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RP: Torn Between Perspectives, Americans Remain PARALYZED in the Face of ABJECT EVIL:

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This image, that could be an infinite staircase or one coming to a finite point -- and interpreted by many as a "Stairway to Heaven" is from this morning's email from The Paris Review titled, "Scream in the Forest of Mildness".

Now, on January 11, 1982, George Plimpton, then Editor of The Paris Review, which had just published an interview by Dotson Rader with Tennessee Williams -- with Jean Babette Stein -- hosted a party for Tennessee, where I met Jackie Kennedy Onassis, and she WARNED Tennessee that the Episcopal Church (primarily Sewanee, largely controlled by Frank Hawkins Kenan and his brother James Graham Kenan -- who being Klansmen LOVED The Episcopal Church's Symbol of God's Power on Earth, The Confederate Mace), planned to KILL HIM before he changed his will to leave his estate primarily to Harvard University, instead. 

My account of that party with NO POLITICS included:

George Plimpton died of natural causes, but Jean Stein mysteriously committed suicide April 30, 2017 -- mysterious for many reasons, including that suicides by OLDER people -- especially those who have lived LARGE LIVES -- are extremely rare, and Jean's position in Society was STELLAR (if she was HATED by Republicans, Christians, etc.)

Jean Stein when I knew her.

It was the DAY Jean Stein "jumped to her death", that I KNEW American Media were ALL TIED to the corrupted Republican/Democratic, Drug-Trafficking US Government, -- which is CONTROLLED at heart and POCKETBOOK by my Kenan Family, and their top allies (now), the BushCheney, and Clinton Families. 

And we were ALL in DEEPER DO-DO than even I had imagined.

Jeans Stein's death BROKE INTO TV BROADCASTING all across Europe, but even NBC, MSNBC, and similar -- which she and her father Jules had OWNED -- mentioned nothing at all -- only a few magazine articles appeared in the USA.

So HOW did this happen???

I believe it was because of an HONEST CONSIDERATION for our Political Leaders, that they should be ALLOWED all their SEXUAL DALLIANCES which should have NOTHING to do with their POLITICS.

Everyone knows that JFK and LBJ were NOTORIOUS for their marital indiscretions, but then Richard Nixon's LONG affair with Bebe Rebozo, and Barack Obama's sex-life including Reggie Love, Larry Sinclair (, and before that, his lifetime membership (that Rahm Emanuel also had), with Chicago's Man's Country Gay Baths.

THIS was how the Republicans and Clinton Democrats BLACKMAILED Barack Obama into doing their bidding. They SPRUNG it on him by George W. Bush SURPRISING him right at his FIRST INAUGURAL!!!:

And while I have used THIS story for YEARS to illustrate this point -- TODAY, I find that USA TODAY has DELETED IT

But the story REMAINS from less-NAZI/Christian Media, like this: 

And while George HW Bush had a HUGE SCANDAL when it was discovered that more than half his White House personal servants were also GAY WHORES (and he liked them YOUNG), his son, George W. Bush was far more discrete about his affairs with men -- and NEITHER of them were blackmailed over it at all. 


People wanting to see some of the BEST of American Culture can view this -- my FAVE Old Musical -- in MOVIE THEATERS today and this coming Wednesday:

The epic love story of Nellie Forbush and Emile de Becque returns to cinemas marking the 60th anniversary of Rodgers & Hammerstein's South Pacific

Don't miss this iconic musical on the big screen August 26 and 29 only.

Regal Mayfaire Stadium 16 in Wilmington, NC is showing it TWICE today!!!

Well, THIS brings me to Michelangelo Signorile, one of my BIGGEST HEROES!!!:

AND Andrew Sullivan, whose NEWSWEEK cover I remember seeing like this, but is all over the Internet like THIS, now:


And this later one from last night, has left the TRUSTEES of UNC SYSTEM EXPOSED as Kenan-Patsies in WHITE SUPREMACY -- a form of HATRED completely incompatible with the Teachings of Jesus:


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