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RP: Even I Was AMBUSHED by Today Being "WEED DAY" -- How about YOU???

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HA HA!!! 

The most likely beginning of "4:20"/"420" as code for marijuana, includes that it was SPREAD by Jerry Garcia and the Grateful Dead

"Sam Celia", who lives downstairs from me, used to COMPETE with others to provide his personal friend Jerry Garcia -- as well as Dr. Timothy Leary and Dr. Leary's lover Theodore "Ted" Druch, with the PUREST (and best) LSD -- Ted now a CIA Christian Narco-Trafficker in Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, and in my Writers Group there, 2010 - 2015!!! 

ALSOWilmington, NC is "Exit 420" -- the END/BEGINNING -- of Interstate 40 -- LOL!!!

Don Cooper: "Beginning/Ending", 2016

There's something in the air today. Maybe you've noticed.

>>> REMEMBERtoo, that Alex Guevara from nearby Red Cross Street can synthesize "the PUREST METHAMPHETAMINE"!!!: 1/3 the way down here

WILMINGTON — The coast of North Carolina is home to an abundance of wildlife, but none quite as unique as the Venus Flytrap. The North Carolina Coastal Land Trust will…
I will definitely re-post this -- since it is published by Duke University Press. Recently, I (the last assistant to Tennessee Williams -- related to the Kenans of The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, etc.) have associated with the Kenan Institute for Ethics at Duke!!! 

And please pardon my audacity, but here is my own Political latest, linked to in comments:
My piece on THE WAR ON SEX, David Halperin and Trevor Hoppe's collection of essays about, well, the war on sex—endless scrutiny, incarceration, and legal hell, now made raging in the time of Trump, is up on Huffington Post.


1. I DID have a long talk with my brother, Mike, on his birthday, and we discussed MOM -- and how she had been a TOTAL LIBERAL while Mike was in high school and college (I was already in college away from home -- or out founding during this time, so not as familiar).

What he forgets is that during the 1960 election -- DESPITE Mom's taking my sister Jane and me to see Sen. John Kennedy campaigning for President in Louisville, she told ALL that the ONLY reason he could win was if the CATHOLICS were STUPID enough to vote for him just because of his being CATHOLIC -- she ADORED Richard Nixon, and LATER, set up the Christian Drug Mafia here in Wilmington, NC with Nixon's Aide John Ehrlichman, as well as that in Stone Mountain/Atlanta, GA -- call Lt. Gen. Russel Honore' to ask HIM about it all (message or email me for his cell number, if you must).

And of course not just my brother, but BOTH his sons, Connor Michael Kenan and Maxwell Andrew Kenan, have had homosexual experiences -- and two years ago, when I pointed that out, Connor BLOCKED ME on Facebook (and Max un-friended me), saying that "THAT is the WORST THING you could have said about me!!!"

Well, I'M GAY, so CLEARLY, I am the WORST THING IMAGINABLE to my brother and both my nephews -- FUCK 'EM!!! is what I say!!!

As my Readers know, Connor was ENGAGED to a young woman whose family lives NEXT DOOR to Bebe Rebozo's old house on Key Biscayne (a top Nixon friend and lover, who under false ID entered the White House over a long time for sex with President Nixon -- their explicit Love Notes have been published -- which you can easily FIND, but the CIA has sought to MINIMIZE the story, like that of George W. Bush's, George HW Bush's, and Barack Obama's GAY LIVES):

It was "Testosteroni" in New York City who -- among others I've heard from as well -- pointed out that Mike's sons, NOW 30 and about 27, have NO TRACK RECORD of dating women (other than that Key Biscayne Gal), so are CLEARLY GAY!!!

And it was in 2010 that I BLOGGED about Connor in second grade going to the front of his class when the teacher was away, and with his best friend GRAPHICALLY and EXPLICITLY demonstrating how to commit fellatio -- LOL!!!

The shocked teacher locked Connor in a broom closet, until she gathered her wits, and soon had Mike and my sister-in-law, Gail Ann (Godley) Kenan in for a good LAUGH over this typical-age sexual experimentation -- but that GAL in key Biscayne BROKE OFF THE ENGAGEMENT after reading about it in this blog -- and Mike and Gail were MAD AT ME!!!

They had been down to meet her parents, who had taken them out on TWO of their several yachts -- HA!!!

DON'T claim my mother has no POWER!!!

At Taylor Ann Kenan's (center) UNC graduation, 2016: Connor Michael Kenan, Maxwell Andrew Kenan, Taylor, Michael William Kenan, and Gail Ann (Godley) Kenan.

Contrast that to a photo at UNC at Connor's graduation, about eight years ago:

I'm sorry, but it looks a bit GAY to ME!!!

ARGYLE??? ("Oh Mother, that's LOVELY!!!")

2. At Walmart, yesterday, I had a run-in with a CRAZED fat, black "Christian" woman who was proselytizing in the aisles, and I INTERACTED with her -- before I realized she was "nuts". A women from New Hanover County government told me I was STUPID to talk to a "crazy woman" -- and I explained my "un-diagnosed PTSD". The Walmart management hung around the area just to make certain everything was fine -- and it was.

3. Then, I spoke with an agent of AT&T/DirecTV who had set up in Walmart, but he could NOT sign me up for less expensive service than Time/Warner/Spectrum -- without a HEFTY deposit, so I did NOT change service, but TODAY, I have to go see them to cut back from two to one outlets to save money.

4. I have a call in to my attorney to see how my case against Time/Warner is coming (I was knocked 12 feet from a crosswalk by a ROGUE truck of theirs this past February 13), so I HOPE I can keep my mouth SHUT about that today -- LOL!!! 


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Funny, I HAVE one of these T-shirts in green -- and put it ON this morning after my shower!!!
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Yes my GOD-HATING CHRISTIAN Kenan Family -- led by our TOP EXECRex Tillerson ("Rex" means "KING"), is PLOWING AHEAD to destroy the PLANET in the NAME OF JESUS and CORPORATE/KENAN FAMILY PROFITS!!!

Exxon Mobil Corp has declined to comment on the report.
Will YOU find this helpful???

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Choose what's MOST LIKE YOU!!!

My nephew Max, reminds me here of Clockwork ORANGE (Trump) -- HA!!!


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