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>>> THIS JUST IN @12:55 PM, CDT :
1. In the LAST 24 HOURS this posting has gotten TWICE AS MANY HITS as any other posting: .
2. I have learned from the one who likes to be called "King Sonny" (he spent 11 of a 25 year sentence in US Maximum Security Prisons beginning in 1997 when he was 18), that his former friend and my suck-off-ee, Martin "Marco" Jacobo, is now serving a one-year sentence in Texas jail, but because he is ALSO a key CIA narco-trafficker, is expected to get out in October after only half a year (regardless his behavior).
I finally sorted my perception of Sonny's Character, and he -- like me -- has been through a lot at the hands of the US Government, and understands REALITY well (and is a FABULOUS husband and father!!!). I had pushed him too hard in an EXTREMELY STRESSED situation, which is why he automatically reverted to his youthful, pre-incarceration behavior.
See more of my CONFOUNDMENT over these two FABULOUS CHARACTERS (regardless polarity), in the bottom third of this: .
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1. In trying to blog just now, I was NOT ALLOWED ON and none of the alternate ways I've found to get to the actual "blogging page" worked either. I was FORCED to dealwith the fact that I'VE BEEN SUSPENDED for allegedly having MULTIPLE ETHICAL SINS in my Google+ "Profile".

The FACT of the matter is that I NEVER set up a Google+ profile, so whatever is there was either manufactured by Google -- or hackers or whatever stripe. Today, I was NOT ALLOWED by Google to even SEE my profile -- and then when I tired to "revert" to a simple Google+ profile showing virtually NOTHING, Google said I had violated MORE rules and that I was for now SHUT OUT COMPLETELY.

I then remembered ANOTHER back door to this blogging site.

2. JUST NOW, I discovered that although i've gotten THIS MUCH posted, Google+ is ABSOLUTELY not allowing me to share this posting on Google+. I never believed I got much readership AT ALL from Google+, so this means really nothing to me.

3. An email exchange this morning:

Re: Mama Mia's

Scott Kenan 
9:58 AM (38 minutes ago)
to Robert, Team, KIE, scoop, 60m, Jeffrey, editorial, Writers, bcc: me, bcc: Scott, bcc: jfaulk001
Hi Robert,

Perhaps you did not realize that you, a high school kid then, affected me enormously, too, particularly in that in YOU I saw that it was quite possible for intelligent, well-meaning people to espouse fundamentalist or evangelical beliefs (at least at your becoming-adult age), and that did NOT mean that you had "given in to the Devil", but that you were struggling mightily to reconcile those beliefs with the REALITY OF LIFE.

You were ALWAYS respectful even though we differed widely in some beliefs --and you were ALWAYS motivated by LOVE -- as well as the ONLY person I have ever met (that I can think of now, anyway), who took Jesus's advice about visiting those in places like jails. As I recall, you did that to minister to me in a heart-motivated "Christian" way.

You totally BLEW ME AWAY in your motivation, not only then, but since. Two other people have done quite similar more recently: Judge Hockenberry on New Hanover County Superior Court (who can separate his strong evangelical beliefs from his laser-parsing of the Law), and Judge Faison who is a practicing "black evangelical" minister as well as judge -- but on District Court there.

God has blessed me in opening my eyes.

I had heard that you became a Christian Minister and had a congregation in southern Ohio -- perhaps that was someone else with the same name. I'm thrilled to hear you are an RN and married with children. I could NOT imagine a better father or husband than someone with your character must be.

I am a little surprised that you write me from a Chinese domain, however -- not that I want to make a big deal of that. And the ODDEST PART of this is that up until a moment ago, your email address showed to be from (not that, but a similar bastardization of "Yahoo", that when I went to to see what it IS, I was redirected automatically to , which seems to claim to be a Chinese IMPROVEMENT on Yahoo that has won many awards.

All THAT written, your address is now showing at the American -- without signs of reverting to what it came in on originally. This has reminded me that when I used first Norton 360 and McAfee (the later recommended to me by Bank of America), in DEEP extra-searches (beyond the DEEP search they make available up front as opposed to a "quick search"), BOTH found THREE TIMES as many files on my computer as their stock "Deep Searches" -- and ALL THOSE WERE WRITTEN ALMOST ENTIRELY in Chinese characters.

Click image to enlarge. (An example -- NOT one of mine!!!)


But the FACT remains that I discovered this TWICE and on three different computers -- none of which had ever communicated with each other, and in March of 2010 in Georgia -- and summer of 2011 in North Carolina.

We must ALL REMEMBER that it was Dr. Henry Kissinger who made the initial deals to hand over the United States Government to the Communist Chinese (the Republicans KNOWING that eventually the more numerous Chinese with their STRONG WORK ETHIC and devotion to Family would HAVE TO dominate the USA, eventually).


The work the Chinese Government hackers do is IN CONJUNCTION WITH that done by the Republican FAKE Christian narco-traffickers whom the blackmailed President Obama and President Clinton (I have NO IDEA why Bill Clinton was such a TRAITOR and narco-trafficker -- he and Hillary SEEM to be sexually straight -- if sometimes adventuresome). But they ALL get paid most handsomely in the scheme now led by Dick Cheney and Barbara Bush.

And WHO KNEW that I would one day SO ADMIRE both President Reagan and Nancy??? The Reagan Administration was one of the most destructive to American Ideals -- but Ronald Reagan really was NOT a part of that-- it was Cheney and Bush.

And as anyone who follows and REMEMBERS mainstream US News KNOWS, in the mid-oughts, the Government response to a Freedom of Information Request about "psychic" and "astrologer" Jeane Dixon -- whom Wikipedia calls "One of the best known CHRISTIAN psychics", revealed that not only had she NEVER BEEN A PSYCHIC or believer in astrology, etc., but she had been on J. Edgar Hoover's ACTUAL PAYROLL as a Public Relations expert.

Jean Dixon was PAID by the US Government to TERRORIZE the victims of Hoover's FBI in advance of his murdering them. On her deathbed, a VERY GUILTY Jeane Dixon DID SAY that one day the WHOLE WORLD would be BEYOND SHOCKED to discover who the "real Communists in the US Government are (were then and now)".

Jeane Dixon "predictin' " .
Jeane Dixon was a life-long practicing Catholic.
The Catholic Church THEN AND NOW CONDEMNS Astrology and Pyschics.
(Although now, it allows that they can be enjoyed as "silly amusements" without stain o' sin.)


Facts are facts and do NOT depend on your or my "beliefs" about them.

I have a LOT on my plate, so must move on now. I cannot be happier to than to be back in touch with you. Then again, i can NOT be happier than to learn yesterday that my best high school friend Bob Jones, has emmerged and was NOT killed by my mother's "Swatika-loving" allies. THREE of the four who "disappeared" remain unaccounted for. Perhaps THEY TOO will emerge now that the United States has become SAFER -- largely due to my blog.

I am coping this openly to a few of my top contacts -- will blog it using only your first name -- and continue with you if you are interested, privately.


On Sat, Jun 29, 2013 at 11:15 AM, Robert wrote:


I worked for you for awhile at Mama Mia's in Stone Mtn., GA in the late 80s. Today I have been looking at a "I remember when" Stone Mountain facebook group, and have done a few searches for a few things. Your name popped up in one of my searches and I recognized it, and then I found your website talking about your book. You have an interesting story.

You may not remember me, but I was first hired as a dishwasher and then became a cook. Mama Mia's wasn't my first job, but it was my first real job. Later I went to college, but still worked there some weekends. In 1990 I visited you at the DeKalb County jail because I was concerned about you and didn't believe what people were saying at the restaurant. Needless to say, my discussion with you was an eye opening experience for an 18 year old that had grown up in a sheltered environment (first time experiencing mania).

I hope things are going well for you. I am currently an RN in Columbia, SC and have a wife and 2 daughters.


* * *

4. ANOTHER email exchange from this morning:

Thanks for this -- it seems "hybrid" in that it has one foot in the dying world that those who cling to false values are now so desperately trying to save -- and the coming world that this reviewer can only give a glancing, grudging nod to. That said, this reviewer expresses WELL the ideas that keep his type people living in the "Dead Zone" and gasping for understanding as the lying world we have known DISSOLVES beneath their feet.

Your perspective of apparent agreement can only be redeemed by recognizing YOUR life is UNREAL -- like ALL lives -- and MY only advantage is that my troubles of the last four years have allowed ME to have already reach this understanding.

Yesterday was so full I could write a book about it -- and will soon blog.


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On 30/06/2013, at 06:45, Testosteroni wrote:

"Testosteroni" sent you this message from
(24 June 2013)

Theatre in Review: The Two-Character Play (New World Stages)
The ad copy for The Two-Character Play states, "Reason and reality have left the building." They said it; I didn't. A product of Tennessee Williams' self-described "stoned age," when critical acclaim and commercial ...

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A Messenger


Saturday, June 29, 2013

President Barack Obama Is Fixin' to COME OUT GAY (or be impeached)!!!



1.       “Testosteroni” called a few minutes ago to fill my ears with “Devil Ideas” – and PERFECTLY TIMED to DESTROY the strong Internet connection I had obtained. We had STRONG WORDS after he thought Paula Dean would “fix her problem “by offering scholarship program for black kids”. There could NOT be a worse idea – and Testosteroni KNOWS THIS.

It’s a FORMULA meant to NEUTRALIZE the negative with an equal or greater dose of positive –STRAIGHT OUT OF my Mother’s Dr. Mengele NAZI CHEMISTRY LABORATORY. Paula Dean (who has DEBASED HERSELF by crying unnaturally like “a little gurl” and acting like a victim to get sympathy.

Paula Dean’s “salvation” can ONLY come from her GROWTH to a perspective ABOVE THE RACISM, and while scholarships are a GOOD IDEA, rather than “pay back” the black folk she DOES NOT ADMIT to harming – at least deliberately – (a strategy that ADMITS what this hypocrite won’t say – and I think Ms. Dean’s crimes are more of INATTENTION to her own thinking, rather than deliberate racism), she might establish them in support of “Racial Understanding”, Law, or Justice – or other.

To do it right, it must NOT have anything to do with the awardee’s RACE – although they COLD be to promote studies supporting Racial Justice but open to ANYONE.

 Testosteroni (who takes injections of Testosterone to combat “Depression”), has NEVER had any concerns that the United States in the ONLY country that allows this use of the Male Hormone – and that because it FUCKS WITH MORE THAN YOUR ERECTIONS AND MOODS!!!

2. Mr. TEST-O (and all the rest of us), would be WISE TO REMEMBER that in REALITY (aka "God's World"), EVERYONE gets lined up SPIRITUALLY in spiritual communication with others on lines of Positivity and Negativity -- JUST LIKE iron filings on a sheet of white paper with a magnet approaching from underneath.

People aligned with Positive IDEAS WHICH BLESS AND HEAL are blessed ALSO by conscious awareness of all these connections between us all on the NOT-physical levels. Those who embrace ideas based in any way on FEAR, LACK, and UNREAL SECURITY, suffer not only the NATURAL EFFECTS of those things coming manifest in their lives, but are BLOCKED BY GOD from seeing any of these connections (God -- I prefer "MIND" -- NOT ALLOWING them this advantage as they knowingly or not CAUSE all the problems we face today in society).

And THIS IS WHY they call you and me CRAZY -- they DON'T see how they have been used by other "devilish people" -- they ONLY hope to get enough MONEY, SEX, ROCK-N-ROLL, FALSE RELIGION, OR BEATING OFF TO POPPERS AND PORNO to feel "good" -- until their NEXT NEED to FEED THEIR ADDICTIONS!!!

3. I just heard from a high school friend in West Chester, PA, that he has just gotten an email from my best high school friend "Dogbert DeWayne Jones" (who if this email address is correct has apparently changed his name to "Body Odor Jones"). I'm KNOCKED OFF BASE to learn of this and will write Bob soon -- and then apologize to my mother for accusing her of "offing" Bob --but let me remind you that James Culver Anderson (Denison '74), Jeff Work (Denison '73), and John Mark Lee (Bob Jones U. about 1980 and TOP supporter of former Sen. John Edwards, like my relative Thomas S. Kenan III, whom I HOPE to get to SUE NORTH CAROLINA ENTITIES for me if necessary. Right now this is in Sen. Kay Hagan's capable hands, so I'll give her a few days.)

In any case, the point is that THREE of the FOUR people my mother thought I must have had sex with (I ONLY had sex with Jeff of these people, and Bob Jones isn't even gay), and therefore led into lives of HARM, HIDING, AND MISCHIEF or killed them, possibly.

More on that soon, I hope.




Friday, June 28, 2013

I Approach Sen. Kay Hagan of North Carolina (Democrat):

Here I go . . .


I'm leading a bill to keep interest rates low until we can reach a long-term solution that doesn't burden middle-class students and families. I refuse to sit on my hands while 176,000 North Carolina students and their families see interest rates double on their student loans.

Read more about my bill to help North Carolina families and students who are already trying to make ends meet:
Like · · · 6 hours ago near Washington, DC ·


COMING SOON to a County Seat (or Pecker), NEAR YOU: RACE WAR!!!

>>> YOU HAVEN'T FORGOTTEN have you ???:

Pits in HEAT!!!
MORE about his TAKE OVER of the United States Government on July 4, 2013, by a BIG RANDY GAGGLE of PENIS-LOVING ("loaded long-guns") FAGGOTS!!!:

. . . on the OTHER hand, we have the SIX FOOT KENAN COCK (atop First Presbyterian, Wilmington, NC, Church's steeple):

WAKE UP!!! !!! !!!


ReNOUNCE My CITIZENSHIP??? (It seems likely, now)

1. After my last emailing yesterday afternoon, I'm ONLY NOW allowed on the Internets AT ALL!!! Last night I had to take the battery out of my cell phone to CLEAR MALWARE twice before I was able to call a friend in NYC. Before I finally could -- I kept getting ENGLISH (American), recordings that my friend's number WAS NOT A WORKING NUMBER.

This morning, although my phone has plenty of minutes and shows ALL bars of connection to the network -- I CANNOT make a local or international call. I tried for an hour, taking the battery out of it several times to beat the Malware -- but they are REALLY MAD AT ME!!!
2. Having announced last night to my friend (eventually), that today, I will contact the US Attorney who covers the Chicago area to seek an IMMEDIATE INJUNCTION against Saper Law, Jed Clampon, et al. They NEVER showed WHAT damages my HONEST blogging of Jed's claim of narco-trafficking , and then despite sending me emails STATING that they did NOT want the $50,000.00 they sued for, but only wanted me to amend my blog, they got that increased TEN FOLD to HALF A MILLION DOLLARS (me making arrangements yesterday with my landlord to pay part of the July rent late due to my current 'broke" situation), WITHOUT having to show ANY EVIDENCE OF HARM to the Court.
3. AND this lawsuit was NEVER served to me legally, so is REALLY A MOOT POINT, but corrupted Judges and others in Chicago District Court have ALLOWED it to continue to conclusion -- DESPITE Presiding Judge William Maddux ADMITTING TO ME ON THE PHONE that if what I CLAIM is true about it, IT HAS NO LEGAL STANDING!!!

Judge Maddux ALSO said that it was IMPOSSIBLE to stop a suit ILLEGALLY accepted as lawfully filed BEFORE it concludes -- but he also told me how to STRIP Saper Law of their Law Licenses and PUT THEM IN FEDERAL PRISON.

I will do that now, IF the US Government will PROTECT this citizen from the Barack Obama/Rahm Emanuel/Well Fargo/American Express/Republican Party NAZI narco-traffickers IN ASSOCIATION with the CIA/NSA -- ALL directed AT TOP (my mother now "officially retired"), by Dick Cheney and Barbara's white HOT-Bush -- who (Barb Bush) was ALWAYS called a "farm animal" by Nancy Reagan, who for THAT REASON never invited the Vice President and Mrs. Babs Bush (except once), to the White House SOCIALLY in eight years!!!

Nancy Reagan consulted psychics and even BARRED Ronald Reagan's TOP ADVISORS from contact with the President -- trying to break up the EVIL CABAL of Cheney/Bush and their operatives who had mastered how to use Ronald Reagan as a puppet.

But it got CRAZIER when she and Donald Regan got ROUGH with each other and the first info of the NAZI and narco-trafficking SCANDALS of Bush/Cheney crowd (Iran Contra, Ollie North, etc.) leaked all over EVERYTHING (continuing . . . ).

To relax, Nancy SUCKED OFF Frank Sinatra (her true love), on the floor beneath the Oval Office Desk.

But Ronald was PROUD of Nancy's skills -- and NOT AT ALL JEALOUS (save Frank Sinatra!!!). He made sure Pope John Paul II got a GOOD DRAINING!!!:

BLOWN UP full size, the Pope is eager, the skilled Jezebel promising.

I met the Reagans at a White House party in 1981, and found him enormously engaging and of GOOD WILL -- and witty. Nancy was a bit cold -- having seen her husband SHOT RIGHT IN FRONT OF HER only half a year before.

I don't know if she yet realized that had been BY her husband's Vice President's and Dick Cheney's people -- or not.

4. In 2010, I was approached informally by a representative of the Mexican Federal Government -- suggesting that I might have to seek Political Asylum in Mexico. I'm not sure what this entails -- and I would HATE to have to renounce my native US Citizenship -- but TODAY, it seems the likely ONLY action available to me, so I have already begun finding out how to go about that -- if it indeed proves necessary.

5. Readers can argue all they like about my knowledge and motivation -- but that is NOT any of my concern. Facts simply ARE, and have NO concern for anyone's opinion. If I didn't constantly duck doors because of my height -- and I decided I did not feel it was FAIR and DOORS ARE MEANT TO BE WALKED STRAIGHT THROUGH, DAMMIT!!!, I would not have much of a usable head right now (or it would be FAR MORE SWOLLEN), LOL!!!

6. In considering my blog over its ENTIRE self and period of creation, I would guess that about HALF of it has been written in Mexico -- and ALL of the material this "lawsuit" claims offensive was blogged while in Mexico on a MEXICAN DOMAIN: . When an American accesses it, they likely see (but I could NOT call anyone in the USA this morning to CONFIRM THIS) my blog show as , USUALLY an American domain if it ends in ".com", but not always.

If Jed Clampon of Windy City Wazoos TAKES OWNERSHIP of the .com but NOT the .mex domain, HOW WILL ALL THIS WORK in terms of the PRACTICAL???

7. The REASON to steal ALL my intellectual property, is that the Chicago Drug Mafia KNOW that with the RAVE reviews by QUALITY PEOPLE that my memoir of working for Tennessee Williams got -- and its ACTUAL QUALITY -- and that the producers of the movie LIKE SNOW FALLING ON CEDARS, the producers of the ENTIRE Harry Potter SERIES, as well as legendary producer (and good friend of John Uecker who MURDERED Tennessee Williams), Scott Rudin
 had ALL contacted my then-agent Cynthia Zigmund (of Chicago, then, LOL!!!), but the FIRST TWO eventually replied that they for various reasons were NOT interested in making a movie from it -- but Scott Rudin's organization REFUSED TO ANSWER Cindy's follow up calls/emails, and after I spoke with Scott Rudin's assistant Jeff (as documented in this blog), he and the Rudin organization REFUSED TO ANSWER MY QUESTIONS about either their determinations about my material -- or asking for clarification on EXACTLY Scott Rudin's relationship with John Uecker -- Uecker having MANY times claimed to me that they are "bosom buddies" since being in high school together, and that Rudin actually was the ONLY FRIEND who daily brought him food and friendship in his walk-up apartment when he suffered a severe AIDS complication that had him bed-ridden for over a month.

At the SAME TIME as my later attempts to get an answer out of Scott Rudin or Jeff, MY FRIENDS and even strangers who had READ my book after buying it on Amazon saw the "Post a Review" button DISAPPEAR on amazon's site when they attempted to post favorable reviews. This problem has at least lessened since then.

Back to WHY the theft of my book, blog, and ALL COPYRIGHTS to content of both: They know that having LOST my house, my accumulated wealth of a nearly paid-off house, my ART COLLECTION, MOST of my belongings -- especially those I had emotional attachment to -- etc., that they could FUCK ME FURTHER (after doing EVERYTHING IMAGINABLE to suppress sales of WALKING ON GLASS), would be to TAKE IT PERMANENTLY (and ditch it or revise it -- giving ME, the author-without-ownership, CREDIT for the lies -- that since I have SUCCEEDED in making myself TOO PUBLIC to easily DISAPPEAR.

And I have made MANY PUBLIC CLAIMS that I would rework this blog to be a short series of books about the TRUE BACK-STORY of America Politics over the last 80 years or so.

Although what Saper Law/Jed Clampon DON'T LIKE about what I report of THEIR activities -- ALL OF THAT WHICH REMAINS ON THIS BLOG WAS BLOGGED FROM MEXICO ON A MEXICAN DOMAIN.

HOW can a person in ANY podunk or MAJOR county in the United States LEGALLY affect another person who writes in a foreign country on that country's domain???


They COULD legally sue me in Mexican Courts where this alleged crime is claimed to have been committed (partly in Jalisco Estado, partly in Nayarit Estado). If they DO SO, I will happily cooperate -- and if I have IN FACT violated laws I am MORE THAN WILLING to accept punishment.

>>> ADDED LATER: Some was blogged in Colima Estado, too. Sorry -- I FORGOT!!!

8. But the BEST NEWS is that having gotten USED to losing EVERYTHING -- INCLUDING my mother, and siblings Michael William Kenan and Julia Ruth (Kenan) Duffy, who both WORSHIP Mom's SWASTIKAS, but NOT including my father William Scott Kenan and I DON'T THINK includes my not enormously, but STILL, "mentally/emotionally damaged" sister Jane Ann Kenan, losing copyrights to my book that took about EIGHT YEARS of constant work to complete and this blog is really NOTHING TO ME.


As PROLIFIC a writer as I now am -- and as I now LIVE AND BREATH TO WRITE, I will reconstruct one or the other quite quickly -- and while these IDIOTS will CONTINUE to file false suits to TIE ME UP AND KEEP ME SHUT UP (claiming I am violating THEIR copyrights to what AYE wrote).

I am WELL AWARE of how the Republican Party NARCO-TRAFFICKERS use United States Law to do this. Remember, in 2010, it was Amy Fortenberry who "helped" me get my yardsales together to sell all in Stone Mountain, GA before FLEEING to Mexico the first time.

Amy Fortenberry

Amy Fortenberry TOLD ME several times (and her father Chip as well as her mother VERIFIED THIS AS WELL), that Amy was HEAD OF Wal-Mart Corporation's "hidden" group of twelve (twenty???), lawyers who SUE anyone who criticizes Wal-Mart, using BOGUS LAWSUITS simply to harass them and make them PAY TO FIGHT FALSE LAWSUITS.

>>> ADDED AT 10:17 AM, CDT:

Amy Fortenberry DID actually poison me -- the first of FIVE poisonings, and I am WELL TRAINED in knowing the difference between symptoms of food poisoning from naturally growing pathogens and POISON-ADDED poisoning.

She took me to a Mexican restaurant on Hugh Howell in Tucker, GA -- not but a short distance east of where Hugh Howell splits off Hwy 29, and she knew the owner or manager and all the employees well. She took me there because she said their tamales were "the best in Atlanta", and she offered to buy me a tamale dinner -- I consented.

But Amy got so excited about the tamales, that she got up -- telling the server, "YOUR tamales are best, but as you HATE TO ADMIT, I actually make them even better!!!" She turned to me and said, "I'm gonna make these RIGHT -- be right back."

She returned to our table as they were being served -- about 20 minutes later. I ate one but they were HUGE and over-doughy like so many ARE in the USA (but not Mexico). The other one I ate later -- the next evening, I believe (google in this blog as I HAVE reported all this MANY, MANY times). Not long later, I began heaving which continued for about an hour and forty-five minutes without abating ONCE. It was all dry after the first couple of minutes.

About ten minutes after the continual heaving began, the same began out my anus. It TOO went dry quickly -- but I continued semi-dry shitting until right before the dry heaving stopped  so I guess I had THAT going for about an hour and a half.

I eventually -- DESPERATELY wanting only to "go to sleep" -- figured that standing in the cold shower would be the best thing to do. I think I stood in there fighting loss of consciousness for 30 - 45 minutes (kicking the few stray turdlets into the drain to help keep FOCUS). When things abated, I collapsed. I knew how to build back my strength and I did it.

So that was THAT.


* * *

9. Let me get this out so ALL know what I'm doing today -- and then get to allowing the United States Government to PROVE it cares about THIS CITIZEN'S RIGHTS -- and is NOT just a NAZI-POSSESSED government held up by IGNORANT WHITE RACIST AND HOMOPHOBIC PROTESTANTS -- including Barack Obama, BOTH Presidents Bush, Dick Cheney, Bill and Hillary Clinton, etc.

In ANY CASE, I'm doing JUST FINE!!!

Cheers and Ole'!!!