully -- something I NEVER EVER saw happen the many times I've been to Court here with lots of cases to be heard, MANY not showing, she later had a Deputy chase me down on a public street (not Courthouse grounds), and return me to trial, AS IF SHE HAD NOT DISMISSED IT, and gave it to them on their obvious lies.

When I appealed to the Authorities, I was told to basically GO TO HELL!!!

I'll have him in PRISON soon -- he even helped with the FALSE CONVICTION of LIBEL in Chicago -- making it a FEDERAL CRIME.

Christianity today is nothing but institutionalized HATRED OF GOD.

But my REAL POINT in writing all this tonight -- much of it recently regurgitated -- is that Joseph Faulk has NOTHING TO FEAR!!!

New York City Mental Health Services are run on the power of LAW and the CONSTITUTION, rather than the BIBLE, like in Wilmington!!!

Not ALL of the Bible, however!!!

The NEW generation of Kenans: Frank Hawkins Kenan II and Story Cowles


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