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RP: Now, Even My TOILET Has Been VIOLATED -- HA!!!

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This is a CONTINUATION of my communications with Jonathan Deputy begun here:

Jonathan Deputy (


As I've asked you on NUMEROUS occasions in the not contact me unless it is in regards to a maintenance issue at your apartment.

Jon Deputy
Property Manager, NC Broker # 248342
Sun Coast Vacation Rentals

From    Scott Kenan
To reservations, goldwalker, oliver

Cc scott


Sorry, I really had meant to also mention what I promised Allie Ryan and Gray Hunter I would email you about -- three weeks ago. I had blogged about it and thought someone might monitor what I've been writing, but I was wrong. The security lights for the parking lot to this back end have not worked for about a month now. They were both quite concerned about that. Gray said someone somehow had turned them off, although they are HARD-WIRED (no switch or plug), to his electric, and in my inspection of how the electric line is run upstairs and outside, I saw no obvious problem. So that DOES need attention, please.

And just a few minutes ago, I went to my half-bath -- which I enter about once a month to flush and sometimes brush out the bowl, but I never use the toilet. The water was about half-deep (typical from evaporation and no flushing), but it had what appeared to be the tobacco from a dumped-out cigarette in it that was also on the rim and a little on the floor (see above).

I didn't do this, and about ten days ago when Rob came down and re-paid me the $5.00 he owed me, he hung out for half and hour or so talking, but when he went to the john, I told him to use the big bathroom (which he did), because the other toilet is tricky to flush. Even if he somehow dumped this tobacco in this toilet and it didn't flush because he didn't hold the lever down, it makes no sense for him to do this.

Also, I CHANGED the combo on the key-safe outside when I moved in, and have never let anyone know that combo, but going back to 2010 in Georgia, people have entered my homes and cars at times -- rearranging things but never stealing, or making a small mess -- just to unnerve me. The one time that was different was when I first fled to Mexico in 2010 with Col. Dottie Newman's help, and because I knew this might be a problem, I checked several times en-route and my Passport remained where I had secured it. But when I got to the border, it was missing -- and it NEVER turned up. My then Mexican boyfriend "Alfredo", took a bus up to the border, and since you could enter the border area of Mexico WITHOUT a Passport, I got in, we left my car with the dealer we used part of my Disability Initial Bulk payout to buy a ten-year-old car in his name, then he BRIBED my way past the big checkpoint about 12 miles inland ($18.00 USD -- LOL!!!).

Soon, I got an original Birth Certificate "over-nighted" from Cincinnati, got to Guadalajara where the US Consulate made me an "Emergency Passport" in a few hours, and I went back, got my car, etc.

I'm used to these weird things happening and am not asking you to change locks, etc. -- unless more happens. But you should know about it.

Thanks for your attention to the security lights!!! I'll communicate with Gold on the other things -- and you can read my blog where I will post that, if you care to.




I'll have someone look at the lights ASAP.  It's after noon on Friday, so it might be Monday.

The lockbox is there for emergencies...whether you lock yourself out and need to use it, or if a workman needs to enter the apartment to address a maintenance or emergency issue.  That's fine if you change it, but I need to know what the combination is, should I need to give it to a workman needing to enter the apartment.  As I said...that's one of the reasons it's there.

As far as contacting Gold...any issues related to the apartment should be directed to me.  One of the reasons Gold has hired me to manage her properties is so she doesn't have to.  Additionally, Gold has stated to me that she doesn't want to hear from you.  She doesn't appreciate the attacks you've made on her in your blog...attacks on her appearance...attacks on her family, friends, and tenants...attacks of a personal nature that aren't "funny" or done for humor.  If you're not familiar with what I'm talking, about you can read about it on your blog.

Jon Deputy
Property Manager, NC Broker # 248342
Sun Coast Vacation Rentals

--- MY REPLY ---

Thanks for this Jon, and we've been without those lights for a while and it is no problem to wait a few more days.

I was wrong -- I meant to change that combo, but just checking, I never did, so it remains where you set it. That means that given all tenants KNOW how you set that up, only Aaron Gallimore, the hard-drug seller/user who brought a CRACK WHORE over here -- as well as got high as HELL with Sherry Spivey next-door, who is now living with Rob in #1, would know how to get in by using that.

You mention nothing about the strange tobacco in my toilet -- perhaps this just happens spontaneously in Wilmington and I was unaware of that. But as I said, I'm fine with no re-keying -- for now, anyway.

I can't argue about what anyone said to you NOT in front of me, but Gold Walker is an ADULT PERSON and so is Lawyer Oliver Carter III, and neither of them has asked me not to communicate with them -- although Gold said to deal with YOU on maintenance, she had several times since then had friendly phone conversations with me. You mention my WORDS, but many in that crowd have caused me to suffer by ACTIONS including your committing me on LIES (FAR more real), and no one claims my words have harmed them -- maybe ruffled their feathers, but that is all.

You still owe me, and I will use the Law or simply my "Bully Pulpit" to see that what you have done is WELL KNOWN in Wilmington!!! And yes, I know you believe no one reads my "stupid little blog", but Google Statistics does not lie

Have you contacted Prosecutor Overton who was so interested in these matters??? When D.A. JON Deputy with the FBI BUSTED the Southport Police Department, it came as a surprise to EVERYONE -- these Law people are GOOD at keeping things under their hats until they pounce!!!


I will consider how NEXT to respond -- but get this out first to my 230 Contacts.


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