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RP: NEWS BLACKOUT by the Christian, DRUG-PROFITS-ADDICTED Press in Wilmington, North Carolina (except WECT TV-6) / Emailed Me Today Asking for MY Report / TWO Educated Opinions of This Blog Received!!!

REPRINTED from here:

Now the Wilmington Star News saw fit to ONLY report on the Immigration Protests ELSEWHERE, but just NOW, I got this excellent report on the Opioid Crisis in their afternoon email. Judge Corpening is who RELEASED all the Records of my improper commitment to New Hanover Behavioral Health Hospital ("the Oaks") three months ago -- by the criminal Jonathan Deputy:

Scott Kenan
5 mins

HUGE THANKS to Judge J.H. Corpening and Woody White as well -- and to the Star News for this report!!! 

My sister works for Teva Pharmaceuticals, which is one that New Hanover County is suing, and my Kenan Family is HEAVILY involved in both Pharmaceuticals and Illegal Drug Trafficking

If my wealthy Kenan relatives could be SHUT DOWN -- we wouldn't even have TRUMP for President!!!

Southeastern NC and the state saw spikes in heroin overdoses following 2011 Florida law

First, I should disclose that I was CELEBRATING last night -- because I got so much GOOD FEEDBACK on how I've been holding not just Wilmington and Raleigh Politicians' feet to the fire -- but Donald Trump and his complicit Republicans and "Clinton Democrats" as well. I finished off just over HALF a 750 ml of Tequila (100% Blue Agave, Reposado) -- more than I have had in a while, got to bed at 2:00 AM, and awoke at 10:00 -- too late for church, but I'd planned to go to the beach instead, and I'm dragging and didn't do that either -- LOL!!! 

And the first thing I saw on Facebook, was a REMINDER that I was FIGHTING THEM six years ago -- similarly to the types of corruptions I STILL HAVE TODAY, but don't bore readers with -- IN FACT, in the last three days, I've had to FORCE the power off to shake the HACKERS, temporarily, to get Blog Posts to PUBLISH, and I got my FIRST "Windows Blue Screen of Death" a week ago -- the FIRST TIME since I was running Windows 2000, years ago.

Scott Kenan shared a memory.

3 hrs
Well, SIX YEARS AGO I was having problems with Facebook -- MOST of which I no longer seem to have.
July 1, 2012

I would like to PUBLICLY THANK FACEBOOK for NOT deleting the links to my political blog the last two days -- as they had done the TWO WEEKS previous!!!
Perhaps the CIA really IS reforming itself to behave within the UNITED STATES CONSTITUTION. Only TIME will tell . . .

Lorraine Barnes, Rep. Deb Butler, and Susan Lynch at a recent Cape Fear Equality shindig.

When I spoke with Deb Butler yesterday at the Protest, she was GAS-LIGHTING ME the whole time. See the meeting report

And see the definition of Gas-Lighting and its symptoms in the perpetrator, and what it does to its victims (cause confusion, for one thing): 2/3 the way down here:

What Deb did for certain, was REFUSE to repudiate her friend and STAUNCH REPUBLICANJon Deputy, but ALSO -- without repudiating the friendship -- denounce Mr. Deputy's CYBERSTALKING ME. 

And Deb KNEW that she is WELL PROTECTED by the Christian Republican/Democrat Drug Mafia Establishment, and that she could speak PLAINLY, actually ADMITTING HER COMPLICITY -- even telling me I should have "learned MY place" or was it "lesson" -- means the SAME!!!), from what this criminal did to me ILLEGALLY!!! 

And CRAZY as it might seem, it was in Unitarian Universalist services two weeks ago, that it was mentioned from the pulpit that there was NO GAY PRIDE CELEBRATION in Wilmington this June. 

And I know the REASON for that:

Ryan Lee Burris on left -- former Head of Cape Fear Equality, and now on its Board as well as the former 3rd Vice Chair of New Hanover County Democrats (and a HUGE Drug Trafficker) -- with his buddy whose name I forget, but BOTH of them have harassed me, and I TOLD OFF everyone at their booth at this year's Azalea Festival -- scaring them "TO DEATH" -- HA!!!


1. There were NO MEMBERS of Cape Fear Equality there -- except Rep. Deb Butler.

2. Although the only press-logo-ed vehicle there was from WECT TV-6 (both ABC and Fox NOT-news network), but only WECT TV-3 Ace Reporter Andrew James was there with a tripod and camera. So I guess that Andrew had time, and WECT needed filming help, so he WORKED for them!!!

Someone ELSEBen Smart, wrote up TV-6's online coverage:
"It's a human rights violation. Families are meant to be kept together as a unit."
MORE sights and sounds from Saturday's Families Belong Together rally in downtown Wilmington >>

If you go to this piece and check out the now SEVEN COMMENTSevery one of them is by LYING presumed CHRISTIAN REPUBLICAN TROLLS!!!

And MOST of those attack Judy Krahenbuhl Justice, who is a Democrat running for the School Board.

3. WECT reported that organizers estimated the crowd at 400 (I at PUSHING 400), but that Wilmington Police estimated only 100. I have been to SEVERAL protests in town over the years and the Police ALWAYS estimate the crowds for PROGRESSIVE PROTESTS, anyway, FAR LOWER than a short-sighted, rank amateur would!!!

4. And YES, at just after noon today, Move On emailed me with ten questions and two open boxes to make additional comment, and I responded, LAMENTING the near total NEWS BLACKOUT of the event in Wilmington -- introduced myself as Tennessee Williams's former assistant and the Kenan who is EXPOSING my wealthy relatives' crimes of running the DRUG MAFIAS as well as putting Trump into power to destroy Democracy and to profit from developing Russia's Oil.

If Jesus came back to Wilmington, North Carolina, the CHRISTIANS would nail him up so fast to "THE SIX-FOOT KENAN COCK" atop First PresbyterianBOTH his heads would SPIN!!!

The Kenan Cock

First Presbyterian PROUDLY LED the Wilmington Insurrection of 1898 -- with my relative William Rand Kenan, Sr.


Scott Kenan At firstI couldn't believe this could be real -- but it is all over the internet news:

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Roy Rogers Oldenkamp All your “rantings” are bearing fruit.


Scott Kenan Muchos gracias, mi Senor y Amigo!!!


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April 11
Such an important ground rule...

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Scott Kenan That is fine for NICE people like YOU, Bob Jones!!! I'm only nice to nice people -- the others I bludgeon with words when I need to. But I WILL argue and bluster with someone until THEY give up -- LOL!!!

Bob Jones Please never stop doing what you do.


Scott Kenan Bob Jones: Since we got back in contact, YOU are the one who has supported my efforts unconditionally -- and you know enough to know I work with Integrity, if I'm sometimes rash and even wrong, but I DO try to correct significant errors!!!


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