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RP: HOW Did I Become so FORTUNATE??? / North Carolina Department of Public Safety Interviews Me and Chad Wagner, Next-Door!!!

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I never met Aretha Franklin, but it seems she was the BEST EXAMPLE of SOMEONE WHO FOLLOWED JESUS'S TEACHINGS, and was actually a BELIEVING CHRISTIAN!!!

Many others can talk/write better about Ms. Franklin, so I'll only quickly mention that I DID meet two of her Heavenly Court shown here -- Count Basie after one of his concerts, and Duke Ellington came into the Holiday Inn in Peabody, Massachusetts in 1972 while I worked the front desk and asked me for directions to where he was scheduled to play. Funny thing was that HE came in rather than the driver of his limousine -- LOL!!!

When I worked for Tennessee Williams, I had a GREAT conversation at the 1981 Kennedy Center Honors with Joe Williams and then his date, Ella Fitzgerald, and then met Count Basie AGAIN. Ella was there to sing to honor Basie!!!

But what got me to SOBBING this morning in front of my TV was an MSNBC interview with Carole King, and footage of Aretha Franklin sitting to play and sing "(You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman", that Carole had written for Aretha:

And researching all of that to be certain I got the facts right, I see that Cicely Tyson got her Kennedy Honors the same year as Carole King -- and Cicely had won her first Emmy, in my 4th Kenan cousin Allan Gurganus's TV Movie of Oldest Living Confederate Widow Tells All:

Lucy Marsden was very LOOSELY based on my great-grandmother, Juliana Moore, the oldest Confederate Widow in North Carolina, who killed a RATTLESNAKE with a BROOMSTICK at her hundredth birthday party in her back yard!!!

But WAIT -- there's MORE: For most of my adult life, my FAVE TRIVIA STUMPER that maybe one or two ever got out of hundreds I've asked, was, "What famous songwriter had the breakthrough hit 'The Loco-Motion', and who recorded that hit, and what was that person's relationship to the songwriter???" 

Well, the song has been recorded by several and gotten a lot of radio play for years and years, so everyone knows the song. Carole King and her husband Gerry Goffin wrote it -- and THEIR MAID"Little Eva" RECORDED IT.


So yeah -- today, after so MANY POLITICAL/SPIRITUAL VICTORIES of the last couple of weeks, I am RESTING UP COUCHED IN GRATITUDE with occasional bouts of weepiness.

I have known many of the TOP WORLD INFLUENCERS in the Arts, Politics, Business, and Religion/Spirituality -- and who the HELL am I to have been so FORTUNATE???

Beats me, but I SURE HAVE THOSE WHO HATE ME, have tried to maim, kill, poison, hold hostage, jail, falsely convict of crimes, and nut-house commit me -- USUALLY in the NAME OF JESUS CHRIST THE HATE GOD!!!

Today is shaping up to be a BIG DAY FOR BLOG HITS -- but unlike RECENTLY, so far RUSSIANS have been hitting this blog more than TWICE AS MUCH as ostrichTRUTH-HATING AMERICANS!!!

I'm STILL kicked off Facebook for another three weeks -- because I posted THIS -- LOL!!!

John Elliot "JEB" Bush, Jr. was suggested to me by LINKED-IN to link to (here seen with his NAZI-BITCH Granny), and since I had DATED Bill Toups, a Bush Cousin, 18 months ago, I SENT an invite explaining that (and more), but so far, NO RESPONSE.

The disordered malignant narcissist even made condolences to Aretha's family all about him. He even shit on this day and besmirched her memory by wrapping it in her service to him.

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President Trump described Aretha Franklin as someone who “worked for me” while paying tribute to the legendary singer following her death Thursday. “I want to begin today by expre…

Dana Camp-Farber Damn, he is a butt pimple!


"William RAND Kenan, Sr."

North Carolina Department of Public Safety Honor Guard!!!

It was NOT the Honor Guard who came out to interview Chad Wagner and me today -- 'twas a single (VERY HOT) Officer in a cruiser. About ten minutes or so, while Chad's visiting parents stood in the background.

And that is ALL I shall reveal about that.


"I told you, Scott would TAKE IT ALL THE WAY!!!"


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