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RP: Sunday Morning Funnies -- Before Writing Gold Walker and Jonathan Deputy about the RIDICULOUS "Bouncy-House, Water-Slide Crisis" at Spofford Mills Executives' Playhouse Apartments -- LOL!!!

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Scott Kenan
"When police decided the standoff was too tense for comfort, they targeted the local anti-fascists. As officers lobbed flash-bang grenades at them — ear-piercing explosives that temporarily disorient the senses — Proud Boys and Patriot Prayer members cheered on the copsclaiming victory against the 'violent leftists' they’d come expecting to fight themselves. 

Police successfully kept the sides separated — yet as they have at other Patriot Prayer gatherings, they targeted counter-protesters with their weapons and defended those aligned with white supremacy."

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Portland wasn't the next Charlottesville. But activists say police almost accidentally killed an anti-fascist protester.

ALSO in the State of OregonKenan Advantage Trucks were escorted by Police in Riot Gear so they could VIOLATE NATIVE LANDS as well as Environmental Law -- Donald Trump working with my Putin-loving Kenan Family that put him into power in the name of JESUS and the Episcopal Church.

The Kenan Family has contributed at least $100 Million to the Episcopal Church in the last 100 years that I have documented -- to HONOR the Episcopal Church's Symbol of their Authority on Earth -- the Confederate Mace, held at Sewanee/University of the South: 

I've blogged about this, too, when Kenans were breaking laws in Oregon on Native Lands, but that since Donald Trump was ELECTED due primarily to the Kenans and Kenan pal Vladimir Putin's help -- TRUMP called out LAW ENFORCEMENT to protect my Kenan Family breaking THOSE LAWS!!!

And while I have not noticed this in North Carolina, whenever I drove back and forth from Atlanta or Wilmington and Puerto Vallarta in 2010, 2012, and 2015, EVERY Kenan truck in Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, and Texas had CONFEDERATE FLAG DECALS prominently displayed.

Scott Kenan
Ha-Ha!!! Steve Bannon took over a few years ago from my own mother as America's TOP NAZI working directly with Catholic Popes for the NAZI takeover of the World

But it AIN'T a-WORKIN"!!!

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There’s little evidence for the bombastic former Trump adviser's claim that he can dominate next year’s European Parliament elections.

Scott Kenan commented on an article.
This sounds GREAT -- and I wish them all the best. 

But until Wilmingtonians vote our DRUG-TRAFFICKING Politicians OUT, things won't improve. 

In this photo, I know that Saffo, Rivenbark, and Butler (Deb's actually admitted this to me), are part of the Drug Mafia that my parents set up in the 1980s and 90s with Nixon Aide John Ehrlichman and Father Bob Kus, now at St. Mary's Catholic. 

Christians either get into Drugs or Prostitution, it seems!!!

Richard Nixon and John Ehrlichman -- YEARS before I had two meetings (at his request), with Ehrlichman in his Atlanta Penthouse in the very early 1990s.

I was taken there by two employees of Patrick Lee Stansbury, my employer 1990 - 2010, of Pentagon  Publishing, Inc., of Snellville, Georgia, who supplied the Politicians and Christian Churches of Atlanta and Wilmington, NC -- and more -- with HARD DRUGS flown into Maxwell AFB:

Father Robert J. Kus, whom I had a twenty-minute, one-on-one meeting with in 2010 -- and he didn't know NEARLY AS MUCH AS I DID about Catholic Theology!!!

My mother BRAGGED to me that when in St. Mark's Catholic Parish years ago -- under Fr. Bob Kus -- she and her Official Parish Duplicate Bridge Club smuggled WHITE PEOPLE'S MONEY (in expensive Art), out of South Africa by the order of the POPE, who was NOT HAPPY about Apartheid being ended.

This is the Roman Catholic Shrine to DRUG FUN of my first roommate in Gold Walker's 205 S. 4th Street apartment, fall of 2015 (for about five months)Philip Rosario, who was RECOMMENDED to me by "Yah-Yah" of Village Market at Dock and 2nd Streets.

Readers know that Phil claimed that he  -- a Puerto Rican from NYC -- had lived in Wilmington for 30 YEARSrunning Drugs and MANY Whore Houses under DIRECT ORDERS of Father Bob Kus

He ALSO claimed he had the DIRT on D.A. Benjamin R. David, so he could NEVER be Prosecuted -- but after I caught him and friends splitting up a throw-pillow sized bag of pot, exchanging fat rolls of $100.00 bills, and smoking CRACK in my apartment -- I kicked him out, and a few months later, he FLED WILMINGTON!!!


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