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RP: American Voters (or rather Electors, soon), HAVE SPOKEN and DESIRE (like a Streetcar!!!), to Place the USA under the Kenan/Putin Russian Federation!!! DIG My Tennessee Williams Connections to Russia, TOO!!!

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The wreath and lights that "Miss Lucy" (a Tennessee Williams character from Sweet Bird of Youth), and I placed, followed by my completing the planting of the WINTER New Hanging Garden of Babylon:

The Christmas cactus, a gift a year ago from landlady Gold Walker that I brought out to CHEER this photo on a gloomy day, is MIRACULOUSLY about to open its first blooms just days before Christmas!!!


"Kissy-Face" Vladimir Putin to MERGE the Russian Orthodox Church with Kenan-controlled (for their symbol of God's Authority, the Confederate Mace kept at Sewanee, aka University of the South -- and Kenans GAVE the Episcopal Church nearly $100,000,000.00 over the last 90 years), Episcopal Church, USA.

The sacred CONFEDERATE MACE, symbol of WHITE POWER of the Episcopal Church

The Episcopal Church has THRIVED on "High Costumes" and "Rich Accouterments of ALL KINDS", while the Roman Catholic Church has actually gotten more "humble" in vestments, etc.

BOTH churches -- like the entire Anglican Communion, Catholic, and Orthodox denominations -- AGREE on CANNIBAL COMMUNION!!!


1. I stopped by Benefits Management to get my weekly allowance check, and owner Teri Motsinger and her staff were all around the window relaxing before the Holiday and giving out checks. I asked if anyone had seen Saturday Night Live, and only Teri ENTHUSIASTICALLY raised her hand. I told them I'd blogged WELCOMING John Goodman and others to my Kenan/Exxon-Mobil Family, and that even though I greeted them with a "Merry Christmas -- or other Holiday anyone might be celebrating", it is a SHAME that the USA is going "Oil and Oligarchy" with the Russians in CHARGE.

And I want to take the time to single out Teri Motsinger as what I would call (like Sister Mary Isaac Koenig of St. Mary's Catholic), a TRUE CHRISTIAN in that besides believing in the "Sonship" of Jesus, she LIVES by Jesus's philosophy of Living and Treating Others (same as the Buddha, and many others).

I have NOT given Teri the credit she is due for reigning in some of MY EXCESSES. I left my Drug-Mafia-owned (by Christian/Republicans of Ohio), first Puerto Vallarta apartment in 2012 -- the son who managed it living on the premises, married to a woman he treated like DIRT and having sex with guys on the side. I got so FED UP with the owner playing GAMES with my cable/internet connection, I dumped the cat boxes on the floor when I left, and Teri responded to his video of the results by PAYING about $300.00 for someone to sweep it up.

I was ANGERED by her at the time, but soon came to realize I was in "Legal Error". Teri ALSO talked me out of blogging about the crimes of another of her clients who helped me move out of Carolina Apartments and into my current place, then becoming my roommate. He popped open a beer at 8:00 AM on the third day, a Sunday -- declaring it being the Lord's Day, drinking should commence first thing.

So I KICKED HIM OUT, and gave him the "manly draining" he asked for before actually, peacefully leaving.

2. I called "Testosteroni", and he has NOT heard back from my Old Roommate, and we figure we will likely just find out his fate LATER, possibly "after the fact" (not expecting the best of facts).

Testo had written "Would you like a BANANA SPLIT?" on one of four dollar bills he gave to one of his "regular" homeless beneficiaries in his neighborhood, last night -- and given them to the semi-toothless black guy in his thirties (but did NOT remain around to discover the guy's answer).

But most importantly, he chided me that I CANNOT get into NEAR physical fights like I did yesterday at Home Depot plant yard, due to CONFRONTING believing Christians with their
HATRED OF GOD, Racism, and love of turning the USA over to Vladimir Putin, but the GOOD NEWS was that guy and his wife did NOT HIT ME (although wifey THREE TIMES had to grab the collar of her husband's sweatshirt to keep him from PUMMELING ME, PROBABLY ruining IT'S SHAPE, permanently, SHE PULLED SO HARD).

You see, Testo is paying for all the DENTAL WORK, and we DON'T need it DESTROYED!!!

I had NOT thought of this -- LOL!!!

3. And just to be certain this is recorded, I have had a LOT of conversations with branch managers and assistants of several Wilmington Bank of America branches, and they ALL know that the Kenans are the BIGGEST TRAITORS/CRIMINALS in the USA (but the bank is generally well-run)

They all HATE the Kenans -- and I NEVER discussed this with "counter employees", since they should not be put under the PRESSURE OF TRUTH about their employer, like management NEEDS TO EXPERIENCE. 

>>> NOW: 

Tennessee Williams always preferred Maria St. Just LOADED (and passed out). And I met her and her daughter Pulcharia, at the dinner at Sardi's after Tennessee Williams's Memorial a month after his death, traveling with Maria, Pulcharia, and Jane Smith to get TOURS of both the OLD and the NEW "FACTORIES" by Andy Warhol, himself, the NEW one, designed by Maria's OTHER daughter's husband:

And as ALL Tennessee Williams Scholars -- professional and amateur -- know, Maria was born Maria Britneva, and she had ESCAPED the Bolshevik Revolution with her mother and sister, and the FATHER was left to be sacrificed, which he was (murdered).

Extraordinarily talented at PROMOTING HERSELF, Maria eventually married Peter George Grenfell (1922 - 1984), the second Lord St. Just, whom Tennessee claimed was the SECOND wealthiest person in England -- he controlling the Grenfell Bank, and owning the FIRST Paladian Home in Great Britain, Wilbury House (which the Traveling Wilburys named themselves for). And it -- like "Maria Britneva, actress" -- Wilbury was FEATURED in at least two of the Merchant-Ivory films (A Room with a View and Maurice):

The Traveling Wilburys -- RECOGNIZE ANYONE???

Wilbury Park

Also, the Grenfell Bank was bought by and became the NUCLEUS of Deutche Bank's HIGH FINANCIAL CRIMES that hit the news not too many months ago, and perhaps the GREATEST CAUSE that Europe has NOT recovered from the Great Recession as well as the USA has -- leaving ALL more susceptible to RACE HATREDS and ATTACK BY RUSSIA.

As Tennessee Williams and his CLOSEST female friend, "Texas Kate" (Schweppe), Sharp, Moldawer, later McNamara (who had grown up BEST FRIENDS with the wealthiest of the Kenans -- Frank Hawkins Kenan and James Graham Kenan, then both living in Atlanta), used to often JOKE ABOUT, the three of us should have GONE TO THE SOVIET UNION (still alive then), and gotten some of Tennessee Williams's SOVIET ROYALTIES in FURS to sell in the USA -- since the Ruble was still NOT convertible -- and Tennessee Williams's plays (supposedly -- I have no way to verify this), had gotten MORE PERFORMANCES in the Soviet Union than in the US of A!!!

EVERYONE knows that Chekhov was Tennessee's FAVE Dramatist, so it ALL MAKES SENSE that the Russian People should love his plays.

Texas Kate sat next to Tennessee Williams when he received his Kennedy Center Honors in 1979. They were NOT yet sitting in the back balcony, like they were when Tennessee and I attended in 1981.

As all my Readers know, Texas Kate's FIRST husband, Dudley Sharp II, was the son of Dudley I -- who despite being a Naval Academy graduate, became President Eisenhower's Secretary of the Air Force. and WROTE America's FIRST LAWS governing NUCLEAR WARFARE IN OUTER SPACE.

Dudley Sharp I

Dudley ALSO was Eisenhower's CHIEF ALLY in warning of the DANGERS of what he called "The Military-Industrial Complex", but his family was THREATENED after Ike left office, and Dudley SOON RECANTED!!!

Dudley Sharp III, was Tennessee Williams's ONLY known Godson (Episcopal), and recently was the TOP MEDIA PROPONENT for Republican TEXAS DEATH PENALTY:

That is Dudley III on far right. And when I first BLOGGED ABOUT THIS about five years ago, Dudley QUICKLY disappeared from the National Media -- LOL!!!

The REAL point of all of this is that Tennessee Williams scholars (including Thomas Elliot Keith, Annette Saddik, Mitch Douglas, and some others), did NOT know a thing about this nor had they given it any consideration -- the DISPOSAL of the ENORMOUS Williams royalties from the Soviet Union, while Allean Hale and Kenneth Holditch DID know about it -- but NOT about what happened to ALL THAT DOUGH!!!

Allean Hale told me she had been THWARTED AT EVER OPPORTUNITY by Sewanee/the Episcopal Church, when she tried to find out MANY THINGS, including this.

So NOW, with Vladimir Putin/Exxon-Mobil taking CONTROL of the USA, I figure I can CHARM MY WAY (even into his PANTS, if necessary), to get the DEFINITIVE WORD from Br'er Putin, no???

But I can't do this today -- or tomorrow -- and I LEAVE MY READERS with this bit of GOOD NEWS JUST IN!!!:


North Carolina Legislature Set To Repeal HB2

The GOP-controlled legislature is planning to meet in a special session Tuesday.

 12/19/2016 11:28 am ET | Updated 15 minutes ago

North Carolina Gov.-elect Roy Cooper (D) said the state GOP leaders in the legislature have promised to repeal HB2.
North Carolina Gov.-elect Roy Cooper (D) said GOP leaders have promised to call the legislature into a special session Tuesday to repeal HB2, the controversial law that barred anti-discrimination protections for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender individuals. 


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