Tuesday, May 31, 2016

RP: Had They Come to RALEIGH, North Carolina, Instead -- They Could Have Had My KICK-ASS Key Lime Pie (with SCRATCH-MADE crust)!!!

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Maxwell Andrew Kenan, Taylor Ann Kenan, and Connor Michael Kenan in Florence, Italy, last Monday.

YAB mega-dance-club in Florence, Italy where they partied HARDY (like their Uncle Scott always does)!!!

But LOOK who just died:

Mrs. Betty Bowers, America's Best Christian's photo.
Mrs. Betty Bowers, America's Best Christian with Eddie Rey and 2 others.
10 hrs
RIP Sister-in-Christ Jan Crouch (1938 - 2016), a woman who tirelessly devoted her life to getting rich by testing the tensile strength of gullibility -- and inspiring drag queens everywhere.

Scott Kenan Well, James Bow de Chevron, I, Scott Kenan de Exxon-Mobilhad a run-in with the Crouches in 2013 -- or at least my BLOG did -- LOL!!!:

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If you are wondering about the "scratch" in the title above, look at THIS innovative way to AVOID CAT-SCRATCH FEVER!!!:
If you’ve ever watched a cat lick itself or another cat and thought, “I wish I could lick that cat, too,” there’s a Kickstarter project just for you.

Does the world really need this?

As the English-Speaking World all KNOWS, a common disparagement of Roman Catholics is to call them "Cat-Lickers", and in fact, I was called that by the mother of a Protestant girl I asked for a date in 9th grade. She was NOT allowed to go out with a "Cat-Licker".

But the Catholic Church is FAR MORE EVIL than that.

Everyone -- INCLUDING ALL CATHOLICS AND THEIR CLERGY -- knows that over the Centuries, Catholic Popes have been NOTORIOUS for having wives, concubines (male and female) -- at some times there was more than one Pope at a time. The Medici Popes who brought us the Renaissance (centered in Florence, Italy), were church-politically-astute SPANISH JEWS!!!

And Pope Francis, a full-blooded Italian, NOT Latin American, cut his TEETH as a young priest in Argentina, supporting the murdering CIA MAFIA. This is NO SECRET on the internet and old print publications. CNN, Fox News, MSNBC don't broadcast it -- because they are controlled by the Clinton/Bush/Cheney/CIA/Kenan Family narco-trafficking KU KLUX KLAN supporters.
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The New York Catholic Conference has hired major lobby firms to help block a bill to help child sex abuse victims seek justice.

And Readers of this blog will remember, that Pope Francis SO HATES GOD (and non-white people -- although they are GOOD FOR DONATIONS!!!) -- that he FAST-TRACKED the most NAZI of the recent Popes, John Paul II, to "SAINTHOOD" -- and Father Junipero Serra as well -- famous for enslaving thousands and thousands of Native Americans FOR JESUS -- and murdering any who resisted as well.


1. Today, at the "Butt-Probe" doctor's office, I had a LONG conversation with a gentleman a few years older than me -- a decorated Vietnam Veteran of what we used to call "the Negro persuasion". From S.E. North Carolina, recently moved to Wilmington and enrolled in college at age 67 to study Political Science, he told me he KNEW the man in charge in the CIA of shipping the Heroin back to the USA for all the addicted US GIs, and MANY of my greatest deep-background secrets of Our Government.

Funny, now, is that since he was talking about AFTER that war ended -- it was George Herbert Walker Bush who was in charge of the CIA, no???

George W. Bush assuring Hillary that her Presidency is ASSURED by all the CIA/Bush/Cheney/Kenan forces -- THIS only two months ago at Nancy Reagan's funeral.

This, just from YESTERDAYPope Francis meets George Clooney and his wife Amal at the Vatican meeting (L'Osservatore Romano/Pool photo via AP)

As everyone knows, George Clooney is one of the BIGGEST SUPPORTERS of Hillary Clinton and Narco-Trafficking -- and one of the most OBNOXIOUS ones, too!!!

I TOLD you, it is all run by the Catholic Church, via my mother in Raleigh, Ruth Anne (Meyer) Kenan:

Even my MOTHER is friendly, at times!!!

2. Also, at that "Gastroenterologist's" office (as I suppose I'm supposed to type), the three techs I dealt with were ENTIRELY interested in hearing about my last six years in "Political Hell" -- and "Heaven", as well. They prescribed a DIFFERENT PREP KIT and will take a different approach to knocking me out for the procedure, than Dr. Miriam Sauer's people insisted they would do -- after REFUSING to hear of my history of hospitalization for water-on-lungs, congestive heart failure, and arrhythmia (one year and two months ago).

I'm so GLAD I fired that "Christian Bitch" doctor!!!

3. I had a nice phone conversation with my brother Mike this afternoon. It APPEARS that he and I are quickly GETTING PAST our "War of Words".

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