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RP: The BEST News TODAY (among MUCH good news), Is that I Just Made a CONNECTION with Wayne Goodwin, Chairman of the North Carolina Democratic Party (or so he CLAIMS!!!)!!!

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The CORRECTION is now WELL UNDERWAY (and he's waking up -- trying to adapt). It will be VERY interesting in the next few daysno???


“When American ultra-conservatives have come to believe beloved Abraham Lincoln is equivalent to Hitler, their politics have jumped the shark and gone from eye-rolling to dangerous for our democratic republic,” 

North Carolina Democratic Party Chairman Wayne Goodwin wrote on his Facebook page.

The North Carolina state representative also called the Civil War "unnecessary and unconstitutional."

Scott Kenan Mr. Goodwin: Thanks for picking up my FB posting of your article -- LOL!!! 

But I would seriously like to speak with you or others high in the Democratic Party, as I know MANY of the dirty secrets of my wealthy relatives like Tom and Betty -- Frank, now deceased. 

Betty is center, Tom to the right.

I have worked with General Colin L. Powell's people, and Gen. Russel Honore' -- and I have known an exec of Exxon-Mobil who has confessed that THEY with the Kenans and Rex Tillerson put Enrique Peña Nieto into power so he changed the Constitution so Kenans could get Mexican oil again. 

I was the last assistant to Tennessee Williams and got to know most of the Kennedys well enough to be to their homes; I met the Reagans when we visited the White House, and more recently met Frank Sinatra's heirs here Wilmington, six years ago, and they told me how they sold control of Bank of America to my relatives. 

I am entirely at the service of anyone wanting to know some of the corruption (and GREAT THINGS, too), that I have uncovered. 

The local D.A. used to put me in jail on false charges because I know about HIS narco-trafficking and boyfriends, DESPITE being married with family and an ELDER at First Presbyterian, which with my family CAUSED the 1898 Insurrection. 

Anyway, perhaps I will hear from you, and in the meantime, nearly everything has been published on my blog (now well over 1,000,000 hits): I DO get irreverent and off-color from time to time, so you have been warned!!!:

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Scott Kenan shared Susan Lattomus's photo.
Scott Kenan: HA HA!!! 

A short time ago (11 hours???), I told Susan Lattomus how my Great-Grandmother, Juliana Moore, the Oldest Confederate Widow in North Carolinakilled a rattlesnake with a broomstick at her 100th birthday party (also, my 4th Kenan cousin Allan Gurganus, based his book and movie LOOSELY on her, and Donald Sutherland, with Diane Lane and Anne Bancroft playing "Lucy Marsden" at different ages)played my great-grandparents and Cicely Tyson got her FIRST Emmy!!! 

And I AGREE with you, DANCE with rattlesnakes!!! 

I've come suddenly upon rattlers, cotton-mouths, and copperheads several times in my life -- and ALWAYS backed away quickly enough -- LOL!!! 

(I went to high school with Susan Lattomus, and we recently reconnected on Facebook.)

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Scott Kenan

This heartwarming drama uses an interview/ flashback structure to chronicle the life of a Confederate captain's…
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Scott Kenan shared a memory.
And a year later, this is JUST AS TRUE -- although the percents may have changed!!!
There are more religiously unaffiliated adults in the U.S. than Catholics or mainline Protestants. “Of course these are people who are interested in honesty and integrity,” Epstein told The Huffington Post. 
“[Because if you’re coming out as non-religious], then you probably feel a very strong pull to tell the truth and to be honest with yourself and others about who you are.” 
Some other essentials that the unaffiliated believe make a moral person are being grateful for what you have (53 percent), committing to spend time with family (47 percent), forgiving those who have wronged you (39 percent), and working to protect the environment (35 percent).

The Pew Research Center took a look at what people without a religious affiliation think is essential to morality.



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