Wednesday, April 18, 2018

RP: A Wells Fargo Banker Called Me Today -- but STOPPED SHORT of Agreeing to SPONSOR My First Book Tour (which I hope DELTA AIRLINES will ALSO sponsor)!!!

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Speaking to reporters at the White House, she said that she found the tone and contents of James Comey’s memoir disappointingly mild.

First, I should publish the TITLE of the email to my 230 Political Contacts of my last posting,, was "I ALWAYS promised my mother that when SHE AND I finally came into AGREEMENT, I would bring this whole NEAR NAZI-TAKEOVER of the USA to a "gentle conclusion", most NAZIS just being DUPED CHRISTIANS!!!"

And then I had SO MUCH CORRUPTION of's email system, that it accidentally went out TWICE (but at least I FINALLY got it out after several minutes of trying).

This morning, Gold Walker's Maintenance Man Thomas drove by slowly to check the job her Landsman had done on the yard and the trees, yesterday -- but did not stop. Sadly, I had planned to lie down in the grass before it was cut -- the back yard had become a MEADOW OF BUTTERCUPSbut I was not out early enough.

And about that time, I happened to catch the eye of the suffering Sherry Hall Spivey as she leaned out her back door and called to a dog -- but we both pretended we had not noticed each other. Sherry and a couple of her friends are FEATURED here: 

Today, I ALSO called Alex Guevara of Red Cross Street -- but he had just apparently "accidentally phoned me" at 6:31 AM, wakening me, but he did NOT respond to my voicemail asking WHY he had then called me. 

Alex Guevara back in COLDER weather.

And I TWICE tried calling the son of Jerry Garcia's TOP GROUPIE, whom I met in "The Oaks"but had to leave messages.

SWEAR that just meditating on this image is BETTER THAN AN ACID TRIP (which I would not do again, now):

But I DID twice do psilocybin mushrooms with this character in 2010 -- out in fields about 50 miles south of Puerto Vallarta:

Enrique Rojas had STOLEN ME from my then boyfriend, Cornelio "Alfredo" Prada Diaz, because he heard I worked for Tennessee Williams and I was a Kenan.

Cornelio Prada Diaz -- called "Alfredo" because of the superiority of his creamy white sauce, and his birth date on his drivers licence was EXACTLY Tennessee Williams's DEATH DATE -- plus Cornelius was the name of Tennessee's FATHER, and also his Bull Dogwhile I worked for him -- actually TRICKED all my money out of me, and eventually DUMPED ME in a Mafia Dump in Puerto Vallarta after we lived in Colima, Colima for about two months -- claiming there were TOO MANY FELONY CHARGES against him in Estado Jalisco, for him to stay.

And it turned out that although Enrique Rojas had once been the HIGHEST PAID MALE PROSTITUTE in Las Vegas (flown in illegally, only), on private planes from Mexico, he was THEN a bad CRACK ADDICT who kept his kit up his HUGE RECTUM (he LOVING to be fisted, so it had been EXPANDED over the years).

Eventually, he BEAT ME SO BAD it took five weeks to get over the bruises to my ribs, but then I was poisoned four times, and beaten-up four other times as well while I lived in Mexico, including by THESE people:

Sonny (Jimmy Humberto Montaño Prieto) of the Colombian Cali Cartel, as well as a CIA KILLER protecting Puerto Vallarta Narco-Trafficking for the US Government

Martin Guzman, whose half brother Alberto Guzman, actually did the beating -- and forced me to be a SEX SLAVE to their CRACK DEALING and ADDICTED BUDDIES. Martin and Alberto were SONS of El Chapo Guzman (he had hundreds of children across Mexico and the USA). Alberto is now in Mexican Prison, and Martin still on the LAM in central Mexico.

The Guzmans held me in "Toto's" house on Calle Costa Rica but HERE is Toro from after when I went back -- this in 2013 -- cleaning my TOILET NAKEDLY while high smoking METH.

Toro changed his house from CRACK to METH (half the price), and his Floridian peninsula grew HALF AGAIN THE SIZE of it on crack (REALLY, Toro was a GREAT GROWER -- as well as FUN)!!!

And then there was "Fernando Merino" (misspelled by Tennessee Williams):

Fernando was the only son of Colombia's TOP CIA SUPPLIER OF COCAINE to the USA in 2010, and although we slept together NAKEDLY for a week in an abandoned apartment in Villa Santa Barbara, he signed me to a LIFETIME contract to work for the CIA -- which I IGNORED, and then I was held at his "Godfather", Hector the Engineer's ranch, complete with Mafia with armored cars and machine guns (until I snuck out).

My CIA contract, masquerading as a contract to sell real estate, includes Hector's REAL NAME and Fernando's FAKE MEXICAN NAME

When I RETURNED to Puerto Vallarta in 2012, I found Fernando Merino working as a STRIPPER/PROSTITUTE at Wet Dreams, where he GROWLED at me, and soon became a TRAINER at Gold's Gym (he was being PUNISHED for his failures with me) -- nearly ALL trainers at men's gyms (at least in Puerto Vallarta and Wilmington, NC), are HIGH-END CALL BOYS!!!

So WHY -- after my blogging REPEATEDLY about the ROUGH TRASH I'd handled in Mexico, did the silly Republican/Democrat Christian Narco-Traffickers of Wilmington think they could beat me with PUSSIES???

Well, just to WRAP UP, I had a seven-minute call with the Wells Fargo Banker, and she LOVED all the DIRT I had on my Kenan Family and their Bank of America (shrinking rapidly in Wilmington) -- and that my niece Taylor now works for them in International Banking in Charlotte!!!

And Taylor had a BLACK DATE to her high school prom -- like her Aunt Jane and Uncle Scott, perhaps she TOO prefers "dark meat"no???


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