Saturday, November 30, 2013

What FUN (Might) Be in My FUTURE!!!

Even Hillary Narco-Clinton seems sexy when promising John Kerry he will be EVEN RICHER THAN HIS KETCHUP-QUEEN WIFE, the vaguely sad Maria Teresa Thierstein Simões-Ferreira Heinz, who had EARLIER made off with the fortune of her FIRST husband, Republican Senator John Heinz of Pennsylvania.
John Kerry is a beneficiary of the Forbes Family Trusts (SEPARATE Forbes Group from the publishing Forbeses). These Forbeses of Boston made a fortune in China Tea Trade before 1840, then shifted to building railroads and after that came the REAL KICKER!!!:
"In 1879, William Hathaway Forbes, son of John Murray Forbes, risked the fortune to financially back Alexander Graham Bell's telephone company, and become President of the company, a risk which paid off. Family members also had investments in merchant banking."
THINK how much more this Boston Brahmin will make as Secretary of State and CHIEF FLOW-ER OF NARCOTICS for Bush/Cheney/Obama/Clinton!!!
* * * 


1. First I would like to THANK Syntex Corp for discovering and developing KETOROLAC, an NSAID that BLOCKS MY PAIN FROM  SURGERY COMPLETELY, yet has no "high" or confusion -- or any OTHER side effects that I have noticed (and all other sensation to my body -- including my wanker -- seem NORMAL)!!! .

2. The OFT-PUBLISHED the last several years CIA tactic of causing a hacked person's computer keys to SEEM to not work sporadically is ALL OVER MY COMPUTER THIS AFTERNOON, but perhaps I can SCARE THE NARCO-TRAFFICKING DEMOCRAT/REPUBLICA AZI PARTY AWAY!!!

Far more often, the "M" key refuses to work -- but I leave this example of the "N" key not working -- LOL!!!

3. I found a GREAT RECIPE for turkey leftovers -- an Asian soup with kale, wontons, toasted sesame seed oil, and cilantro (add LIME -- and HEAT!!)!!!

* * *

Of COURSE, this is what I WANT TO RE-LIVE: my grade school YOUTH!!!


Whilest speaking with El Cubano a few days ago, I REMEMBERED AND MENTIONED that NOT ONLY Tennessee Williams, but Ernest Hemingway (both Key West denizens -- and friends), had ADMIRED FIDEL CASTRO!!!

Now DON'T GET ME WRONG, all know of Castro's excesses -- but since Cuba was EIGHTY PERCENT OWNED by American Companies ( ), using Cubans as virtual SLAVE LABOR, Castro had to TAKE STRONG MEASURES to rid his country of the CHRISTIAN-NAZI WHITE AMERICAN SUPREMACISTS (similar in many ways to Josef Stalin's plight),

It is NO WONDER that Communist Political Theory FAILED SO BAD -- OR that Communism is OFFICIALLY ATHEISTIC.

I would like to REMIND MY READERS that not only did Tennessee Williams tell me that Hemingway had admitted to him he was GAY several times (WITHOUT speaking the name of the SIN THAT DARE NOT SPEAK ITS NAME). Tennessee quoted Ernest as saying, "You KNOW I'm just like you . . . "

And Hemingway and Tom were TIGHT ENOUGH that Mr. Hemingway "bequeathed" his maid, Leoncia McGee, to Tom -- BECAUSE OF HER EXTRAORDINARY DISCRETION!!! And she had worked for the President of Johnson & Johnson before Hemingway (not sure what to make of that).

I knew better than to ask Leoncia about any of that when I worked with her for Tennessee in 1981 - 82, and Tennessee really SCREWED UP when he forgot to include a stipend for her in his original will. DOUBLING DOWN IN STUPIDITY, he ADDED one to the CODICIL suggested by Jackie Kennedy Onassis the night I met HER, January 11, 1982, BUT not thinking (or URGED by his lawyer, John Eastman of Eastman & Eastman of NYC -- who ALSO authorized John Lennon's ASSASSINATION -- not just Tennessee's, later), because Leoncia WITNESSED the Codicil, she could NOT benefit from it by LAW.

In the end, Maria St. Just (nee Britneva), arranged to pay Leoncia a STIPEND until her death -- in exchange for Leoncia SWEARING AN OATH that Tennessee was INCOMPETENT when he signed the Codicil.
NO sane person can blame Leoncia for THAT!!!

John Eastman with his sister, Linda (Eastman) McCartney from the early 1980s -- when I knew him AND his father, Lee Eastman -- born Leopold Vail Epstein, -- QUITE WELL, even enjoying the FOUR GIANT Motherwell paintings in Lee and Louise (department-store Lindner) Eastman's Manhattan penthouse, where the very GRACIOUS Mrs. Eastman gave me a PICASSO CERAMIC to use as an ASHTRAY!!!
LATER, I realized the dish HAD TO BE a "de Simone" -- like we sold at -- LOL!!!


It seems to ME, that it is IMPOSSIBLE for me to take SIDES in any of this in the POLITICAL SENSE of Cuba v. USA, but that since I got ALL MY INSIDE INFO by careful listening to my mother and all her NAZI LACKEYS -- NOT from breaking any Laws AT ALL, the US Government CANNOT prosecute me for THAT, and I bet Raul and Fidel Castro would LOVE TO TALK TO ME about their old friends -- as well as what I know about the NAZI US GOVERNMENT!!!

I know NOTHING MORE than what I have ALREADY PUBLISHED (but keep regurgitating to show various CONNECTIONS), so it's NOT LIKE our govermint could say they DON'T KNOW what-all I know and CASTRO CAN ALREADY ACCESS by READING THIS BLOG!!!



I know I have to get PREVIOUS PERMISSION of the US State Department to TRAVEL TO CUBA -- or risk some kind of PENALTY.

Dare they give it to me???

(Either one.)

And to STILL THE FALCON-HEARTED, I would need to secure a "scholarship" from a new source -- maybe even those CASTRO BOYS, no???

"It's just a STORY, now!!!"



An Early Morning HOOTIE-DOODLE (Yank-Ass Style)!!!

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    Friday, November 29, 2013

    The United States Government CONTINUES to Try to SHUT ME UP Since They Cannot MURDER ME!!

    >>> A FEW QUICK THINGS (due to exhaustion after surgery) :

    1. It took THREE modem resets and EIGHT uses of Windows Network Troubleshooter to GET INTO MY BLOG this evening -- MIRACULOUSLY via Google Chrome, which for TWO AND HALF YEARS let me ONLY into the blog to check stats -- but NEVER BEFORE TONIGHT, to actually WRITE in this blog, which I am doing now.

    Internet Explorer CANNOT EVEN FIND MY BLOG as I am doing this, and THE WHOLE TIME I was able to get ANY OTHER website AT ALL -- except this blog, Facebook, and while allowed to get and read new emails, connection kept being IMMEDIATELY LOST when I attempted to open a form to WRITE an email -- HA!!!

    Why is THIS??? Because the US GOVERNMENT is apparently all HIGH ON HEAVY DRUGS and can't THINK RIGHT (at least the NSA/CIA who control the Internets)!!!

    2. Since I got THE ABOVE on via a way NSA/CIA is not prepared to BLOCK ME QUICKLY (since I have NEVER BEFORE been able to blog via Google Chrome), it still has TERRIBLE formatting irregularities, so KNOWING the United States Government GIVES UP once I get a REPORT OF US GOVERNMENT CRIMES up into the blog, they RARELY harass me again before I try to email it out to my list of 500 seen here: , I signed out of it in Chrome and as of #2, am back in Internet Explorer, which works MUCH BETTER in all things for me than Google ANYTHING.

    ALSO, in Chrome (ONLY when typing in THIS BLOG), SEVERAL keys REFUSE TO REGISTER unless I POUND them -- an ADVERTISED TRICK of the CIA!!!

    This is NOT TRUE for most people, but Google/Gmail/Blogger is actually a DIVISION of the NAZI Obama/Cheney/Bush/Clinton/Ruth Anne (Meyer) Kenan -- my Mom -- GOD AND HUMANKIND-HATING US GOVERNMENT (which most people including the HYPOCRITICAL LIBERALS, ESPECIALLY), support IF THEY ARE WHITE SUPREMACISTS, which most Liberals REALLY ARE, but too STUPID to know it since MEDIA is so WELL CONTROLLED in the USA.

    3. I PRESUME the reason for all this action by MY OWN GOVERNMENT against me is to try to get me so CRAZY I do stupid things or use more words like "cunt", "cocksucker", "ass-eater", and similar or end up ADVOCATING THE VIOLENT OVERTHROW of the United States Government so I can ACTUALLY BE CHARGED WITH A CRIME.

    Well I have some IDEAS on how to come QUITE CLOSE TO THAT and FORCE the US STATE DEPARTMENT (probably including Kelly Trainor de O), to HAVE IT OUT.

    THIS is what I had planned to blog about until I felt the need to comment on this HACKING ATTACK on me.

    4. And WORSE (almost), is that a couple of days ago, I met a cool guy while shopping, and it turned out he is originally from Cuba, but living in Mexico for many years now. He travels a lot, buying in one place what he can sell at a profit at the NEXT place, and it does NOT seem to be drugs!!!

    He knows ALL ABOUT the truth of my many claims about the United States, and gave me his phone numbers, BUT it is ALL BUT IMPOSSIBLE to get a call to through to him -- and my TEXT to him last night DISAPPEARED from my sent box on my phone and he did NOT get it. NSA/CIA did this to MANY of my texts to Sonny and Martin Jacobo, PROVEN operatives for the CIA who have TRIED TO MURDER ME.

    Martin Jacobo with Sonny (Jimmy Humberto Montaño Prieto)

    The difference being that my text messages to the above-pictured duo DISAPPEARED from my Sent box -- but they STILL GOT THE TEXTS. "El Cubano" did NOT get my text AT ALL!!!

    It just took FIFTEEN MINUTES to get NSA/CIA to allow me to POST THIS PICTURE, although all the "Internets" were working OTHERWISE FOR ME!!!

    5. My foot surgery to clean out the remaining cancerous carcinoma proved MORE EXTENSIVE THAN THOUGHT, as the problem ran QUITE DEEP into my foot. The doctor said if I had allowed it to remain much longer, it would have at least spread to my toes first (which would likely have then had to come off), and even to the rest of my body, but there is NO EVIDENCE AT ALL that it got that far.

    I'm now on TRIPLE pain-killers that work GREAT without benefit of CIA Afghan POPPIES!!!


    6. I will ELABORATE on my plan which only NECESSARILY will ENGAGE the United States Government, which is NOT its primary aim -- in the NEXT POST, and end this one with an INTENDED story.

    As ALL KNOW, I have NO KIND WORDS for the Cult of the Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter Day Saints (Mormonism), so I am GLAD to show I find GOOD STUFF any and EVERYWHERE!!!:

    'The congregation was besides (sic), themselves': Mormon bishop dresses as homeless man to teach flock a lesson

    A Mormon bishop who wanted to teach his flock a lesson about charity went to the extreme and enlisted a Hollywood-style makeup artist to transform him into a scruffy vagrant who then panhandled outside his church.

    David Musselman, 45, said he knew some of his congregants would be kind and some might be mean, "but what surprised me the most was the reaction of indifference."

    "The majority of the people just ignored me and went to great lengths not to make eye contact," Musselman, the bishop of Taylorsville Fourth Ward in a suburb of Salt Lake City, told NBC News on Friday.

    "And that was an unexpected lesson for me: We don't always have to give money or even food, but if we act the way we say we believe, just smiling and making eye contact and allowing them to have a little bit of dignity can be enough."

    Musselman said he got the idea for the stunt from a friend of his who chided him for being annoyed that she is always stopping to empty her pockets for the unfortunate.

    He took it to heart and then began thinking about how he could get his church members to do the same. He decided he needed something with more "shock value" than a Sunday sermon to get the point across.

    He approached makeup artist Tara Starling, whose TV and film credits include "High School Musical," and also started an organization that makes sandwiches for the homeless.

    "For me, it was the two parts of my life colliding," she said.

    Starling spent about two hours last Sunday giving Musselman unkempt mutton-chops, grimy, scarred skin and bad teeth.

    About an hour before services, he showed up at the front door of his church in dirty clothes with a sign that asked for food and a box where people could put money.

    "It was very surreal," said Musselman, a divorce mediator and father of six.

    He had dozens of interactions with people arriving at the church. Some were giving: He collected an apple, some crackers and about $20.

    "But I had several people ask me to leave the property," he said.

    He said the children were "very kind," and he could tell many of them wanted to help and approached their parents.

    "Some of them gave and some of them didn't." he said. "Some wished me a happy Thanksgiving and some avoided me."

    When the service started, Musselman walked into the church and took a seat in the front pew until an assistant, who was in on the ruse, announced that "this homeless man would like to say a few words."

    "The congregation was besides themselves," the bishop said. "They had no idea what was going to happen."

    He approached the pulpit in character, recited the hymn "Have You Done Any Good Today," said he wanted to give some of what he had collected to the church, and asked if the bishop was there.

    "Of course, they said he wasn't. Then I pulled my wig and glasses off," Musselman said.

    "The gasp the congregation had nearly knocked me over. They were stunned."

    Jaimi Larsen, 38, who had not recognized Musselman when she saw him outside, said, "You could hear a pin drop."

    Once he had unmasked himself, the bishop gave a talk on "giving and gratitude and compassion," which apparently struck an emotional chord.

    "There was one woman who was pretty much sobbing uncontrollably," Larsen said.

    Afterward, those who had shunned Musselman came up and confessed their shame. One woman said she was going to tell her grown children to donate anything they bought her for the holidays to a homeless shelter.

    "I felt horrible that they felt so horrible," he said.

    "But I believe it had the effect I hoped it would have."

    * * *

    As PROMISED, The Age of Mahalalel IS HERE NOW (with some continuing CLEAN UP still needed)!!!
    In the Judeo-Christian Bible, Chronicles 1, The Age of Kenan (Cainan in some translations), the age of UNBRIDLED GREED, must YIELD. I am working on that by EXPOSING THE GOD-HATING CRIMES of my wealthy relatives, perhaps the WORST ROGUES IN HISTORY,
    BUT, they get to KEEP ALL THEIR MONEY, which YOU and I allowed them to STEAL.
    2nd Law of the Universe: "In order to RECEIVE THE SHAFT, you must FIRST ASSUME THE POSITION!!!"
    People like Nannerl Keohane and Robert Reich, BOTH Harvard Trustees (and I have FRESH PROOF they both receive EVERY EMAIL of blog posts I've sent them the last couple of months!!!), must LEAD THE CHARGE to strip Thomas S. Kenan III, Betty Kenan, and Barack Obama of ALL THEIR CREDIBILITY AND POWER!!!
    They BOTH know all the secrets of Episcopal Church NARCO-TRAFFICKING with the NAZI US GOVERNMENT -- and Tom Kenan (and by extension, all the Kenan Charitable Trusts, primarily used to keep HARVARD and about 86 other universities in the USA, kissing the NAZI Kenan ASS)
    Nannerl Keohane, former Head of Kenan University at DUKE in Durham, North Carolina, is Tom Kenan's TOP "EDUCATION" DEPUTY to MAKE THE USA FULLY NAZI.
    She and Thomas S. Kenan III both pollute the Mary Duke Biddle Foundation as well, and NOW, Nannerl is a TOP TRUSTEE of HARVARD!!!
    "Cunts IS as DRIED UP OLD Cunts ARE!!!", as they say . . .
    Robert Reich, with his former boss, Barry BAM-BAM, WHOOPS!!! Reich worked for Gerald R. Ford, Carter-the-Peanut-Chislamist-in-Sheep's Clothing, and Bill Narco-Clinton -- and is NOW polluting Harvard as a TRUSTEE as well!!!
    BOTH of them are NIGGERS (people with absolutely NO SELF RESPECT), but only Obama is a BLACKMAILED FAGGOT as well!!!

    NOBODY fucks with THIS KENAN -- not even the GOD-HATING Thomas S. Kenan III or his step-mother Betty can BEAT ME WITH WORDS AND IDEAS!!!
    GOD'S RULE ON EARTH HAS ARRIVED (I am only a messenger, one of MANY), and THESE DEVILS MUST YIELD to the ALMIGHTY or PERISH in unspeakable PAIN AND SUFFERING (HELL, essentially).
    Me, in "Smartie Glasses", circa 2009.