Tuesday, July 3, 2018

RP: JUST When I Thought It Could Not Get WEIRDER in Wilmington -- or at Spofford Mills Executives Clubhouse Apartments . . .

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Although unable to work or sleep well due to "Social Anxieties" that he's taken Valium for for years, the guy on the right in the Unitarian Universalist distributed T-shirt stands with his wife and another at the Immigration Protest in Wilmington last Saturday.

He asked me to take him off my email list, and I did, but if he's well enough to protest in public, I see no reason not to publish his photo namelessly -- that is published ELSEWHERE as well.

This link to photos was sent out by my church via email -- funny that the Star News did NOT publish a story about the local Protest -- but published 22 photos!!! 

First thing this morning -- after breakfast and 90 minutes of News catch-up via MSNBC -- I called Amanda Daniels, whom I'd met on Facebook yesterday -- she working to promote programs to get people OFF addictive drugs. I devoted the bottom half of this posting to that: http://theweathercontinues.blogspot.com/2018/07/kelsey-holmes-and-her-girlfriend-mary.html, and we spoke by phone for ten minutes, and I will soon send her info on that that I will also publish on blog. 

And then, I printed, signed, and took to mail this Letter to Gold Walker (and her attorney, Oliver Carter III) -- and I had CALLED and left Gold a message on her voicemail last evening to be sure to check her email (which she is slow to do)http://theweathercontinues.blogspot.com/2018/07/letter-just-emailed-to-gold-walker-and.html 

But when I stepped out of my front door, I found THIS chair -- seemingly tossed down from the upstairs balcony, in the middle of the drive:

This was NOT there at dusk last night when I checked mail, and Rob's, Allie's, Pete's, and my cars were all here overnight -- Pete's gone then, but he could have driven out around to the right. I MOVED this mess to beyond that Crepe Myrtle, the one that Kelsey Holmes and Mary's movers broke the branch off with the U-Haul truck.

There was ALSO a hanging basket with a completely dry plant DUMPED four feet from a trash container -- someone just could not get a few feet farther to dispose of it properly, and JUST NOW, Kelsey parked her SUV in the drive AT the street -- rather than pulling in closer to the stairs, made two trips to her old apartment and taking a few small things, but still NOT the two stacking chairs and two framed prints that she has left UNDER the staircase for five days. And completely uncharacteristic of them, she CHECKED to see if I was watching through a window and likely saw me do so.

Half an hour before THAT, a very handsome (and shirtless), man of about 30, had come downstairs and placed a few things in Allie's car (I'd seen him some weeks ago as well), and I asked him if Pete and Allie are moving out and did he know ANYTHING about the broken chair in the drive. He said he knew NOTHING about either, and had just gotten there from western North Carolina. If they WERE going to move out, I think he'd have known that. A few minutes later he and Allie came out and by their appearance, headed for the beach.

WHY if "nothing is amiss" is all this happening so "secretly" and weirdly???


Jon Deputy

Hi Jon -- at the risk of angering you again, I thought I should drop you a note in case you are NOT aware of it, but Kelsey Holmes and her lover Mary moved out of apartment Two yesterday, leaving Allie, Pete, their two dogs and a cat. Unfortunately, the two guys with U-Haul truck they hired first backed into the awning, tearing a small hole and bending two pipes -- and not learning from that, after getting the truck turned around, they broke a thick but short limb off the crepe myrtle.

This morning I found this chair in the drive -- as if it had been tossed from the upstairs balcony:

Anyway, I emailed Gold Walker about some of this last night -- assuming as Property Manager you knew it all. Some of the behaviors around here have been NUTS lately (Gray and Bill have NOT been here at all and Rob in apartment One is the only one acting sanely of the others). I am copying both Gold and her attorney Oliver Carter III now, as this chair mystery (they had ALL walked past it several times before I got it out of the drive), is new.

I trust that you and your family are having a nice 4th of July celebration!!!

Scott Kenan


In an entirely separate event, mid-morning, a straight white couple of about 45 years of age walked into Sherry Hall Spivey's old backyard next-door. Although he had long hair and beard of more salt than pepper, they were well groomed and very healthy looking, and when I called hello to them, he is a relative of Sherry's, and we discussed that whole situation for several minutes, they eventually THANKING ME for having WATCHED the place through all the "happenings", reported on all of that on blog, and GIVING A DAMN about Sherry's fate.

I bet nearly ALL my Readers remember how I took her and the others living there to task -- but I ALSO blogged about the last time I saw Sherry there, and she and I had a DEEP CONVERSATION where I found EMPATHY for her and what she is now facing (cancer, drug problems, being broke).

Well ENOUGH of all of this -- I need to get on to writing Amanda Daniels, who with other individuals and organizations they represent, want to bring HEALING OF ADDICTIONS to as many Wilmingtonians as they possibly can!!!


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