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RP: My Visions, Dreams, and "Special Visitors" over the Years: What to MAKE of Them???

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Actually, I'm not so good at this -- unless the person is truly exasperating.

Blocking a friend or family member in the 1800s

Since sending my email (via Facebook Message), to the former Valerie Diamond last night:, she has not YET opened and read it -- and I realized a few things overnight:

1. I was so impressed by her friend Sandy Holladay, who is gathering my Whetstone HS class into a private Facebook group before our 50th reunion next year, I realized I am getting back in touch with Columbus, Ohio people I'd had no contact with since 1969 -- and had not for the most part, thought much about. 

Somehow this seemed very FREEING, because some of them will remember me, and knowing NOTHING of my confusing journey to understand my own life, will have FRESH EYES to consider my claims -- and Valerie being a Psychologist, she is TRAINED to cut through BS, so her opinion would be valuable.

2. BUT, I just can't "come out of the blue" and dump all my stuff on her -- or anyone else. 

3. Since I returned from Mexico to the USA in June 2015, I have had it in mind to explain some paranormal events in my life, and how I have viewed them. So this will be a good time to do that -- just on blog, where Valerie can read them if she cares to, and I'll send her another note that is more personal.

BEFORE I do that, here is some of the non-sense I get from "right-wing trolls", that continues to lessen, but never ceases to amaze me:

Chris Spencer Oh Scott, I just love it when you get all biblical on us!


Chris Spencer Tell me again why I should worship a god what would deliver a 6 yr old child into the hands of Walter Lee Williams? I forgot.

David Cothran Sr DF Goldoff Tom good at that


Scott Kenan Chris Spencer WHO is Walter Lee Williams -- LOL!!!

Chris Spencer Scott Kenan Never heard of Walter Lee Williams? (In my best Buford T Justice voice) You tryin ta blow smoke up my ass boy?! 
Well I'm sure you remember Anita Bryant, right? That "hateful white Christian" bigot that tried to convince America that homosexuals would try to recruit children into their lifestyle. How lucky we were to have a brave band of recital buccaneers to go after Mrs. Bryant and save us from her "wrong think". And who would lead the charge and deliver us to this "enlightened" world we have today? And where to find him? 
Well look no farther than your mommy and daddy's university at Chapel Hill and you will find the greatest SJW to ever earn a PHD, one Walter Lee Williams Jr. 
Remember his battle cry? "It's a myth that homosexual men want to have sex with little boys!". Where is he now? Never heard of him, well sure if you say so. Go ahead, pull my finger(Our post secondary educated betters, where would we be without them)

Scott Kenan Chris Spencer: I don't get why you use a juvenile tone, but having lived near Atlanta 1983 - 2010, I recognize character voices with "Buford" in them as local redneck. For the record, I'm way out of the Kenan line of money and power, although I know a lot of my hyper-wealthy relatives -- and UNC, like all schools graduates people who go to both political extremes, as well as the middle. 
Child molestation whether hetero or homo sexual is about the worst crime against a person other than murder, and people left and right have been caught in it, and far more straight people than gay. I'm not a child molester nor do I lust for kids -- and I trust you don't either.

Scott Kenan Chris Spencer To your earlier question about worshiping a god who would deliver a 6-year-old child into the hands of a child molester -- on which planet did this occur??? ALL reports that I am aware of of child molestation happened when the predator got hands on the child
NEVER have I seen that Zeus, Jehovah, or even Jesus reached out to do this. Name a few examples, please.

>>> NOW:

This Coat of Arms was MANUFACTURED by my wealthy relatives and first distributed when the 1967 Kenan Genealogy was released, now available and searchable online

I was who FIRST PUBLISHED this on the internet -- about 2008 -- and here is the REAL Kenan Coat of Arms:

The wealthy Kenans claimed that Elizabeth Johnston, daughter of NC Colonial Governor Gabriel Johnston, was the wife of Thomas Kenan, one of the three brothers who emigrated from Ireland (but were "Ulster Scots"), in the 1730s, and they had gotten the Stuart Line, that they traced back through Charlemagne -- and which you or I can easy continue backward (simply hitting the paternal hot-links in Wikipedia), to a King of northern Italy, right after the Roman Empire fell.

THEN, when the Kenans hired Marie DeLamar, the world's top genealogist, to update and REVISE the book, she PROVED that that had been a DIFFERENT Elizabeth Johnston, so NO Stuart Line -- but the Kenans use this FAKE symbol ALL OVER their businesses and charities today.

Marie's edition was published in 1999 in hardcover by Mercer University Press and is available through Amazon and others.

The Kenans make a HUGE DEAL over Kenan being 4th in line from Adam to Moses in Chronicles I -- where all those old guys lived for nearly 1,000 years. Most biblical scholars now consider those people to be coded for AGES, not individuals, and in the Bible Dictionary, Kenan means either "The Sorrow" or "Unbridled Greed and Acquisitiveness".

The NEXT Age is that of Mahalalel, meaning "The Prince of Peace", and the bottom line of what I've been told is that I am here to help bring DOWN the Age of Kenan and help the transition into the Age of Mahalalel.

My senior year in college, I had prophetic dreams three nights in a row. In the first, I went to HELL, which looked like a medieval European village, in which I was caged and hooked up to a source of gas run through reed piping to a face mask I had to wear, and was ridiculed by all the Christian villagers. The next night, I went to HEAVEN, which I remember nothing of, except that is was WONDERFULLY COMFORTABLE. And the last night, I led a phalanx of people flying above that medieval village like geese, as the Christians below hollered taunts and threw rotten fruit and vegetables at us -- but we were too high to be hit.

Beginning in Cape May, NJ in 1974, I have been told by surprising people about my "destiny", including a close friend of my business partner Hilary Russell, whose husband brought us Boogie Boards, which no one had yet heard of, but he was partnered as the marketing half to the inventor -- and they SURE SOON GOT RICH AS CAN BE!!!

These odd meetings happened very rarely, and when I lived in Atlanta, about 1989 -- in Peachtree Battle Park -- a guy came out of one of the houses lining in, walked several hundred feet across the grassy green and right up to me, asked my name, and when I said "Scott Kenan", he said, "YOU have the KEY, and when the time comes, you will TURN IT, and reverse the NEGATIVE dominance of Society" -- and then he walked back home.

And then in late 2009 -- over a six-week period -- in my living room in Stone Mountain, I had about seven or eight "visions", that as a former devout Catholic I had learned were not COMMON, but were REAL -- in an elongated, pointy, vertical oval -- lined by licks of flames -- and like a depiction of Our Lady of Guadalupe:

The THING I saw was suspended in middle distance between me and the TV, and was opaque. The first couple of times it was just Jackie Kennedy Onassis who appeared, smiling, and it felt beneficial. Then JFK joined her, standing behind her, and the final one with Jackie, morphed into all the DEAD PRESIDENTS, flat and in sepia tone, stretching back to George Washington, who was "alive", in color, wearing a Roman Toga, clacking his wooden teeth, and laughing HYSTERICALLY.

Then I had a vision of JFK, Jr. as John-John saluting his father's casket:

And the next and last was of JFK Jr. as an adult -- the ONLY vision that produced "audible" (or just in my mind) words, he saying he should have checked his plane's engine before that last trip -- that he KNEW Republicans had been trying to kill him.

Now, I STILL don't know what to make of these things -- and suspect they were just projections of my active imagination -- but all of them stopped YEARS ago, so I can't be COMMITTED for them now -- HA!!!

And JUST as I was completing this, Rob from the front apartment here, came over to ask to borrow a PIPE -- because Aaron Gallimore (his first roommate at the beginning of the year, who was ALSO into LSD and CRACK and CRACK WHORES), had just been by and STOLE HIS PIPE, and he will have NO CASH for three days to buy another.

Aaron Gallimore's Self-Portrait 2017 from his Facebook page

Wilmington is such a MESS -- and at the HEART OF HATE of my Kenan Family and Wilmington's White Christians, is the 1898 Wilmington Insurrection -- LED by William Rand Kenan, Sr., and First Presbyterian:


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