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RP: With Steve Bannon Thrown under Trump's Bus, Sean Spicer Apologizing, and Haston Lavern Caulder II "taken into an '(Exhaustion) Facility' for a couple of weeks", WHAT Can Happen NEXT???

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Pope John Paul II was FAST-TRACKED to canonization -- aka "Sainthood" (recognition by the Catholic Church as "PROVED" to be in heaven and OK TO PRAY TO as if he is Jesus or God the Father), by Pope Francis I, who ALSO fast-tracked (means fast and with nowhere NEAR as much evidence needed), Father Junipero Serra, who enslaved and murdered TONS of Native Americans in California.

It is NO WONDER that Adolph Hitler made this statement:

As all my Readers know, my parents set up the Christian Drug Mafia in Wilmington, NC as well as Atlanta/Stone Mountain, GA with Nixon Aide John Ehrlichman (whom I met with TWICE in the early 1990s in his Atlanta condo): 

President Nixon and John Ehrlichman

And Mom (Ruth Anne Meyer Kenan), had at least THREE one-on-one audiences with Popes in Rome -- at least TWO of those with John Paul II.

The Meyer side of my family at our NAZI CONFAB in 2009 in Indiana at Greg Lernihan's (who co-founded Convergint Technologies, lake house. Greg is photo-shopped in on far right -- since he took the photo.

ALL descendants of my mother's parents were in attendance -- and REMEMBER, FDR did NOT allow Mom's brothers, Robert J. Meyer, DDS and Marcellus "Mart" Bernard Meyer, a lawyer who worked for the J. Edgar Hoover's FBI before going into private practice, to FIGHT IN EUROPE during WWII, because of the family's WELL-KNOWN NAZI SYMPATHIES!!!

They fought in the Asian Theater admirably, bringing home swords as trophies that my grandparents hung PROUDLY on their living room wall, on Franklin Ave. in Brookville, Indiana.

>>> ADDEDWONDERWHO has them NOW???

ONLY Jan (Meyer) Opperman's -- now Larsen, but widowed from him who was also employed by American Airlines, a DEAL set up by my mother, so Jan could and DID quickly get his (Bill Larsen's): 

(I've decided to leave this a mess.)

Jan (Meyer) Opperman, later Larsen, is in RED, her two children by Kim Opperman -- from left -- Ian Opperman (who has an honest-to-god vestigial nipple), and Andrea Opperman who has gone through FULL CONVERSION to Judaism

On far RIGHT is a CHRISTIAN CRACK WHORE -- who ALWAYS hung around the Meyers!!!

So Jan quikly inherited his estate, he having TERMINAL CANCER when they married -- since SHE keeps losing EVERYTHING due to her DRUG ADDICTIONS!!! -- (on crutches and "shopped-in", as she was at the Emergency Room when the photo was taken -- before everyone left for home), her two children (whose father is a JEW), did NOT attend, they calling the Meyers "NAZIS" -- HA!!!

And a QUICK NOTE about the OTHER person shopped-in, Susan Grant (in black slinky):

I bring this up because Susan Grant was the FIRST female FULL PILOT of trans-Pacific 747s for United Airlines (in the NEWS-TOILET, currently), and BEFORE that, she had been the THIRD female to graduate the US Air Force Academy where she stayed on ANOTHER EIGHT YEARS "CHRISTIANIZING" our Service Academy for the NAZI PARTY, USA!!!

And her books about romance and SEX-WITH-OUTER-SPACE-ALIENS, are based on her experiences with my first cousinGeorge Meyer: -- although the ABOVE novel is "vice-versa-ed" (as they say):

George Meyer and Susan Grant, summer 2009

And to BRING IT HOME to Wilmington, North Carolina, the ONLY NAZI CRIME my mother ever ADMITTED to me, was that she -- with St. Mark's Catholic's Duplicate Bridge ClubFather Robert "Bob" J. Kus, then IN CHARGE OF THIS -- but now he heads St. Mary's around the corner from my apartment -- SMUGGLED WHITE people's artwork artwork out of South Africa because the POPE had decided that the FALL OF APARTHEID was TOTALLY UNFAIR to WHITE PEOPLE!!!

Father Bob Kus was a Psychologist for MANY YEARS -- before studying to enter the priesthood. Here is one of his books:

And this is likely the LAST BLOG POSTING that I email to Joseph Crawford Faulk, Jr. in New York City -- that because I HOPE to find a lawyer, today, to rep me in suing him for PALIMONY-with-PUNITIVE-DAMAGES, and should likely NOT be in touch with him from now on.

EXCEPT to call to see if he's OK and NOT in need of "Psychiatric Incarceration"(He has NO OTHER friend on Earth!!!)

BUT, I'll discuss all that with my lawyer.


Scott Kenan

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And the price of OIL has SPIKED UP on this news!!!

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A historian of conservatism looks back at how he and his peers failed to anticipate the rise of the president.

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Pastor Salvatore Sapienza and his husband, behind him.

And I was very PLEASED that Christian Pastor Salvatore Sapienza "LIKED" my last posting, that I POSTED ON HIS PAGE!!!:, and this IMPORTANT TRUTH:

WOW!!! Salvatore Sapienza: We have very recently crossed paths again, and earlier this evening I blogged PARTIALLY about the problem with the cross as the symbol of Jesus!!!
An ancient torture device is the symbol of our faith. Can we re-imagine the symbolism of the cross? Watch Pastor Sal's message for the start of Holy Week:

The cross was an ancient torture device, yet that is the symbol of our faith. How can we re-imagine the cross? Watch as Rev. Salvatore Sapienza, pastor of Do...


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