Monday, July 23, 2018

RP: Another Day of Surprises -- Today, Mostly Pleasant:

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Ben David in an old picture that looks close enough to him today. I don't recall why I titled this, "Ben David pays snitches".

My very first impression was that Jonathan Deputy followed me into the building, about one minute behind me in the Security Line -- he dressed in a tie and jacket and carrying a briefcase. The next was that Prosecutor Murphy Averitt was NO ONE NEW -- at least to me. He has been hanging out behind the bar since I came back to Wilmington in June 2015. So I have NO IDEA what this "new crap" was all about from this article contained in my last posting was all about -- the guy POSTURES all over the place, using his glasses to look "lawyerly".

He's older than this now.

And then the most CHARMING young woman -- extraordinary people skills, knowledge of much of Wilmington and North Carolina's "underground control", smart as a whip, and attractive to boot announced she would be working with me. And she told me that D.A. Ben David had made a specific point of assigning her to just me for the day -- best, she knew NOTHING about me, my connections to the wealthy Kenans and Political Heavyweights of all persuasions, my blog, or anything at all except the minimal from the simple form I filled out filing the charge. I told her to be SURE to tell Ben David that his doing this made my HEART SING for the acceleration of New Hanover County's COURTS/PROSECUTORS improving!!!

This is the most important thing I have to write.

So THANK YOUBen David!!!

I'm so drained, I can barely type and will save most for tomorrow, but in the end, Kimberly Overton -- after some considerable research on the internet -- said that Jonathan Deputy's emailed offences were just SHY of legally qualifying as "harassment" (although she didn't see them all or yet know of much of the context), and was skillful in making me think that I was who decided to dismiss my Cyberstalking Charge -- and she got LOTS OF GOOD  INFO about Mr. Deputy for me -- without knowing she was doing it.

She was clearly sincere -- and I was NOT wanting to have any public disclosure of so many things I knew -- including that Judge Chad Hogston had convicted me in 2011 of the EXACT SAME CHARGE but with NO EVIDENCE AT ALL that I had committed it. And Jennifer Harjo FORCED Ben David to ERASE IT. 

Chief Public Defender Jennifer Harjo

Kimberly knows Jen Harjo WELL, and has the HIGHEST REGARD for her!!! 

It turned out that Jonathan Deputy was ONLY served -- because he had paid a tax at a county office (or similar), and they check for such things when one does that -- the Deputies NEVER serving Summonses anymore, just Arrest Warrants and Commitments (LOL!!!) -- the Jails, Courts, and entire System are so overloaded -- so that was not PERSONAL of Sheriff McMahon not serving it for 3.5 months.

I have always said my Country, City, and County (I'm still not so sure about this state of North Carolina), come first -- if I must suffer even more loss of my fortune -- and this was relatively modest.

Kimberly said she would let Jon Deputy know we were dismissing, but not tell him why -- unless he asked -- and that I could go ahead and go. I know they like opposing parties to leave separated by a few minutes, so I went and have no idea how that went down, but I assume Mr. Deputy will read at least THIS post-trial posting, and I have no problem with him knowing the truth.

SO MUCH MORE to report, but I need to get a night's rest, but since Jon is reading this posting, a heads-up to him and Gold Walker: Rob -- whom I spent at least two hours with this afternoon -- is definitely moving out the end of the month, but he borrowed bleach that he sprayed into his kitchen air straight out of the bottle to kill all the bugs in his kitchen, nearly passed out, then came back and borrowed a half can of long-distance wasp-nest spray, that he was sure would kill all that were crawling around the room.

As I have said, he's not Albert Einsteinand it's probably best he's moving on.


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