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RP: "LORDY!!! I HOPE There Are Tapes!!!" -- and Other Things:

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Funny: It was at the 1981 Kennedy Center Honors and all the events surrounding that where I met Lillian Gish, Douglas Fairbanks, Jr., President and Mrs. Reagan, Audrey Hepburn, Ella Fitzgerald, and again had fun with Meryl Streep!!!

Or will he break with presidential tradition and sit it out, like last year?

My visit to the Honors and the White House is covered in the following two chapters:

The Funniest thing today, is that when I went to Costco to refill my heart meds, while waiting half an hour I had nothing much to do, I only needed three food items, and after my meeting with a Top NC State Prosecutor and Justice Speaker/Advocate Kimberly Overton, I do NOT feel under the pressure I have been under for EIGHT YEARS. I SUPPOSE she and D.A. Benjamin R. David could be just "punking me" -- but I seriously doubt it:

And I ran into an older couple from Brunswick County who were just in LOVE with their Sheriff Ingram, whom I've never met, but heard a lot about. This came out just today showing how many Political Races are doing in terms of Raising Funds:

Scott Kenan shared a link.
2 hrs

Ingram's re-election war chest is 4th among all Southeastern NC candidates, including those running for jobs in Raleigh and Washington

He sure looks the part -- don't he???

I felt no need to discuss Politics AT ALL, but spent my time eating free samples and speaking with three of the Demo Women who LOVE my Politics, and not having been there in 10 days, I filled them in on my latest -- especially my getting with Kimberly Overton.

Then, shortly before I left, the Assistant Manager Victoria approached me to say some customer had been TERRIBLY OFFENDED by something I said to someone else (I simply had NOT engaged with a single customer except the couple about Sheriff Ingram, and that was right AFTER I spoke with Victoria). 

I told Victoria that was so FUNNY because now that I'm with a Top Prosecutor, I'm not feeling the pressure to talk politics, and in fact whoever it was who complained was someone I had NOT spoken to, but reported on what they heard me telling someone else -- SO CHRISTIAN, SO REPUBLICAN, SO HATEFUL and AGAINST FREE SPEECH.

Victoria pointed out that they are a Membership Business, and before she said more, I told her I was WELL AWARE of businesses being allowed to Discriminate and Shut PEOPLE UP on their premises, and that REALLY, this had been NOTHING compared to the honest-to-god SHOUTING MATCHES I've had with Republican and Christian customers from my return mid-2015 through half of 2017 -- and I didn't see how it could happen again.

I didn't tell her how much I APPRECIATED my Costco Membership which I had used for several months in both Puerto Vallarta and here in Wilmington when I could not afford to buy anything, but worked the Demo people to get eventually FULL MEALS when I was hungry and desperate -- but I DID tell her that my Kenan Family was Costco's BIGGEST SUPPLIER, which she was well aware of and my being related to the owners of Kenan Advantage Group (which has supplied all Costcos in the USA with gasoline since about 2002), and Coca-Cola.

She was ALSO aware of my history of having HUGE Political arguments and discussions very publicly in that store, previously, if not recently. She was NOT moving toward tossing me out or anything like that, and I told her I appreciated her bringing it up, but if Costco were actually SERIOUS, they would have said something ages ago when I had literally been BALLISTIC in that store.

Then, in Aldi's, I DID talk to a lot of customers, all of them I left LAUGHING -- because they don't attract the HATE CROWD like Costco does. Costco TOTALLY SUPPORTED Donald Trump's campaign for President -- they ALWAYS having lots of books promoting Mr. Trump -- 5 - 8 at any given time, and only one or two favorable to Democrats of any kind, and almost NEVER anything supporting Hillary.

If Costco has a NEW POLICY stifling people who support Democracy and are against Trump, they and I are going to have some SERIOUS DRAMA from this SEVEN-FOOT DRAMA QUEEN!!!

Their customers have even called me a "Fucking Faggot" loudly in front of all and I never complained!!!

I told her how recently someone took HUGE OFFENCE because when quoting rich-Kenan-relative Gregg Loomis,, who told me that my wealthy Kenan relatives in Chapel Hill, "hate only Jews more than 'Niggers'", and that was a QUOTE, just like so many Christians and Republicans call me a faggot, child molester, etc. -- out of CHRISTIAN LOVE and no one has EVER been offended by that.

Victoria then said SHE was offended because I had just said that. At least I knew I was NOT speaking with anyone who understands fact or reason -- likely a Christian and Republican herself.

So rather than tell her about how Costco's BIGGEST SUPPLIERKenan Advantage Group:

 . . . how the KAG had been DUMPING sludge from the trucks that deliver to THIS Costco and other businesses into New Hanover County WETLANDS, and I knew several drivers who had tried to "blow the whistle" and were FIRED, then BLACKBALLED from EVER working in trucking again.

I've blogged about this, too, when Kenans were breaking laws in Oregon on Native Lands, but that since Donald Trump was ELECTED due primarily to the Kenans and Kenan pal Vladimir Putin's help -- TRUMP called out LAW ENFORCEMENT to protect my Kenan Family breaking THOSE LAWS!!!

And while I have not noticed this in North Carolina, whenever I drove back and forth from Atlanta or Wilmington and Puerto Vallarta in 2010, 2012, and 2015, EVERY Kenan truck in Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, and Texas had CONFEDERATE FLAG DECALS prominently displayed.

So Costco can just FUCK ITSELF!!! I'm OVER this shit and will let Corporate Management in Washington State know about all of this -- it's POSSIBLE they don't KNOW they do so much business with such EVIL TRAITORS!!!


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