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This is not a comment on the recent kerfuffle about GoDaddy and legislation concerning the internet -- something I don't know enough about to make comment. This is what I look like when I catch myself in reflective windows walking down the street with my new clip-ons -- except my smile is not as big.

>>> But "Went Daddy" is what I might be if I don't do something about Judge Noecker's GAG ORDER regarding this blog: that I must remove The Plaintiff's name -- something I wouldn't have minded doing except that now that I'm ORDERED to do it (he never bothered to ask me first -- just hauled me into court when Detective Larry Egerton had compiled all the evidence HIMSELF and leveraged The Plaintiff to press charges.

>>> YOU WILL REMEMBER THAT THE PLAINTIFF TESTIFIED UNDER OATH THAT HE DOES NOT READ MY BLOG (he said it annoys him -- or something similar -- so he doesn't look at it).

It is ALSO true that The Plaintiff had NO IDEA the other things I had written about him or his former girlfriend Cindy Beatty -- EXCEPT WHAT DETECTIVE LARRY EGERTON brought to his attention and HIGHLIGHTED (in yellow) for him to concentrate on. In fact, the WHOLE TIME leading up to the hearing, The Plaintiff had his nose in the print-outs reading and studying.


Anyway, I was unable to contact my Public Defender who is out of town, and I forgot to ask the one time I actually had a Federal Agent on the line -- and they are too busy to deal with things until after the holidays, so I'm going to just change it to "PERSON JUDGE NOECKER GAG-ORDERED ME NOT TO MENTION IN MY BLOG."

I know who it is -- and so do YOU, if you're on my email list of about 160. And I don't want to "Go-Daddy" myself to jail -- unnecessarily . . . .


1. My sisters Jane and Julie both showed up in Wilmington for lunch and completely surprised me by calling just as I completed the last posting.

2. We ate at the now somewhat infamous Mixto restaurant and Julie picked up the tab. She also handed me a little cash, and my parents had sent a little too.

3. When I write "a little cash" I mean compared to what they helped be taken from me by their lies (which they might or might not have believed when they told them). The amounts they gave were decent for casual walking money for a person in my situation -- nothing they will miss too much in their own lifestyles.

4. But it was something -- and more than enough to buy the clip-ons. A good deal more.

5. All was quite friendly, although Julie mentioned that I had "attacked" people quite strongly and what did I think about that. I said that I had merely reported what others did and not attacked anyone at all. If people don't like having the truth reported about what they say and do, they should say and do things they like to have reported.

6. Jane said that I might have to have another psychological test for Disability determination. I said I'm fine with that (although I, this week, left word with my Public Defender that I would NOT accept having another one for court (since I've had about eight so far in the last year) unless legally ordered to do so.

7. That's about all -- and now I have to go remove The Plaintiff's name. I hope I find all of them and ask any reader who sees any after midnight tonight, to please email me with info where it is so I can remove it ASAP.

>>> NOTE: Although all mentions of The Plaintiff's name have now been removed, it takes a few days before they stop popping up when searched with Google. If you go to the Googled result, you will find the names removed already from the postings. IF NOT -- PLEASE LET ME KNOW IMMEDIATELY!!! Thank you.




Year-End Wrap-Up

Is a Presidential run in her future???

>>> FIRST:

1. I'd like to thank the two most important "Winds Beneath My Wings" in Wilmington, NC -- BOTH ARE REPUBLICANS!!!

>>> And neither had ANY contact with me except for quick, chance meetings months ago, except for the second one, as I'll explain . . .

Tom Fetzer: Former Mayor of Raleigh and former Chairman of the North Carolina Republican Party, Mr. Fetzer was drummed out by the "Tee-Tee Party" faction in about as an adult fashion as their name implies. He now lives here in Wilmington with his wife (whom I also found charming) and young child.

I met him as he left the Dixie Grill after breakfast one spring morning, and he HEARTILLY challenged me to CONTINUE forcing the Republican Party to reform. He was a good friend of the late Frank Hawkins Kenan, the man who absolutely tops my list of PEOPLE I WANT TO MEET IN HEAVEN.

Napier Fuller: Former (and, unfortunately, losing) candidate in the recent Wilmington City Council elections. I met Mr. Fuller for the first time when he was frantically running around planting election signs. He didn't know who I was, but correctly blurted out that also-Republican candidate (whom I knew personally) Josh Fulton was "a Tea-Party NUTBALL."

I also liked what Napier said about using Goat Island for nature trails (inexpensive government improvement!!! The island immediately across the river from downtown -- whatever its name), and some other things as well (although I never did hear his full schpeal).

Then, late yesterday afternoon, I ran into Napier for the second time as he left the Murchison Building where his family's offices are. He ran over to me and said he just HAD to tell me that he reads this blog and finds it HILARIOUS.

"Praise Jesus!!!" I said. "Most people take me FAR too seriously. I write about serious things, but it's of the utmost importance to me to ENTERTAIN as well."

Mr. Napier is young and -- dare I say it: HOT AS HELL (for a white boy -- and the "marrying type", as they say -- and he DOES, apparently successfully). I'm sure we'll all be seeing a lot more of him in the future -- and will ALL BE IMPROVED FOR IT.

2. I am THRILLED that my posting about Sen. Goolsby has rocked-to-the-top!!! If you haven't seen it with Sen. Goolsby's thinly-disguised back-and-forth with me in comments posted beneath it (a tetch hair-curling -- you are FOREWARNED!!!), check it out.

I suppose Goolsby got confused (thinking it was Halloween -- fave holiday of his Family, I reckon -- rather than Christmas) and dressed up as a "neighborly grandmother" to tell me what he REALLY THINKS:

3. See my Facebook Page for more subjects than written about on this blog:!/profile.php?id=1111771878 .

* * *


Dear Gov. Perdue,

It is with the highest delight that I write to send you a copy of the Letter to the Editor I just sent the RALEIGH NEWS AND OBSERVER. Who knows if they'll have the nerve to print it. HA!!!

When I saw that you had had a lunch meeting a few weeks ago with Randall Kenan (one of my favorite writers and a political ally and acquaintance, internetically, as well) and Philip Gerard (who wrote CAPE REAR RISING -- which although I have not had time to read completely, chronicles the story of how my distant relative -- and BLACKEST SHEEP of the family -- William R. Kenan, SR. fomented the Wilmington Race Riot in 1898), I KNEW you were MY KINDA WOMAN (and Patriot).

Greetings, Ma'am!!!

I would like to direct you to my political blog where you can read how I am taking down the very top of the Republican Party -- as well as two local District Attorneys: Benjamin and Jon David. Ben is not only President Elect of the NC Conference of District Attorneys, but Deacon Elect at my former church, First Presbyterian (heavily endowed by William R. Kenan, SR's children).

I am also working with the US Attorney in Raleigh to bring Racketeering Charges (explained within blog) against Ben David, New Hanover County District Court Judges Sandra Ray Criner and Jeffery Noecker, "First Prez" Senior Pastor Ernie Thompson, the US Coast Guard's see-no-drug-traffic head of Drug Interdiction in the Port of Wilmington -- and quite a few others!!!

You see, not only have they been hiding the cocaine and heroin importation (partly via mini-subs that unload under Snow's Cut Bridge) behind Ben David's "devout" Presbyterian "faith" consciously and deliberately -- THEY ARE ENSLAVING OUR CITIZENS AND CHILDREN WITH THEIR HARD DRUGS AND GIVING ALL THE PROFITS TO THE REPUBLICAN PARTY!!!

Well, it's been QUITE the year here in Wilmington, and I couldn't have had more fun doing all of this. Please don't hesitate to call on me if I can be of assistance in all your better efforts (I'm pretty good at writing -- in fact John Lahr of THE NEW YORKER gave my Tennessee Williams memoir RAVE reviews. See: ).

Also, should you happen to know Thomas S. Kenan III of Chapel Hill, would you please tell him THANKS for sending 60 MINUTES to interview me when I lived in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico in exile for half a year? You might also tell him that Robbie, the guy Tom and I both dated at different times in the mid-80s, is afraid to communicate with me. I fear he has a boyfriend now who is actually a Republican Party "handler", but I also feel that Robbie is entirely safe.

Mega-Cheers to you, and below is what I sent the Raleigh paper. We'll see if they DARE publish it. LOL!!!


Sirs and/or Madams:

Although I have lived in North Carolina for only one year (after having visited it many times as my father is from the Wilmington area and a sister and my parents now live in Raleigh), I have been APPALLED by the racial, gender, and sexual-orientation BIGOTRY I have both seen and experienced here (but certainly not by all).

But today, I'd like to call your readers' attention (if this is allowed) to an exchange between me and Republican State Senator Thom Goolsby, whom I am working to file major charges against in Federal Court -- as well as District Attorneys Benjamin and Jon David -- Goolsby's TOP support in gutting the Racial Justice Act.

You should be warned that the language BOTH of us use might curl some people's hair. Index to post subjects is below link to my memoir about working for playwright Tennessee Williams.

Thank you,
Scott D. Kenan

Oil portrait of Napier S. Fuller by Chiara Williams 1997


Friday, December 30, 2011

Celebrating My Arrival in Wilmington One Year Ago, Today!!!

I had actually been searching for an image of the plaque on the South side of Kenan Fountain (which proved impossible to find) when I found this image of Harry Potter with the claim he had run for Mayor of Wilmington in 2008. I did not bother to verify this, but found it amusing enough to post Harry's picture. For the record, BIG BILL SAFFO won the contest. I guess the citizens preferred a REAL MAN!!!

>>> FUNNY that I lived for about three weeks in Raleigh before moving to Wilmington, two of those weeks homeless after my parents who allowed me to live in their house the first week, unceremoniously had the Police evict me and filed papers not allowing me back under threat of Trespass Charges -- WITHOUT ASKING ME OR HAVING HARSH WORDS OR OTHER WARNING FIRST AT ALL!!!

I suppose that my father, a few nights before, shooting the windshield of my Pontiac Vibe with his BB gun the night of the full lunar eclipse (immediately after it at about 3:30 in the morning, to be precise), should have keyed me to my parents' DEEP PSYCHOSIS, but Dad DID pay to repair the windshield when he also paid to replace the driver's-side, back-seat window that thieves had broken in Conchas Chinas, Mexico (just below Puerto Vallarta) to steal my wallet, passport, and, strangely, all my undies -- soiled and not -- a short time before (using my birth certificate) I had driven back to the US.

Well, I'm not in the mood to go over a lot of old history today. Suffice it to say I've had a REAL BALL in Wilmington since arriving and finding that just like in the heyday of the wealthier branch of my Kenan Family, Wilmingtonians are conflicted by Kenans. HA!!!

You see, Kenans are generally ALL sexual and political libertarians of the FIRST ORDER, and THAT gets the panties of a lot of HYPOCRITES into QUITE A TWIST!!!

I remember well the day last spring when I met Tim Kenan at the Duck n' Dive bar on Dock Street. He already knew of me (before many people did), and was with his fiancee as well as his male lover who was to be their Best Man in their wedding -- the three of them in their cups, and, including me (but not Tim), enthralled by Tim's nicely cut body, his tiny nipples erect in the cool wind.

We realized Tim probably shares my great-grandparents with me (although he is probably a generation of two further removed). The farm he lives on near Burgaw might well be the one my Great-Grandad Murphy was able to get back after the Civil War.

Of course I'm "gay as a goose" as is Thomas S. Kenan III of Chapel Hill -- now head of the Family Enterprises and Charitable Trusts -- and I MUST say, the BEST ALLY A PERSON COULD EVER HOPE TO HAVE!!!

On his side, Mary Lily's best friends, Pembroke Jones and his wife Sarah, always traveled with Pembroke's male lover, and Mary Lilly's brother Will (William R. Kenan, Jr.), who had been Flagler's right-hand man in the Florida ventures as well as having built some companies of his own (his Western Block Company was the largest manufacturer of block and tackle and other maritime hardware in the US at the time), never had children by his wife, and then moved in with his life-long male secretary Scotty after Mrs. Kenan died.

And then there is the strange case of my own father, William Scott Kenan, who was born in Burgaw and grew up all over Pender and New Hanover counties after the Great Depression hit and the burning down of his father's cotton and tobacco barns made the family virtually homeless -- Grandma Laura dying at about the same time and Granddad Joe turning seriously to drink.

Dad graduated from New Hanover High after only eleven years of MULTIPLE schools (quite a feat, if you ask me!!!). He used to tell me his nickname in high school was "Middle-leg" and from what I dimly remember, all I can say is a horse is a horse is a horse!!! (No untoward implications intended or deserved.)

After serving in the Navy in sonar in the North Atlantic and Mediterranean, Dad landed eventually in San Francisco where he sold gifts in the "most expensive department store in the city." Dad liked to brag that he'd sold many gifts to William Randolph Hearst's buyer -- gifts intended for Hearst's lover, Marion Davies, including an alabaster bowl.

Later, he and his "best friend" landed in Cincinnati, OH, and while I do NOT know all the details, before you could say "Jiminy Cricket" Dad's friend was shot in the head and Dad converted to Catholicism before marrying my mother, Ruth Anne Meyer of Brookville, IN. The death was officially listed as "Russian Roulette Suicide" according to BOTH my parents -- and told to me MANY times, back when I was young.

It was later -- in the late 1950s and into the 60s -- that we had the dinnerware with swastikas on it -- the dinnerware my aunts do NOT remember ever seeing in my mother's parents' house -- even though Mom has always claimed she inherited them.

And it was during our years in Louisville, KY, that my father (a low-level accounting clerk for Sun Oil Company) received gifts from a Vice President of the Pepsi Cola Company -- someone I NEVER heard the name of nor knew my parents to associate with socially or any other way. It was in Louisville that my mother took at least me (and I think my sister Jane as well) to see President Kennedy speak (although my parents had been STAUNCH Nixon supporters and claimed FURIOUSLY that the only reason ANY Catholic voted for Kennedy was because of religious agreement).

This speech, it was reported in the next day's paper, had the LONGEST APPLAUSE EVER RECEIVED FOR JOHN FITZGERALD KENNEDY, and I swear, every five or ten years I remember that and give a single clap so that I can ALWAYS BE THE LAST PERSON CLAPPING FOR PRESIDENT KENNEDY.


After we moved to West Chester, PA, shortly before President Kennedy's assassination, and Dad worked seemingly around the clock to computerize Sunoco's credit card center in Wayne, PA (in the years since then he has always claimed -- disingenuously -- that he has NO affinity for computers, and I've NEVER seen him use one. >>> 12/31/11 ERROR CORRECTION: Dad DID have a computer in the 1990s when they lived in Wilmington, and might have used it after moving to Raleigh in 2000 for a couple of years, but has NOT been on one in years now. Mom occassionally used an old laptop I gave her a few years ago, but rarely).

Mom and Dad BOTH seemed to find new friends in Pennsylvania by pointedly telling people that the thing they missed most about Louisville was the Louisville Courier-Journal -- founded by Robert Worth Bingham who had probably given Mary Lily Kenan syphilis during a college sexual dalliance, then later married her after the death of Henry Flagler and after the excruciatingly painful tertiary stages of the disease brought Mary Lily low and she had become addicted to cocaine and laudanum to help with the pain.

The precise details of Mary Lily's death -- if in fact the THREE exhumations and autopsies ending in 1989 actually proved anything conclusively -- have never been revealed by family historian Thomas S. Kenan III, although 60 MINUTES did a piece on this in 1989.

 * * *

>>>: I leave you with two things for now: something I posted on and an email exchange with my sister Jane:

As a North Carolina Kenan -- the family who contributed much to the history of North Carolina and the Nation, including Gen. James Kenan's stand with other Patriots on the banks of the Cape Fear River, which was the FIRST armed resistance to the Crown over the Stamp Act (although the Yankees winning the Civil War, they claim the Boston Tea Party, which was later), founding of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill on land they donated (with some other key families) and have liberally supported education since, in NC and BEYOND -- I'd like to say that I am shocked by the ignorance of those who would SPURN GOD and all GOD'S CREATION by denying rights to ANYONE based on race, gender, religion, sexual orientation, or even hair style!!!

That said, take a look at the back-and-forth between me and a very thinly disguised Republican State Sen. Thom Goolsby, who thought he could pretend to be a "neighborly grandmother" (Republicans like to cross-dress). Also some thoughts about the Senator's relationship with his HOT (and very nice) "front-man" from his law office on Walnut Street here in Wilmington: .

The North Carolina Family Policy Council's use of a violent image to promote the state's proposed amendment banning same-sex marriage has ignited controversy among lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) rights advocates. The photograph, which can be found on page 13 of the winter 2012 issue of the organization's Family North Carolina publication, shows a traditionally-dressed bride and groom being targeted b...


Scott Kenan
10:22 AM (4 minutes ago)
To Jane

Hi Jane,

Thanks for this -- and you are correct, you DID say as much as all this to me before. You still have not considered that event more carefully, so I'll make my case in detail now.

At that time -- and as you have previously acknowledged -- you and I had not had direct or indirect contact for a week or more. What you might not have known was that Allen and I had not had contact for at least three or four days -- possibly as long as a week, but I think less than that. (Do you begin to see why Allen asked you not to let me know he talked to you???)

I also understand that you judged my behaviors and words to be "very manic and psychotic" quite honestly -- but had failed to consider the facts of MY experience, and indeed, much of your own experience in our family over the years we have been alive. Had you done THAT, you might not think I was either manic or psychotic -- although I certainly was agitated in my frustration because so few people (particularly family), were willing to listen to me and consider the logic and facts I was presenting. You had all decided that because I had a diagnosis of bipolar, you could simply dismiss anything I claimed as "manic and psychotic" instead of using your own minds and research to see if there was actual truth to what I said.

While I love you (all of you) deeply and that cannot be harmed, I have had to separate myself from those of you who continue to keep your heads in the sand. You will eventually have to face the truth about our family, and it will be NO PICNIC. I have TRIED (but, I'm afraid failed rather miserably) to lead you, Mike, and Julie (especially -- Dad already knows and has expressed his pride in my actions and his love of me) to see the truth without having to experience the EXTREME loss of wealth and family -- and MORE -- I have had to endure. I have always prayed that I could relieve YOU ALL of AS MUCH OF THIS AS POSSIBLE. You see, I have known all along that I can handle it -- and I have willingly endured all that I have endured (and have no scars, regrets, or grudges -- or visible or invisible aging).

I got a story I'm gonna make a FORTUNE off, eventually!!!

You might have noticed on my blog that I side-ways pitched producer Scott Rudin's executive assistant a couple of days ago. But Rudin (because of his association with John Uecker) is problematic -- and that association might not actually be real. I'm still awaiting a response. But I am also to meet next month with Linda Lavin and her husband Steve Bakunas, who are very committed to Wilmington, theater, music, historic and community restoration, etc. And while Rudin is the top US film producer today, I'm not sure I wouldn't prefer to work with someone younger, smaller, and hungrier. I'm sure all that will work out in time.

Anyway (getting back to the original point), I'm certain Allen contacted you after being contacted by either Patrick Stansbury or Christal Presley (as an intermediary). Allen had had no contact with me for several days at least, I had NEVER been suicidal, and the police showed up to try to commit me only 20 - 40 minutes after Patrick's email conversation with me which started with his offering $100.00 per share for my 380 shares of company stock, his in-steps taking that down to $10 then $1 then $0 inexplicably, suspending me then firing me with claim he "was on the way" to file Restraining Orders so I could not contact Pentagon Publishing co-workers (a legal impossibility -- and in fact he WASN'T and DIDN'T).

But the kicker was that (and I DO have that email trail still, but not close so I cannot quote precisely) he claimed I had "burned all my bridges" and was hated by not only my family but friends and work associates. He went on to say that it looked like the only avenue I "had left was suicide." 20 - 40 minutes later, the cops (acting on YOUR phone call) showed up at my door. I soon had them laughing about it and they left. Over the next month, I endured FIVE of these visits by cops -- two or three times accompanied by a shrink nurse -- trying (unsuccessfully) to commit me. The last one, I was told, was initiated by Julie.

So, do you have an alternate explanation of what really happened??? If so, I'd like to hear it -- and ALSO one from Julie explaining HER actions.

I see you have a gmail address now, which I had not been aware of. I'll send this back via both your addresses (confusingly, gmail somehow associated Julie's address with your name, so it might look like THREE times sent to you). I'm copying the rest of the family as well as maybe this email will help explain my position to others.

All my love,

On Fri, Dec 30, 2011 at 6:07 AM, Jane Kenan wrote:

The reason I called the police was because Allen had called me as he felt you were suicidal. You had been acting very manic and psychotic for quite some time so I was willing to believe you might be in danger.

He did not want me to tell you he had called me and I honored that for awhile.



Thursday, December 29, 2011

Stepping Up the Pressure . . .

ANOTHER Appeal for help from My Government!!!

Scott Kenan

6:13 PM (2 minutes ago)

Dear Sirs and/or Madams, and Ms. XXXXXX:

My name is Scott David Kenan and I live in Wilmington, NC. I am not sure whom to contact, but found both these and only these email addresses on the US Attorney's website (then added ones for the DOJ - US). I called your office (919-856-4530) twice within the last week and was assured by the woman who answers phones (and heard part of my story) that is it a Mr. Rudy Renfer SENOIR I need to speak with -- and in fact I was once connected by mistake to Rudy Jr., who assured me it was his father I need to talk to. (I do NOT trust family who work together in government -- witness twin brother NC District Attorneys Ben and Jon David -- CUTE, but corrupt.)

But despite leaving messages TWICE with my phone number and political blog address (which clearly shows my email address), NO ONE has contacted me. Now, to tell the truth, I am NOT in an emergency situation -- and I know things are crazy around the holidays as well -- but given the nature of my situation and the severity of crimes I gave some details about in the messages I left Mr. Renfer, I should have been contacted just to acknowledge receipt!!!

Although shirt-tail related to the wealthy and powerful Kenans of this state (in fact I have had direct personal contact with Thomas S. Kenan III of Chapel Hill -- now in charge of the bulk of Family wealth and Charitable Trusts -- as Tommy and I once dated the same person here in Wilmington).

In fact, after Republicans tried to commit me to a mental hospital FIVE TIMES in one month when I lived in Stone Mountain, GA two years ago, Tom had 60 MINUTES interview me in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. They still intend to do several segments on my story once certain Republicans' power over TV content is reduced.

I worked for Tennessee Williams and knew Jackie Onassis, so got to know some of her secrets that she shared with Tennessee. I also know the truth of how Tennessee Williams was murdered, and who was bribed, by whom, and why, to illegally overturn the codicil to Tennessee's will -- written at Jackie's suggestion in the hopes of protecting him and his estate.

But this is NOT my current problem. Because I know too much about the heroin and cocaine and other drug trafficking in Wilmington, in the last year, I have endured SEVEN false charges by the local DA, as well as THREE incarcerations and TWO improper involuntary mental hospital commitments -- but they were unable to hold me long. I have escaped quite a few attempts on my life, and although I keep outsmarting them, I am HOPING my government can give me some kind of protection -- at least against additional false charges!!!

You see, I can all but prove in a court of law that District Attorney Ben David with his twin, Jon -- DA on the other side of the river -- control and protect all the heavy drug traffic. New Hanover County District Judges Sandra Ray Criner and Jeffery Noecker work with them in the corrupted court. State Senator Thom Goolsby is associated with them. I believe that they all (with some others) should be charged -- and CAN be charged -- with Racketeering, simply based on the body of evidence I have collected. Some need to be charged with Narcotics Trafficking, Obstruction of Justice, and other crimes as well.

Previously, I have given much information to:

Derrick A. Vachon, Resident Agent in Charge
US Coast Guard Investigative Service
RAO Wilmington, NC
cell: 910-443-1011
office: 910-772-2229

Jeff Grant, DEA agent
Nixon Bldg.
Wilmington, NC
office: 910-815-4513

BOTH these gentlemen (and it has been several months ago -- late spring), only got a little information from me and have had no on-going contact. Mr. Vachon said he was NOT interested if I did NOT have actionable info to arrest drug criminals. He specifically said he did NOT want to hear about who worked together or how.

Mr. Vachon ESPECIALLY did NOT want to know about the mini-subs that unload under Snow's Cut Bridge, despite my assurances that I know MANY people who would testify to witnessing it many times. In fact, this part of the drug operation is common knowledge among street people in Wilmington -- but our so-called Drug Interdiction people DO NOT WANT TO HEAR ABOUT IT!!!

Now, Mr. Renfer cannot return a call or email me or snail-mail me. IS THERE ANYONE IN OUR GOVERNMENT WHO IS NOT A CROOK???

I hope this message, which is being blind copied to a few others and will soon appear on my political blog as well: gets SOMEONE's attention!!!

And that I will soon be contacted.

See my blog which EXPERTLY details all my travails for further details.

May the United States Constitution -- THE GREATEST CIVIL SPIRITUAL DOCUMENT EVER WRITTEN be once again RESPECTED -- instead of being used only as a PUBLIC RELATIONS DEVICE.

Thank you for your prompt attention. I will go higher if I must.

Scott D. Kenan
c/o Mercy House Shelter
411 Red Cross Street
Wilmington, NC 28401
cell: 910-550-XXXX (usually I do NOT receive voicemails or text messages, so if you call, be sure you get me on the line.)


Victory Laps (no tongue involved!!!)

Photo (click it to see it enlarged) I took in summer of 2010 of the monument on Mismaloya, Mexico placed by director John Huston after he gave the site of the filming of THE NIGHT OF THE IGUANA to the people as a park. As of 2010, the largest narco-trafficker in Guadalajara, Claudio Leone (see halfway down for more: ) had somehow gotten title to the property and was planning to develop it with homes for the Super-Rich -- even adding a "Fantasy Hotel" on Los Arcos, the small, mountain-like islands with natural sea-tunnels just off shore in Mismaloya Cove.


May I direct you to a FABULOUS photo of the Senator and his famous "Hair-DON'T" and, if you care to see the original posting that he repied to, it is here: .

Today's note from the Senator and my reply:

NCGrandRep said:

Wrong as usual!! He wouldn't waste his time or energy on someone like you, as he has much more important things to deal with. Unlike you, who has nothing more to do than walk the streets of Wilmington giving YOUR opinion to any idiot that would listen. I will say one thing, I am a grandmother and I am a neighbor and supporter of the Goolsbys. I would never give you my name because I feel you are nuts and I don't need you dropping in on me. Who do you think you are that you can come on someone's property and try to cause trouble. First his home and now his office on more than one occasion. Sounds like STALKING in the 1st degree, don't you agree!!

December 29, 2011 7:21 AM 

Scott Kenan said:

You Silly Old Senator Sphincter!!!

NC Grand Republican can ONLY be someone with as inflated an ego as Thom Goolsby has. I don't buy that you are a neighborly grandmother -- and you already proved you know too many intimate details of what happened to be even the busiest-body neighbor in the Universe!!!

I hardly think that anyone -- especially a jury -- would find that stopping by Sen. Goulsby's home to allert them to the door left open on their van in the driveway (admittedly, I then told Mrs. Goolsby that I intended to have her husband arrested for his crimes, eventually. I was NOT strident enough for her to call the Police at the time), a visit to the Senator's law office on Chestnut Street where he was not, but his apparently gay "front-man" (we all have gay-dar, and I saw his go off as well) kindly accepted my apology and made me feel good that at least Sen. Goolsby DOES employ gay men. Then, last week, because I DO NOT talk behind ANYONE's back (or disguise my identity like SOME DO), I stopped by the office to allert the Senator that I am in contact with the US Marshall in Raleigh about certain high crimes and the Senator has a very high chance of being indicted. I do NOT mean to imply that I think the Senator gets "high" (although if he does with his gay "front-man", I would not be surprised, as I told that man that while I abhore hard drugs, I have no problem with marijuana and he responded with a smile and a shrug, "Who does???"
Has Senator Goolsby taken a piss test for drugs -- lately???Scott

December 29, 2011 8:27 AM

>>> GREAT JOY!!!:

My Gentle Readers have caused the followinig post to have gone "GLOBAL-VIRAL". It getting FAR more hits in less than 24 hours than even my postings about how District Attorney Ben David (with the help of those who allowed him to hide behind "devout" Presbyterianism, like Pastor Ernie Thompson) FORCED my best friend and business-partner-designate, Evan Fish, to jump off the parking deck by the library back in September and covereing it up WITH THE HELP OF HIS FAUX-CHRISTIAN FAMILY IN OHIO as a suicide. (see internet buzz on that here: )

* * *

>>> FINALLY: Email from/to "Joseph":

Scott Kenan
10:45 AM (2 minutes ago)
To: “Joseph”

Hi “Joseph”,

Thanks for this. You received my emails on a timely basis -- HOWEVER, they STILL have not shown up in my "sent" box on gmail. This has happened before with email to you. I suspect that email difficulty you had planned to see a computer doctor over but which eventually "healed itself" was due to our association and perpetrated by what I call "The Fox News email/internet Manipulators." You know they lost NEWS OF THE WORLD in London over this exact same stuff, and even Rupert Murdock was proven in his emails that someone had saved to have ACTUALLY HAVE KNOWN ABOUT IT ALL PERSONALLY, despite his earlier denials.

Last night, I texted about ten people including immediate family that "I HAVE WON!!!" Only my cousin's daughter Wendy responded congratulating me (she's been on meds for years for a "bi-polar" diagnosis). NOTHING from my siblings, of course.

You see, after my postings yesterday "outing" the reprehensible behaviors of Ernie Thompson at First Presbyterian Church -- as well as the THINLY disguised rantings of Sen. Thom Goolsby (whose name I misspelled ENTIRELY without realizing it until I re-read the postings this morning -- but am leaving them), and also contacting Scott Rudin's office by phone and then email, AND hearing from the man I can only call my platonic soul-mate in a way that MORE THAN LIFTED MY WINGS (but not my skirt, so to speak), my buddy "Jersey" informed me that yesterday was in fact the 50th Anniversary of the Broadway debut of my favorite Williams play: THE NIGHT OF THE IGUANA.

I felt that was a sign from BIG SWEETIE (what I prefer to call this Thing We Call God). And I think Sean Blackwell (see: ) has seen that I can write a very effective Spiritual Mind Treatment (scientific prayer) as taught by The Science of Mind, aka Religious Science (see: ).

I would like to take a moment to honor my teachers I studied under there, both reverend-ed and not: Dr. J. Kennedy Schultz (not much on the internet about him, but see: ), Elizabeth Kubler-Ross ( ), Joyce Rennolds (see: ), Ken Wilcox (see: ), and Mary Kritz (see:!/marykritz )

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From: “Joseph”

Recd yr 1st email 4:24, 2nd 4:31.

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Subject: Re: YOU-ker, church folks naysaying

Because I replied to you ten minutes ago and that reply is NOT listed in my "sent" box, I am sending this to you again. It was a very simple email:


On Wed, Dec 28, 2011 at 11:59 AM,
From: “Joseph”

The Wiki article on Uecker is his positive resume. A sensational input from you is not likely to be included.

When church members deny receiving your emails, they may mean: “I received your email, I do not want it, I did not read it/I did read it, then I deleted it, you should be frozen out of our congregation.”


Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Letter to Scott Rudin's Personal Assistant:

>>> THIS JUST IN FROM SEN. GOOLSBY at 4:58 PM EDT (with my reply) I KNOW it is Sen. Goolsby "himself" because of these words he wrote, "My family members do not need to be approached by a loose cannon." :

Senator Thom Goolsby (like District Attorney Ben David, Judges Criner and Noecker, Pastor Ernie Thompson -- and a few others as well, LOL!!!) is nothing but A NOTHING, TRYING TO BE A SOMETHING. They are an ACT, rather than authentic people.

'Nuff said. Amen. Halle-Damn-Lujia!!!

NCGrandRep said:

You are right! You did make threats to Mr. Goolsby's wife and who do you think you are to do such a thing? Most normal human beings would talk to a lady with respect, especially when they know nothing at all about the person. Approaching someone you don't even know and scaring her with your nasty mouth and loud, obnoxious manner is unacceptable. Mrs. Goolsby is the sweetest lady anyone could imagine, and she is 2 feet shorter than you and probably 150 lbs. lighter. Why don't you go after someone your size and gender and run your mouth to them. No, because you want the upper hand on someone and you like feeling superior. Talking about someone being a FAGGOT, look in the mirror you moron. When you look up the word "Faggot" in the dictionary your face is plastered all over the page. No, I will not tell you who I am because I don't appreciate someone like you coming near me or knowing where I live. My family members do not need to be approached by a loose cannon. You think because you are 7 feet tall you are a big man and you can do whatever you please. Wrong, Buddyboy! But, let it be known, I am watching you and I am taking notes on you, slime ball. Who you know and who you are related to makes no never mind to me or anyone else. It is obvious you are a disgrace to the Kenan family name. Face it, you are a LOSER!!

December 28, 2011 10:04 AM

Scott Kenan said:

Oh pish-posh.

I apologized right after speaking with Mrs. Goolsby (both via email to Sen. Goolsby and in person via his office assistant), because it was inappropriate for me to speak with anyone other than the Senator about those things.

That said, an adult woman is an adult citizen and fully capable of dealing with reality -- especially since I in NO WAY threatened her or hers. I had knocked on the door to allert them to the fact that they'd left a van door open, and did not want to simply close it myself as someone might think I was trying to steal something inside it.

And she IS the wife of a politician -- albeit a RACIST ASSHOLE.

OF COURSE you REFUSE to identify yourself, but from the details it is clear that you are intimately familiar with the events. I would bet quite a lot of money that you are -- drum roll -- SENATOR GOOLSBY, ITSELF!!!

See my latest blog post: .

December 28, 2011 1:49 PM

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Only one item of interest this afternoon: When I received an email from First Presbyterian Church here in Wilmington this afternoon, I chose the option to "unsubscribe." I was then asked for a comment, and the one I sent went about like this:

"Because I am working with the US Attorney in Raleigh to bring AT LEAST Racketeering charges against Ernie Thompson and Ben David, I no longer feel I can be a member."

>>> AND NOW THE LETTER, sent via email. See also: :

Hi Jeff,

It was great speaking with you this afternoon, and I hope this email won’t be too confusing. I’m hoping either you or Mr. Rudin can answer a couple of questions of mine which are important to trying to unravel the tangle of “real” and “unreal” which has in recent years been my life.

As I told you before, I worked for Tennessee Williams (early November 1981 – late April 1982 – until about 10 months before his death). My memoir of that time, WALKING ON GLASS: A MEMOIR OF THE LATER DAYS OF TENNESSEE WILLIAMS, got rave reviews from John Lahr of THE NEW YORKER and many Williams scholars. See: .

Before going further, I must tell you that I do NOT know what is truth and what fiction in the following, but my THEN literary agent Cynthia Zigmund, at that time – August, 2009 still with Literary Services, Inc. but now of her own Second City Publishing Services, Inc. -- told me that someone from Scott Rudin Productions had asked to see my manuscript and she sent it to your company. Surprisingly, my purpose in writing is NOT primarily to follow up on any film-rights interest.

You see, I have for some time now believed that a man named John Uecker (who claims Scott Rudin is his best friend since high school) actually murdered Tennessee Williams by smothering him with a pillow. The original report that TW had choked on a medicine bottle cap was quietly changed six months after Tennessee died (and also was shown to be an impossibility). The later claim that he was suddenly, mortally intolerant of a sleeping medication that he had taken his entire life – impossible for me and many others to believe.

John Uecker is within a year of my own age, 60. He would NOT have known Mr. Rudin in high school. John claimed that Scott took him meals every day to his third-floor walk-up apartment on 88th (if I remember correctly) Street in Manhattan, a few years ago when John was suffering severely of AIDS. He is doing better now – or at least when I visited him a couple of times in late 2009 (when I was up to NYC for Tennessee’s investiture in the Poet’s Corner in Cathedral John the Divine – as well as when I delivered the final draft of WOG to Don Weise, publisher at Alyson Books.

John occasionally helped Mr. Williams, and then went on to be James Purdy’s long-time literary assistant. He tells me he is the only (or main) beneficiary of Purdy’s will. Previously, he had taught and produced theater at his Rising Sun Theater and coached many including James Gandolfini.

Could you tell me:

1.       If your organization ever actually requested my manuscript of WALKING ON GLASS from Cynthia Zigmund. Six months ago, although no longer my agent, she told me she had tried to follow up but got no reply from your company. I suspect that you never requested it because John Uecker rather cryptically mentioned several times that Scott had it – and that it was in competition with his OWN version of events, which Mr. Rudin ALSO had. I believe the whole thing was just to fool me into thinking my agent was doing her job – AND, later, she fired me IMMEDIATELY after Alyson Books cancelled my contract in a nice email – but with a telephoned promise that my Williams memoir would NEVER be published. The last two years have been a Voyage of Discovery to find out the reason why. You can read about it, if you care to, in my political blog: . Heavy politics begins January 2010.

You see, I know who bribed whom to not only cover up the truth about Tennessee Williams’ death – but how the codicil to his will, written on Jackie Kennedy Onassis’s advice which she gave him at Jean Stein and George Plimpton’s party in his honor on January 11, 1982, was illegally overturned. I am currently working with Harvard University’s top lawyers to undo the overturning, and my distant cousin, Thomas S. Kenan III of Chapel Hill (see: ), sent 60 MINUTES to interview me when I lived in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico for six months in exile and attempted to mount a 100th Birthday Celebration for TW there (because filming of THE NIGHT OF THE IGUANA had put the town on the map).

Although I had the major theaters and restaurants lined up – and a few celebrities coming to speak as well – drug cartel members tricked me out of my entire fortune and I was forced to leave because I was unable to prove sufficient wealth to get a permanent Mexican visa. In fact, I was held captive for a month in a crack house there, and cartel leaders – both from Mexico and Colombia – confirmed that my mother was Dick Cheney’s boss and reports only to the Pope (with whom she’d had many private audiences in the 1980s and 90s). It was first in 1990, that Fay Gold (of the art gallery of the same name – the largest art dealer in Atlanta near where I then lived) with other key Atlanta Jews confirmed my mother, Ruth Anne (Meyer) Kenan, was the top Nazi in the US. When I first blogged about this nearly two years ago, Jonathan Reiner (cousin of Rob, nephew of Carl) whom I’d known online for over ten years, made me an Honorary Jew – something I’m quite proud of!!!

Well, you are getting an idea of why I and my story are such a threat to the Powers that Be!!! I am currently battling the local District Attorney Ben David in Wilmington, NC. He has brought seven false charges against me – most of which are still pending – and I have been jailed three times since moving here a year ago. I have also been committed to a mental hospital involuntarily twice – but got out after minimal stays since the doctor IMMEDIATELY saw I was committed on lies. I am now working with the US Attorney in Raleigh to bring at least Racketeering charges against Ben David, two District Judges, and several others.

I digress, sorry. In fact, I have forgotten my second question for you, but I WOULD like to know the truth (if any at all) of your organization’s – or Mr. Rudin’s personal – involvement with my manuscript – as well as Mr. Uecker. I report all on my blog and will in fact post this letter there shortly – NOT because I feel any animosity toward any of you, but because I find I am safest when my actions are most transparent. This does NOT mean I will post your reply, although I’ll likely make some generalization of things germane to my legal issues.

I have not yet begun trying to sell movie rights to either my memoir on TW or my blog, but I am about to begin doing that. Lucky I live in “Hollywood East”!!!

My memoir is for sale here: . Sales have been stifled by “interference” on the internet. Both the book and the blog material (which I will soon begin transforming into a book or books), have enormous potential in various media.

I apologize for being so longwinded – I did not have time to be briefer (apologies to Mr. Wilde).

Scott D. Kenan
c/o Mercy House Shelter
411 Red Cross Street
Wilmington, NC 28401
Cell: 910-550-XXXX (I usually do NOT get voicemails or text messages, so if you were to call, be sure to get me on the line.)


Sent to Wikipedia Regarding John Uecker (the murderer of Tennessee Williams)

This is not John Uecker, but Sam Trammell as directed by John Uecker in "The Chalky White Substance" a Tennessee Williams one-act play staged by Uecker at his Running Sun Theater in New York City, date unknown.


>>> BUT FIRST: To be clear about yesterday's second blog post (See: : I have not and will not contact First Presbyterian Church in Wilmington, NC to explain FURTHER AD INFINITEM why I have left and WHY I am going to have federal authorities charge Pastor Ernie Thompson (and possibly others) along with District Attorney Ben David, Judges Criner and Noecker, and MORE others with RACKETEERING in Federal Court. I am already in communication with the US Attorney's office in Raleigh. Ben David and others will be charged with protecting the heroin and cocaine traffic in the Port of Wilmington separately.

>>> FIRST PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH consciously and deliberately allowed Ben David to hide behind a thin veneer of respectability to PROMOTE DRUG TRAFFIC AND USE and to ENSLAVE ALL OUR CHILDREN, BUT ESPECIALLY THOSE OF MINORITY RACES.

>>> NORTH CAROLINA STATE SENATOR THOM GOOLSBY is also involved as is Ben David's twin brother Jon, District Attorney on the other side of the river.

>>> I HAVE BEEN INEXPLICABLY BLOCKED FROM POSTING A LINK TO THIS BLOG ON MY FACEBOOK PAGE SINCE YESTERDAY AFTERNOON, but still, I can post links to other internet sites. (See:!/profile.php?id=1111771878 )

This might have changed by the time you read this.

* * *

>>> THE MESSAGE I SENT TO WIKIPEDIA regarding their listing on John Uecker, seen here:

I worked for Tennessee Williams and am in the process of working with top lawyers at Harvard University, 60 MINUTES, my distant Kenan relatives who inherited Henry Flagler's Standard Oil fortune and are now the largest support (through Charitable Trusts) of university education in the world. Also support democracy and the performing arts.

I know Mr. Uecker very well from when I worked for Tennessee Williams -- and from the fall and winter of 2009 when John told me many things that with Dotson Rader's and TW's brother Dakin's published claims -- and my own personal knowledge -- ENTIRELY convince me that John Uecker murdered Tennessee Williams by smothering him with a pillow.

More info can be had on my political blog: . Here are the professional reviews to my memoir of working for Mr. Williams. The book itself was to be published April 2010 hard cover by Alyson Books, but Mr. Uecker worked with publisher Don Weise and others associated with lawyer Michael Remer and attorney John Eastman who control the Williams estate (illegally, which I have the hard evidence to prove), and sank the publisher, promising my book would never be published. It is now published electronic on Amazon and will soon be out in print.

See: and also: .

Thank you,
Scott D. Kenan

Cell: 910-550-XXXX (Does not always work so keep trying. Also, I do NOT usually receive voicemail messages -- or even texts)

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NCGrandRep said...
You are an idiot and a loose cannon and you need to stop making remarks about people you know nothing about. Thom Goolsby happens to be a very good friend of mine and he is, without a doubt, a devout family man, a well respected business man and a very popular and respected Republican and Senator of NC. In fact, he is one of the most respected individuals in Wilmington and NC. I wish he would have YOU arrested for Slander, Making Threats, Trespassing, Verbal Abuse and a host of other related charges that could make your life miserable. You are obviously a miserable person anyway so maybe jail is a good place for you and you can spread your BIG MOUTH to the kind of people that care what you say. The jail is full of people like Scott Kenan, who likes to run their big mouths and is constantly looking for trouble. Bet they don't have too many at our jail that are over 7 feet tall. May have a hard time finding an orange jumpsuit in your size, huh? But, I bet they find one really quick if necessary. You need to be more careful in what you say and display on your website/blog. Wake up Mr. Kenan. The "Kenan" name is being disgraced by you, as well. The Wilmington Police Dept. and NH Sheriff's office have been notified of your actions.
Scott Kenan said...
Dear NCGrandRep: I DARE you to identify yourself!!! I DARE Sen. Goolsby to charge me with Libel or Making Threats (since I only threaten prosecution by Federal Authorities -- something I've done ACTUAL, PRACTICAL things to accomplish. Mssrs. Goolsby, David (and Pastor Thompson, for that matter) are WELL AWARE of what I post on this blog as I email them each a copy of each and every blog post right after I post it. UNLIKE SOME PEOPLE, I use my REAL NAME and do NOT talk about people behind their backs -- in fact, I have personally confronted Ben David several times and told both Sen. Goolsby's wife and office assistant EXACTLY WHAT I INTEND TO DO with their "man" -- although if desires were publicly known, "FAGGOT" might be a better term. Also: I know Thomas S. Kenan III of Chapel Hill personally, as I also did his uncle, the late James G. Kenan of Atlanta. It was Tom who sent 60 MINUTES to Puerto Vallarta to interview me. Tom Kenan gets my blog posts indirectly through John M. Blades, Executive Director of the Flagler Museum in Palm Beach, FL, a major Kenan philanthropy. John is the person who first proved to me that content of my emails is often changed en route. I have asked him repeatedly to let me know if my distant Kenan relatives have any problems with what I do and he has NEVER indicated they do. I see and feel their support of me in the background (at least). So -- WHO ARE YOU, ASSHOLE??? Thanks for your prompt reply! Scott David Kenan