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In a clean, white gallery, two clouds spout from holes in the walls and speed toward each other lazily, before they dissolve in a soft collision above ...

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My room at the hacienda the shrine is called "Paradise", which couldn't be more than perfect for this amazing place. For more times to come, San Miguel will continue maravillandote!

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Chary Echeverria Sanchez !!!!Hermoso todo!!!!!Disfruta
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Lulu Ibarria Nolasco
Translated from Spanish
To San Miguel beautiful..... greetings friendSee Original
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Debbie Machado
Translated from Spanish
Wow what a beautiful place enjoy kisses ðŸ˜˜ðŸ˜˜ðŸ˜˜See Original
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Scott Kenan Is this part of your family's property, Anibal???
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Anibal Rivero I wish!!! This town is wonderful!! If you haven't been, you must!!!!
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Scott Kenan I am not willing to return to Mexico until the CIA Drug Mafia -- run with help of my Kenan Family that put Enrique Peña Nieto into power to get the OIL and the NARCOTICS, CALMS DOWN

I've had ENOUGH adventures running from and being held captive by Drug Mafia in Jalisco, Nayarit, y Colima estados -- LOL!!!
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Anibal Rivero Fuckkkkk!!! I had no idea!! Sorry about that!!
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Scott Kenan I MET the worst of them in Costa Realty (OWNED by Anibal Rivera)!!! 

Remember handsome Fernando Merino (whom I slept with for weeks -- chastely)??? He held me hostage at his Godfather's ranch in Nayarit (near Mezcales), with a BARRACKS of THUGS with machine guns and armored vehicles. Fernando signed me to a contract for LIFE with the CIAwhich I ignored. 

He was ACTUALLY the son of the TOP Cocaine exporter then (2010), from Colombia to the USA, and his godfather, "Hector the Engineer", not only built the new road and bridge to San Sebastian del Oeste, where I sometimes passed you with a young man in your car (whom I knew was ALSO Mafia, but YOU did not know that), and Fernando failed MISERABLY trying to FORCE me into the CIA. 

Also, Hector, a world class engineer with about 24 residences around the world, planted a BOOBY-TRAP in the Chunnel between Britain and France -- to be detonated when the CIA needed to fake ANOTHER "Terrorist Attack" like they faked "9/11", but Fernando told me that they DISCOVERED IT, and that is why the Chunnel was CLOSED FOR REPAIRS for a couple of months in 2010 -- to REMOVE IT!!! 

Anyway, I'll post link to my CIA contract where you can see both Hector's and Fernando's "legal" Mexican names, and that might help your memory about Fernando (who LATER was forced to be a stripper/prostitute at Wet Dreams bar in PV because of his FAILURE with me), where I FOUND HIM when I returned in 2012, and he GROWLED at me when I went up to look down his open pants to see that giant black thing (African mother), so I did NOT pursue contacting him -- and then he COMPLETELY disappeared -- HA!!! 

I've never had the Spanish translated for me (except by Fernando, and don't remember much). Perhaps it is full of HUMORno???: 

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THIS image was prompted by my long discussion this morning with Psychologist Ben, who lives BEHIND ME -- about how I've decided to handle Joseph Crawford Faulk, Jr.'s suddenly cutting me OFF after  over five years of financial support WITH NO WARNING -- or REASON GIVEN.

He, too, agrees with my mother, "Miss Lucy" (downstairs), my landlord Gold Walker, etc.: LET THE LAWSUITS BEGIN!!! 

2. I forgot to mention yesterday, that the FIRST thing Joseph Faulk said to me when I asked him how he is doing, was"I'm slowly and carefully walling myself IN." And asking him further, he clarified that he meant PSYCHOLOGICALLY he is in RETREAT -- rather than FACING his current difficulties.

This FURTHER PROVES that I have to SUE him for Palimony with Damages, to get to the BOTTOM of all of this, and to get him OUT of living in an ILLEGAL apartment in Manhattan -- now that he's getting so DECREPIT (of MIND, more than body), he can't HANDLE IT, any more.

3. And I forgot to say that I spent nearly an HOUR, yesterday, leaving messages on Pentagon Publishing, Inc's (of Snellville, GA), voicemail. The place I worked TWENTY YEARS selling ad space in our Service Academy and War College yearbooks, etc. -- until Patrick Stanbury (owner), fired me and tried to commit me to a mental hospital with help of my sister Jane Ann Kenan (now of Raleigh, NC, and STILL refusing to apologize to me for that)!!!

CALL these people YOURSELF to ask what I left them LONG messages (three minute), about: (404) 262-3121!!! 

And Wilmington, North Carolina POLICE (this confirmed by the New Hanover County Sheriff's Deputies ALSO on the scene), MURDERED my good friend Evan Fish -- BECAUSE he knew how Patrick and his employee Lee Gosney DISTRIBUTED mega Heroin, Meth, Cocaine, Crack, etc. to Wilmington Politicians of BOTH PARTIES -- and MANY of the MOST PROMINENT Christian Churches, here in Wilmington:

And NO, I never had sex with Evan Fish -- or even "sniffed his hot pits"!!! DETAILS can be found in THIS posting (and LOTS of others of my postings):

I also left message for Geraldine "Gerry" (Flynn) Miller -- INCLUDING thanking her for WARNING ME that Patrick Stansbury was involved in something FAR LARGER than I had any idea of -- and that he -- WITH MY PARENTS AND BROTHER AND SISTERS -- planned to MURDER ME, if they could not PERMANENTLY commit me, and I left a message for her HUSBANDMiss Joel MillerTHANKING HIM for being so much fun, showing me his DICK so I knew it really WAS too big for Gerry's FRONT hole, then when I offered to sexually service Joel (who used to TURN TRICKS WITH GUYS in The Armory Gay Bar -- now gone -- in Atlanta's parking lot -- before he began working for Patrick Stansbury -- LOL!!!), Gerry told me, "No, then I might LOSE him, sorry!!!"

My FIRST Pontiac Vibe (2008 model), that I drove to Puerto Vallarta from Stone Mountain, GA in in 2010 -- after Colin Powell's Chief Protocol Officer told me that the Republican Party with the CIA was going to MURDER ME, since they had been UNABLE to commit me in FIVE attempts in one month -- with ALL my family's help -- except maybe not my brother, Mike.

Here it is seen in Joel and Gerry's driveway on Raleigh Way in Bethlehem, GA -- HA!!! And I told Gerry and Joel that they would NOT be prosecuted for selling all those giant bags of marijuana they were always selling for Patrick Stansbury (of COURSE I witnessed much of that and can TESTIFY IN COURT)!!!

And of course I left message for Mike Massicott -- who once RAPTURED (well ALMOST -- I could smell his pheromones over the phone -- actually, he RAPTURIZED), to me how much he liked being in a "MAN SANDWICH" -- with ding-dongs up each other's BUTTS!!!


NO response from ANY of them, yet, but BOTH Patrick and Mike LISTENED to me a while -- before HANGING UP. THEN, I called back and left them MESSAGES.


Linda LeBoutillier, from our Henderson High School yearbook, West Chester, PA (1969 -- wouldn't you GUESS that YEAR???).

I have to set the scene, here, as Linda's Italian mother, Zelinda (Paolini) LeBoutillier, ran the family business then and developed WATERLOO GARDENS, started by her parents, into the GARDEN MONSTER in all of S.E. Pennsylvania. Zelinda (also called "Linda"), was TIGHT with my NAZI mother and worked Saints Philip & James Altar Society (ladies who volunteer to CLEAN the church), but she was QUITE young, since she and her husband HAD to get married at age 14 or 15 when Linda (Jr.), was growing in her womb.

ALL the Leboutillier (five, I think), children tested above GENIUS, and they ALWAYS made sure everyone in church and school KNEW THAT. BUT, Linda was ALWAYS nervous, and likely has something like BIPOLAR ILLNESS, as Linda has NEVER gotten much of a career for herself off the ground. Even Chuck Pritchard and Hilary Russell thought Linda was "strangely nervous" when she sold us jewelry in 1975 for -- because Linda -- the whole time I've known her, Linda has one leg or the other TAPPING small taps, very rapidly -- and other nervous tics as well.

SUSPECT that today, she is on PSYCHIATRIC MEDS that keep her happy just to live off the family's accumulated wealth.

She NEVER responded from several days ago to let me know if I can read her COMPLETED MEMOIR -- although I sent her link to MINE

Scott Kenan I've been threatening this for FOUR YEARS, now!!!

  (Image removed in hopes of my getting laid.)     Randy  Brief's PERJURY (click image to see full perjury ).         ...
Scott Kenan Linda LeBoutillier: Your comment, "Shit?", is inscrutable to me. 

Perhaps I'm confusing you, and this will help -- but FIRST, do you know that I followed the dissolution of Waterloo Gardens, and the family in-fighting reminded me of what happened with Sallie Bingham -- when she broke up the Bingham Publishing Dynasty of Louisville, KY (the Binghams were NAZI ALLIES with my parents, right before we moved to PA in 1963, three weeks before JFK's assassination, that timing being NO ACCIDENT) -- SPECIFICALLY because she found out that her grandfather, Col. Robert Worth Bingham, had MURDERED Mary Lily Kenan, Flagler, then Bingham, whom the The New York Times had just recognized as the WEALTHIEST WOMAN ON EARTH!!! 

That, to get the $5,000,000.00 (a DROP in the Kenan wealth, then -- 1917), via codicil she added to her will, while under influence of drug addictions to Laudanum and Cocaine by Bingham's doctor -- she having TERTIARY SYPHILIS, before Penicillin, so ARSENIC was what was given. 

And LATER many of my fiends died of AIDS -- while only AZT (similarly, a poison meant to attack the virus faster than the human), got the person -- and BOTH caused intense physical pain, to take. 

Anyway, here is the link to my honoring your grandparents (that I DID email to at least three of your siblings at the time, and might have to you). The image is gone from that posting, but here it is -- and here link to that posting, followed by one to "my latest":

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Linda LeBoutillier Scott, That was probably my husband who messes with my friends. I did not post "shit."
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Scott Kenan He has your Facebook password???
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Linda LeBoutillier we share an ebook.
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They're local races, but they fit with an emerging trend that could mean big trouble for…
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Linda LeBoutillier don't believe anything from the Huffington Post. This is me, not my husband. I don't click on anything from them, Washington PostNew York TimesCNN

I remember when Adrianna Huffington (sic) was a conservative and then had a fight with BushI love politics, but sometimes it just plain ugly.
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Scott Kenan Thanks for making CLEAR who wrote the comment, and while I know two of my siblings opened ONE email account for husband, wife, and family ("Kenan5" for my brother, "DuffyJr.3" by my younger sister Julie)EVERYONE in their families soon got their OWN email address. 

As you MUST KNOW, if you followed Arianna Huffington, she caught her Republican Congressman husband in BED with a guy, divorced him, discovered that her previous Politics was based in LIES, and formed The Huffington Post -- the ONLY news source of size that REGULARLY reported that Barack Obama's male lover, Reggie Love, a DUKE grad who was his "body man" (personal servant), always entered Air Force One by back door -- when Michelle wasn't traveling with him. 

Also, my friend (who later sued me successfully for LIBEL, WITHOUT legally serving me or ALLOWING me to appear in Chicago Courts to defend myself)Jamie Lee Sutherland, then of Wells Fargo Advisors, saw Obama and Rahm Emanuel SEVERAL TIMES in his Man's Country private gay baths in Chicago -- a FACT much better known OUTSIDE the USA, today. 

And you likely DON'T know that my own mother was who got Fox News to CAPTURE all the "Old Farts" back when Fox was young, with TONES PLAYED that were tuned to cause EUPHORIA in people on certain old-age drugs -- but in the early oughts, ALL the other MEDIA SUED Fox for that, and they STOPPED and avoided the Law Suit proceeding

Anyway, Jimmy Soni, who made HuffPost what it is today, is a BOARD member of the Kenan Institute for Ethics at Duke, and I now work with them to EXPOSE the crimes of the Kenan Family that FUNDED them, but they know LITTLE ABOUT THE KENANS -- HA!!! 

I left a message on the voicemail of the phone number on your Facebook page -- and hope you've gotten it. I recommend you REMOVE this link from your page, since it NOW appears to have been ABANDONED


John Uecker MURDERED Tennessee Williams, and LATER controlled James Purdy, somehow getting Purdy's ENTIRE ESTATE!!! 

I do NOT know if the fight between Purdy's Family and Uecker has YET been settled -- BUT in today's list for my OTHER blog, John Uecker's email address"", was searched by severalleading them 
to my blog -- LOL!!!

John Uecker, the bald guy on the stairs in the Williams House in Columbus, Mississippi, is also seen with Tennessee's brother Dakin's ADOPTED LESBIAN NIECE, FRANCESCA DAKIN WHOOPS-a-Daisy: "Francesca Williams" -- LORD!!! 

(if I remember correctly, and she is closest to the camera).



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