Tuesday, July 31, 2018

RP: Surprises from Overnight, Last Night -- and THANKS to All My READERS (and Sandy Mader Holladay), for a KILLER Blog-Hit DAY!!!

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I'll show you a Nancy who serviced Frank Sinatra's needle

I knew the Reagans and partied with them in the White House. I knew most of JFK's family better, and it was they plus Kitty Kelly who verified this. In 2011, I got to know many of Frank's heirs who sold control of their Bank of America to my Kenan Family that also controls Exxon-Mobil, the Ku Klux Klan, and put Trump into power to profit from Kenan friend Vladimir Putin's Oil.

The Sinatras refused to comment on that, but admitted that Old Joe Kennedy got them to have friends stuff Chicago ballot boxes and STEAL the election from Nixon

LATER, Bush stole it from Gore, so KARMA is SERVED!!!

Now I did acid about two dozen times in college (earliest 70s) -- and picked and ate psilocybin mushrooms fresh in the cow pastures south of Puerto Vallarta with a Shaman in 2010, twice. 

Then, the guy who lived downstairs from me here in Wilmington, NC 2015 until I moved half a year ago produced LSD for his personal friend Jerry Garcia of the Dead, Dr. Timothy Leary, and Leary's gay lover Theodore Druch who was in my Puerto Vallarta Writers Group 2010 - 2014!!! 

Druch -- many years after Millbrook -- married a CHRISTIAN woman, and now is a top Drug Trafficker with the Governor of Nayarit State -- whose goons tried to kill me twice in a week, so I HIGH-TAILED it back to the USA in June 2015 -- LOL!!! 

Druch's book in comments below:

We've had over DOUBLE a recent, typical day's Blog Hits today so far -- and I haven't even BLOGGED YET, TODAY!!! 

#1 Hit overnight and MORE TIMES than any other posting ALL MONTH, except #2:

#2 Hit more times this month than any other posting -- and PROBLEMATIC for most Wilmington Politicians of BOTH PARTIES as well as Wilmington's Christian Churches:

#3 An OLD POSTING full of evidence and information on CORRUPTION IN WILMINGTON and BEYOND:

#4 Day In; Day Out, this is my MOST HIT POSTING EVER -- getting FOUR TIMES the next most hit:

My nephew Connor (UNC Chapel Hill grad 2010), his brother Max (URI grad 2012), my niece Taylor on her Chapel Hill Graduation 2016, my brother Mike, and sister-in-law Gail.

Here is a photo from Connor's earlier graduation:

More of a COZY bunch, no???

Anyway, my brother Mike surprised me with some unexpected and EXTRA money today -- and I called and THANKED HIM from the BOTTOM OF MY HEART!!! 

My Democratic NC State Representative Deb Butler working in the Legislature.

1. Deb Butler ADMITTED being Republican Jonathan Deputy's MENTOR -- even though Jon is a ROCK-RIBBED REPUBLICAN.

2. Jonathan Deputy is who Committed me in March to the New Hanover Behavioral Health Hospital ("The Oaks"), on LIES -- because I had filed a CYBERSTALKING CHARGE against him the day before for claiming I am a child molester, that I never even KNEW Tennessee Williams, and that he could STEAL copyright to any books I write like D.A. Ben David with a Fox News Talking Head/Lawyer Daliah Saper, and Rahm Emanuel's Drug-Trafficking friend Jamie Lee Sutherland, then an Exec of Wells Fargo Advisors, Chicago -- in Cook County Court in June 2013, did to my memoirhttp://laterdaysoftennesseewilliams.blogspot.com/

Jonathan Deputyhttp://suncoastvr.com/index.php/contact, looks like John Goodman with GAS!!!

Deb Butler was APPOINTED to her office, and this year, her first actual ELECTION, her Republican Opponent is just a DRUG SACRIFICE -- he suspended his fundraising campaign MONTHS AGO (so is effectively not running), and the Independent has only raised a few hundred dollars.

Mayor Bill Saffo makes TOO MUCH MONEY for his Republican Drug-Trafficking Partners, and has not had ANY (or any real) opponent since before I came to Wilmington in 2011!!! Councilman Charlie Rivenbark is Bill Saffo's TOP DRUG ALLY on City Government.

I am THRILLED to see that Julia Olsen-Boseman (County Commission Candidate), and Judy Justice (School Board Candidate), have gotten nearly NO CONTRIBUTIONS to their campaigns.

These are ALL DEMOCRATS -- my own Party that is TOTALLY CORRUPTED in Wilmington, NC by DRUGS and Drug-Trafficking with the Christian Churches.

My recent one-on-one with Deb Butler:

I took the photo right AFTER speaking with Deb:

Druggy Deb posted this earlier this afternoon on Facebook -- and I tossed it RIGHT BACK AT THE BITCH!!!

copied my comments to the TOP when I SHARED IT:

Scott Kenan shared a post.
Now let's rid the Lower Cape Fear of Drug Trafficking Politicians -- only HALF of which are Republicans!!! 

My Kenan Family is in CHARGE of the Drug Trafficking, so I know WHICH POLS are Drug Traffickers!!!

Deborah Butler
wamp, please be advised that the Department of Environmental Quality went to bat for clean water and accordingly, EPA has DENIED the re-designation. Advocacy works. We have had two environmental victories in the last few days. This should serve as motivation for us all to keep showing up. It matters.

Scott Kenan
Ben Schachtman LOL!!! 

I'm starting to like you BETTER again, Benjamin Schachtman!!! 

Still you NEVER report on our Drug-Trafficking Politicians and Churches -- the system my Kenan Family runs and my parents set up with Nixon Aide John Ehrlichman in the 1980s and 90s. 

I guess that is called "COLLUSION BY THE PRESS" and the Star News is actually WORSE (at least PCD gets lots of COMMENTS)!!!

SOUTHEASTERN, N.C. — Jon David just oversaw the third arrest of a police chief during his eight-year tenure as District Attorney. “Lightning has struck three times here in the 13th District,” David…


Monday, July 30, 2018

RP: For SOON to Be "Revealed Reasons", I'm SORRY to Be LATE!!!

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Several people on Facebook, where I got this, claimed to have found it -- but I haven't yet

Can YOU???

I'm just restin' a lot, and what I have to offer is no longer so CRITICAL to get out -- Law Enforcement is TAKIN' IT FROM HERE!!!

But I MUST "Entertain the Troops" as they say:

And REGARDLESS my relationship with my 59th Whetstone High School Reunion, I've gotten BACK IN TOUCH with some COOL CLASSMATES!!!

Valerie (Diamond) Wales I took to our Graduation Prom, and she was SO "Jewish-Earthy" in her kissing, it SCARED budding homo me!!! https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100009719296839

In this photo, Liz (Blees) Pearson -- with a friend rather than her husband -- looks like she did when I dated her at Denison University freshman yearhttps://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1687031867

When I DEEP-THROATED Liz "Blessed" Blees -- with only my TONGUE -- she had a HOT writhing ORGASM, but I thought it was some kind of SEIZURE and it SCARED ME MORE!!!

The END of my Heterosexual Adventureexcept for Terry, who had a PREGNANCY SCARE over Christmas Holiday 1969Read in MORE DETAIL, here:

But JUST THIS MOMENT, I learned that Liz Blees has BLOCKED ME on Facebook, although the above link should work for anyone else. Well, Liz WAS a Fundamentalist and dated Pre-Reverend Jim Buchan, also of Whetstone then Denison: 

Rev. Jim Buchan preaching in his Charlotte, NC ministry a few years ago: and in the last two days, Jim UNFRIENDED ME, without BLOCKING MEhttps://www.facebook.com/jim.buchan.37

Now, I am not ENTIRELY SURE how I knew:

Cindy Makey Little and a Cape Cod Duckmobilehttps://www.facebook.com/cindy.m.little.5, but she and I have been "Like/Loving" each others stuff -- as well as RE-POSTING it on FB . . . 

And THIS GUY Facebook Friended me TOO:

Kurt Johnson and his wifehttps://www.facebook.com/kurt.johnson.7509836 -- but in the LAST TWO HOURS, Kurt UNFRIENDED me -- HA!!!

I actually think I should have had a CRUSH on Kurt Johnson -- rather than Lester Imboden's densely-haired, muscular legs -- wouldn't you AGREE???

And AYE ain't even JESUS!!!

. . . and the BEST NARRATIVE WINS!!! (especially when it is interlaced with hot links in blog-postings over ten years) -- NO???

I'm ALWAYS happy when Russians hit my MEMOIR a lot, http://laterdaysoftennesseewilliams.blogspot.com/, because Tennessee Williams's plays were said to have been even MORE POPULAR in the USSR than in the USA -- but the Ruble was not then convertible, and "Texas Kate" (Schweppe) Sharp, Moldawer, and later McNamaraTennessee, and I were always joking about flying over, buying TONS OF FURS, and bringing them back to sell to claim some of those royalties:

Texas Kate between Tennessee and his sister RoseMy meeting her: http://laterdaysoftennesseewilliams.blogspot.com/2013/10/chapter-11-meeting-texas-kate.html

This LAST posting got MORE HITS than any other in the LAST WEEK after only FOUR HOURS!!!

And THIS one got more hits TODAY after that -- it is a TREASURER TROVE of info on CORRUPTION in Wilmington and elsewhere:

Scott Kenan shared a link.
10 hrs

About this article

A Virginia Republican who has been linked to white supremacists now faces accusations of liking Bigfoot erotica.

Scott Kenan
I was there at nine years of age in Louisville, where we moved from Cincinnati when I was six. Later, I got to know all of JFK's sisters and their husbands but best Jackie Kennedy Onassis in 1982

Later than that, I learned my parents who raised us with Swastikas on our dinner china were PART of JFK's assassination, and NOW, I have a blog about that and so much more and will make a FORTUNE off my story of my family that co-founded UNC Chapel Hill and today controls Exxon-Mobil, Bank of America, the Ku Klux Klan, etc.!!! 

Jackie when I knew her, is seen below:

Image may contain: 3 people, car and outdoor
John Snyder to Old Photos Of Cincinnati
Presidential candidate John Kennedy on Carothers Road in Newport on October 6, 1960. During the campaign trip here, he visited two privates homes on Park Avenue in Newport to shoot TV commercials and went to the Newport Shopping Center. There were parades on Monmouth Street in Newport and on Madison Avenue in Covington. Kennedy gave a speech in downtown Covington. There was also a speech on Fountain Square in which he infamously pronounced the name of the city "Cincinnotty."