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RP: Jesus the Christ (Yeshua-bar-Yosef, Isa, etc.), Weighs In:

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“Dear Jesus, do something.” 

― Vladimir Nabokov, Pale Fire

From Fox News -- WHAT will become of all the TRUMP TROLLS on Facebooknow???

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President Trump, and our country for that matter, can only win against Putin if we are assertive about American goals and our values. Trump failed to accomplish that in Helsinki on Monday.

So Dear Ol' Jesus INVADED Fox News TODAY!!! 

I'm sure we all remember when he appeared at the Republican Convention about six years ago -- to LITTLE or NO effect:

And I had met him PERSONALLY in Paraty, Brazil in fall of 2009:

Jesus, me, and Jonathan Andreoli (the HOTTEST man in the UNIVERSE) -- in Paraty.

Jonathan in "The Water"

Jonathan is now married and raising a family. A native of Uruguay, he leads the very popular Orchestra of Paraty at a Bourbon Street Festival in Brazil.

Yes, I chased a HOT MAN who was STRAIGHT -- over Jesus. I guess I am going to HELL!!!

But then listening to Meatloaf, I figured out how to fly right back OUT!!!

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Oh LOOK!!! Mr. Piggy (Rev. William Barber of the HATED Christian religion), is stuck in the HELL OF GLUTTONY -- while Jewish Rabbis blow Shofar -- to try to HELP HIM GET OUT.

I don't know about YOUReader, but I have NEVER SEEN a "FAT-ASSED MUSLIM" -- have YOU???

Scott Kenan What I just noticed is that it APPEARS there was not a single BLACK in our Whetstone H.S. 1969 class -- could that have been TRUE??? 
How DISGUSTING and . . . well, I won't say it here!!!
Wilmington, NC native and resident Lara (Yunaska) Trump is IN CHARGE!!!: 

“We are thrilled with the continued support of so many Americans who resoundingly approve of Donald Trump’s performance as President,” said Lara Trump, Senior Advisor to Donald J. Trump for President, Inc.

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The 2020 election is more than two years away.
Bob Jones Vampire?

Scott Kenan Bob Jones: I usually call Eric Trump "Werewolfian", but Vampire may be closer!!! And I NEARLY crashed Lara's Baby Boy Shower in downtown Wilmington last July. Then I ran into Jesse Davis who ran it in my supermarket. First he told me how much he HATES Donald Trump -- and then the little fairy quickly blocked me on Facebook and also my emails of all blog posts -- LOL!!! Remember this???:
Remember: It was Rob Reiner's first cousin Jonathan Reiner (who now has his OWN Emmys), who made me an "Honorary Jew" in 2010, when I FIRST blogged that my parents were then America's Top NAZIS working with a line of Roman Catholic Popes -- INCLUDING Pope Francis. And it was just over a year ago that I spoke at length with Rob Reiner's Admin -- and still HAVE HER on "speed-dial" -- HA!!!

As Trump meets with Putin one-on-one, filmmaker and actor Rob Reiner is demanding that Trump meet with Special Counsel Robert Mueller. Sign the petition!

Bryan Wiski shared a post to the group: Firesign Theater.
It's a hoe down!


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