Monday, April 10, 2017

RP: I Trust This Is Not Too AUDACIOUS -- I Have Previously Been "Cincinnatus Retorno", and Simply "Cyber-General 5 Star, Estados Unidos y Mexico" (self appointed):


LOVED this book, and now have become "The Accidental Patriot" (in MY opinion)!!!

The coolest thing happened today -- although the circumstances were unfortunate. Gold Walker, my landlady, had driven over something in the road, and found her car's floor flooded, but the mechanic found besides THAT problem, she had an oil leak in her engine and repairs were to cost $3,500.00 -- a RUDE amount!!!

So stuck between them having the car, but she was at home, and they had not yet gotten her the loaner, so I took her to her DENTIST -- because she had something like a peeling veneer, and IT drove her absolutely NUTS, after a day.

And THERE, she found a man -- perhaps several years beyond her 68 years -- whom she had had no contact with in over 30 years. They quickly caught up some juicy gossip (Gold's contribution), and gentleman that he is, he then quickly rose to introduce himself and shake hands. I don't remember either his first or last name, but we fell into talking Kenans, and he seemed to know as much as I do -- maybe more, at least in some areas.

And we BOTH love Henry FLAGLER!!!

I wish I could find a higher resolution image of Henry Flagler: Visionary of the Guilded Age, but, you can learn about -- or buy -- it here:

And this guy knew ALL ABOUT how Flagler as an individual began Standard Oil, later -- each owning a third -- taking on Rockefeller and Harkness, Flagler's first father-in-law (who also made HUGE loans to him), and Flagler eventually got control of a good portion of Harkness's third, so became the largest stockholder.

He BROUGHT UP how William R. Kenan, Jr. was who FIRST isolated/discovered Calcium Carbide, and then Acetylene was produced -- BUT, his UNC Chapel Hill Professor and others STOLE IT and SECURED THE PATENTS and other rights, and formed Union Carbide -- a WELL known (and notorious in Bhopal, India), company -- and THAT was where handsome Will Kenan learned to be TOTALLY RUTHLESS (although he worked for them for a while to learn much about business, and practice actually BUILDING industrial machines for processes he designed).

William "Will" Rand Kenan, Jr. is ALSO who gave Wilmington, North Carolina the Kenan Fountain:

The Fountain with Bellamy Mansion behind it.

William R. Kenan, Jr. also built Carolina Apartments, which opened in 1905, the MOST TECHNOLOGICALLY ADVANCED BUILDING IN NORTH CAROLINA -- as a Hotel -- where Heads of State and many Foreign Dignitaries stayed. But, sadly, today, Mormon Narco-Trafficker Jennifer McCracken lives there (under George Cutter's ownership, he a TRUE "NASTY -ASS", ask ANYONE!!!) -- but also:

Kathleen, good friend to Monica Lewinsky, whose Gringo Family BUILT Bain Capital in El Salvador for Mitt Romney as a CRIMINAL ENTERPRISE, but lost it to other management and are NOW all in PRISON there for MAFIA CRIMES -- LOL!!!

I just HATE that this images has become dated -- but then, Monica was dated, too (we ALL have been dated).

And Will and his sisters, Jesse and Sarah, ENDOWED First Presbyterian with the Kenan Chapel, Stained Glass Windows, Pipe Organ, Steeple, and "Cock":

Kenan Steeple topped by the "Six-Foot Kenan Cock" -- as seen from my apartment window.

But Will Kenan HATED Wilmingtonians, whom he called "narrow-minded" and "petty", and despite growing up here and living here a while as an adult, he dovoted only a FEW LINES to Wilmington in his autobiography, and chose to live in New York (both near Niagra Falls and in Manhattan, where he owned the most expensive penthouse in the city), and in Palm Beach.

Anyway, the guy in the dental office made me feel TOTALLY GROUNDED in my understanding of many things, and I have always hoped to discuss History with Thomas S. Kenan III, one day. 


1. My Thrush (after oral surgery), seems gone.

2. I got billed $149.00 for the examination after the Cable TV truck hit me -- and I THOUGHT I had paid all I had to at the TIME.

3. The recent sonogram study of my arteries in my legs shows they are sort of OK, but he wants me back in two weeks to check my veins, because something's wrong. So THAT"S another $89.00 -- and who KNOWS what they will end up after-billing me???

4. I haven't heard anything, so tomorrow I'll try to call Joseph Faulk in NYC. I think I would hear if the Mental Health Service has contacted him, but maybe they did. I'll see if he's home. I don't expect Joseph to honor his financial commitment -- and I'm working a few things. I'm confident I'll get through a two-month rough patch one way or another, that I'll have to DISCOVER.

5. And OF COURSE Benefits Management had to CUT my allowance for April to $10.00/week WHOOPS!!! That's $100.00/week -- April having FIVE distribution days.


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