Friday, May 31, 2019

RP: From Frida to Shining Frida -- on a Friday:


Thank GOD -- we made it to FRIDA!!!

The wholedangFRIGGIN' WEEK'S been like this. -- but GREAT SURPRISES, TOO!!!:

This week's Kilted Coaches' FITNESS RAP:

THANK GOD!!! I always knew Tony Robbins was a CHAUVINIST PIG and a RACIST -- but did NOT have the PROOFmyself.

A Simon & Schuster representative said that plans have changed.
Kim Hyok Chol, the chief negotiator who led the working-level negotiations with the U.S.was executed in March alongside several other officials in punishment for the outcome of the event, the newspaper reported. “Kim Hyok Chol was investigated and executed at Mirim Airport with four foreign ministry officials in March,” an unnamed North Korean officials told the Chosun Ilbo, according to a translation from Reuters. 

Another officialKim Yong Chol, who worked with Vice President Mike Pence in the lead-up to the Hanoi summit, has also been punished, reportedly with forced labor and “ideological education,” according to the South Korean paper.

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Talks between the U.S. president and Kim Jong Un abruptly collapsed in Hanoi earlier this year.
LOL!!! Lawrence Tribe has always been so "sober" before!!!

Laurence Tribe used a blistering tweet to accuse the Republican Senate majority leader of hypocrisy over his plans to fill any Supreme Court vacancy next...
"Silent Sam" discussions -- my Ku Klux KlanDEVOUT Episcopalian, and HARD-DRUG-TRAFFICKING Kenan Family is STILL DEMANDING to keep the CONFEDERACY ALIVE on UNC's campuses!!!

And then ALL SEATS were reserved by Republicans -- who didn't SHOW -- so Liberals COULD NOT WITNESS THE MEETING!!!

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Hoping to hear some discussion of the future of the “Silent Sam” Confederate monument, Lindsay Ayling and a few other UNC-Chapel Hill students attempted to attend last week’s meeting of the UNC Board of Governors. Attempted, as it turns out, was the operative word.

Frank Meyer, DDS (NOT a relative of my Meyer Mother), from Puerto Vallarta Writers Group had been Frank Sinatra's Palm Springs dentist -- who married Frank's old girlfriend (after Sinatra paid to fix her teeth).

When I knew Dr. Meyer, he was on his FIFTH SERIAL CHRISTIAN WIFE!!!


RP: Cleaning Up from Yesterday (I don't know if the HEAT WAVE is frying electronics and people's tempers -- but SOMETHING is):


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Sandra Beckham
"Discover your own discontent, and be grateful, for without divine discontent there would be no creative force."

Deepak Chopra

NO, this is NOT actually me, but for much of my SECOND stint of Political Exile in Mexico with Army Col. Dorothy Newman's help (Colin Powell's retired Chief Protocol Officer), May 2012 - June 2015, it was MUCH my attitude!!!

Not only did I have the electronic peculiarities I've already mentioned on blog -- AND several other people I had to deal with ALSO had "strange electronic interferences" to computers, the internet, and phone systems -- so I was not alone.

The guy who called yesterday from the NHRMC Physician Group business office and I simply could not communicate, so I called them first this morning. New bills came in and TODAY we arranged that they will be sent for "Charity Care Approval", while I decided to PAY the $40.36 I owe Frederick Opper, MD -- who did NOT complete the Colonoscopy late January, so I have to have ANOTHER Colonoscopy soon -- and he COMMITTED ME to New Hanover Behavioral Heath Hospital on rumors from his Staff -- that he NEVER asked me about before committing me!!!

Dr. Opper has THREE times refused to let the Charity pay that bill, and I'm so GRATEFUL for the Hospital/Physicians Group Charity paying nearly every other bill, that I'm ignoring Principle and going for EASE OF HANDLING, offered to pay $20.00 this month and the balance in 30 days -- but the minimum installment is $25.00, so THAT is what I paid today.

As I told the guy, "I have the education, experience, and desire to make TONS OF MONEY -- and should actually be donating to HELP those who cannot afford health care!!! But these so-called 'Christians', who also profit from Hard Drug sales doing any and everything to try to SHUT ME UP and keep me AS BROKE AS IS POSSIBLE."

I told him how District Attorney Benjamin R. David (an alleged Democrat, whose wife Stephanie is a HUGE Fund-Raiser and Strategist for Mitt Romney and Lamar Alexander -- Ben's twin brother Jon David is Republican D.A. across the Cape Fear River in Brunswick County), with a Fox News Talking Head and Lawyer in Chicago Daliah Saper, and a Drug-Trafficking then Wells Fargo Advisors Exec Jamie Lee Sutherland, stole copyrights to my memoir, my blog, and to every email I write on these subjects -- until I DIE!!!

Jamie Lee Sutherland with his Admin Donna Peterson at Ameriprise Financial, Chicago, today.

D.A. Ben David has TWICE admitted he worked via his former intern Jeffrey Duncan who got his FIRST job as a lawyer with Daliah Saper in her four-person firm -- and I was NEVER Legally Served, then TRIED IN ABSENTIA in Chicago, with Jamie asking for $50,000.00 and NOTHING ELSE.

Not only had Jamie then recently gotten a PROMOTION at Wells Fargo Advisors (so NO HARM to his income or career), but he was awarded TEN TIMES WHAT HE ASKED FOR + copyright and ownership of my BOOK and my BLOG -- as well as all emails I EVER write on these subjects. 


The TRUTH is that if Katrina prevails and I am Court ordered NOT to contact her for a year, which I've ALREADY agreed not to do -- REGARDLESS -- it being clear that the woman is TOO CHICKEN to simply ask or tell me not to, there will be NO EFFECT, since I ASKED Katrina about the past crimes of her staff (I don't know if Katrina was even AWARE of her staff's crimes), THREE TIMES with NO ANSWER, so since I am NOT Law Enforcement, and have NO SUBPOENA POWER or similar, I just give up.

This is about the CRIMES OF 2011 and 12, and TODAY'S ACTIVE CRIMINALS are who concern me!!!

So, nothing PRACTICAL changes if she gets it -- BUT, in 2015, when Jennifer McCracken -- who lived in Apartment 67 of Carolina Apartments selling EVERY DRUG (but especially Opioid pills -- I only bought pot from her), got angry when I, two doors from her in #65, STOPPED, she cooked up some excuse and got an ex-parte Restraining Order against me -- without cause -- but happy to have us legally kept apart, I simply AGREED TO IT in Court --  not realizing that it was only ONE WAY (so Jenny kept pounding on my walls and cussing me out -- legally -- while I was NOT ALLOWED TO RESPOND).

I went to Judge James Faison III to make the Restraining Order TWO-WAY, but when I mentioned I had friends who had seen Barack Obama several times in a Gay Bath House in Chicago years ago, he got really ANGRYREFUSED to set that up immediately with the hearing in 10 days (like what Jennifer had gotten), and only set up the hearing.

At the hearing ten days later, Judge Lindsey McKee/Luther (a KNOWN White Supremacist who travels to EUROPE for Supremacy Meetings!!!)DISMISSED MY ACTION!!!

So now I expect to APPEAL TO JURY TRIAL, if we cannot negotiate something WITHOUT official Court Action.

And I called my mother, Ruth Anne (Meyer) Kenan, 96 years old and living in Raleigh. Mom is now RETIRED as America's TOP NAZI (Steve Bannon took Mom's role), and she is actually NICE sometimes, and is considering supporting Mayor Pete Buttigieg in the upcoming elections -- AMAZING!!!

Mom flanked by me and my younger sister Julie, Christmas 2018.

So I kicked ideas around with Mom -- telling her I write TONS OF PEOPLE Letters, and NO ONE ELSE ever got afraid except Jonathan Deputy -- who was a big drug trafficker with NC Representative Deb Butler. 

I REALLY don't want to WASTE TAXPAYER MONEY appealing to Jury Trial, since it has NO PRACTICAL EFFECT, but it was lawyer Bruce A. Mason who SCREWED ME ROYAL, LATER, who had told me WHY I should NEVER just agree to a Restraining Order.

That is like PROOF and ADMITTING to the claims against you.


I did NOT get ballistic -- in fact I was laughing inside. 

THAT MOTHER-FUCKING, GOD-HATING, NAZI-CATHOLIC BITCH that even my 2018 shrink Julia Triggs, MD said is SICK, and nursing her old hateful grudges, so should NEVER be listened to was just doing her CATHOLIC HATE DANCE COMMEMORATING THE GREATEST ROMAN CATHOLIC OF THE MODERN ERAADOLPH HITLER.

GRACEFULLY -- and quickly -- got off the phone WITHOUT raising my voice at all, and saying, "Let's split now, and speak again in a few days."

And then I made a LIST of all the people I have sent Letters and Emails to -- ALL of these published on blog -- just the month of May 2019. Some answered, some did not, but ONLY Katrina Knight claims she got SCARED -- when MANY OF THESE are FAR more STRIDENT!!!:

All can be found by digging in this blog:

1. Lawyer Bruce Mason

2. My Immediate Family + Bob Jones

3. New Hanover County Head of the Democratic Party Richard Poole

4. Wayne Goodman (Head of the North Carolina Democratic Party) + his key Deputies

5. California Superior Court Judge Dean Hansell (Dean and I set up the first Gay Group at Denison University, Dean co-founded GLAAD, was Asst. Atty. Gen. of Illinois, etc.)

6. North Carolina State Bar

7. Bert, III and Graham Bennett whose family controls Quality Oil and whose father Bert, Jr. was the most effective Head of the Dems in NC, EVER!!!

8. John Guizdik, President and CEO of New Hanover Regional Medical Center

9. My brother Michael William Kenan -- who still REFUSES to tell me why he REFUSES to speak or email with me

10. My second cousin Lawyer Robert C. "'Bobby" Kenan of Burgaw, NC

11. Chief District Court Judge J.H. Corpening

12. Delores Dyer of Wrightsville Beach's "Little (Presbyterian) Chapel on the Boardwalk"

13. Pastor Ernest Trice Thompson of Westminster Presbyterian, Greensboro, NC


The TWO PEOPLE Katrina Knight accused me of making "salacious allegations against" back in "2010 or 2011", were:

Pastor Ernie Thompson told me he WANTED to have sex with me, but his MARRIAGE VOWS prevented that -- ERNIE HAS INTEGRITY (in that area, anyway)!!!:

D.A. Ben David with his recalcitrant son -- showing CHRISTIAN ASSHOLES how STRAIGHT Ben claims to be -- LOL!!!

My friend Lee -- who dated Ben long term -- looked MUCH like this (but was MORE muscular):