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Out-going President George W. Bush surprises the naive Barack Obama by handing over the CIA's narco-trafficking operation for President Obama to CONTINUE TO PROTECT OR BE KILLED!!! See more here: .

>>> "A BIT OF A RAMBLE" is how I would describe the post I will shortly direct you to that details many of the difficulties I encountered in Puerto Vallarta the last time I was here (for five months). That said, I've had no misadventures AT ALL since returning 2.5 weeks ago (not counting two SELF-IMPOSED difficulties due to fun but unfortunate "manly seductions" -- which were rather petty thefts, as might have been expected and prevented by me. LOL!!!

So here are a few discoveries I've made since my return -- OF A MOST AUSPICIOUS NATURE!!!:

1. Dr. John H. Mabrey Crouch (who had been recommended by STILL IN HER POSITION AS US CONSULAR AGENT in Nayarit (adjacent to Puerto Vallarta) Sinead O'Day, who was IN FACT put in her position by the George W. Bush Administration for her loyalty to the CIA NARCO-TRAFFICKING RING, when the Bush Administration was FIRMING UP the CIA/NARCO-TRAFFICKING agents in US Embassies and Consulates. So far, President Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton HAVE SEEN FIT  to KEEP traitorous Bush appointees in position), seems to have disappeared.

His former office (where he had lived, sleeping on a cot and nursing his literally falling-apart, ancient pick-up truck -- that he used while I knew him to PULL APART the taco stand of his very successful, so-called Mexican girlfriend -- STRAIGHT PEOPLE CAN BE SO HATEFUL IN THEIR RELATIONSHIPS, WHICH IS WHY HETEROSEXUALITY IS OFTEN CALLED "THE WAR OF THE SEXES"), has a new tenant now, and his plant nursery where he was forced move to after kicking ME out, has been re-developed into a rather nice residence -- apparently around the leftovers of the nursery. I tried to find him three times there, but all evidence points to him having sold and moved away.

Readers will recall that Dr. Mabrey (hired by my mother on Sinead O'Day's recommendation -- even though Sinead HAD to know Dr. Mabrey had by then BEEN DISGRACED, LOST ALL HIS CLIENTS, AND WAS DESTITUTE AND DESPERATE), FAILED to get me to take psycho-active chemicals -- although he DID admit to me several times that HE had gotten stuck in the NARCO-TRAFFICKING CIA/REPUBLICAN PARTY MAFIA by a former wife, who had been a top cocaine importer to the United States.


2. "Toro" who maintains the crack house at 1690 Calle Costa Rico remains in charge there -- but REALLY is just a small player. When I visited him two weeks ago, he tried to PIMP OUT the three young men who live there to me, saying I could give them blow jobs for food money -- I declined (although I admit to being tempted).  See "IN OTHER NEWS in this post for more details -- and to BE CLEAR, all is worked out with Benefits Management of Wilmington, NC, now: .

 It was "BABY AZTECA: (actually Albert Guzman), who was the TOP CIA KILLER to protect CIA Narco-Trafficking -- and deported to Puerto Vallarta by the CIA after they RELEASED him from jail in Los Angeles where he was awaiting trials for THREE GANG MURDERS on behalf the CIA there (in the process, Albert's charges WERE ALL DROPPED -- allowing him to return LEGALLY to the United States, should the CIA's need ever arise there again), who had been the source of my difficulties then -- INCLUDING THE UNSUCCESSFUL ATTEMPT ON MY LIFE.

That said, I actually helped Albert's wife fight for her husband's reversal of his conviction for a LATER DRUG-GANG MURDER 10 days ago, because KENANS -- America's Family MOST COMMITTED TO LIBERTY AND JUSTICE FOR ALL -- believe EVERYONE deserves the BEST defense they can have!!! See: .

Bottom Line: Mexican Presidente Calderone's HARD LINE on NARCO-TRAFFICKERS -- EVEN IF PROTECTED BY THE CIA AND US REPUBLICAN PARTY -- is working (although at a horrible cost to Mexican society). Albert has so far been convicted and lost his first three appeals. He is UNLIKELY to win his fourth and last.

Although I have HEARD (read: do not know it is for certain), that the PRI Party's Presidential Candidate, Enrique Peña Nieto, is calling for STOPPING the fight against Narco-Traffickers, I hope this is not true. And although my friend Sonny PERSONALLY KNOWS this man, I ALSO must remember that many say the PRI has reformed itself (and judging from meeting their candidate for "Mayor" of Puerto Vallarta, ADRIAN MENDEZ, i would tend to agree that at least MANY of the PRI HAVE reformed).

I must ALSO remember that Sonny (a native Colombian) was a member of the Son Kings Gang that is associated with the Cali Cartel of Cocaine importation into not only New York City, but then took over Stone Mountain, GA, and Wilmington, NC as well!!!

After being convicted of multiple DRUG-GANG crimes (but NOT murder, which he was never accused of), he got off after 11.5 years of a 25 year sentence in US FEDERAL PRISON for good behavior. He had used the time to educate himself, and found a love-based form of Christianity there as well. Today, he completely ESCHEWS his drug days (although he seems a bit "stuck in the herb patch" in my opinion), and now seeks to build a successful new life with his Mexican wife here in Puerto Vallarta.

BUT PEOPLE ARE TRICKY, AND HE MIGHT HAVE JUST BEEN BIDDING HIS TIME, OPERATING DEEP UNDER COVER FOR THE CALI CARTEL STILL. I haven't decided yet, but I think not. He and his wife have been VERY kind to me since I returned to PV. Time will tell, and I have been TOO OFTEN TRICKED by people I thought I could trust (HELLO, MY SIBLINGS!!! -- MOM AND DAD, I KNEW WERE DEDICATED NAZIS).

3. Benjamin Shields, from whom (with his difficult wife Adrianna) I had rented an apartment in Conchas Chinas BRIEFLY last time I was here -- and who at that time told me MANY times that he was a retired Special Services Military Officer who had many times broken International Law on behalf the CIA (which he claimed he still worked for two years ago), ALSO bragged about all the HATE DOMAINS (he claimed more than a dozen of them) he ran for the CIA and Republican Party -- right from his house in Conchas China!!!

Chief among them was "" (I can't remember the other names -- all related to that theme). I DID just now discover that although THAT domain has now gone dormant, it is STILL owned by Mr. Shields!!! See:

Or view these two captures I just made of that site:

So DON'T say I can't CONTINUE MAKING TROUBLE FOR THE GOD-HATING REPUBLICAN PARTY/CIA/FOX NEWS ALLIANCE (as I had meant to promise Adrian Mendez -- the likely NEXT MAYOR OF PUERTO VALLARTA -- when I met him yesterday, but had no time to do so.

TAKE THAT, YOU GODLESS, WILMINGTON, NC WHITE NARCO-TRAFFICKING REPUBLICANS (led by Dick Cheney and my own mother, Ruth Anne (Meyer) Kenan of Raleigh, NC, and the Pope-in-Rome), LOCKED IN BUSINESS WITH COLOMBIA'S CALI CARTEL!!!

God's people will ALWAYS win.

More on Mr. and Mrs. Shields -- as I reported more than a year ago here: .



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Scott Kenan said...

Comment from and my reply to Todd Dillon of Wilmington, NC -- pasted in here verbatim, although the comment showed NO REFERENCE to any specific thing:

Hi Matt (and so-called "All" -- Matt sent this to only a rather small portion of my mailing list),

1. First of all, when one sends an email referring to "this email" without replying to or forwarding OR IN ANY OTHER WAY, REFERENCING ANOTHER EMAIL, it means THE EMAIL CONTAINING THE WORDS "THIS EMAIL". I did NOT create the email you sent us all.

2. When I create emails, I do so on a Windows 7 computer, using my ten fingers to type.

3. Disclosure: I AM actually sick in that I have a bacterial infection in a large ulcer-like sore on the bottom of my right foot. I am getting medical treatment and a good prognosis.

4. I see from your signature that you have a "career" in "credit repair" -- a field that has been considered a scam for years now. What's up with that???

-- May I assume that with your lack of logic, evidence of poor education, and scamming career that you are a REPUBLICAN???


On Sat, May 19, 2012 at 7:46 AM, Todd Dillon wrote:

Apparently Scott Kenan, the creator of this email, is very sick.. I do not know how he created it. Although I do not agree with the Presidents Policies I do not wish him or his family any harm. Who ever this Scott Kenan is has somehow gotten a hold of me as a point of attention. I am at a loss.

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