Friday, November 23, 2012

Thanksgiving LEFTOVERS (all neat and tidied up!!!)

Notice how NO ONE ate many carrots (who wants to???), but "smashed potatoes" (as they usually are translated on Mexican menus and shopping aisle labels for instant), ARE NEARLY GONE!!!


1. That President Obama pardoned the turkey named COBBLER, rather than the one named GOBBLER, probably was NOT an actual message to me, personally, although the circumstances were MOST PECULIAR!!!

By that, I mean that I had only made one reference in my blog the the obvious-to-keen-readers fact that MOSTLY what I do is take facts and inferences of ALL our stories and weave a LOGICAL fabric out of them -- THAT'S REALLY ALL I DO. Therefore, I stated previously in this blog that I am a "cobbler" in the sense of cobbling stories together.

Contemporary Republicans, on the other hand, are GOBBLERS in the sense of gobbling up all resources -- or at least FAR MORE than their fair share -- because they believe in LACK, rather than the Infinite Supply of God (hence, for practical purposes they are if not God-HATERS, at least God-DENIERS, SPITTING on Jesus's iconic promise that we DO always receive "Our Daily Bread" (the necessities of survival), and usually quite a bit more.

Of course there are EXCEPTIONS to this (like 1950s "Eisenhower Republicans" who are nearly identical to Contemporary Democrats, and in the 1950s, tax rates for the top bracket were 90% -- yes, folks, NINETY PERCENT!!! -- Capital Gains taxes were DOUBLE what they are today). I know almost NO ONE claiming to be a Republican today who is more Eisenhowerian than Jennifer Harjo, Chief Public Defender in the Wilmington, NC office -- who is also my attorney -- and I DON'T mean Jen (or any one ELSE for that matter), believes we can go back to these HIGH REPUBLICAN TAX RATES, but SOMETHING must give!!!

And STILL the rich did VERY WELL in the 1950s and AMERICA BUILT THE WORLD'S GREATEST INFRASTRUCTURE, the very FOUNDATION of the prosperity enjoyed in later decades.

In 2004, America, after a LONG period of America being rated to have the best infrastructure in the world, had slipped to #8. Last year, to #25. How LOW can we GO??? (and CLIMATE CHANGE is an ENORMOUS destroyer of our structures, all out-dated and failing at an ACCELERATED RATE now also because those who PLANNED everything decades ago had NO IDEA we would ever USE THEM at today's HIGH DEMAND, for which they were never built. THOSE people had LOGICALLY ASSUMED that we would ADD to our systems as NEEDED.

Instead, we gave the rich all the taxes by lowering rates, with the UN-KEPT PROMISE they would start or expand businesses and it would be a HEALTHY GROWING ECONOMY, praise JESUS, whose CLAIMED meaning of words SUPPORTED all of this. YES!!!

So after tax cut, after tax cut, after TAX CUT (none of it improving the economy, the Middle Class shrinking FAST), WHY did this experiment FAIL so AWESOMELY -- and WHAT ON EARTH possessed people with GOD-GIVEN intelligence to actually VOTE for people who promised MORE of George Bush's (Darth Vader's -- meaning Dick Cheney's -- actually, because W. was just a goofball "D" student, "Dry Drunk" puppet -- WHAT ON EARTH POSSESSED AMERICANS  TO VOTE FOR A "D" STUDENT TWICE, WHEN HE WAS SUCH A BAD HAM ON STAGE AND CLUELESS, ANYWAY: GOD-HATING FAKE CHRISTIAN MINISTERS were perhaps the BIGGEST influence). So WHY did it fail??? What's the SCIENCE???

>>> NUTSHELL: With taxes shrinking so declining maintenance of infrastructure (here including school quality, libraries, parks as well), the rich DEMANDED and GOT primary or secondary homes in gated communities FAR from work. They bought their OWN books -- rather than support libraries -- burned TONS of fossil fuels in their MAMMOTH luxury vehicles to drive ever longer distance on ever more crowded roads -- and NOW they are investing in systems like back-up generating systems for homes that cost upward of $10,000.00 for a home.

These various INEFFICIENT workarounds to provide their families with what only a few decades was TAKEN FOR GRANTED by ALL Americans, also led to COMPETITION for FANCIER and FANCIER display of not only what now really IS almost necessity, but fancy LUXURIES AS WELL -- and the need to be further and further separated from the growing noise of the "have-not" rabble.

This a nation of GREED-BOT REPUBLICANS was built -- all to serve the power and wealth of a VERY FEW at top -- meanwhile, a Nation, once PROUD of its Opportunity for ALL and TOP-SHELF infrastructure, was collapsing while ALSO becoming so DRUG DEPENDANT (legal AND illegal) -- JUST SO AMERICANS COULD AVOID HAVING TO SEE THE TRUTH!!!

And to TOP IT ALL OFF (and DELIBERATELY accelerate the TAKE DOWN of AMERICA and enslavement of her citizens in this new FEUDAL SYSTEM where MONEY equals speech, Republicans put us in several WARS, and for the FIRST TIME IN AMERICAN HISTORY did NOT raise taxes to PAY FOR THEM (putting us in debt primarily to Communist China, instead).

What did we go to WAR for??? GHW Bush had us protect a nation that supplied much of our oil -- and that was not such a bad thing. But his son, took us to Afghanistan ONLY TO PROTECT THE OPIUM POPPIES that Muslims were BURNING because drugs violate the Koran. Any returned US Marine will tell you he or she was ORDERED to guard poppy fields -- and YOUR insistence to HIM/HER that this is not POSSIBLE because we are there to protect CHRISTENDOM and FREEDOM is what gives service-people PTSD!!!

And then you REFUSE to hire them since they are so "DELUDED" and went a little (or a lot), crazy after discovering how sick America REALLY IS.

I don't even need to mention our motives in Iraq, except to say THANK YOU to the duped Gen. Collin Powell whose Chief Protocol Officer, Dottie Newman -- a HIGHLY decorated Vietnam Vet (after her retirement to Atlanta where she now heads a big READERS GROUP as well as working as a Docent at the High Museum (of art) -- when not working on the BOARD of a major service-agency for Veterans), took me under her wing (she knows a lot, because it was SHE who with Gen. Powell and his wife Alma sat around the Powell's kitchen table and decided together that it was NOT safe enough for Collin Powell to run for President in the 2008 race), and EVENTUALLY told me that Our Government could NO LONGER protect my life and I MUST leave the United States (that immediately after an ACTIVE US Army General at one of Dottie's Readers Group meetings jumped up from the table in disagreements with one of my political points and THREATENED MY LIFE, claiming I had NO RIGHT to say such things ON PRIVATE PROPERTY!!!

>>> HAS ANYONE BESIDES ME noticed that in bars and coffeehouses in America -- THE VERY PLACES WHERE AMERICAN DEMOCRACY WAS BORN -- proprietors and staff DO NOT ALLOW POLITICAL DISCUSSION (if it is anti-Republican, ONLY).

I found this to be true in COLLEGE BARS in Raleigh, especially -- during the two weeks I lived there in December of 2011, before Wilmington, and at Bella's on Market (where the manager was uncomfortable telling me that ONLY conservative political talk was allowed by his owner), and several other downtown "Mom & Pops" showed FEAR when i entered -- although they SERVED me after my promise to keep my mouth shut. By contrast, Port City Java (well known by Wilmington street people to IMPORT cocaine with their beans from Colombia) BANNED ME for n o logical reason -- see: . And Frank Delia (owner of the Italian Market on Front Street), banned me after HIS FRIENDS (whom I'd ALSO seen with the crowd at FAILED Republican 2011 Wilmington mayoral candidate Justin LaNasa's TATTOO PARLOR on Front Street), claimed in front of not only Frank, but about six other customers as well, THAT I HAD SEXUALLY MOLESTED THEIR YOUNG SON!!!

This was so shockingly absurd that I lost my breath, but regaining it, told them they MUST file charges against me IMMEDIATELY as inappropriate contact with children is the WORST CRIME IMAGINABLE, but they declined, and laughing -- with Frank -- said they had BETTER ideas of what to do with that claim.

IN DEED, MANY of Justin LaNasa's friends cat-called to me in the streets as I passed: "CHILD MOLESTER!!! CHILD MOLESTER!!! DON'T EVER PULL MY SON'S PANTS DOWN AGAIN!!!" etc.

In the FACE of this GOD-HATING ORGANIZED REPUBLICAN ONSLAUGHT, I soldiered on, and knowing that nothing GROWS true or false rumors faster than FIGHTING THEM, I only minimally reported this problem in my blog or in discussions with others.

Of course Frank threw me out permanently, but his employees all loved me, so they let me in to buy a BEAUTIFUL pomegranate plate from Italy that I gave my cousin, Judy Whitney.

BACK TO IT: This was ENTIRELY insane, as Dottie clearly knew -- it was HER property, not his, and SHE had made NO RESTRICTIONS TO SPEECH. That General LITERALLY chased me out of Dottie's house -- in front of more than a dozen speechless other attendees (which included several CEOs as well as TOP Atlanta academics, and several noted foreigners), but Dottie followed me out and gave me the advise that led to my QUICK sale of home and goods and flight to Mexico late spring 2010.

But ANOTHER example of how the US Government WAS in fact protecting me was my six flights between Atlanta and Puerto Vallarta in early 2010 -- before I moved there, driving my car. Of the SIX one-way flights (all originally scheduled non-stop), I only flew ONE of them as I had scheduled. You see, Our Government had gotten the cooperation of Delta Airlines, and KNOWING the CIA/NAZI/REPUBLICANS were at THAT TIME (when "Obamacare" was coming to vote), so ANGRY at me for exposing their TOTAL LIES, they were even prepared to shoot a commercial jetliner out of the air to KILL ME!!!

FOUR of the six one-ways were changed by Delta claiming to me as I checked in that the flight was overbooked, and I was LAST MINUTE changed to a CONNECTING flight that had me fly over a different path that the CIA could not ARM quickly enough (covertly), to shoot down a plane. But the BEST evidence of this protection was that the LAST of the six one-ways, I was first held to wait until the original flight was boarded before giving me new tickets (as is standard practice), but near the end of the boarding process, a high-ranking Air Force officer wearing a uniform with SERIOUS decoration showed up and Delta actually ANNOUNCED over the P.A. that he WOULD BE TAKING THE CO-PILOT'S SEAT.

A few minutes later, I was summoned to the desk, and not only was I boarded on that flight (which was ACTUALLY at least 1/3 EMPTY, but the officer went out of his way to greet me -- and then after landing in Atlanta, went to Baggage Claim (he had no checked bag himself, he said), JUST TO ASSURE ME OF MY SAFETY!!!

>>> IN FACT, he and I exchanged email addresses and corresponded for a time -- that reported WITH HIS NAME deep in this blog -- but OLD POSTS are difficult to google up, so if interested you can find it in spring 2010 postings!!!

So DON'T TELL ME that I have NOT had an affect on our UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT (and at least HALF of those who directly assisted me were REAL Republicans, like Dottie Newman).



1. I had a long conversation last night with next-door Lena at Chac Mool Cafe, where I enjoyed new Chef Jesus's (hey Suess!!!'s), extraordinary pecan pie (based on owner Arturo's recipe), as well as the PERFECT turkey, dressing, "smashed" potatoes, veggies, APPETIZER (earlier) -- and it ALL came with a cocktail or wine for only 250 pesos ($19.22)!!!

But it turns out that Lena is LEAVING Chacala temporarily with her Dad, a TOTALLY cool American who also adopted THREE more children (and had two of his own) -- the reason Lena is originally Russian but grew up American, for a break to try to save her marriage. I now SERIOUSLY DOUBT she had DELIBERATELY tried to keep me from seeing the delivery of the bags of white powder that (REDACTED)., bought that day from the Mexican with the California plates (CORRECTION: I did not see the plates on this car, but it was nearly identical to the car across the street that HAS California plates. This was MY ERROR, NOW CORRECTED), on his SUV.

No telling if she will come back to re-unite with her SPOILED no-working HOT husband, who after drinking the day away in Las Varas, returned to hang out the window shirtless and crow like a DRUNK COW imitating a ROOSTER!!! (and I NO LONGER covet such a person's PERFECT MALE BODY!!!)

See MORE here: .

2. The Christian Courrier in the "Chacala Group" of 66 residents of my town I have never MET, but got email addresses for, so emailed them so they KNEW what I had discovered about (REDACTED) here, and WHAT I HAVE DONE ABOUT IT, is said by several locals I spoke with last night, to be FRENCH and a PERMANENT RESIDENT.

This suggests that HE TOO is in the (REDACTED) to have so VEHEMENTLY objected to my communication. Although it is ALSO TRUE, as one suggested, that his NOT being a native English-speaker he might have simply misunderstood. I REJECT this argument because of the strength of his vehemence AND HIS ABSOLUTE USE OF ANTI-LOGIC!!!

See more here: .

And thank you ONCE AGAIN for reading this blog!!!




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