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RP: MORE Squabbling with "Nut-Ball Deputy" -- Who Appears More and More to Be TOO STUPID to Just Shut Up and Treat Me Fairly:

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Silent Sam on the UNC CHAPEL HILL campus -- the TOP SYMBOL of my Kenan Family's WHITE SUPREMACISM is currently MOSTLY protected by Thomas S. Kenan III and Betty (Price) Kenan.

An Episcopalian Sycophant, Betty Kenan, and Thomas S. Kenan III

The Episcopal Mace, the Episcopal Church's Symbol of God's Power, is kept at Sewanee, aka The University of the South, and various members of the Kenan Family have donated about $100 Million to that Church and Sewanee over the last hundred years -- that I have documented.

Gregg Loomis, nephew of the late James Graham Kenan of Atlanta -- a multiply-confirmed Ku Klux Klan member who sent me to nephew Gregg for Legal Advice in 1990 -- in 2015.

It was THEN, in Mr. Loomis's Law Office, that he told me that the wealthy Kenans "hate only JEWS more than they hate 'Niggers'" -- and that is still true TODAY, DESPITE the great work of Kenan Charities -- Kenans give ALL THEIR POLITICAL FORCE AND MONEY to support Donald Trump and OTHER White Supremacists -- usually Republicans, and ALWAYS CHRISTIANS!!!


The yardman finally was able to get here at 4:00 this afternoon. When I offered to pull Allie's furniture to where he first mows, then he can get where it is, he said NO, that if anything happens to it, then they could blame ME -- and it's his job.

He LOOKS about 90 years old, but is in GREAT SHAPE and it is not the "heat of the day" now, so I agreedSAD, that he -- and I -- have to worry about such things.

Just after he fired up his mowerAllie Ryan and her sister emerged from upstairs and MOVED THEIR FURNITURE out of the way (and he did NOT complain about that) -- LOL!!!

My THIRD back-and-forth with Jonathan Deputy TODAY is with me making comments between his lines of his email to me:


For the record, I've haven't given the lockbox combo to anyone. The formula for determining mine, if used for the others here, makes it EASY for Aaron Gallimore to know mine.

I didn't mention the tobacco in your toilet because you stated that it probably came from a guest in your apartment...there didn't really seem like anything for me to address. You need to re-read that, but it does not now need to be addressed for other reasons I explained and you did not understand.

What good would it do for Gold to ask you not to communicate with her?  You'd just do it anyways.  Just like you keep emailing me.  What good would it do her to ask you to stop blogging hateful things about her?  You'd just do it anyways. LOL!!! -- NOT an apropos answer.

I owe you nothing...but I did notice how well you "used the law" that day in court...Charges dismissed due to lack of evidence.  lol You aren't privy to how we decided that -- due to more important considerations than my winning or losing the case.

I know people read your blog...I've personally told lots of people about it...they laugh their asses off...then they just shake their heads. I fully EXPECT that from your friends -- and as I tell people who can't believe some parts of it (or it offends them or their beliefs), its FIRST GOAL is HUMOR -- as stated top right, so have some good LAUGHS over it:

HUMOR is our most important product -- and Politics is our Current Game!!!

As for your last paragraph...that's twice you've confused me with Jon David...we are not the same person.

'Twas a typo that I corrected minutes after emailing it to my contacts. Editing one's OWN words is not the best -- why writers use Editors when possible.

You are quite CHATTY today, given your claims -- what are you AFRAID of???

Jon Deputy
Property Manager, NC Broker # 248342
Sun Coast Vacation Rentals

THIS is what I returned to Jon Deputy, and I'll only make the following additional notes that he likely would pretend not to understand or ignore.

1. And I PRE-APOLOGIZE to Gold Walker for having to point this out AGAIN. When I last saw Gold in person, she was happy to share a bear-hug with meallow me to kiss her on the forehead, and say to her, "It's not EASY -- but DON'T WORRY, we'll work it all out and YOU and I will be FINE!!!"

2. One problem Gold Walker has is that she HATES her computer (ancient and very slow -- I've worked on it producing ADS for her properties for rent), and she does NOT get email on her smart-phone -- or so she claims.

And the DAY she came out, PULLED MY SHIRT UP and thrust her Notice of Termination of my 4th Street Apartment Lease up against my hairy chest (technically an assault), was RIGHT AFTER meeting with Denise Renee Wood (43 Felony Convictions and 13 Misdemeanors as an International Drug Mule -- 20 years ago) -- who had as many as FIVE varieties of marijuana when she sold me a gram at a time, and even told me she works with Mayor Bill Saffo and from what SHE observed, Saffo's "sex-thing" is for YOUNG BOYS!!!

And the OTHER person in that meeting was her sometimes carpenter "Ben-the Atheist", who also (for reason I have NO understanding of), usually sneered at me.

Since Gold does NOT read my blog at all, they made certain to make all KINDS of claims that I could NOT get Gold to check the truth of on my blog -- because this 6' 3" fat BITCH -- whom Gold had told me she was AFRAID OF -- especially since at that time Denise kept TWO loaded revolvers by her bed and had NEVER lost her Gun Rights despite 43 Felonies!!!

At 6' 3" but not QUITE this heavy, Denise Wood looks much like this, and her FACE looks EXACTLY like this:

Contact Information:

The Perfect Painter
205 S 4th St
WilmingtonNC 28401
Contact:Denise Wood
Phone:(910) 226-7139

The Perfect Painter is the only company located at 205 S 4th St, Wilmington, NC 28401

Denise was NOT Gold's tenant -- she SUB-LET from Sa'ant Samuel Celia, Jr. who had the OTHER apartment downstairs but had rented BOTH apartments for many years -- and had produced HUGE quantities of LSD there that he shipped to his personal friend (until he died)Jerry Garcia of the Grateful Dead:

And also to Dr. Timothy Leary:

AND "Sam" as Sa'ant is called, also BRAGGED to me of supplying Leary's HOMOSEXUAL BOYFRIEND from when they lived at MillbrookTheodore "Ted" Druch -- who was in my Puerto Vallarta Writers Group in 2010 and 2013 - 2014 -- and Denise Wood kept telling him to SHUT UP, because there is NO STATUTE OF LIMITATIONS for Drug Crimes that LARGE.

Ted Druch when I knew him.

Druch, a Jew, married the Christian Woman Maria RuizTHEN got into HARD-DRUG TRAFFICKING with the Governor of Nayarit State and the Hillary Clinton State Department.

The "Best-Selling" of Maria's books.

Well ALSO in that Puerto Vallarta Writers Group (photo from summer July 19, 2014):

In foreground is Charles Quigley, a National Rifle Association Executive who never wrote anything approaching QUALITY -- and ALWAYS of romantic/sexual fantasies of YOUNG GIRLS.

I'm in the back handing out "Devil's Horns".

Continuing clockwise, is Stanley Winborne III, originally of Wilmington, NC and whose family had controlled the Atlantic Coast Line railroad -- and whose SON (whom he did NOT get along with), was 2nd in charge of the Hillary Clinton State Department in Afghanistan -- and charged with shipping all the HEROIN back to the USA on US Air Force planes, where Patrick Stansbury of Pentagon Publishing, Inc of Snellville, GA distributed it from Maine to Florida -- but especially to Atlanta, GA and Wilmington, NC.

The "Ginger" next to Stanley is Colin Stuart HamiltonHEAD of our writers group -- and retired star of BBC Radio and TV.

When Colin was MURDERED in summer of 2015, only Jennifer McCracken -- VERY close to Wilmington Republican Judge Lindsey McKee/ Luther:

ONLY Jenny McCracken -- who lived TWO DOORS from me then in Carolina Apartments (built in 1905 by William Rand Kenan, Jr.)KNEW how the CIA MURDERER had led them to Colin's buried body five hours away -- and then the US GOVERNMENT forced Mexican authorities to RELEASE the murderer.

Jennifer McCracken is NOW on huge quantities of Psychiatric Drugs, and always CLAIMED her HUGE DRUG SALES OF ALL TYPES while I lived on her hall were PROTECTED by her BROTHER who was/is HIGH in both the CIA and Sheriff McMahon's Deputies!!!

And while my relationship with Prosecutor Kimberly Overton is COMPLEX, we came to AGREEMENT that Judge Chad Hogston -- whom I otherwise have HUGE RESPECT FOR -- but he CONVICTED ME of Cyberstalking in 2011, and then D.A. Benjamin R. David had to VOID IT because it was a TOTAL SCREW JOB by Wilmington's Christian Drug Mafia and I had broken NO LAWS at all.

Anyway, D.A. DavidProsecutor Overton, and I AGREED that it would NOT be HELPFUL to Wilmington's Continuing-to-Become-Legitimate District Courts to have a Public Trial including ME with that Judge!!!


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