Thursday, August 23, 2018

RP: Diverse HEAVYWEIGHTS in Academia, Business, and the Press in the USA and Abroad Are Reading My LINKED-IN Profile -- While My Neighbor "Jim" Is SERIOUSLY Freaked Out by Local "Arab-Mafia-Owned" Convenience Store Owners IN FRONT OF Sheriff McMahon's Direct Audio-Video Feed -- MERCY!!!

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But he can BORROW that of his TOP CELEBRITY who is ALSO running Republican for Congress in CaliforniaAntonio Sabato, Jr., whose FLACCID dork is TWICE what Donald Trump sports ERECT!!!

See near the very bottom >>> ADDED LATER: The mass emailing of this blog post to my 230 Contacts was BLOCKED to Mayor Bill Saffo's Drug-Trafficking St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox -- and EVERYONE working for New Hanover County: the CommissionersSheriff McMahon, and EVERYONE on the "" domain, including DEB BUTLERRODNEY MOORE, etc. -- and Kenan Chronicler Walter Campbell:

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Now, the individuals who have viewed my LINKED-IN Profile in the last few days include local Right-Wing Media Talker Curtis Wright (as previously reported), and since I DON'T pay for Premium access, I only get to see a FEW of the identities of those who have searched me.

1. A RESEARCHER (unnamed), at Virginia Tech University (where my nemesis Christal Presley got her undergraduate degree -- while ROOMMATE to Jill Rhodes, now married to Sean Hannity). Christal ALSO visited with my sister Jane and my mother in Raleigh in early 2010, and BILKED Jane out of money over an overpriced stone globe.


Xoan Luaces Fandiño
3rd degree connection3rd
Madrid Area, Spain


Allen Ricks
3rd degree connection3rd
Technical Sales Specialist at Cobolt AB, a part of HÜBNER Photonics
Santa Rosa, California

4. Someone from, a Spanish firm.

5. Someone at Kernelcreated by "Spectrum Reach" (which is ACTUALLY Time-Warner)

And the rest are MASKED from me.


He came down to my apartment early this afternoon to say that while "everybody" in the neighborhood LOVES THIS BLOG -- and they think that I am "NORMAL" (I would not claim THAT, but that I am NOT COMMITABLE in my nut-ism), the owners of the two nearby "Arab-Mafia" convenience stores (Wrightsville Country Store at 2401 Wrightsville Ave. and Russell's Quik Stop at 2101 Wrightsville Ave.), have been telling him that I blog about his herbal sales business -- and that HE'S GOING TO GET BUSTED because of what I write.

BTW: The subject asked me to call him "Jim" from now on -- in this blog.

Well, Russell's Quik Stop had a DEAL with my almost roommate -- the only one so CRIMINAL that Wilmington Police came to interview me about him -- Seth Wayne George -- doing SOME KIND of ILLEGAL BUSINESS with Seth, who could ONLY make his deals with the Arab "owner" who works in the mornings -- and that is WHY I NEVER go there to shop!!!:

Seth Wayne George

Wrightsville Country Store KICKED ME OUT PERMANENTLY two months ago, after I quoted my "Kenan Cousin" Gregg Loomis, "The wealthy Kenans hate only JEWS more than they hate 'Niggers'" -- to someone else who KNOWS the wealthiest Kenans WELL, and said they are ALL STILL TODAY Ku Klux Klan Members (or at least sympathizers).

Anyway, this lanky white woman who works the front cash frequently, got her pussy "all in a twist" over that, and we started hollering at each other. But she ADMITTED she hangs with the hard-drug dealers of the neighborhood, so was actually PISSED that I am against the drugs she uses.

Other stores are nearer me -- not here -- but compared to ANYWHERE ELSE I'VE EVER LIVED (except homeless or in a shelter), so no biggie to me!!! 

But here is the KICKER: Whatever they have been saying to "Jim" about what I blog about and that he does, has been RIGHT IN FRONT of Sheriff Ed McMahon's DIRECT LIVE AUDIO/VIDEO FEED that is FOCUSED on the front counter of one of those stores -- I won't say which.

So it is THEY in the store who are setting "Jim" up for a BUST -- not ME!!!



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