Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Happy Straight Family!!!

My family, proving that my mother is not a top Nazi (as confirmed first in 1990, but also later, by key Jews). DISCLAIMER: This photo does not show my actual family.

This morning, I was going to clarify some things in my most previous blog post -- especially since I spoke to my sister Jane by phone today and she acted as if she had not read her email from me (a copy of that post). But then, anyone who knows Jane, knows she does not like to think about anything she does not like to think about, and that is fine with me. She has preserved her innocence in the Sea of Guilt.

Instead, I got distracted when I got the suggestion for a moderator of comments from what I consider to be the TOP online source of STRAIGHT TRUTHFUL NEWS, that I write up an article or posting for THEIR blog regarding what I know about Newt Gingrich's arrest(s) for soliciting sex with men in parks in Atlanta, Georgia (since expunged from the Police record, but some time ago, I found actual press reports of it online -- no doubt since deleted), and his importation of drugs 1989-1990 by train from Mexico into Stone Mountain Park behind my former home in Georgia.

I MUST prepare my Tennessee Williams memoir for print publication to make some more money, so did not do that (I was offered no payment). But I DID send them links to the three main blog posts here about Gingrich, which I'll post here as well.


Tuesday, November 29, 2011

A Comfort in Sex, A Thorn in Politics!!!

Being a Comfort!!!

The scariest thing in the world is the truth, and the truth about SEX (or some of its aspects), scares many people the most. Below is an article from yesterday about "Comfort Sex" followed by some comments I inspired or made. Please remember that I advise that ALL sex be within one's agreements with self and others. You can have sex with anyone (under the right circumstances), but if its with an animal (un-evolved human or four-or-more legged type), be SURE you get permission in writing first to avoid legal hassles!!!

After that is a message I sent the two children of Jan, my first cousin on my mother's side.

>>> From:

To me from Patroclus:  
November 28, 2011 at 6:43pm

Because I suspect men are inherently bisexual and it appears to be a characteri­stic of their sexual behavior that they more easily divorce sex from love than women, although that may just be a culturally created bias, I think straightma­le/straigt­hmale sex would be more common were it viewed as comfort sex. Situationa­l homosexual sex is common, especially when there are no females available. Such sex, regardless of the predominan­t sexual orientatio­n of the two males, is, for all practical purposes, comfort sex. Men who have managed to shake their cultural taboos are quite capable of enjoying same-sex encounters while being emotionall­y mostly heterosexu­al and experienci­ng an even high level of sexual gratificat­ion with the opposite sex. When it comes to sex-as-sex­, I think men are pretty labile as to partners. I was shocked when a quite heterosexu­al, very macho ( not that many gays are not just as macho - no behavioral stereotype implied ) friend of mine came back from the service having discovered the intensity of orgasm through "insertive sex" and who, now, has his longtime girlfriend use prostate massage. But he still indulges in the occasional male/male flings. The latter are, I now interpret, solely comfort sex with no possibilit­y of real emotional involvemen­t which he can only have with a female. I suspect what you are doing is, if taboos vanished, quite normal.

My reply to Patroclus:
November 29, 2011 at 8:48 AM

I couldn't have said it better, although I often ask FAUX-straight guys (about the only kind we have in Wilmington, NC) if when they pleasure themselves it is a man's or woman's hand that does it. Then I ask them if they are fantasizing about sex with the person the hand belongs to (themselves) to get off. The answer is always "No!", of course.

I ask if they are imagining some hot female part instead -- which they are!!! Also, I point out (since few even want to admit THIS) that when men and women are together sexually, the man USUALLY cannot get off unless he is fantasizing about a HOTTER woman of his imagination -- although sometimes it is of a HOTTER MAN.

In any case, I prove to them that having sex with a man (who KNOWS what is fun) CANNOT turn you "gay."

I haven't used this tactic to seduce anyone in Wilmington yet -- most here are too Neanderthal and would rather beat you with a bat to death than hear the TRUTH about anything sex, money, or religion.

* * *

Hi Ian!

I was hoping to find your mother's Facebook page listed on your or Andrea's pages, but besides changing her name, she's apparently blocked me.

I wanted to apologize to her for assuming my mother had indirectly set up her marriage -- I have no knowledge that that is true and I genuinely hope Jan is happy and thriving.

But I also must say that I have won basically all my political battles here in Wilmington, NC and will soon have the heroin and cocaine protecting District Attorney who put me in jail three times this year on false charges made a public fool -- I've been on local TV and a station in Raleigh picked it up as well.

Unfortunately, all that I have suspected of my mother's hatred of Jews (exhibited by the plates we ate dinner from in the 1950s and 60s having small swastikas -- and Jan's first question to me at the first Meyer reunion when she was still with your Dad: "Is it true, like my father (Bob) claimed, that your mother (Ruth Anne) did NOT come to MY wedding but came to Karen's wedding because I married a Jew (your Dad)?"

Your Mom and her father were correct in this. As i have reported many times, key Jews in Atlanta first confirmed in 1990 that my parents (Mom blackmailed my Kenan father into marrying her in 1950 so she could hide the swastikas behind the Kenan surname -- the Kenan name represents the highest service to God, Country, and Family in the United States -- going back to when Gen. James Kenan led the first armed resistance to the Crown over the hated Stamp Act at Wilmington BEFORE the Boston Tea Party. The Yankees won and wrote us out of the history books. Who cares: Kenans are addicted to effectiveness, not credit.

If you care to read about the Kenan family, you can start here: .

The evidence of how Mom communicated with others of her kind (please remember that top narco-traffickers from both Mexico and Colombia told me repeatedly that Mom is Dick Cheney's boss and reports to the Pope. She had several one-on-one meetings with Pope John Paul II in Rome, but none after the 1990s in person), leaves NO EVIDENCE and all evidence is circumstantial. They will never be able to convict her, and therefore I have stopped fighting her. We are in "detente"  now, and getting along well as long as I don't bring up political subjects.

My siblings remain mostly or completely under Mom's mind control. I do NOT blame any of them (with the possible exception of Julie who might have cooperated consciously -- but the jury is still out on that) for consciously cooperating with those who tried to jail, institutionalize and chemical-lobotomize me, or kill me. They know not what they did.

But I DO have ACTIONABLE physical evidence that Mom worked with doctors at the VA Hospital to murder your grandfather (her brother Bob) by slowly causing him to die most painfully of chemically induced Diabetes. I have her notes from that time of how she was going to do it. She didn't realize she had given them to me.

I WILL NOT pursue this with the law until I hear from all Bob and Pat's descendants of at least 18 years of age (and will include Kristen as well, since Bob lovingly raised her as his own).

I'm sending this to Andrea as well and might post it on my blog.

910-550-XXXX cell

Monday, November 28, 2011

Runnin' on Empty (pffffft . . .)

 . . . and hallucinatin' at 100MPH!!!

I'm afraid that's what District Attorney Benjamin R. David's campaign to trick or trap me in jail, a mental hospital, or death is doing these days.

Sad to say, since Ben is actually quite a smart guy -- and by one or two accounts, rather personable!!!

>>> But today, a few things happened, and I'll let you in on as much as I feel at liberty to discuss:

1. A THIRD assistant District Attorney -- I knew about the handsome Mr. Nicely and the woman I used to call (un-nicely), Miss Coca Leaf (unfairly as well -- turns out she put out the word she wants info from street people about evidence to convict one of the horse-drawn tourist trolleys of distributing major quantities of drugs, so she's actually MY kinda woman -- too bad I'm blanking on her name, and the trolley driver's as well. Both are in this blog but I can't find the right words to google 'em up), called my Public Defender over the weekend asking about my response to the non-specific plea-bargain they offered:

That I plead guilty to a couple of (not-specified-which) things and the others would be dropped, OR, some bizarre deal where things are "continued" (not sure if this is the exact word), with prosecutions put basically on hold -- assuming I don't break any judges orders limiting my behaviors. But that I sign secret confessions of the crimes that would be pulled out and thrown in my face to quickly and easily convict me if a judge (Criner? Little Miss Drunken Blackmore??? Who?) decides I have violated anything.

>>> HELLO?!?!?!?!?!? Can you spell T*R*A*P???

To her credit, Jennifer was laughing as she spelled all this out to me, and of course I told her we will go to court for trials. Also, I told her how Wicked Judge Criner, who REFUSED to allow me to have a Public Defender, granted one to "Jersey" (Michael Keogh) a few days ago -- for the EXACT SAME CHARGE (in MY case, at least -- and maybe Jersey's too: FALSE) of Open Container. Jen told me she had ALREADY put my court date on her calendar and I should plead "Attorney" at roll call.

>>> But the MOST bizarre thing imaginable is the one I need to publicly communicate here with Ben David about -- unfortunately, without details. (I'm not supposed to contact him privately without my busy attorney present.):

Dear Ben:

Today, at a coffee shop on Market Street and in a very public way, two of your people (straight couple, white, 40-ish, tattooed, drugged and giggling) accused me of a crime that not only did I not commit, but the setting and manner in which they accused me were meant to smear me. I believe they actually committed a felony today, but it might have only been a misdemeanor.

Like so many of the drug-addled, drug-dealing, or otherwise corrupted of your associates that I've had to deal with, they refused to give me their names -- ALTHOUGH THEY KNEW MINE. I considered calling the police to get police to get their names so I could try to press charges, or at least swear out a restraining order against future LIBEL, SLANDER, or whatever the proper term is here in North Carolina. If they ACTUALLY accuse me of a crime, they should go to Police and give evidence (something they claim they have "our own reasons" not to do).

Rather than further inconvenience the business owner and other patrons, I sat outside hoping to flag a cop, but none appeared. I walked to Jennifer's office.

>>> Ben, baby, THIS DOG DON'T HUNT!!! (you know and I know that months ago there was a similar "peep" of the same non-sense -- allegedly attributed to one of my accusers, whom I KNOW to have spent much time high on CRACK WHICH MAKES ONE PARANOID).

I forgot to inform Jennifer of that part of this event today, but will do so soon.

>>> BEN: I KNOW the website says that the Assistant District Attorneys work AT YOUR PLEASURE (maybe not exact word, but you can hire and fire them with or without reason at any time and they have NO LEGAL RECOURSE AGAINST YOU). Do NOT think that I will take pity on anyone who follows you into illegal actions against me or others and claims it was because he had to feed his three month old twins.


and if YOU don't have any and THEY do NOT refuse to break the law to carry out your demands -- I WILL TAKE THEM OUT (IN THE LEGAL SENSE) AS WELL AS YOU.



* * *

>>>IN OTHER NEWS: The Smiths returned my remaining belongings from Brenda McKnight's house to Jennifer Harjo's office today. I took a quick peek, and didn't see the 200-250 DVDs/Blu-Ray disks that make up the great bulk of the value of the belongings, but I'll get to search more thoroughly tomorrow when I arrange to pick them up (if it's not raining). I bet they are still there -- although any DRUG ADDICT like Brenda could have sold them off to buy drugs . . .


Spring Thaw in Wilmington!!!

I miss my cat, Francine Fishpaw, who was killed in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico over a year ago by Fernando Merino (fake Mexican name of the son of the top Colombian Cocaine Drug-Lord) in an attempt to terrorize me (Stella Lo-Rider, my other cat, still lives in PV after being kidnapped -- probably on the street, which she is WELL prepared to deal with). Pic of Francine at bottom of this post.

>>> This morning, I COULD NOT sign into my Blogger (Blogspot) account to blog -- but everything else (Including all OTHER parts of Google -- which Blogger is part of) are available to me. Coincidence or Harassment??? Who can say???

I emailed about 100 people with this content first, then posted it. In the past I have found this is the way to go when hackers block me from being able to sign in to my BLOG. Always works -- just hadn't had to do it in a while. 

>>> LATE BREAKING: Tennessee Williams scholar Robert Bray has blocked my email. If this continues, I will have to assume he has sided with the Michael Remer/Thomas Keith/John Eastman/John Uecker conspirators who seek to hide that Mr. Uecker murdered Tennessee by smothering him with a pillow when Maria St. Just (nee Britneva). John admitted much of this to me -- even telling me he sometimes CHANNELS Maria St. Just.

Be careful Williams scholars: I understand you are terrorized by these people and are afraid to speak (most, but not ALL of you. Allean Hale was courageous enough to encourage me and share how Sewanee/Remer, etc. had stonewalled her. Kenneth Holditch at least CLAIMED to have tried to send me money electronically (even if he's not done so in the US Mail -- a method I published on the top right of this blog some time ago for people afraid of being electronically identified).


* * *
>>> I have some GREAT news to report, but first a small BELCH OF THE BAD:

Looking at yesterday's blogpost: , in the graphic you see that TIME magazine's cover story to the United States (only) is "Why ANXIETY Is Good for You". Well, it's not. It makes most mindless people take prescription drugs that get them high (Xanax, etc.), not desire to EVER get OFF the drugs, and think in more loops than a Michelle Bachmann Pretzel Twist of Logic!!!

That said, LEARNING TO DEAL WITH ANXIETY, NATURALLY is one of the greatest skills you can have!!!

But drugs ain't part of that scenario, although an occasional drink or puff of pot never hurt anyone -- anyone sane, that is.

>>> GOOD NEWS!!!:

1. I saw paper whites up and blooming on Fifth Street near the old railroad gulch bridge yesterday.

2. Spaghetti Joey partnered with a woman, moved into a house, and became self-employed in the metals recycling business without needing capital!!! I caught him sawing up copper tubing that he found abandoned -- NOT STOLEN -- Sunday morning at 9:00 AM. He had a nice stack of metals already -- just waiting to cash it all in today when the receiving business opened.

>>> (small after-belch): The young black man from Atlanta, but now Wilmington, usually called "Ky" (long "I" sound), is about to be found out to be the "high-class" crack whore he is by the gentleman antiques dealer he is currently "working." Could be fun . . .

3. A very cheerful young woman asked me if I knew where any jobs were -- she moved to town two days ago, and caught me in front of the Italian Market (where I am currently writing) smoking. I told her of several people I know who have found jobs, and the fact that MOST of the homeless I know are too busy nursing their grudges and blaming everyone else for their troubles to be able to actually GET a job, so the ones now opening are looking for someone like her.

4. Sales set records over the weekend, and Cyber-Monday is expected to be a record-breaker too. People are SPENDING money more freely, which is what GETS THE ECONOMY MOVING. (Sorry if you -- like me -- don't have pocket money. Be still a moment and then pursue opportunity.)

5. Ernie at First Presbyterian has consented to allow me to work on preparing WALKING ON GLASS: A MEMOIR OF THE LATER DAYS OF TENNESSEE WILLIAMS for PRINT publication. (Kindle Edition: .) I offered NOT TO BLOG from church property for two reasons: I have a tendancy to politically attack one other member of the congregation and the church should not be seen to take sides, AND, it will limit my distractions considerably.

6. >>> DISCLAIMER TO #3 ABOVE: Yes, I bitch and moan about my story and politics, BUT: I do so to right wrongs that affect US ALL. I have decided to spend at least half my time working on PRACTICAL things to create income for me, while tightening up and NOT assisting people who REFUSE to take care of themselves (yet still help out people in real need -- or sometimes as a nice surprise).

7. By chance last night, I met J.D. Causey and his wife. J.D. is the person who originally designed the Biblical Herb Garden at First Presbyterian, so I will work with him to see that the garden is brought back up to snuff regarding its original intent -- as well as be influenced by my own creative ideas


Francine Fishpaw


Sunday, November 27, 2011

Sold in Wilmington, NC: SOULS FOR CHEAP!!!

Yes, this is TIME magazine's cover for week ending December 5, 2011 (current issue as I type this) as published for several different audiences.

Not only are we in the United States fed distractions from what's REALLY going on in the world by most of our media, there really ARE more than one "Internets" as George W. Bush famously said -- and all of us thought he was just being stupid.

I've been telling the truth in this blog since early 2010 on this and other matters that NO ONE (or very few) want you to know. THAT's why I've had so many irregularities in communications that I've reported MANY times. I have a few more to report tonight:

Before the latest, I'll remind readers that I've reported about THE TWO (at least), INTERNETS as early as February 2010, after Alyson Books cancelled the contract for my memoir about working for Tennessee Williams (as well as ALL other books they were to publish, soon thereafter). At that time, I, and the people I had the most electronic contact with, saw Alyson's updated "Coming Soon" page WITHOUT my book listed. BUT, others soon reported that when THEY went to Alyson's site, it was still there -- and promised to be published April 2010.

I confirmed this on several acquaintances' computers as well as a couple of public (library) computers.

Yes, George W. Bush must have been having a moment of drunken remorse (or something), to flub the speech they wrote for him and add that true "little" tidbit.


1. Today, after searching my inbox and spam, I find I have NOT received email from a church member about our Sunday school class. I receive email from very few people -- especially if they are writing me after getting my email address from this blog. I know this because I actually run into them occasionally on the street or other places online.

2. I still have not received a voicemail left Wednesday by the owner of the property where I shared the house with Brenda McKnight. We are trying to nail down some practical details for the return of my things tomorrow (Monday).

3. Yesterday, James Flowers (one of the others in the shelter where I live) reported that he could not get my FULL to come up. He said it kept telling him it was "under construction". He described the decoration on the site (which must have partly shown) correctly, so I know he was at the right place.

4. Friends in Atlanta and its Greater Metro Surround have reported MANY times that this blog is down there -- at times that I find it UP AND RUNNING CORRECTLY HERE!!!

5. >>> Think about it folks:


If I were simply crazy, they would leave me to sink in my own foolishness -- which I'm sure I would do.

This is far bigger than a few fools in Wilmington -- they are only tools and not getting much out of it except some stroking of their egos. I pity anyone who sells his or her soul so cheap.


>>> TODAY'S MOST POPULAR POST: This post, although aging rapidly, received more than FOUR TIMES as many hits as the next most popular post. TRUTH IS WINNING!!!: .


Saturday, November 26, 2011

In Praise of the Independents!!!

>>> HARD TO BELIEVE that I actually forgot to thank the owner and staff of Circa 1922 restaurant in Wilmington, NC for opening their doors on Thanksgiving Day to serve an enormous crowd of homeless people dinner -- and I mean QUALITY FOOD LIKE THEY SERVE THEIR PAYING CUSTOMERS!!!

Doors were open 9:30 AM - 2:00 PM, and nothing about the food or service was skimpy. The owner (whose name I'm not easily finding), was once homeless, and he's been doing this for years. He probably wouldn't want it mentioned.

Find Circa 1922 restaurant (as well as the several others he owns) here: .

I ended up eating with a man named Jeff, who recently arrived in town. Thirty-three years old, Jeff is tall, handsome, and well-groomed. He shows no signs of being homeless -- except that he carries his bed-roll everywhere. In a suit, you would think he was on the ladder to success.

I had met him outside earlier, and was fascinated by his theories of replacing NATO with PLATO (I forget what it stands for -- and at least one word was from a language only spoken by Jeff), and only allowing five countries per continent.

At dinner, we carried on a conversation for forty-five minutes about his theories. Having studied both Latin and German, I could tell his language was concocted from the same roots as English, but only parts of it were recognizable. I followed mostly blindly, amazed that the man could "sound" and look so normal, and CLEARLY have structure and logic (that only he understood) to his sentences and paragraphs. I simply nodded and gave "uh-huh"s to let him know I was doing my best to follow him. I noted that many of his connections were poetic.

Now, I suppose he would probably be called schizophrenic. He seemed to have no moodiness. He said years ago he had had sex with lots of people (I could tell many would want him), but now he finds others too mindless and unthinking to bother with too much. He's planning on moving on to a nearby small city soon.

I marvelled at how well he continued to remain independent -- wishing some of the locals who piss and moan about all their troubles could see what dealing with a REAL challenge of a mental state SUCCESSFULLY looked like.

A MOST impressive man. And NO he does NOT want or ask for anyone's help. He's quite healthy, travels town to town WHEN  and WHERE he chooses, and is happy to continue working to refine his theories. Perhaps some day he will find some break-through idea -- and the communications skills to be heard. New ideas are NOT brought into the world through parrot-brained people!!!

>>> To honor Jeff, I have decided NOT to piss and moan about anything today.

Now, all you people with cash in your pockets: GO OUT AND SPEND SOME MONEY WITH AN INDEPENDENT RETAILER TODAY!!!

Thank you.

Friday, November 25, 2011

After the Thanks . . .

My other God-child (on right). I was just looking at his parents' restaurant outside Colima, Mexico on a Google satellite photo. Wish I were there!!! His family are the BEST of people. This is the biggest pic I can retrieve. I believe the shoe belongs to his older sister. It was NOT my idea that he and his friend play with it. REALLY!!!

ADDED at 1:24 PM:  When I tried to get into my blog this morning to post the below, it took most of an hour to sign in. After I FINALLY got in, which took several re-bootings of my computer to do, closing and re-opening of Internet Explorer, etc., I WAS able to post without formatting changes made by someone who had hacked in. It took me TEN MINUTES to sign out of Blogger, including ANOTHER re-booting of the computer.

When I went to email the blog post to a list of recipients, ALL people listed in my Contacts that I did NOT check to receive a copy were the ones who got it!!! This includes one person I am legally conjoined from contacting. I sent an apology to her and hope for her understanding (this happened once before as well).

I then successfully sent it to INTENDED recipients and apologize if anyone received it twice.

Before I composed the email, I got the following email from a "Sue Brown" appearing to be from gmail, but as you can see, when I opened the specifics, it came from hackers, hoping i would give them my password (which they actually seem to already have, given much of what has happened to my emails!!!)

These continuing hackings and "co-incidences" PROVE to me that all my allegations about local Law Enforcement, Alyson Books/Don Weise/Magnus Books, Top Republicans and Fox News/Christal Presley, Michael Remer/Episcopal Bishop Alexander/Sewannee/John Uecker/John Eastman/Thomas Keith, Patrick Stansbury/Pentagon Publishing, etc. are ALL TRUE.

They will ALL FALL TOGETHER as the Constitution of the United States of America comes back into play in America.

My immediate relatives are another case. My parents are doing well with me and it is not ENTIRELY clear if my mother really is/was the Top US Nazi and Dick Cheney's boss -- or others just played with my head because of the swastikas on the dinner plates, her daily beating so me when I was young, and her HATRED of gay men (me and her brother Bob). My sister Jane does not want to think about what she does not want to think about -- and she's still sure my emails are proof of my psychosis. Mike is the most rational, but has made no commitment. Julie (probably the only one of my siblings who might be CONSCIOUSLY involved in Acts of Hate against me and others) will not answer her phone, and only leaves me messages of little note when she KNOWS I cannot answer my phone because I have to shut it down at about 6:00PM due to shelter rules.

TIME WILL TELL, Y'ALL -- but I am winning bigger and bigger each day . . .

>>> Nov. 26, 2011, 10:02 AM: I forgot to post the actual email, but it's not that unusual to get a trick from someone phishing for your password. The only thing unusual about it was that it claimed my gmail was overloaded and I would NOT be able to compose or send email until I dealt with it by sending them info.

This kind of email (ones that try to put me through hoops and divert me from REAL emailing), nearly ALWAYS come right as I'm about to email something of importance. That is one way I know I am hacked and my computer read as I type. Patrick Stansbury, Allen Rosen (my Georgia part-time roommate who was married to a woman, Linda (Beasley) Rosen, in Tuscaloosa, AL. I once caught Linda and a close friend of hers who is a psychologist, fantasizing on Facebook about wearing stiletto heals and jumping all over Allen as he slept before a fire in the fireplace. Linda IMMEDIATELY blocked me. Allen REFUSED to believe it, although Linda (something of an Evangelical Christian), often joked about how SHE would be raptured by Dear Ol' Jesus, leaving behind only her clothes -- and her husband Allen, a Jew, would be stuck here for the tribulation -- ha, ha, ha!!!

Allen fell for her for her shapely HEADLIGHTS-- and she IS a charming woman when you haven't crossed her. Meanwhile, Allen used to beat-off in his bedroom while watching naked-breasts porno when he stayed at my house, and the poor fellow asked me a few times if he'd get in trouble with the law for watching it -- if caught. HA!!! Allen has NO IDEA what goes on in reality -- especially how his wife is using him and disrespectinig him -- but he has NO SELF RESPECT, so he's brought it all on himself.


1. Mr. or Mrs. Smith (Brenda McKnight's landlord -- Brenda was the roommate who had me committed to The Oaks on lies, then took out a Family Violence Restraining Order against me -- also based on lies) left a voicemail for me Wednesday, which STILL has not reached my phone. The last time I did not receive a voicemail, it was from Deb Baratta, telling me how to meet her so she could give me some cash.

>>> I ALWAYS RECEIVE CALLS AND VOICEMAILS EXCEPT WHEN THEY ARE MATERIALLY HELPFUL TO ME!!! (What's up with that??? I don't blame Virgin Wireless. Rather the Fox News and Republican Party hackers -- possibly operating through Patrick Stansbury of Pentagon Publishing, my former employer. Patrick proved time and time again that he could hack and alter my emails as well as voicemails. His employee Geraldine Flynn of Bethlehem, GA first told me he did this -- as well as the "conspiracy" was FAR larger than I could possibly imagine and that I was to be KILLED. (They failed.)

I thank Gerry and her husband Joel Miller (both of whom still have operating voicemail on Patrick's phone system, so I guess they both still work for him). Gerry also gave me $500.00 just before I left for Mexico. It was only 25% of what she promised, but it was enough. Any of these people can be contacted through Patrick's company. Address and pone number are listed: .

In any case, I was able to contact Deb back then, and I just happened to call the Smiths Wednesday late afternoon and gave them the info they needed to see that they got all my belongings from their house as well as deliver all in a mutually acceptable way. This morning, I spoke with Mr. Smith and he hid something away that he thought was mine but I had not asked for (too big to easily store). His thoughtfulness in this and his wife's earlier mentioning that if anything is missing to let them know immediately have touched me deeply. (I will NOT try to hold them responsible for Brenda's actions -- if, in fact, she stole anything.)

I KNEW the Smiths were NEVER my problem. I thank them for their kind considerations!!!

2. Thinking over the fact that Judge Sandra Ray Criner not only dismissed Brenda McKnight's Restraining Order against me when Brenda and her "witness" Gerald Austin-Wynn failed to be in court when the case was called -- then ten minutes later had the bailiff CHASE ME DOWN ON THE STREET and opened the hearing as if NOTHING had happened and then after much perjury on the parts of Brenda and Austin, I was found against -- AND THEN, when I complained to the JUDICIAL STANDARDS COMMISSION in Raleigh and their "hearing" decided there was NO EVIDENCE of wrong-doing by the Judge (who should have made them re-apply for the Restraining Order if they wanted to -- a DISMISSED case CANNOT be reopened!!!), when there was TONS of court reporter AND audio and video tape evidence to be viewed, I AM, in fact, going to go to Federal Court and try to get them to bring RACKETEERING CHARGES against Judge Criner and District Attorney Ben David.

I know I earlier said I'd not do that if Ben David dropped all the false charges against me. Well, he hasn't, and given Judge Criner's decision NOT to allow me to use my CURRENT Public Defender, Jennifer Harjo, to defend me against a FALSE "Open Container" violation, but allowed my friend "Jersey" (Michael Keogh) to HAVE a public defender FOR THE EXACT SAME CHARGE proves my point. (See recent blog posts.)

Also, The Assistant D.A.s in charge of prosecuting me told Jennifer Harjo that their STRONGEST case against me is the Stalking charge brought by the daughter of the owners of the William R. Kenan house on Nun St. THIS IS BEYOND A JOKE!!! This woman and I had contact only ONCE in my life and she told me she wished she had a room to let me stay in in exchange for part time renovation of the house, which needs MUCH work and looked like a dang CRACK HOUSE!!!

I texted her TWICE, telling her of a room that was not normally a bedroom, but which would have worked for me. SHE RESPONDED NEITHER TIME. She could have (I'd spoken with her on that phone number previously, so I knew I had the number correct.) and told me not to contact here. She NEVER did that.

Instead, the guy who rented a room from her (making their living situation TWO properties -- that is, they were NOT one family) who first claimed to be her boyfriend, but later claimed to be her protector and personal chef, NOT boyfriend, gave me the bum's rush, and was the one who chased me from the area when I walked past the property on the other side of the street -- hoping to find HIS car gone, and hers there. Both times I tried this, NEITHER car was there, but BOTH TIMES, HIS car quickly came onto the scene and HE threatened my life. When I told this to Wilmington Police Officer Jenkins after a Friday night free concert on the river, Jenkins told me that I might be in trouble if I went there, but ABSOLUTELY REFUSED to tell me if that was from the party who later charged me or the troublesome tenant. THIS INFORMATION WOULD HAVE CLARIFIED EVERYTHING, but he REFUSED to give it, despite my explaining the FACT that they legally lived in separate places.

HE rented a room from her, and I was TRYING to stay away from HIM, but make contact with HER when he was away. I DID NOT ENTER THE PROPERTY OR EVEN CROSS THE STREET!!! I did once take a picture of the front of my (once) distant relatives' house with my phone-camera -- WHEN NO ONE WAS THERE OR IN A WINDOW. This is NOT an unusual thing to do.

Beyond all this, Curtis (who works at the Village Market at Dock and Second Streets) and knows/knew all the parties, reported to me that the man who ACTUALLY was my problem was arrested on multiple Felony counts in South Carolina -- and should no longer be a problem. Kathleen Haberstich, whom I met some time before that when she worked in the penny-candy store on Market Street and who actually was the OTHER person renting a room in the Kenan House at that time, recently told me she saw NO REASON that anyone (at least anyone not in prison) would try to continue the bogus charge (She had QUICKLY moved out after that incident with me).

But Ben David's minions have not seen it that way.

Will be interesting to see what happens if I have to put the ASSISTANT District Attorneys in jail on RACKETEERING CHARGES, and not just Ben Friggin' David (and Judge Criner)!!!


Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Am I Defenseless -- Except for Mistletoe???

I had actually hoped to get away from this sort of graphic, but given the Judge Sandra Ray Criner news in item two, I'm dedicating this graphic to her. She's earned it. See also: .


FIRST: The formatting of this blog post was changed FOUR times by hackers while I have worked on it -- but it is back to something at least acceptable (so far).
1. Yesterday, I told Danny Sinatra's father-in-law "Confederate" Dollar EXACTLY what I thought of Danny's addiction to Adderal and his bizarre behavior toward me and possible link-up with my former roommate Brenda McKnight's drug dealer, Gerald Austin-Wynn -- that to get some meth or other drugs when he's Jonesin' from lack of Addral since he cannot go but about three weeks on what is meant to last a month. See: . 

I didn't do it because I feared Danny and wanted to go behind his back, but rather because after seeing Danny, his wife Phoebe Dollar, and "Confederate" on the riverfront, Danny led his wife away from me, so I figured he didn't want a confrontation.

Since I had blogged about all of that, I felt I needed to tell them. I DO have an email address for Lois Dollar, who is Confederate's wife (given to me by Frank Sinatra's niece, Pat, when she was visiting from California -- a way for me to contact Pat while she stayed at their house), but Lois does not seem to read my emails of these blog posts. Surely she would have told her daughter and son-in-law what I'd posted about them and Danny's drugs. Perhaps they are ALL drug-addled . . .

2. Yesterday, "Jersey" (whose real name is Michael Keogh), was in District Court Judge Sandra Ray Criner's court on an Open Container charge. He asked for a Public Defender for that charge AND SHE GAVE IT TO HIM!!!

Now, recent readers of this blog know that I was in Judge Criner's court a couple of weeks ago FOR THE SAME CHARGE and she DENIED me use of my ALREADY-FOR-OTHER-MATTERS-APPOINTED Public Defender, Jennifer Harjo. Jen first told me not to worry -- that she would be appointed somehow, but then later told me that the charge is so minor (City rule violation, rather than law infraction), that public defenders cannot be appointed to serve in these matters.

This made sense, and giving Jen the benefit of the doubt -- it really is a minor thing, but I AM falsely accused (yet again!!!), and he who represents himself in court has a fool for a lawyer -- maybe it is so rare a request and her time so much more important elsewhere, she didn't give it much thought. We'll see after the Thanksgiving break, but regardless, just like I told District Attorney Ben David's receptionist to tell him, JUDGE CRINER CAN KISS MY ASS!!!

See also: .

>>> And I REALLY only wanted to give THANKS today. I have so much to be thankful for -- and NOT just that my "trials and tribulations" are a GREAT story that will eventually make me a lot of money, even if I have to fictionalize it.


1. My readers who made THIS posting the most popular so far today, despite my not having mentioned it in a while. Straightening out the truth of Tennessee Williams' death and how his codicil was illegally overturned is the ONLY real political goal I have left: .

2. A certain man in New York City whom I know next to nothing about who has sent me significant financial support over the last six weeks or so. There is no way to express how much this has meant -- and how PRACTICAL it has proved to be -- when Williams Scholars, especially, refuse.

After I helped a desparate friend with part of what I'd set aside for my phone service renewal a couple of days ago, Scully, a local friend, made up the difference this morning -- so I thank him for that!

3. First Presbyterian Church: Especially Pastor Ernie Thompson and Rev. Pete Brown. And actually, the entire congregation has welcomed me whole-heartedly -- the best bunch of "honestly-seeking" people I have met anywhere (yes, including my metaphysical church in Atlanta, which was prone to too much tolerance). There are so many ways they have assisted me, but the best is now I get to garden there!!!

4. My parents and my sister Jane, who have helped me out in financial and other ways, recently. I trust the coincidence of my not pressing points of immediate-family history during this same time is just that: a coincidence (and I apologize for this brief moment of "negativity").

5. Tileson Outreach at St. Mary's Catholic Church, run by Sister Isaac (and thanks to Father Bob for advice as well!!!) for financial and other assistance.

6. Several other friends for their financial support in the past: Deb Baratta, Jim Richardson, and Ben Wickham.

7. Although many people of ALL stripes have helped me in many ways -- and I am grateful to all of them -- the native people of Mexico took me in and fed me WHEN THEY HAD NOTHING!!! The black folk of Wilmington ALWAYS HELP ME WHEN I ASK THEM (if they are able). Plenty of white folk are cool too -- just not always as easy to find.

I can't wait to get rich and share what I reap -- something that ALL have helped me attain.

I thank you.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Just How Bizarre is KENAN -- Really???

OK, this is what came up when I goggled "bizarre kenan". Kenan is a fairly common Arab first name, so I doubt I'm TOO closely related to this one. Now, here's a shot of the newly expanded "family stadium" which also came up just after the provocative book:

In Alvaretta Kenan Register's original 1967 edition of THE KENAN FAMILY and Some Allied Families (which contains FAR more Fun-Facts than the 1999 version which was updated by Marie DeLamar), it is quite simply stated that the name Kenan is found in the Bible, fourth in line from Adam to Noah, in First Chronicles, 1st Chapter, 1st Verse. Actually, it's 2nd Verse -- but then Kenans are competive and like symetry. 1, 1, 1 sounds so much better than 1, 1, 2.

The Bible geneology begins:

Kenan (sometimes spelled "Cainan")

According to Charles Filmore's METAPHYSICAL BIBLE DICTIONARY (1995) :

Cainan (more properly Kenan), cå-i'nan (Heb.)--possessor; acquisitor; centralizer; one who fixes and establishes his center; acquisition. Son of Enosh. He is named fourth in descent from Adam (Gen. 5:9). He is the same person as Cainan (Luke 3:37).

Enosh (meaning mortal man, mutable being, corporeal man) refers to the outer or body consciousness, in its limited, material, corruptible concept of the organism: the unreality of the material is made evident by the higher, more spiritual thought (Seth) that has begun its work in the consciousness, to the end that it may be replaced by the spiritual concept and expression. Kenan, son of Enosh (meaning self-centered one, fixed, ownership, general usurpation, welding), signifies the seemingly established materiality of consciousness and organism. But the higher, more spiritual thought, found in Seth, is working, and the man, though seemingly established in materiality, is reaching out of the lesser self (possession invading space) and upward toward something more powerful to uplift, enlighten, heal, renew, and restore than is to be found in the material. Thus Kenan brings forth Mahalalel, meaning praise of God.

So, the way I have always interpreted this (since about 1987 when I first bought Filmore's book), was that KENAN represented material abundance taken to the extreme -- but guided by Spirit, so not selfishly or foolishly. Good Stewardship might be an appropriate term for KENAN relationship to the material.

I always liked the idea of Kenan bringing forth Mahalalel, but since in the Bible, Mahalalel is a separate individual, I've always assumed Kenan had to fall in the process. It will be interesting to see what happens in the days coming up.

But researching a little further -- into Hebrew references regarding the meaning of Mahalalel, I found that "halal" is a verb that can mean one of three things:

1. To shine (like a heavenly body)
2. To praise or boast
3. To be insane, or rather irrational

>>> FINALLY: Proof Positive that KENAN drives people CraZy (which it does)!!!

See: .

* * *

>>> THIS JUST IN 4:09 PM: OCCUPY WILMINGTON protesters packed up their camp on City Hall's lawn after the notoriously corrupt and lying Wilmington Police (some, not all) handed them a hand-written paper showing an ordinance that prohibited their encampment. They did NOT insist on seeing a REAL, PUBLISHED copy of the ordinance, which might or might not have just been passed to oust the group.

Once my sinus infection clears, I might grab "Spaghetti Joey" and his tent and camp there myself (after duct-taping his mouth -- private joke). I sure miss the fun BALLSY TIMES we all had in the late 60s and early 70s practicing CIVIL DISOBEDIENCE for a GOOD CAUSE!!! Today's youth are spoiled and afraid of the cops who (at least in Wilmington) are less violent than they were back then.

As readers of this blog (and anyone following the various OCCUPY movements' activities) knows, the biggest advertiser on The Daily Koz online (which informs people where to go to find local info on the movement) is The Breakers hotel in Palm Beach -- WHOLLY OWNED personally by my distant Kenan relatives (who also control Bank of America and other choice businesses).

Kenans. We be Crazy!!!


The AUDACITY of a Distant Blood Relative

After reading this article: , I posted this comment on

Tommy Kenan (Thomas S. Kenan III): You quit playing with your boy-toy Christopher and mailing out charming DVDs of your aunts' Christmases here in Wilmington long enough to get this bank BACK ON TRACK!!!

I know it is owned primarily by your branch of the family's Charitable Trusts, but you have been playing long enough and need to get BUSINESSES in order!!! Your father, the late, great Frank Hawkins Kenan who just might have been the best thing to happen for Education, Business, and Liberty and Justice for ALL in North Carolina -- and probably far beyond -- must be rolling in his grave.

I told you before someone needs to fix Kenan Advantage Group: . You have not -- or not to MY knowledge. I've heard things have gotten worse . . .

Now, I don't know if Bank of America deserves all the bad press it gets or not, but whether it's Bank Reform or Better PR that's needed (probably both), SOMEONE needs to get on the stick!!!

Thank you,
DISTANT Cousin Scott

>>> SEE ALSO: .


If My Teeth Could Talk (what's left of them)!!!

Once again, compliments of Miss Sandra Beckham of Miami -- and posted here mostly because it's about the ONLY awkward moment I've not (yet) experienced (and trust I won't).

This morning, I'd planned to honor (of all people) my dentist -- and I'm going to do that. But I also had a highly disturbing experience overnight that I'll soon report as well. 

The last person on earth you could have told me would be my rock in times of trouble would be a dentist. But truth-be-told, Todd Afferica, DDS (his wife Cindy and their entire staff, as well) was the one reliable (outside of some people at my metaphysical church) anchor of sanity in Georgia from the day I first met him (1992?) when he worked in a clinic on Memorial Drive until I fled to Mexico at the recommendation of Gen. Collin Powell's former Chief Protocol Officer, Memorial Day weekend, 2010.

It was not just his love of his work and his consummate skill -- but his absolute integrity. And the man had had some difficulties. He'd seriously damaged his back while playing football during undergraduate work at Duke. He managed his pain so that no one knew he had it -- and so that he was never "loopy" in the office from drugs. It got so bad that for a couple of years he had to convince a retired dentist to take over half his schedule. But his eventual back surgery worked, and he was able to resume his full schedule.

We used to talk politics (where we differed in Preferred Party, if not actual philosophy), spirituality, and what-the-heck-was-wrong-with-my-mouth: why despite reasonable care, I was getting cavity on top of cavity, bone and gums receding. It was only in the last year that I finally found in the very fine print on a package of the Lithium I took religiously the entire time I saw him (except the final few months), that Lithium caused carries (decay and crumbling of a tooth or bone). Later, I learned IN MEXICO WHERE THEY ARE MORE HONEST ABOUT SIDE EFFECTS OF DRUGS, that Lithium can be devastating to the mouth (as well as several organs and glands).

But we fought the good fight -- and lost. Eventually, I had to have a full upper plate -- as well as the flipper for the four center lower teeth that I had been wearing since not long after I first (less-religiously), began taking Lithium in the 1970s.

And what a plate it is!!! Everyone thinks I have the finest natural teeth -- and it's so snug, I don't need to use adhesive. If, like me, you are homeless, you KNOW what an advantage it is not to fight with adhesive when you never know when you will next see a bathroom as sanitary as one in a private home.

Now, it is important to me that you, gentle reader, know that Todd's wife Cindy (who runs the office) and all the others working there are also of the highest calibre, and really do function as a family. While the ones there now are milder in personality, he once had a spitfire miniature hygienist who played competitive bagpipes (though, to my knowledge, not in the office), and a fine apprentice from Latin America who was so nice and handsome I had to bite my tongue to bleeding just to keep from proposing marriage.

So you see, while I have the HIGHEST PRAISE for the skills and care of Dr. Afferica and all in his office, it is just the fact that they are THEY that blesses their clients and friends, primarily.

I don't know if he is taking on new clients or not (during business downturns, everyone postpones certain services, so he probably is), but if you live near Northeast Atlanta, check him out!!!

>>> DISCLAIMER: I still owe Dr. Afferica over $600.00 for these dentures. This posting in NOT an attempt to butter him up or shirk my debts. I'll be more than happy to pay him FIRST when I have money again. This posting is just a small tribute to a dentist and his staff whom I wish to recognize for being so much more than just "a dentist and his staff."

>>> DISCLAIMER #2: Dr. Afferica did his graduate work at UNC Chapel Hill. So with his education being at the two TOP schools supported by my distant Kenan relatives, it is no wonder he turned out so perfect. LOL!!! I think I'll have to make him an Honorary Kenan (not that I have the authority to do that). Consider it DONE!!!

>>> FURTHER: I'm too full of thanksgiving to be bothered reporting on last night's disillusionment, which is really just a breakthrough to a greater understanding of reality -- no matter how annoying the disillusionment temporarily was.



Monday, November 21, 2011

Sloe Monday Fizz

Sloe Monday and I've got a sinus infection and am dragging. This just seemed a bit festive as we prepare for Thanksgiving later this week. I haven't had one of these since I was 19 (who has???), and don't particularly recommend them.


1. Since I promised an update on the situation between me and the Sinatra Family, I might as well do that now -- today being a sloe day and all.

Two months ago, Danny Sinatra (great-nephew of Frank), helped me remove half my belongings from Brenda McKnight's house. Brenda had taken me in as a roommate in the house at 2726 Oleander Drive that she leased from Charles Smith, a career Navy man, currently stationed in Virginia. About three weeks later, I learned that Brenda had a little problem with "mother's little helpers" and her supplier, Gerald Austin-Wynn had a HUGE problem with me living there. Gerald insisted Brenda demand I move out, but she being a fundamentally gentle woman and averse to confrontation, did NOT and claimed to Gerald I had refused. They then planned to move Brenda out -- or so they claimed.

But they came up with a better plan: Gerald put Brenda up to lying to a judge and getting me committed to a mental hospital. This worked for a couple of days, but the doctor (seeing it was based on lies) decided he had no choice but to release me after three days (minimum requirement since a judge had signed the order). When Gerald learned of this, he had Brenda get a Family Violence Restraining Order against me (based on the exact same lies) so I could not resume residence -- even though I had paid rent for another half month.

There was a hearing on the Restraining Order, and neither Brenda nor Gerald (as witness) were in court when Judge Sandra Ray Criner called the case and then had the hallway checked, so Judge Criner DISMISSED the case (which I double-checked, being somewhat flabbergasted that such a think would happen).

I left the courthouse, talked to some people outside about my surprising good fortune, smoked most of a cigarette, and then the bailiff chased me down (I was no longer on court property), called me back to court, and the hearing was commenced as if nothing unusual had happened at all!!!

My clear and comprehensive appeal to the Judicial Review Board in Raleigh (my complaint begins about 1/3 way down this posting: ), went to a hearing there on November 10, at which it was decided that there was NO EVIDENCE that Judge Criner acted inappropriately -- this DESPITE the fact that ALL business in court is audio and video taped -- as well as a court reporter taking transcripts. These were NOT checked, which would have been the duty of the investigative body (even if it had been MY responsibility, the appropriate response would have been that I needed to get the evidence to the committee -- NOT THAT IT DID NOT EXIST!!!)

>>> How does this involve the Sinatra family??? Well, it does NOT involve Danny's mother, Pat (who lives in California and was the first of them I met), but Danny helped me get the first half of my belongings and promised to help me get the rest -- and here's where it gets dicey . . .

First, it took Danny seven phone calls to me to figure out how to drive to where I waited for him -- despite that taking only TWO TURNS on well-labelled roads. I knew Danny had spent time in prison for Methamphetamine violations and that he is currently prescribed Adderal as a long-term replacement for Meth (note: this is REPLACEMENT THERAPY, NOT a plan to reduce or eliminate the drug!!!). I also know that Adderal is addictive and one builds up a tolerance to it. Danny told me he always runs out early and goes through withdrawal for several days before being OK for the rests of the month before he can re-new his monthly prescription.

Danny was hepped up on the Adderal when he helped me, but about a day or two later, I witnessed him beg his doctor (by phone) for a "bridge" prescription, which was turned down. He called his wife, Phoebe Dollar , and complained about that to her.

But the day he helped me get things out of Brenda McKnight's house, he spent WAY too much time talking privately with Brenda, and I believe he later used her dealer Gerald to get him either Adderal (which is easy to get black-market in Wilmington) or Meth.

Interesting, too, that Danny said Brenda was OK with HIM coming back to get the rest of my things WITHOUT ME OR POLICE ESCORT. This did NOT happen. And although I left messages for Mr. Smith (the property owner) asking him to help set this up, he communicated ONLY through a woman (we presume it was his wife) via my Public Defender, Jennifer Harjo. I believe this shows that Charles Smith did NOT trust Brenda or Danny -- he was AHEAD of me in understanding the relationships, as it took me a while longer to see how Danny/Brenda/Gerald must have connected.

As it stands now:

A.: The Smiths are coming to town over Thanksgiving and will help get my belongings returned to me. (Jennifer Harjo told me some weeks ago that "the other person living there" had moved on, so presumably Brenda vacated the premises and the house is now empty except for my things).

B.: Danny was very eager to get his hands on my collection of 200-250 DVDs and Blu-Ray disks of movies, which I had told him I'd let him borrow until I got my own place again. I hope he and Brenda did not take them to sell "nickle-and-dime" to buy drugs.

C.: Danny's claim when he first met me that he and his wife were getting a small Hi-Def video camera and they wanted to film either my story in Wilmington or work with my Tennessee Williams material was ENTIRELY bogus -- although he DID turn on a small voice recorder that he slipped into his chest pocket before going in to talk to Brenda -- which he claimed would be the beginning of recording my story. Since it has become clear that he/they (and his wife, Phoebe Dollar) NEVER intended to work with me, I'm guessing that either he's an under-cover narc who recorded evidence against Brenda (highly unlikely), or he had claimed to his mother Pat (or someone else) that they needed money to buy the camera to record my story and he had to extend his lying to me -- until they got it. The plan has NEVER been mentioned again.

D.: A couple of weeks ago, I ran into Danny who was with his father-in-law, "Confederate" Dollar (long explanation) and after talking a little while, asked if Danny had three dollars (money, not relatives), that he could spare so I could buy some Starbucks (the only place open at 6:00 AM), coffee in the morning when the shelter lets us out. Danny got very upset, saying I was making him UNCOMFORTABLE asking for money, which SERIOUSLY annoyed me, given that Danny had a nice two-story house, two late model cars, and plenty of money (seemingly) to continue his lifestyle while living with his wife, infant daughter, and his wife's parents. He could have simply said no -- or claimed he had no cash.

>>> I DIDN'T GIVE A RAT'S BEHONKUS WHETHER OR NOT ASKING FOR COFFEE MONEY MADE HIM UNCOMFORTABLE when I had been homeless -- and sometimes hungry or living on a concrete slab -- (mostly) for over a year -- and I let him know that in no uncertain terms.

Two weeks later, I saw him on Front Street in a shark suit looking like an old fashioned "Guinea" thug. He hollared across the street that I was on his "shit list," and I yelled back that THAT was not MY problem. Haven't seen him since -- nor do I care to. I'm OVER DRUG ADDICTS!!! -- legal or not (including combo-deals like folks that run out of Adderal early and buy illegally on the street until they can gete another fix from a physician.

>>> News for Patrick Stansbury of Pentagon Publishing, Inc. : I spoke with a lawyer this morning and learned that my accepting the 10% ($3,800.00) of the $38,000.00 for sale back to him of stock in his company PROBABLY consituted a complete legal sale, although the complications might make for a complicated claim which I'd need to file in Georgia. I never wanted to get into a legal "tar baby" with Patrick, so I'll contact Patrick to see what he'll offer me (if anything) before leaning on the people he contracts with at the Defense Department schools, asking for their assistance. I DO still have not only the email trail beginning with Patrick's promise to pay $100.00 per share as well as a few of his emails about his being so "Christian" and my "lifestyle" (gay) being basically anti-Jesus -- and all his ensuing harassment, that even my cousin's daughter Andrea wrote Patrick shaming him for (while also saying she didn't know enough about the issues to know what I did or did not deserve).

I think I might find a sympathetic ear or two at the Service Academies or War Colleges, especially now that Don't Ask, Don't Tell has ended.