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RP: My Completed Letter to Navy Commander (retired), James Iredell Godley:


Jim Godley (tallest) with his family, today.

Navy Commander James Iredell Godley, retired
Larkspur, Colorado 80110

January 31, 2019

Dear Jim,

I trust that you and Darlene are enjoying retirement as much as Darlene’s Facebook page shows – many adventures of various kinds. I am including, below, the Letter I wrote you four days ago, but so much has changed since then – including my claim that I will contact your parents directly if I don’t promptly hear from you. I leave all of this in your hands. I would NOT, however send them link to my blog or mention I have one – it contains too many things that would shock and horrify them -- while people who are younger would just see them as a chronicle of the frustrations and joys of Life – in the New Normal, as my good personal friend Lt. General Russel Honore’ likes to call it.

And if you have not before gotten wind of this, then you might need to read a few weeks of my blog going backward in time. This letter will be published there as well – but not any response from you, which I hope to get. This sounds so “clinical” and yet I feel completely like not just “patriotic family” with you, but somehow we are merged into one family by one of the best of Life’s events.

Yesterday, Sallie Bingham returned an answer to my Letter to her – a sort of “touching base” that similar people in Politics and the Arts do. I might also get a Letter back from her soon. Sally had “blown up” her family’s Publishing Empire by exposing her Grandfather, Judge Robert Worth Bingham’s and other family members' crimes – including likely murdering his wife Mary Lily Kenan, the widow of Henry Flagler, whom the New York Times had recently declared the Wealthiest Woman in the World. Mary Lily was a fairly distant cousin of mine of a much earlier generation – but my immediate family has been caught up in the Political Actions of my wealthy relatives, and some of their own doing, all of which are described in great detail in my blog.

My point is that between Sallie Bingham and me, we have unraveled, and are unraveling, perhaps the BIGGEST corruption of the US Government – and it is led by my wealthy Kenan relatives. I’ve written and re-written these stories so many times, from various perspectives and emphasizing different connections, so I’ll leave that exploring to you – and the most important parts, current ones anyway, can quickly come into focus as you read.

Today, my sisters and mother resumed a $125.00/week stipend they with Mike had been sending me for 1.5 years (it’s a long, involved story about what happened to my wealth, Art collection, house, etc.) – until my blog upset them three weeks ago, so we have come to some understanding – even if we have not discussed that. However, my brother Mike (who can most afford it), is still holding out his share, so ¾ of the $125.00. Mike and I have become embroiled in a classic Biblical Brothers’ event – like Cain & Abel or Jacob & Esau -- and Mike’s the hairy one – HA!!!

We’re just burning off old growing up envies of each other. I was always jealous because Mike was so handsome, athletic, and popular, and I guess Mike was jealous of me being older, smartassier, and taller. Who knows??? We’ll both grow out of it soon.

I’m publishing this now on my blog, and will print and mail it to you in the morning.


* * *

January 27, 2019

Hi Jim,

I hope I get to meet your wife Darlene (whom Max Kenan likes so much – and I assume Connor “Congo” Kenan, who now lives about twenty miles from you also does), at a Godley/Iredell and Kenan Family reunion – preferably in North Carolina, for obvious reasons!!!

This Letter is being snail-mailed to you, and to see where I published it on my Political Blog, please go to, where I have already given a bit of the Iredell/Godley and Kenan Families’ Histories -- with images added and ACTIVE hyperlinks.

My brother has been more CRAZED than over anything else, that nothing of my blog is ever seen by your and Gail’s parents, Ann and Larry Godley, yet Mike told me THIS about Larry’s current view of President Donald Trump:

“When I LAST saw Mike's father-in-law, Larry Godley (Christmas at Mike's house in Berwyn, PA, either 2008 or 09), Larry, as conservative an Evangelical Republican as I have ever met, RIDICULED President Barack Obama, extensively. And now I've heard that Larry DID vote for Donald Trump, but NOW considers Trump an ASSHOLE, and his associates complete IDIOTS.”

Anyway, since I really TURNED UP THE HEAT under Mike the last several days – especially since I got THIS from my mother -- Mike has REMAINED SILENT:

And I would BET MY BOTTOM DOLLAR (having seen the core of Mike’s heart), that he’s just being STUBBORN to make certain I DO send you all this info so you can pass it to your Navy or other friends high in US Intelligence.

I think Mike and I BOTH trust you to pass on to Ann and Larry, what you think would be judicious.

All Best to you and Darlene – and ALL of the Godleys!!! If I don’t get an email from you to or – or a phone call -- within a day or two of when you receive this Letter saying you got it and will act as you see fit, I will contact Ann and Larry directly, myself.

Carry ON!!!

Scott D. Kenan

Wilmington, NC 28403

Cell: (910) 200-XXXX


RP: EMBOLDENED by Sallie Bingham Facebook-Friending Me Yesterday, Today, I Told Patrick Addington as He Left at 9:40 AM with a Backpack Loaded with DRUGS TO SELL, That WE Have Been in the NEWS Lately -- and He Should CHECK THIS BLOG!!!


The Sallie Bingham Center at Duke University -- and the Kenan Institute for Ethics also at Duke University, and the ONLY Kenan Family Charity I am associated with!!!:

>>> BREAKING!!!: Just now (10:13 AM), My mother Ruth Anne (Meyer) Kenan, and sisters Julia Ruth (Kenan) Duffy and Jane Ann Kenan, sent me $92.00 -- by Venmo by my brother Michael William Kenan, who did NOT add his portion that would have made it $125.00 total.

Mike is as STUBBORN a cuss as I am -- and he is indicating he WON'T participate again until I send the completed Letter to HIS brother-in-law, Navy Commander James Iredell Godley. I just love my brother's SPUNK!!!

I had planned to do that FIRST today, but this other news needed to be reported FIRST.

>>> My FIRST Facebook Comment of the day (other than to Bob Jones):

"Please be safe and stay warm." (It didn't even go down to freezing last night -- nor will it tonight!!!)

Scott Kenan With all due respect to Judy Justice for School Board: Even people who NEVER go to school are smart enough to know this!!! 


But Judy is a pal of Hard-Drug Trafficking Rep. Deb Butler, whose wife Anni Parra died a month and two days ago of BAD DRUGS, so maybe Judy is too HIGH to understand reality anymore, no??? 


Judy Justice (left) with Deb Butler -- notice how FLUSHED and CRAZED Judy's face is -- LOL!!!


Miss Piggy, the chicken, had to be fed THREE TIMES this morning -- and she drank a lot of the fresh water I put out too!!!

I did notice that Robert James McKinney's car and bicycle were both here first thing this morning -- Rob having tried to ASSASSINATE ME a few days ago with a PCP-saturated GIFT of a couple of small bowls of marijuana:

Then, I went to check mail -- finding only fast-food coupons (including for Wendy's GREAT SALADS, which I might splurge on one to bring up my vegetables intake after the Money from Mom, Jane, and Julie clears), but nothing else.

As I was returning, Richard from the house across the street closest to the Walking Trail -- he five years older than me (72), and STILL HOT (but having a girlfriend he CAN'T live with, but they get together for sex -- like Gay "Fuck-Buds"), -- and Richard was a member of SDS (Students for a Democratic Society), in the 1960s, rolled down his window and I hollered from a semi-distance about Rob trying to KILL ME, after Dr. Frederick H. Opper had falsely COMMITTED ME -- but Drs. Waldrep and Stelmach then got me out ASAP -- and Hans Stelmach even CROSSED OUT the Bipolar Diagnosis in my Release Papers that I still have!!! 

I told -- loud and hoping they all heard, since Rob, Allie, and Patrick were all still here then -- Richard also how I have BLOGGED about Patrick Addington and Allie Ryan selling TONS of hard drugs -- not just pot -- out of their apartment here -- but delivering it, rather than having all the ADDICTS come here!!! And that Jonathan Deputy and Rep. Deb Butler are who is behind it all. 

And then Patrick Addington came out with his pack full of goodies, and I told him to READ THIS BLOG -- which he HAD TO HEAR. The money then came in from my Family. Then Allie Ryan left in her car -- without any baggage -- and returned with an armload of SCHOOL BOOKSwhich I have never seen her carrying before, but maybe she enrolled in GRADUATE CLASSES that I had no idea of. She remains here at 12:01 PM -- as I TYPE!!!

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The Hearty Soul
Love this.

From George Will -- to whom -- as well as the Editors of The Washington Post -- I recently sent the Letter linked to in comments below:

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