Wednesday, April 17, 2013

After ANOTHER Wave of MAYHEM (and Wikipedia has DELETED me from ALL FOUR PAGES recently)!!!


Dear Heads of the Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter Day Saints (Mormons):

This is about the EIGHTH request that I take you off my list -- but only the SECOND ONE that you admit you are a BUSINESS -- to ME, you have NEVER called yourself a CHURCH so I cannot call you TOTAL HYPOCRITES!!!

But that SAID, here is why I won't:

1. In 1977 while I was in Salt Lake City, UT, I had occasion to meet the daughter of one of your TOP TWELVE RULERS. She said that the Mormon Church has a LOCK on all "sinful businesses" in Utah, specifically mentioning Liquor Distributorships, illegal drug sales, prostitution rings both heterosexual and homosexual. Indeed, HER Dad owned the LARGEST GAY BAR in SLC then.

So you are RIGHT: You are a BUSINESS, not a church. You should LOSE your tax-exempt status IMMEDIATELY!!!

2. One of my best friends, Mark Beard the famous artist who gets up to $8,000,000.00 per mural painted for Abercrombie & Fitch after designing their sporting motifs is the GREAT-GRANDSON of one of the three people who Joseph Smith dictated the BOOK OF MORMON to (yer scriptures -- not the musical), and his family owns the LARGEST MORMON BANK. His artist's assistants family owns the SECOND largest Mormon Bank.
Part of one of Mark Beard's murals with EXCEPTIONAL 3-D qualities, painted on a CEILING for Abercrombie & Fitch.

Please CLICK the image to see a REVIEW of some of Mark's work.

BOTH were CUT OFF many, many years ago from your "Business" as well as their families. i have NOT asked either for details about your "business" as I learned enough on my own -- and learned MORE since then!!!

3. In the late fall of 2011 when I lived homeless as well as in Mercy House Shelter (one of many fronts for narco-trafficking in Wilmington, NC), one of the residents who actually harassed me THE MOST, both then and later, please see: , James "Licker" or "Whitehead" Lester FREQUENTLY spoke with his Mormon Bishop by cell phone getting INSTRUCTIONS on how to harass me.

4. When in about 1987 I worked for Wendy's as a store manager in northern suburbs of Atlanta, after the College Football Hero "Hollywood Hal" who was then Regional Director of Wendy's EXPOSED HIMSELF TO ME after hearing that I am gay, he got a tall man named John to co-manager with me and John admitted to me it was to DOCUMENT my ABSOLUTELY-INTENDED firing, but John saw that I was doing a good job and SIDED WITH ME and I was NOT FIRED.
Winning THAT one, I soon thereafter QUIT!!! But also interesting was that John was a BISHOP in the Mormon Church, and HIRED his "niece" who lived with him and his wife and children. I ate at their house and John showed me his COLLECTION of SHIPS MODELS which were EXTRAORDINARY -- especially since I RECOGNIZED them and John LOVED that at that time before computer animation he was the MAN they turned to if Hollywood needed ships models to BLOW UP BIG on screen for major movies.

SOON thereafter, I caught John and his niece FRENCH KISSING in Wendy's before we opened one day and ALL HELL BROKE LOOSE!!!


And ALL best wishes for a pleasant remainder of this day and morrow,

Scott David Kenan, Cyber-General FIVE STARS, Mexico and the USA (self-appointed)

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Dear Scott Kenan,

 Please unsubscribe us from your e-mails. This is a business and not attached to any one person.
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1. I really DID check today and found that the FOUR PAGES on Wikipedia where I last saw myself listed only a few months ago HAVE ALL BEEN WIPED CLEAN OF MY NAME!!!

CIA/Republicans (no doubt), or John Uecker who MURDERED TENNESSEE WILLIAMS who had AUTHORED the page of IN MASKS OUTRAGEOUS AND AUSTERE.

2. After completing the most previous blog post and emailing it to my 500 TOP Contacts in the USA, Mexico, Russia, United Kingdom, Germany, and North Korea (why NK??? Look: ), my Internet connection was CUT OFF BY HACKERS. after two hours of other activities, it took me two hours of restoring Windows and tinkering to REGAIN INTERNET CONNECTION!!!

HERE is why I have gotten in DIRECT CONTACT with Russian leaders, including Messrs. Vladimir Putin and Dmitri Medvedev: .

3. TODAY, I got email from, claiming my "Klout Score" had increased 35.7% OVERNIGHT, last night!!!

4. Any QUESTIONS from the Lilliputian Gallery???

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Scott Kenan BREAK A LEG!!!
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