Saturday, June 3, 2017

RP: Lara Yunaska (wife of the WEREWOLFIAN Eric Trump) -- She a Wilmington NATIVE -- ALSO Spoke at the North Carolina Republican Party 2017 Convention -- TODAY!!!

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Lara Yunaska and hubby Eric Trump, are OFTEN at their Palace on Wrightsville Beach!!!

Lara's step mother-in-law:


The gauge of what Trump men have to offer:

THANK GOD for Alec Baldwin, a GREAT Stanley Kowalski (Tennessee Williams character), as well as Donald Trump!!! 

And in 2010, I nearly bought the house next door to Kathy Griffin's, on Avenida Ava Gardner -- a North Carolina actress, who played in The Night of the IguanaFILMED in Mismaloya, Mexico where that house I almost bought is!!! 

Beyond THATright up a few kilometers into the mountainsArnold Schwarzenegger filmed ALL his TERMINATOR movies!!!

"Ignore him. Like the leaders of all the other countries in the world. Ignore him."

Well, while I STILL stand by my "outrageous words" to the God-Hating Christians at the Republican Convention, today -- and DOUBLE DOWN DELUXE on my words to the Black Christian Republicans -- see: -- TOMORROW (being another day, as they say), I intend to wear one of my KENAN T-SHIRTS under my nubby, raw silk sports jacket, some good trousers, and shoes, and:

GREET all the Republicans assembling for their Sunday Morning Prayer Breakfast (closing event), to let them KNOW what I have been told about their NAZI PARTY by several Key Republicans I have known -- some very WELL, some less so -- but KNOWN BY ME and most also by my NAZI CATHOLIC PARENTS, Ruth Anne (Meyer) Kenan and William Scott Kenan (Dad claims he put Sen. Jesse Helms into power):


President Ronald Reagan and Nancy -- here seen with Frank Sinatra, whose heirs sold my Kenan Family Bank of America.

2. Coach Lou Holtz and his wife Beth:

They lived across the street when we lived on Larwell Drive in Columbus, Ohio -- and were my parents' BEST FRIENDS -- back then we had the SWASTIKAS on our dinner plates -- HA!!!

A letter I recently sent the President of University of Notre Dame about ALL OF THAT!!!:


Richard Nixon's Aide, John Ehrlichman, who with PPD, Father Bob Kus of St. Mary's Catholic, and my parents, SET UP the Wilmington Christian Drug Mafia.

And then Ehrlichman with Newt Gingrich, CNN, the Atlanta Journal/Constitution, and my employer 1990 - 2010, Patrick Lee Stansbury of Pentagon Publishing, Inc, of Snellville, Georgia, set it up in Atlanta/Stone Mountain.

Then Bill Clinton stationed 24 unmarked CIA cars three blocks from my Stone Mountain house to PROTECT THE NARCO-TRAFFICKING, and Gen. Russel Honore' knew ALL ABOUT THIS and how it was the Kenans of Chapel Hill who actually RAN IT ALL!!!

Retired Army Col. Dottie Newman (on right), also Colin Powell's Chief Protocol Officer while Colin was Secretary of State, was a VERY CLOSE friend of mine, I meeting many top active Generals and the Secretary of State of Argentina in her home -- the four months I met with her book club. And I once did a presentation to this group on my memoir:

Dottie got me out of the USA and to POLITICAL EXILE in MEXICO in 2010 -- after my parents, both sisters, Georgia Republican Party, Patrick Stansbury, and the CIA (Dottie knew that ALL these people were part of this), were UNABLE to commit me to a Mental Hospital in FIVE TRIES in ONE MONTH!!!

Dottie said they planned to KILL ME, this confirmed by Geraldine "Gerry" Flynn-Miller, a salesperson with Pentagon Publishing.


Sean Hannity (and some of his male lovers) -- OK, I knew Sean's GOOD FRIENDChristal Presley:


 >>> ONLY ONE mystery left, tonight:

The possible new roommate, Darrell Neil Brutout, stopped by this afternoon to discuss his possibly moving in. He has NOT yet made his decision, but after he LEFT, I discovered he'd left his size medium Fruit of the Loom BRIEFS soaking in water in one of my two bathtubs!!!

I'm NOT SURE what to make of that, but if I wanted to SNIFF any article of men's CLOTHING, it would NOT be under-pants, but a T-SHIRT!!!

Evan Fish was FORCED to jump to his death September 3, 2011, by Wilmington Police (as confirmed by New Hanover County Sheriff's Deputies) -- because of what he knew about CHRISTIAN POLITICIANS and MINISTERS/CHURCHES narco-trafficking with my old boss, Patrick Stansbury of Pentagon Publishing:


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