Thursday, April 27, 2017

RP: Is It Not Time for These Silly "Christians" to GROW UP -- and Get With GOD'S PROGRAM (instead of WORSHIPING their own FEARS, actually)???

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I believe in intuitions and inspirations...I sometimes FEEL that I am right. I do not KNOW that I am.
Albert Einstein

Mostly, Facebook has BANNED me nearly a dozen times --  THAT, mostly three years ago -- but in the last half year, they banned me a  MONTH, each time, unlike for a half day or day previously, for the two images I will post in comments below to see if they ban me again. 

One -- CRITICISM of Christians -- which BOTH Facebook and email try to BLOCK, the other is salacious only in the MIND, not the image:

Facebook acknowledged that it has become a battleground for governments seeking to manipulate public opinion in other countries.

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Jan Hall
2 hrs

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Jeana Myers Ahh, the pope did a ted talk, and my favorite part of it was on the importance of hope. Even one person with hope creates possibilities.
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Jan Hall I like the Pope
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Scott Kenan The definition of hope is admitting the possibility of a thing, without believing it to be LIKELY. 

Faith is the belief that something is more likely than not. 

And KNOWING, what we learn to do in Metaphysical Studies, is learning through study and practical experience the Nature of God and Its Laws, so that working within that system, one KNOWS that what one creates in Mental Form and releases into the All-Loving God-Stuff will by FORCE OF GOD'S LAW become manifest in the physical or any other world. 

Hope is a subtle cheat -- and typically keeps the sheepish-tempered calm enough to perform as cogs in the "Human Governance System", while others subtly control them, primarily through various religions

There's been SO MUCH confusion -- because NO ONE properly listened to and recorded the words of Jesus

As everyone knows, if the New Testament made any sense at all, there'd be ONE Christian religion -- and there are THOUSANDS of splinter groups, many of Europe's bloodiest wars were Christians fighting other Christians over THEOLOGY -- but it was always over CHURCH MONEY and POWER -- and much going to their approved monarchsall monarchs had to be approved by the Pope through most of the last 2000 years

Click image to EXPAND.

It's a pitiful and violent, greedy history -- the history of the Christian Church!!!

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Jan Hall Hope is not living in despair and not giving up.
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Scott Kenan How sad

Even Donald Trump has a higher bar he aspires to.

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Jan Hall And what is that ?
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Scott Kenan He does not doubt himself (foolish as that might be), so NEVER a "depressed moment"

You don't see him wringing his hands in fear or doubt (although I would LIKE to see it)

Anyway, I'm making this thread into my blog posting, and I'll soon post a link to it here!!!

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