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RP: Telling New CIA Director Gina Haspel THE TRUTH about Her NAZI/Christian CIA -- with TONS of Links to MORE!!!

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Submission Sent

Submission Reference ID: Z2ZNJW4Z

Gina Haspel, Director
Central Intelligence Agency
Office of Public Affairs
Washington, D.C. 20505

May 17, 2018

Dear Director Haspel,

My name is Scott David Kenan and I congratulate you on being confirmed to be the permanent Director of the CIA today. I guess not much will change, but that is entirely up to you.

As you SHOULD know, I have had huge numbers of run-ins with the CIA, at least going back to 1988, when I learned that your Agent Rick Neva, supposedly from Livonia, MI, was my roommate, and also spied on the Indigo Girls and made them tons of music tapes to play when they traveled, as well as spying on my top Spiritual Mentor, Dr. J. Kennedy Schultz, then Pastor of Atlanta Church of Religious Science as well as President of Religious Science, International. I suspected Rick of something because when his mother called, she was never like a mother – but a strict task-master – and then after Rick moved out, I was unable to change my long-distance carrier and was told that it had been SECURED to an American Express card in the name of Rick Neva – TWO MONTHS before I even met Rick.

And Neva is the river that runs through St. Petersburg, Russia. Which was ALSO the home of Maria Britneva, who with her mother and sister escaped the Bolshevik Revolution to live in England, where Maria married Peter Grenfell, the 2nd and last Lord St. Just, so she got control of his Morgan Grenfell Bank, that became the core of Deutsche Bank’s International Banking, perhaps the LARGEST creditor of Donald Trump and his children – as well as conduit of cash from Vladimir Putin and Russian Oligarchs – but who DOESN’T know that now??? My posting about that:

Also, Maria Britneva worked with the Episcopal Church USA Lawyer Michael Remer, and your Agent John Eastman of Eastman & Eastman, NYC, Tennessee Williams’s lawyer when he was murdered, to murder him, also with the help of Frank Hawkins Kenan, then the Spiritual Leader of the Republican Party of North Carolina and a Klan member, and then they STOLE Tennessee’s Estate from Harvard University for The University of the South – called Sewanee. I had several conversations with the Admin for President Drew Gilpin Faust of Harvard about undoing that, but Thomas S. Kenan III directing the world’s largest Private Support of University Education, the William R. Kenan, Jr. Charitable Trust,, gives Harvard too many millions per year for Dr. Faust to rock that boat, and of course it is mostly Exxon-Mobil money, and also used to influence faculty to DENY Climate Science – as was much in the news a year or so ago about Exxon doing this – supporting professors to influence their “Climate Opinion”.

AND, your Agent John Eastman, first brother-in-law of Paul McCartney, was responsible for the murder of John Lennon as well. When I first sent this info (and more), to British Authorities three or so years ago, I soon read in the Press that Scotland Yard had opened an investigation into the CIA murder of John Lennon – but I ASSUME bag-assed USA shut that down PRONTO!!!

Other Kenan Charites – which mostly seem TERRIFIC – include the world’s largest private NGO, Kenan Institute Asia,, and Kenan Institute for Ethics at Duke, which I have become associated with:

And two things you and I share are that you knew Mother Teresa, and Dr. Schultz was one of eight heads of denominations that accompanied Mother on a walking tour of Washington, DC near the Capitol, when she decided where to open a homeless shelter. I, like you, also lived in Louisville, KY 1957 until about two weeks before JFK was assassinated, which I believe my parents had a hand in planning. My parents then often got mysterious gifts from a Vice President of Pepsico (chief competitor of Coca-Cola which is largely controlled by my wealthy Kenan relatives who are associated with the founding of UNC Chapel Hill) and my parents were connected to the Bingham Family – who murdered Mary Lily (Kenan) Flagler, later Bingham, to get the codicil to her will of $5,000,000.00 – over $95,000,000.00 in 2018 dollars.

My parents WORSHIPED Richard Nixon (beyond the end)!!! And I knew his Aide John Ehrlichman who was HUGE in setting up drug mafias here in Wilmington and in Atlanta in the early 1990s when he worked with my boss Patrick Stansbury, Newt Gingrich, CNN, Congressman John Linder, Sean Hannity, Neal Boortz,etc.

Before I go on, I should say that I am CHOCK FULL of Classified and even Top-Secret Information – but I got NONE of it illegally, but only by observing my own family and those I have met. I am a bit like Ida Tarbell, who as PRESS brought down the Standard Oil Trust when Congress and Law Enforcement were TOO CORRUPTED to do a thing. I am also like “Deep Throat” with my knowledge (and in a second way as well – yes, I had a lot of sex with guys, including many of your Agents)!!!

Anyway, I was raised with Swastikas on the dinner plates and daily beatings. My father claimed to have been most responsible for putting Sen. Jesse Helms into power, were best friends with Coach Lou Holtz and his with Beth (who lived across Larwell Drive from us in Columbus, OH at the end of the 1960s), and for Lou’s help with Mom’s Swastikas, she got him his first DREAM JOB at Notre Dame!!! Also, she got her brother Robert J. Meyer, DDS, who already lived in South Bend, the position of official dentist to the Fighting Irish – until Bob let my cousin Janet marry a Jew, Kim Opperman, and Mom had all Bob’s considerable wealth removed, forced him into a Veterans Hospital in Lower Mississippi (now closed), and to take double-strength Lithium Carbonate, which according to Mom’s handwritten notes from before that which I actually possess, it causes “chemically induced Diabetes”, which Bob slowly died of VERY painfully, as his appendages were one-by-one amputated.

Did YOU ever do that while YOU got your jollies TORTURING???

Also, my mother – to shut me up – had me diagnosed Bipolar in 1978 and forced onto Lithium (normal dose), for 31 years – for a “Soft Lobotomy”, but my doctor of eight years in 2009 told me she had NEVER seen a sign of Bipolar in me, and I’ve been off since then – except that my mother colluded with District Attorney Benjamin R. David and Judge Chad Hogston here in Wilmington to CONVICT ME of a false charge of Cyberstalking in 2011 – after I blogged about major narco-trafficking in a gay bar in Wilmington, and my Probation was to force me back on Lithium, but I got a BETTER Public Defender who FORCED all of several false convictions of me to be VOIDED.

But I WAS in 2011 Committed to Mental Hospital by local Judge Sandra Ray on claims of a major CRACK distributor and his cousin – he later serving several years in South Carolina – and the Judge STILL ON THE BENCH!!! And only two months ago, the Property Manager where I live, Jonathan Deputy, threatened me physically and bullied me not to blog about HIS protecting Drug Sellers in this building as well as my actual landlady, Gold Walker, whose son Allen owns Walker World,, which several Police Officers told me is suspected as being one of the BIGGEST Drug Import Ports in this region.

I continued -- as is the DUTY of a FREE PRESS and any PATRIOT, and he began Cyberstalking me, claiming I am a child molester, never even KNEW Tennessee Williams, and claimed he could steal the copyright to any NEW books I write – just like D.A. Ben David with Fox News Chicago Talking Head and Lawyer Daliah Saper with then Wells Fargo Advisors Exec Jamie Lee Sutherland (now of Ameriprise Financial) did after I blogged about Jamie bragging of doing $24,000,000.00/month Narco-Trafficking in Puerto Vallarta for his bank (the Chicago HQ was fined $200,000,000.00 that year for laundering drug money), and also that he’d seen Barack Obama and Rahm Emanuel in his Men’s Country private gay bathhouse several times – NO SECRET to Chicago insiders or people OUTSIDE the USA where the CIA has less control of the media.

Anyway, I was never legally served, then tried in absentia in Cook County Courts while I was nearly homeless in Mexico. Jamie only asked for $50,000.00 (and it was false charge since I only quoted Jamie in blog) but was awarded $500,000.00. copyright to my memoir that Scott Rudin and the producers of all the Harry Potter films were looking to buy movie rights. It established me as the authority on the last two years of Tennessee’s life, and I later posted it as a blog, and they CANNOT force Google/Blogger to remove it:

And back to Mr. Deputy, Jon lied to a Judge and got me committed for ten days the day AFTER I filed Cyberstalking Charge against him, got my Charge DROPPED while I was in (but I got it issued again, both Magistrates saying my case is SLAM-DUNK after seeing his emails to me), but our Sheriff, Ed McMahon (who is HUGE in Narco-Trafficking in partnership with the CIA), won’t serve it – so I will FIRST get his Real Estate License removed.

Now I have barely scratched the surface of what I know – and which high-powered Politicians and Military Leaders in the USA and Mexico I have been connected with. I have been debriefed by MANY in both countries.

To avoid writing this as a book, I am going to just paste in some links with brief comments. I am sorry I am not better organized, but I just know SO MUCH!!!

My friend Stanley Winborne III, originally of Wilmington, whose grandfather was Ambassador to China – during the Opium Wars, I believe -- was my best friend in Puerto Vallarta, and his son whom he does NOT get along with was 2nd in charge of the Hillary Clinton State Department in Afghanistan and charged with shipping all the US-Soldiers-Protected Heroin (the Taliban SHUT DOWN opium production – the ONLY reason George W. Bush attacked them and Afghanistan, after he, Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, etc., PLANNED 9/11 with their long-time business partners, the Bin Laden and Saudi Royal Families), back on Air Force planes.

My then Facebook friend Imran Anwar, “Father of the Internet in Pakistan”, had been a Talking Head on BOTH Fox News and their sister-network of a “liberal slant”, CNN for ten years, including on 9/11, said EVERYONE at both those networks knew Bush had planned it, but Christians are just too STUPID and GREEDY to care!!!

And I DID meet George W. Bush’s top Drug Money Launderer, Martin Lamb, who has a jetport off Panama that he said GWBush flies small jets loaded with hundred-dollar bills to for him to launder, about 2012 in Colima, Mexico. When he heard I was North Carolina Kenan, he ASSUMED I had tons of Drug Cash to launder and SPILLED THE BEANS!!!

This posting shows that I DO communicate with Sen. Richard Burr (who cleared your nomination), and Burr KNOWS EVERYTHING IN THIS, as I include his answer, and this also links to much I know of CIA Narco-Trafficking in Puerto Vallarta:

It is really extraordinary that I knew “Sonny”, who had been sentenced to 25 years in US Max security prisons – but the CIA took him out after only 11 to protect Narco-Trafficking in Puerto Vallarta – as well as “Fernando Merino”, that fake Mexican name of the only son of the CIA’s top exporter of Cocaine from Colombia to the USA, whose “godfather” called “Hector-the-Engineer”, had 24 houses worldwide and placed the bomb in the Chunnel between England and France so that it could be detonated when your CIA wanted ANOTHER fake Terrorist Attack, like on 9/11, but it was FOUND and the Chunnel shut down a few months for “repairs” in 2010.

One of the five places I was held hostage by the CIA Mexican Drug Mafias was at Hector’s ranch in Nayarit state – with Mafia sporting machine guns, vests, and armored vehicles, they living in barracks about 200 feet from the house – and this ALSO has scans of my life-long contract with your CIA that I signed and ignored – LOL!!!

Luis Melgoza, the disbarred former top lawyer for the Mexican PRI Party, caused me much trouble, corrupting my computers, he running, that I easily traced the parent company of to a small bungalow near CIA HQ in Virginia – HA!!! Luis was, about two years ago, taken out by Mexican Patriots -- or your CIA -- while on the operating table for a minor procedure in Guadalajara.

He ALSO worked with Benjamin Shields, US Special Forces gone rogue and a HUGE narco-trafficker, who held me hostage in Conchas Chinas – and had long phone conversations with my mother on how roughly to treat me, but also owned a series of about eight “Obama-Haters” websites around 2010 that CNN TV reported on several times and said NO ONE could figure out who owned them, but I did – by simply googling – and this has detailed scans of all of that:

And Mr. Melgoza with his partner, Salvador Fuentes who claimed to be my 4th Kenan cousin and sent by Thomas S. Kenan III of Chapel Hill with a top 60 MINUTES producer to film TWO SEGMENTS for TV of my story, filmed me in HD video and audio for 45 minutes – and I believed that for two years, I was so stupid. They were just getting info for your CIA.

In 2012, your Agent Kevin Maurer, then Head of City Desk of the Wilmington Star News, interviewed me extensively by phone in P.V., claiming he was doing a feature article on me or a book, dropped me like a HOT POTATO when his CIA book on the assassination of Bin Laden, No Easy Day was announced to be released – but he DID admit to me his crime against me at least. The Wilmington paper – like the New York Times, then, was through debt more than stock ownership controlled by Carlos Salim “Slim” Helu of Mexico, Bill and Hillary Clinton’s TOP narco-trafficking partner who fell from Richest Man in the World when Hillary left the State Department.

I was ALSO held hostage for about five weeks by “Toro” in his CRACK HOUSE in P.V. also there by two sons of El Chapo Guzman, Martin and Alberto, who ADMITTED they work with Rahm Emanuel (and hence the blackmailed homosexual, Barack Obama). And about five years ago, I was completely debriefed by one of the Mexican Marines Officers who physically captured El Chapo the first time before he escaped – in a hotel taken over for Military Barracks in Nuevo Vallarta.

The GOOD NEWS in this is that all the NAZI activities can be traced back to the Catholic Popes – including Pope Francis, and I’m sure you know well, in his early days as a priest in Argentina, he was the TOP person cooperating with CIA Narco-Trafficking and Death Squads there – EASY to google up!!!

Actually, the GOOD NEWS is that YOU seem to have NO RELIGION – which is VERY GOOD – but the same was true of lifelong Kenan Family employee Rex Tillerson who was ALSO bosom-buddies with Kenan Family Friend Vladimir Putin, and Rex TRASHED the State Department (but at least called Trump a FUCKING MORON)!!!

Well, it’s getting late, so I will just add some links:

Now, I have lost my life’s savings, been jailed and committed falsely MANY times, been forced to Political Exile in Mexico, been poisoned several times, beaten up several times – three times so severely it took five weeks to get past the pain -- and even knocked 12 feet out of a crosswalk by a Time-Warner truck because I warned Wilmington Mayor Bill Saffo I was going to DEMAND the full Police Report of when Wilmington Police murdered my friend Evan Fish September 5, 2011 as VERIFIED by Sheriff’s Deputies – because Evan knew ALL ABOUT Lee E. Gosney, Jr. of and of Snellville, GA (where I worked selling ad space in all the yearbooks for the Service Academies, War Colleges, and Maritime Academies), 1990 – 2010, but the owner, Patrick Stansbury ALSO distributes the drugs flown into Maxwell AFB from Maine to Florida, but ESPECIALLY to Politicians of both Parties and Christian Churches and Clergy – and Pam Sander of the Wilmington Star News STILL COVERS IT ALL UP.

Well, I serve GOD FIRST, then the US and Mexican Constitutions. I will do so until I die, and will NOT BE SHUT UP by Jonathan Deputy, Gold Walker, or even your SWASTIKAS-SPREADING Christian CIA.

And if YOU chose to REFORM YOUR AGENCY, then we can be BEST FRIENDS, if NOT, well, so FAR, I have AVOIDED all your CIA ASSASSINS, and hope to continue doing that. It would be NICE to have some of my wealth restored – but I am afraid the US GOVERNMENT considers me a TRAITOR who needs to be SILENCED or KILLED.

This missive will be sent by your secured server, a physical copy mailed to you, and it will be posted on my blog and emailed to my 230 Political Contacts. See:

Thank you for reading this – and I hope to hear from you.

Scott David Kenan
Wilmington, North Carolina
Cell: (910) 200-XXXX


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