Thursday, January 31, 2013

Criminal CLARITY!!! (college roommate clarity -- a SEPARATE thing -- LOL!!!)

Salavdor Fuentes and Luis Melgosa -- both CIA agents -- seen 13 days ago at the Saturday
Gringo Market
in Old Town Puerto Vallarta.
(Now that the CIA has allowed me to post my photos on blogger again!!!)
>>> SOME CLARITY of recent confusion:

1. Sal on left is the much-hated-by-other-exhibitors who previously ran Deli Baguette in Conchas Chinas (just south of Puerto Vallarta) while hosting meeting of CIA narco-traffickers in a space BEHIND the deli (I saw the paper notes on his Deli Baguette telling members of "PV Geeks" to come inside for the meeting). Also, inexplicably, SEVERAL parking spaces in front of Deli Baguette were painted and cordoned off so that angry REAL Mexicans could not as easily ATTACKED them.

This is almost directly across Mex 200 from the residence of former US Special Ops Agent Benjamin Shields and his wife Adrianna WHO TOOK DETAILED INSTRUCTION ON HOW TO FUCK ME FROM MY OWN MOTHER IN LONG CONVERSATIONS OVER THE PHONE IN 2010!!! See: 1/2 way down.

In 2012, summer, before Chava Gonzalez Resendiz's GOONS chased me OUT of Puerto Vallarta, Mel worked on my computers -- adding spyware, but fixing them as well. At that time, "TORO" of the crack house at 1690 Calle Costa Rico entered Mel's office (now abandonned and for rent -- a couple of doors up from the Gringo Market), to do business with Luis Melgoza, his boss in the CIA. See for more: .

Luis, knowing that Benjamin Shields had been TOTALLY COMPROMISED and was already "out of CIA business", volunteered to me that everyone knew Ben was CIA narco-trafficker and the PV Police substationi next to his property was ALSO DRUG MAFIA. And he even said that everyone knew Ben and Adrianna's fake charity to feed homeless was for drug distribution.

While I was all but held captive -- Ben having taken my car keys and told me I MUST work for him selling powder drugs on the streets of PV -- I visited Ben's "new business", a restaurant he and Adrianna were setting up upstairs two door south of the McDonalds on the Malecon. See how Micky-D's transports drugs and sells them at counters and drive-in windows AT LEAST in Wilmington, NC: .

Also, Sal Fuentes played the son of my third cousin, female, who claimed to have brought 60 Minutes to interview me (at Deli Baguette in 2010), and this woman debriefd me for 45 minutes, told me 60 Minutes would run 2 or 3 segments on my story -- BUT IT ALL WAS FAKE!!! They were NOT related to me or sent by Thomas S. Kenan III (whom 60 MINUTES HAD done a piece on in 1989 about the death of Mary Lily (Kenan) Flagler, Bingham's MURDER (unproven).

They were CIA Drug Mafia getting the goods on ME -- and I was HOOD-WINKED for two years!!!

Please know too that TODAY, I see that Luis is NO LONGER given credit in GAY PV magazine, but that Tim Wilson (who used to have sex with Fernando Merino, the FAKE-Mexican named ONLY SON of Colombia's TOP cocaine exporter, is STILL a top CIA infiltrator of GAY PUERTO VALLARTA.

More on Fernando Merino: .

My realization that I had been HAD by Salvador Fuentes and the CIA:

And just like it was THE ADVOCATE who was Harvey Milk's BIGGEST NAZI FOE, it was HERE! Media (who in 2010 owned Alyson Books whose publisher Don Weise contracted my Tennessee Williams memoir for publication then SUNK it and SCREWED ME ROYAL. Don Weise is now here: .

My litereary agent, Cynthia "Cindy" Zigmund is actually part of the Chicago Drug Mafia and was searated from the agency she worked for when she repped me in a secretly held but VERY UGLY fight. She now does her illegal business fleecing authors here: .

And MORE on Luis Melgoza!!!: .

* * *

In the most recent posting, my cousin Janice's daughter Lena escaped to a foreign country where she live happily with her foreign husband. The Ku Klux Klan/Biker-gang connected woman is someone I am NOT related to who lives in Wilmington, NC.

Also in the last post I should have mentioned that Graham Harlee Kenan's younger sister Marilyn (only sibling) is short like her parents and fled to Vancouver, Canada in early adulthood where she still lives happily as far as I know.

* * *

I promised my Senior Year college roommate at Denison University (whom I have had no contact with since his marriage to Debbie, which I attended a couple of years after graduation in DC (her Dad was President of the National Institute of Health or similar back then).

Because of time restraints I will paste it in verbatim, possibly lightly edited:

Hello Scott. 
What a nice surprise.  I've just spent a few minutes reading some of the blogs you emailed me and of course they obviously require "a little back story" to avoid confusion.  I'll look at them more closely later.
I DID see you contacted me via Facebook...which I never use.....which I also suspect was obvious to you.  My daughter, (redacted), set me up 3 years ago; she put the pictures on.  I don't have the habit of communicating that way so don't know my way around it.  Did you get a Posting from me?
I should correct your recollection about us being apartment mates.  I was elected to be Head Resident in the same fashion you were i.e. I was elected by the Independent Men.  The fraternity men did not vote...there was no effort by Denison to have a rep of the fraternities in the dorm.  Secondarily I was elected as President of the IFC by the fraternity men so I was a bit of a hybrid. 
FYI I received an award at graduation from Crocker for "harmony" or some such thing since I was a rep of frat boys AND Indie men at the same time (and I eliminated RUSH.).  But that was a long time ago.
You are kind to say that you viewed (view) me as a friend with integrity.  I thought the same of you (actually, I smoked too much pot senior year and was lax in some of my duties -- Scott), and Debbie and I have thought of you often over these many years. 
Darlene, in my office, told me just now that you phoned....probably on Tuesday?  I was off (redacted) on Tuesday and she was off yesterday so I just heard.  It was kind of you to ask  whether Debbie and I were still together...she thought that was funny by the way.  We are doing great.  Both (daughter) and son,(redacted), are married and living in San Francisco.  (Daughter) is expecting and our first grandchild (girl) is due February 5 so we are excited..
I heard rumors that you got married and moved to Mass. after that even close? (NO, LOL!!!)  Doesn't sound like it.  I also heard that you were touring Eastern Europe with your art. (Also totally false)  Fill me in.
We haven't been back to Denison but one time since graduation though we did drive through the campus one time when  school was out. 
Gotta run.  So glad to hear from you....though it is all very mysterious.
More later,

Rock Sushi -- the restaurant in Colima, Colima, Mexico where I met George W. Bush's TOP DRUG MONEY LAUNDERER (by his admission), Martin Lamb of the private island with jet-port off the coast of Panama. Mr/ Lamb mistakenly thought I had "Kenan money" to invest with him and got TOO LOOSE-TONGUED as he SALIVATED -- LOL!!!
Scott D. Kenan, Cyber-General USA y Mexico (self-appointed!!!)


Life in Paradise -- CHA, CHA, CHA!!!

Photo taken last night in La Bodeguita del Medio, Puerto Vallarta, Ernest Hemingway's fave bar. Their other location is listed as in Cuba -- presumably Havana. It was THERE that Ernest Hemingway and Tennessee Williams befriended Fidel Castro -- the ANGRY-AT-NAZI-UNITED-STATES idealist whose Communist government failed in most areas.

1.  Ernest Hemingway, as all actual scholars know, had a lot of wives because he preferred sex with and had much with men. Not only Tennessee Williams, but the other writers I met who knew Hemingway said this was true too. His "machismo" was NOT an attempt to hide his homosexuality -- it was an HONEST EXPRESSION of his masculinity -- as was his man-sex.

Hemingway's maid, Leoncia McGee (who had worked for the President of Johnson & Johnson earlier), Leoncia McGee, was PRIZED by him for her wisdom and her DISCRETION, so he eventually made arrangements for Lee (as we all called her), to work for Tennessee Williams after she completed service for "Papa". She worked for Tom Williams until he died, and then since a legal snafu made it impossible to collect the stipend Tennessee left her in the codicil to his will (which she had witnessed). Maria St. Just (nee Britneva), arranged for an income til her death in exchange for perjuring herself in SUPPORT of overturning the will codicil that Jackie Kennedy Onassis first suggested (partly in MY presence), that since the Episcopal Church was conspiring with the Republican Party and corrupted elements in the CIA and FBI to MURDER Tennessee Williams BEFORE he changed his will . . .

Well, I am NOT going to belabor this further since it is all over my blog. As far as I know, the episcopal Church had not YET gotten involved in the HEAVY NARCOTICS TRAFFICKING they they are so DEEPLY part of now -- but had little choice because of getting involved AT ALL with the Republican Party as well as there being NO ONE CHEAPER than the GOD-HATING WHITE RACISTS their religion attracts so well due to all the POMP AND CIRCUMSTANCE (good to hide behind --as if worshiping THE ONE GOD had anything at all to do with WEALTH and RAZZMATAZZ!!! -- patterned on an EARLIER Catholicism that no longer exists (except in the Vatican and some pedophile-hiding Cardinals and Bishops -- now led by a graduate of HITLER YOUTH!!!).

2. NO ONLY has Blogger/CIA just DELETED the next item which I will shortly REPRODUCE (asexually), but although the Internet has remained strong where I am currently working, CIA HACKERS have THREE times now CUT my Internet connection and I've had to RE-BOOT each time to restore it.

This PROVES they only let me alone a few days ago to PREPARE ME for the INTERNATIONALLY-COORDINATED attempt on my life by Chac Mool Cafe/ Oregon, USA-CIA narco-traffickers, whose 24 two - three kilo bags of methamphetamine transfer I eye-witnessed involving Beatriz Villa my landlady in Chacala, Nyarit, Mexico several weeks ago. See for details of my poisoning from which my stomach has now fully recovered: .

Also, thank you journalists  and Law Enforecment for in the last two days making "chac mool (or Chacala) drug mafia" the BIGGEST key word of search engines bringing people to this blog!!!

3. >>> THE MATERIAL THE CIA DELETED that helps CONDEMN my parents and siblings who maintain these lies:

My blackmailed homo- or bi-sexual father, William Scott Kenan, impregnated his brother Rufus Harlee Kenan's girlfriend or wife (not sure if this was before or after the wedding), in a drunken spree -- which they BOTH were prone to, producing Dad's first child, the 6' 8" Graham Harlee Kenan. Uncle Harlee (who with his wife Virginia were BOTH quite short people).

When I was in high school or college, Graham -- my half-brother -- lost one of his two sons when the son, SICK OF ALL THE LIES IN THE FAMILY DESCENDED FROM MY KU KLUX KLAN grandfather Joseph Emerson Kenan, SENIOR -- WHO PROBABLY PLAYED AN IMPORTANT ROLE IN THE 1898 WILMINGTON INSURRECTION -- see: -- ran away from home with his best buddy and was shot dead when they held up a convenience store at gun-point.

My father, naturally UPSET this his first grandson was KILLED, said intemperate things about it to his mother (my aunt Virginia Kenan), which caused her to tell Dad she was keeping a revolver in her purse til the day she died -- so that if she ever crossed paths with Dad she would SHOOT HIM DEAD ON THE SPOT.

This was somewhat problematic because my parents retired in 1980 to Wilmington where Aunt Virginia lived -- to spend the NEXT twenty years setting up Port Wilmington as the nations LARGEST narco-trafficking port (profits to the Republican Party/CIA with help of BLACKMAILED FAG Democrats like District Attorney Ben David now), as well as helping WHITE PEOPLE smuggle their wealth out of South Africa (often in art -- which Mom actually ADMITTED TO ME ONCE!!!), after THAT became illegal when the Apartheid Government fell -- thanks to Nelson Madella et al!!!

See more here, 2/3 the way down: .

4. And speaking of all these things and my recent FIFTH POISONING by NAZI/CIA/REPUBLICAN PARTY/EPISCOPAL CHURCH/SINALOA narco-traffickers, ONLY my cousin Janice's daughter Lena, the woman whose KU KLUX KLAN and biker-gang associated husband OFFERED to beat the CRAP out of both Judge Sandra Ray Criner and Jeffrey Noecker -- see: -- although I LOVE to fantasize about violence to my adversaries (don't we ALL???), I ALWAYS eschew violence and threats of it. In the end I accepted a free lunch at The Olive Garden and two packs of cigs from the Klan.

Also, the man who kindly helped me in the past financially called me TWICE to see if I was OK. NO ONE ELSE gave a RAT'S ASS about what happened (or they were afraid the CIA would rub them out if they did -- I know not which is true)!!!

* * *

 >>> And now the CRAP cleared from my system this morning, some GOOD NEWS!!!:

1. Here is the view from the two-bedroom house inn Puerto Vallarta that I hope to rent (I'll get the answer on availability tomorrow. $500.00 USD rent with a year's lease and I pay utilities -- NO air conditioning necessary as it is high and gets constant breezes. Also, in PV you can DRINK the water and the sewer system is EIGHT times current needed capacity so you can FLUSH THE TOILET PAPER instead of putting it in the trash!!!:

I will REMAIN in Puerto Vallarta until I secure a home and then -- with or without FEDERALE escort -- rent a truck and pick up my belongings in Chacala. My cats would be OK, but if Pancho Villa would kindly check to be sure no cat jumps through the cardboard flap in the door and is trapped inside without food or water, I would appreciate it. Watering plants is optional as the new house has a serious garden already.

If my belongings are molested by Arturo Pedilla's Chac Mool Cafe Drug Mafia associates, there will be HELL to pay!!! Also, although I STILL consider the Villa Family to be STUPID BLACKMAILED UNDERPAID MULES for the CIA DRUG MAFIA of Oregon Joel/Jolene/Popeye, i do NOT want yet another BLUBBERING APOLOGY from the bitch Beatriz Villa -- Honey you done me ONE TOO MANY SHITS!!!

That said, since nephew Pancho Villa has ALWAYS informed me accurately and maintained true friendship, if he cares to escape this hell and live with me in PV in the second bedroom WITHOUT SEX BETWEEN US, I will allow him to join me for a time as he finds gainful employment and then his own place. Food is cheap and that's all this would cost me.

2. Last night I ran into several Puerto Vallarta cultural leaders and owners of some of the most successsful businesses, and they were all quite happy to see me coming back -- and believe that under the new administration and with Chava Gonzalez Resendiz/Well Fargo Bank/Barack Obama-Rahm Emanuel Chicago drug mafia (profits supporting CIA/ Republican Party/Episcopal Church GRIP all but TOTALLY GONE now, the LA NOCHE DEL IGUANA/Tennessee Williams/John Huston Cultural Festival will be a BIG GO!!!

I was so CRYINGLY HAPPY, I immediately went and rubbed the every part of John Huston's bronze statue by the Rio Cuale -- although the Puerto Vallarta thing to do is only to rub his shoe of knee.

3. Oddly or not, Puerto Vallarta is currently FLOODED with white people flush with money. mostly Canadians (as of July 2012, for the first time in history the average Canadian was WEALTHIER than the average American -- PRAISE JESUS!!!), as well as Scots -- and I met many Stuarts and Stewarts from Scotland (my relatives from the "Royal Lineage". And actually a few parties form Chicago -- ALL of whom know that Barack Obama is nothing but the ULTIMATE NIGGER-FAG!!! and in charge of the Chicago Drug Mafia with Wells Fargo Bank in profit to NAZI/Republicans, BIG BANKS, and WALL STREET -- adamantly promoting POWDER DRUGS and AGGRESSIVELY prosecuting harmless marijuana which makes them little or no profit.

AND THEY ALL KNOW that Obama attended Rev. Jeremiah Wright's church because he heads the largest GAY CALL-BOY SERVICE for married black professionals with children (only), and NOW the episcopal Church because they are so complicit in NARCO_TRAFFICKING!!!!

Meanwhile, disguised PERFECTLY by my mother's NAZI PROPAGANDA MACHINE, Obama is GAINING POPULARITY!!! That is because people like what he CLAIMS he stands for and the PRESS hides that he does everything THE OPPOSITE -- except , which is HEADED (managed) by Jimmy Soni, BOARD MEMBER of the KENAN INSTITUTE FOR ETHICS at Duke University. See: .

It is NOT a pleasure to see my mother and her Republican NAZIs take down the USA by Barack Obama. But if that is what this GOD-HATING, FAKE CHRISTIAN, RACIST, HOMOPHOBIC NATION continues to be HELL-BENT to do, go ahead -- be my guest!!!

But you really, Really, REALLY are NOT MAKING MY DAY

Nor are you ruining it.


* * * 


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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

POISONED (for the FIFTH time in three years -- this time by Chac Mool Cafe associates in Chacala, Mexico)

>>> BUT I'M OK NOW and recuperating in a facility elsewhere, protected by Mexican Federales.

I'm too exhausted still to type long. I'm undergoing electrolyte replacement and massage therapies, mostly. I've been able to retain liquids for 10 hours now and my bowls are stabilizing -- even as their produce is indescribable.

NOW they tell me that Chacala, Nyarit, Mexico is one of the MOST DRUG-MAFIA-CORRUPTED towns in Mexico, but the info I have given will eventually lead to the arrests of quite a few people, including the entire Villa family, the Harbor Master, Arturo Padilla, "Jade Luz", and some others.

The attack was coordinated on a International basis, and I will now give some basics:

1, The cessation of harassment by the CIA via Facebook, Gmail, and Blogger set me up to let my guard down (I had ENORMOUS harassment later, after the poisoning, on the Internet the three minutes I was allowed online last night -- that until the hackers at some level saw that I was online and Beatriz Villa -- whom I had seen sitting alone watching soap operas in the bowels of the family residence -- got a phone call and IMMEDIATELY cut my Internet WiFi connection AS ORDERED)

2. I don't know who poisoned me, although there are plenty of suspects. I assume it had to be in one of the few things I ate/drank Sunday evening -- that because I had had a late lunch elsewhere. It logically would have been the open half-bottle of remaining wine that I normally would have drunk the whole thing in one night, but only had a glass of. Had I downed the whole thing, I would not likely still be alive.

As all know, my kitchen is outside and anyone could access it.

3. When I passed the point of EXHAUSTION as noted in the last blog post and began power-expelling from both ends, I knew what was up. I soon knew it was not going to be as bad as the other four times I've been poisoned (one in USA by Amy Fortenberry, head of WalMart's secret group of attack-dog lawyers in 2010, the other times in Mexico), because I never began VIOLENT DRY HEAVING or constant eventual dry SHITTING like the other times.

4. By mid-afternoon Monday, I felt stabilized enough to drink some milk and then thought a trip to the beach and dip in salt water would help. When I got to my car, the right front tire was TOTALLY DEFLATED -- this is the tire the Drug Mafia in BOTH Mexico and Stone Mountain, GA ALWAYS let at least some air out of to let me know they are there. I FORCED my energy up and changed the tire, but the exertion caused me to POWER HEAVE all over the tire, my shirt, and the ground as I leaked out the back as well.

I continued to the beach and coming and going SHOUTED into Chac Mool Cafe that I knew that J. Arturo Pedilla (327) 129-4037 Mex land line at cafe, "arturo padilla" <>, was a HUGE narco-trafficker, and DID wash off in the ocean. I had been too exhausted to go online so far, but on my return from the beach tried to do so that evening with the result as above.

This morning, I drove out of town and had the tire checked. It held air PERFECTLY, so there had never been a flat, but had also developed wear irregularities that put it so out of balance it had been causing vibration and THAT could not be repaired so I had to buy a new tire. The technicians confirmed that the problem could NOT have caused a flat.

Feeling too weak and still unable to keep liquids down, I checked into this facility.

Strangest fact??? Samer Mourad , the Venezuelan gay guy I had visited Venezuela in 2002 or thereabouts, who has citizenship in his native Venezuela, Lebanon due to his Dad being born there, and the United States because Samer was born in the US while his parents were traveling, MESSAGED ME ON FACEBOOK during the few mintues I was online last night.

Although Sam, as he's called, has NOT responded the two times I've tried to get friendly with him since 2002, SUDDENLY, RIGHT AFTER I'M POISONED, he wants to know what I'm up to!!! Sam's Dad owns a chain of electronics stores called THE WHALE on Margarita Island in Venezuela, and Sam has owned electronics stores in South Florida near or in Miami.

More tomorrow . . .



Monday, January 28, 2013


NO, I am not trying to compare myself to "Jesus" who I am difinitely NOT. This was the first image that came up when I googled "exhaustion image" , and other than the filth on his body (I just HOT SHOWERED), this is EXACTLY how I feel today.
First of all, I do NOT delude myself into thinking that just because the CIA in their manifestations of Facebook and Blogger seem to have completely CEASED their resistance to and harassment of me and my computer is flying faster than ever before (less or no hackers slowing me down), that the "WAR" against idiots is completely won. These kinds of people only admit defeat in THESE battles, so retreated to plan to use their energy elsewhere, regroup for a smarter attack, or get sneakier and perhaps more violent-by-surprise.

I'm exhausted now, but could rise to any challenge in a split second. I don't worry about an ambush, but WILL take today easy. Given my revelations over the weekend and the slowness of bodies like Harvard Lawyers and Episcopal Bishops to decide how to handle the possible RE-ASSIGNMENT of Tennessee Williams' estate, now likely valued close to ONE BILLION DOLLARS, of EIGHT times what the US Chamber of Commerce spent on ALL the 2012 political campaigns -- a truly MASSIVE amount of money!!!

And there is the matter of VERY SERIOUS CORRUPTION at the top of the Episcopal Church -- at least at Sewanee, the (former) Arch-diocese of Atlanta and ALL the subordinate diocese across the "Old South" whose bishops were copied on MY of my blog posts -- and many of whom I sent INDIVIDUAL EMAILS as well, not a SINGLE ONE was ever replied to!!!

Additionally, several in-the-know people have claimed to me that the CIA/Republicans/Episcopal Hierarchy simply PAID OFF the Harvard Legal Team so they would NOT investigate these crimes. I'm actually in no position to KNOW, and although I can PROVE at least eight lawyers at Harvard have been copied on EVERY SINGLE BLOG POST for 1.5 years -- that does not mean the CIA did not INTERCEPT all those emails.

They simply might not have gotten them.

Back here in Chacala, my landlady got a mysterious delivery of about 5 - 8 gallons of a water-density pink liquid in a plastic container from a beat-up old pick-up truck that had three more of these containers as well. I thought it bizarre -- and the only liquid I could think of that has that fluidity and color was gasoline back when some companies put light dye in it. Since the son has a car, it seems silly that they would get DELIVERY -- and what would they need gasoline for here ANYWAY??

The yard dogs and the five remaining puppies all crowded round it sniffing with interest for several minutes -- but not licking the cap or other area. If it was an OBNOXIOUS liquid, they would have gotten a sniff and immediately walked off. If it were something they found attractive, they would have licked it a bit -- but they didn't.

So for NOW, this chemical delivery remains a mystery.

Everyone knows the "Devil" (which I do not even believe in), had to have a stake driven through his heart or similar to keep from retooling and ROARING back. I do believe the DRAMA quotient of all things will now be LOWERED, so it's time to become more ADULT and begin the process of healing. I don't have to tell ANYONE who has had a REAL SCHOOL education in business or finance that the CONSTANT IMPENDING COLLAPSE of America due to her debt is nothing but a giant lie. Witness that we STILL are not over borrowed as much as we were at the end of WWII -- and our BIGGEST BOOM happened right after that!!! (and the Republican Dwight Eisenhower tax rates for the top wealthy were in the 80 - 90% bracket -- an increase that we will NOT likely have to fully have).

* * *

So -- not because the New York Times was kind enough to send an emissary to catch me at the Azalea Festival a year (two years???) ago to let me know they had BOUGHT OUT CARLOS SLIM, see 3/4 the way down here: , but because Paul Krugman GETS IT.

I especially invite my many friends who still are grasping the Republican FEAR MACHINES lies about the economy to read this carefully -- and then seek out NEUTRAL reports to see if you can confirm of deny Paul's claims:


Op-Ed Columnist

Makers, Takers, Fakers

Republicans have a problem. For years they could shout down any attempt to point out the extent to which their policies favored the elite over the poor and the middle class; all they had to do was yell “Class warfare!” and Democrats scurried away. In the 2012 election, however, that didn’t work: the picture of the G.O.P. as the party of sneering plutocrats stuck, even as Democrats became more openly populist than they have been in decades.

Fred R. Conrad/The New York Times
Paul Krugman


As a result, prominent Republicans have begun acknowledging that their party needs to improve its image. But here’s the thing: Their proposals for a makeover all involve changing the sales pitch rather than the product. When it comes to substance, the G.O.P. is more committed than ever to policies that take from most Americans and give to a wealthy handful.
Consider, as a case in point, how a widely reported recent speech by Bobby Jindal the governor of Louisiana, compares with his actual policies.
Mr. Jindal posed the problem in a way that would, I believe, have been unthinkable for a leading Republican even a year ago. “We must not,” he declared, “be the party that simply protects the well off so they can keep their toys. We have to be the party that shows all Americans how they can thrive.” After a campaign in which Mitt Romney denounced any attempt to talk about class divisions as an “attack on success,” this represents a major rhetorical shift.
But Mr. Jindal didn’t offer any suggestions about how Republicans might demonstrate that they aren’t just about letting the rich keep their toys, other than claiming even more loudly that their policies are good for everyone.
Meanwhile, back in Louisiana Mr. Jindal is pushing a plan to eliminate the state’s income tax, which falls most heavily on the affluent, and make up for the lost revenue by raising sales taxes, which fall much more heavily on the poor and the middle class. The result would be big gains for the top 1 percent, substantial losses for the bottom 60 percent. Similar plans are being pushed by a number of other Republican governors as well.
Like the new acknowledgment that the perception of being the party of the rich is a problem, this represents a departure for the G.O.P. — but in the opposite direction. In the past, Republicans would justify tax cuts for the rich either by claiming that they would pay for themselves or by claiming that they could make up for lost revenue by cutting wasteful spending. But what we’re seeing now is open, explicit reverse Robin Hoodism: taking from ordinary families and giving to the rich. That is, even as Republicans look for a way to sound more sympathetic and less extreme, their actual policies are taking another sharp right turn.
Why is this happening? In particular, why is it happening now, just after an election in which the G.O.P. paid a price for its anti-populist stand?
Well, I don’t have a full answer, but I think it’s important to understand the extent to which leading Republicans live in an intellectual bubble. They get their news from Fox and other captive media, they get their policy analysis from billionaire-financed right-wing think tanks, and they’re often blissfully unaware both of contrary evidence and of how their positions sound to outsiders.
So when Mr. Romney made his infamous “47 percent” remarks, he wasn’t, in his own mind, saying anything outrageous or even controversial. He was just repeating a view that has become increasingly dominant inside the right-wing bubble, namely that a large and ever-growing proportion of Americans won’t take responsibility for their own lives and are mooching off the hard-working wealthy. Rising unemployment claims demonstrate laziness, not lack of jobs; rising disability claims represent malingering, not the real health problems of an aging work force.
And given that worldview, Republicans see it as entirely appropriate to cut taxes on the rich while making everyone else pay more.
Now, national politicians learned last year that this kind of talk plays badly with the public, so they’re trying to obscure their positions. Paul Ryan, for example, has lately made a transparently dishonest attempt to claim that when he spoke about “takers” living off the efforts of the “makers” — at one point he assigned 60 percent of Americans to the taker category — he wasn’t talking about people receiving Social Security and Medicare. (He was.)
But in deep red states like Louisiana or Kansas, Republicans are much freer to act on their beliefs — which means moving strongly to comfort the comfortable while afflicting the afflicted.
Which brings me back to Mr. Jindal, who declared in his speech that “we are a populist party.” No, you aren’t. You’re a party that holds a large proportion of Americans in contempt. And the public may have figured that out.


Sunday, January 27, 2013

I Should NOT Have Been SHOCKED (by this)!!!

ANOTHER great graphic from my cousin, Wendy Whitney of Rocky Point, NC!!!!/wendytwhitney .


1. It is NOT the graphic (for I have seen the TRUTH BEHIND EVERY PERSON's HEART) being posted by cousin Wendy that shocks me -- it is that for the FIRST TIME IN MANY WEEKS, the CIA and Facebook (its whore), have ACTUALLY ALLOWED ME TO USE the "Insert Image" button in Google's BLOGGER to add ANY GRAPHIC to THIS BLOG in MANY WEEKS.


I doubt I have to convince ANYONE of the fact that FINALLY, I have CONVINCED the CIA/NAZI/Republican Party (led in America by my mother, Dick Cheney, Daddy Bush, Newt Gingrich, and NC's own Republican State Senator FROM HELL, Thom Goolsby (who is APTLY NAMED!!!), that they must REPECT ME -- regardless what they like to ADMIT OF THE TRUTH.


Call me "UBER-Kenan" or call me "Mahalalel" (Kenan's son in First Chroncles in the bible that "CHRISTIANS" seldome read because they are so busy BEATING MINORITIES OVER THE HEAD WITH THE DAMN THING!!!

And NOW I've BROUGHT THEM TO THEIR KNEES and FORCED them to allow my PROOF to REMAIN on Facebook that Barack Obama is just a "Nigger-Fag" (both refering to lack of self-esteem -- NOT race, although the second one can ONLY applied to homo- or bi-sexuals. TRI-sexuals don't exist -- as far as I'm aware -- but a QUATRO-SEXUAL, and I got this RIGHT FROM THE HORSE's MOUTH: Dr. J. Kennedy Schultz, FOUNDER of the Atlanta Church of Religious Science and for EIGHT YEARS president of the WHOLE RELIGION, Religious Science, International) will do ANYTHING FOR A QUARTER (i.e.: is a Republican GREED-BOT in service of HATRED TOWARD GOD)!!!

Actually, I prefer either "The Demon Spawn of Tennessee Williams", "The Avenging Angel of JAcqueline (Bouvier) Kennedy, Onassis (y Elizabeth Taylor & Michael Jackson)", and "Cyber-General Scott D. Kenan (self-appointed)" is cool as well.

My next-up over-arching spiritual entity is named "Kingfish", and I consider myself "THE ROYAL SERVANT OF THE SINATRAS", the Sinatra Family being descended from the GREATEST Senators in Ancient Rome!!!

2.JUST FOUND!!! :!/media/set/?set=a.171719512962.125106.542157962&type=1 Which DECLARES it was updated less than a year ago. At that time ALL fifteen or so GOOD PICTURES OF ME alone or with celebrities were REMOVED (except two), in the CIA/NAZI/Republican Party's efforts ENTIRELY SUPPORTED BY MANY VERY TOP EPISCOPALIANS INCLUDING several Bishops (ASSURED by my NAZI MOTHER and DICK CHENEY that they would SOON HAVE ME DEAD)!!!

Here is one of the photos of me with Punit Jasuja (who was given much deference at the Bishop's Reception -- I know not why). Here is Punit's Facebook Page, where re REMAINS a FB "Friend" -- but has REFUSED to answer my queries since early 2010:!/punit.jasuja.5?fref=ts

I THINK Punit Jasuja is a HIGH-RANKING Narco-Trafficker in India now, although I CANNOT prove this in a Court of Law!!!
Punit Jasuja was a CLOSE FRIEND of Thomas Keith and Thomas's lover Arturo-of-Colombia, whose NYC SunKings/Cali Cartel relatives live in Stone Mountain, GA doing MUCH narco-trafficking there with my former employer Patrick Stansbury of , my Mom and Dad (some years ago), and of course it was THEN GA Republican Congressman John Linder who RAN with PATRICK the GINORMOUS bringing in of illegal drugs on US Air Force planes at Maxwell AFB in Montgomery, AL.
Google in this blog for details on ANY of this by simply starting with my name in quotes and then adding any other name or subject.


Wait until the FULL TRUTH comes out on THIS MATTER!!! A FAR HIGHER percentage of Boy Scout Leaders have SEXUALLY MOLESTED BOYS (or covered it up), than Catholic Clergy -- whom PROTESTANT REPUBLICAN SCUM stagmatize CONSTANTLY -- and the Boy Scouts are ...EXPONENTIALLY SMALLER than the Catholic Church.

 My junior-high friend, Kevan Holleran (whose parents were NAZI co-conspirators with MY parents when we lived in Pennsylvania) is a Boy Scout SILVER BEAVER -- which suggests "old female receptor", so I GUESS those are the BOTTOM BOYS in Scout Leadership. But DIG THIS!!! His Law offices now in West Chester, PA are on GAY STREET, the MAIN interesection in that town where Coretta Scott King fled to her family when MLK, Jr. was assissinated, is High (St.) and Gay (St.)!!!

Who but ME would have spent my most formative years in a town like that???

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  • Scott Kenan The picture of "Two Italian Sweethearts -- in a Garden" at the bottom of this posting are James and Anna Paolini, Linda LeBoutillier (Henderson H.S. class of 1969)'s GRANDPARENTS who founded Waterloo Gardens.
  • And as ALL my readers know, the Kenan Family of North Carolina counts its ancestors PERSON-BY-PERSON back to Pepin, the FIRST King of Italy, his sone the King of Lombardy, and HIS son Charlemagne -- then over to Great Britain through a Chief Justice of Great Britain, TWO Magna Carta Sureties -- a father and son, surnamed de Clare -- the younger of whom was Gilbert (1180 - 1230), the father of Robert de Bruce whose grandson Robert THE Bruce (in the tame of BRAVEHEART) FOUNDED the ENTIRE STUART LINE in Scotland (actually, that was his GRANDSON, Robert II (1316 - 1319)).
  • And besides AUTHORIZING the Church of Scotland (aka Presbyterianism), the family eventually split into the Scot EARLS and English Stuart Monarchs, although we Kenans are NOT descended from the English Stuart cousins (that I know of).

  • Scott Kenan And trying to find a reason WHY I am posting all this CRAP, it was to let you know that the Kenan Family's TOP ALLIES who sold us controlling interest in Bank of America -- the Sinatras -- are the MOST DEMOCRATIC FAMILY in America (Sinatra actually means "Senator" and +/- today's Sinatra Family is descended from inter-breeding SENATORS of ANCIENT ROME who hoped to keep Democracy ALIVE, when the Catholic Church PLUNGED the WORLD into THE DARK AGES the LAST TIME the Pope went on an ANTI-INTELLECTUAL BOOK-BURNING CAMPAIGN.
  • THIS time, he got the CIA/Republican Party NAZIS -- led by my mother, Ruth Anne (Meyer) Kenan of Raleigh, NC to LEAD THE ANTI-GOD OFFENCE!!!
  • Too bad I (with my readers' help and others who never heard of me), FOILED ALL THAT PERMANENTLY!!!
  • Yippee!!!

"The Six-Foot Kenan Cock" -- as the congregants of First Presbyterian Church, Wilmington, NC REALLY DO CALL IT, sits atop Kenan Steeple (the TALLEST in town!!!), over Kenan Chapel and the Kenan Organ and Stained-glass Windows.
It was ONLY meant to be a WAKE UP CALL -- not a sexual exCITEment!!!