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D.A. Benjamin R. David and Judge Sandra Ray Criner SCREWED ME, but I ESCHEW VIOLENCE!!!

Sign posted in Johnston County, NC in 1982. This county is named for former Royal Governor of North Carolina Gabriel Johnston, whose children gave BOTH the "rich Kenans" and my sister-in-law the Stuart/Charlemagne "royal genes".
This marital alliance probably PROFITED the family of Thomas Kenan (progenitor of the wealthy branch), who married Elizabeth Johnston, a FINANCIAL and LEGAL leg UP -- so they were able to become the LARGEST supplier of naval stores to shipbuilding in the entire world before the American Revolution.
NOT all Kenans owned slaves (my great-grandfather saved up, then bought and immediately FREED two slaves), but a few properties in S.E. North Carolina had at least 300 slaves each -- the largest number shown AT TOP in tabulations of slave owners into categories of ownership numbers.

>>> BUT SEE MORE about the BLACKEST SHEEP of the Kenan Family, William R. Kenan, SENIOR -- and how HE and leadership then at First Presbyterian Church in Wilmington, NC were MOST RESPONSIBLE for the Wilmington Race Riot (aka "Insurrection"), of  1899: .

See more here:

Also see that I am TRYING to make AMENDS for this -- especially since it EMBOLDENED RACISTS ACROSS THE SOUTH, and within TWO YEARS of it, ALL states were STRANGLED with "JIM CROW LAWS".

This TOO, falls on the "Kenan Shoulders".


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>>> ADDED 14 JULY: Since posting this, Tammy has blocked me, so when I realized I had FORGOTTEN to also show the image Tammy had posted with " 'Like' and 'Share' if you agree" I had to find a SIMILAR IMAGE which I am adding here (as well as another image I'll add to the bottom of this section):

With all due respect -- and I APPRECIATE that you and your husband OFFERED to have his KU KLUX KLAN and BIKER GANGS beat up District Attorney Benjamin R. David as well as District Court Judge Sandra Ray Criner for me and how they SCREWED MY CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS, which I said NO, I do NOT support ANY violence and accepted lunch at the Olive Garden and two packs of cigarettes instead -- YOUR GOD-HATING BELIEF in my INFERIORITY I DO take ENTIRELY PERSONALLY. I have always stood up for YOU, even though you were labeled a RETARD and discriminated against all your life.

Tammy Stanley of Wilmington, NC
Bruce Lee, Tammy Stanley's husband and a leader in both the KU KLUX KLAN and BIKER GANGS (no doubt, fer JESUS!!! )
He's suffering from inoperable cancer now, giving "marital difficulties", but two summers ago, Tammy ASSURED ME that she could STILL SUCK HIM OFF despite his NEVER getting an erection!!!
GOOD NEWS FOR THE flaccid, NO???

 I will post this on my blog that goes to 500 top Law Enforcement and other connections and HOPE that you, your husband, and your friends are WATCHED LIKE A HAWK to arrest any and all of you for your KU KLUX KLAN and BIKER GANG activities that might be illegal.

 That said, I trust you will EVENTUALLY forgive yourself and FIND GOD'S LOVE.

Thank GOD, most people don't need to got to hospital because we are HEALTHY ALREADY, no???

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>>> NOTE TO DISTRICT ATTORNEY BENJAMIN R. DAVID: I would be PROUD to stand with you in giving evidence in Court AGAINST people like Tammy Stanley and Bruce Lee. CLEARLY the KLAN had intended to physically harm YOU and JUDGE CRINER -- using ME and my difficulties as AN EXCUSE!!!

YOU CAN "TAKE THIS TO THE BANK" more than anything else I have written about the STATE OF NORTH CAROLINA's Legal, Courts, and Political Condition. IN FACT if this offer in late summer of 2011 from the Klan was ILLEGAL and statute of limitations has NOT yet expired on this, I will depose the details to you so you can PROSECUTE THEM NOW!!!

>>> ADDED LATER: Although the offer was REPEATED SEVERAL TIMES to me by Tammy Stanley, what is MOST HELPFUL to perhaps the US JUSTICE DEPARTMENT (because THIS is a crime of INTENDED HARM TO COURT OFFICERS and rises ABOVE crimes against others), is that on only ONE DAY , I accompanied both Tammy and Bruce Lee (Bruce driving), somewhere, and Bruce Lee not only CONFIRMED THE OFFER, but nodded along with me as ADDITIONAL VERIFICATION that this came from HIM, some kind of leader in the KKK.

 Scott David Kenan



>>> THIS POSTING HAS NOW BEEN MAILED TO MY TOP 500 CONTACTS -- including the email addresses for SEVERAL in the US JUSTICE DEPARTMENT in Raleigh, NC, Chicago, IL, and Attorney General Eric Holder's Office:

All 500: ENRAGED by Tammy Stanley's FACEBOOK hatred of me, personally, I realize her and her husband's ACTUAL CRIMINAL OFFER -- and I OFFER Ben David assistance to protect HIM and JUDGE SANDRA RAY CRINER, the MOST corrupt Wilmington Judge whose husband's CRIME, regardless Mr. David's and Judge Criner's CRIMES AGAINST ME, Criner's husband even GOT OFF CHILD MOLESTATION CHARGES with help of Wilmington Police!!!


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