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My New Life on Calle Easy (Easy Street) -- While White-Ass Jingo-Christians DESTROY North Carolina!!!

Entrance to Easy Street at Mex 400 in Conchas Chinas leads down a steep lane to parking above the beach -- where I slept MANY A NIGHT IN MY CAR, homeless, in 2010 -- until my car was broken into and my wallet, passport, and dirty boxers were stolen while I was on the beach one day.
Conchas Chinas is one of the MOST AFFLUENT areas here.
And it's ACROSS THE STREET from where CIA/US Special Forces operative Benjamin Shields HELD ME CAPTIVE and had REMOVED MY CAR from my possession. While I have PREVIOUSLY REPORTED that Ben used to have long conversations (I witnessed three -- and I could tell that parts of them were instructions on how to deal with ME), with my mother -- THEY DO INCLUDE the one RIGHT BEFORE he GRABBED my car keys and told me I had to sell drugs on the street in Puerto Vallarta to pay him for food and shelter.
Benjamin Shields was SO BAD THEN that the CIA itself had to run him out of town eventually (if I can believe what Luis Melgoza told me -- Ben's METH habit was taking over him COMPLETELY when I knew him.).
Luis Melgoza and Salvador Fuentes had offices in the building with the OXXO convenience store there -- and Sal's deli, Deli Baguette, had been sold to him by Luis Melgoza and was ALSO in the same building -- but it CLOSED DOWN a few weeks after I moved here a year ago, and the space is now for rent.
And it was while sitting at the tables of Deli Baguette, that Salvador Fuentes and an older woman CLAIMED to be descended from my great-grandparents and that the woman WITH Sal's Mom was Walter Cronkite's producer the last 12 years he was on CBS NEWS -- and INDEED!!! -- the MOST awarded woman in ALL OF TV NEWS!!! -- Didn't I KNOW of her???
Well, no, but she said she did special assignment for 60 MINUTES and rapid-typed everything into her laptop as I SPEED-spoke for 45 minutes, telling my story (then about 10% the size it has GROWN TO BE). About twenty minutes into, she stopped to say she was amazed at the complexity -- and that everything I said that she knew about was correct. She thought they'd probably want to do TWO segments.
Then maybe ten minutes later, she said she really thought there'd be a good chance at three.
To show you how the NAZI associates of my mother (etc.), are REALLY GOOD AT IT, knowing I was Jew-philic, she ended with the sweetest, most sincere Shalom! I've ever heard -- and it was that sincerity that held me able to believe the story for two years, long after reason was telling me something was wrong.
And earlier, Sal's Mom had a LOT of Kenan Family info!!! We talked about SEVERAL historical family events/"The Line". When I said how Flagler's personal physician, Owen Hill Kenan (who had received the FIRST EVER French Medal of Honor awarded to a NOT French citizen -- for bravery in WWI before the US got involved), was the "last survivor of the Lusitania". She shot back that one of our relatives was the LONGEST LIVING survivor of the sinking of the Titanic, too!!!
I believed her and then later realized that that would be the girl in the MOVIE TITANIC -- so told everyone that THAT TOO -- not just my great-grandparents (and a great-grandparent) in THE OLDEST CONFEDERATE WIDOW TELLS ALL.
These people were ALL extremely smart, PREPARED TO FOOL ME, and DAMN GOOD AT IT!!! The US Taxpayers are GETTING THEIR MONEY'S WORTH OUT OF OUR WELL-TRAINED CIA!!!
I NOW think that "Beachbum" is one of Luis Melgoza's many identities that he uses in his CIA/Narco-trafficking work. He words those few emails EXACTLY like Luis's email of just 10 months ago THREATS OF LEGAL ACTION -- AND NOTHING HAPPENED, even though I got MORE STRIDENT!!! -- and according to his personality -- and it makes PERFECT SENSE that Luis had to go back to Washington, DC for a week (where he claimed he would now be), partly getting NEW INSTRUCTIONS on how to deal with me.
Luis sent me emails when I FIRST BLOGGED (just about a year ago -- and I published his emails and my response. Google RARELY gives me FULL ANSWERS when I look for things like this in my blog, so I'm NOT gonna try now -- and it is LOGICAL for the CIA to REMOVE materials generated by the CIA from this blog -- Luis in summer 2012 -- before I realized what he was up to, -- reconditioned my computers and REMOVED ALL PHOTOS of Fernando Merino (son of the TOP cocaine exporter in Colombia -- and Godson to Hector-the-Engineer, the SECOND BIGGEST CIA narco-trafficker in Mexico, who Fernando CLAIMED many times had placed the BOOBY-TRAP in the Chunnel in the English Channel so the CIA could FAKE another terrorist attack there (but it was discovered and removed in 2010).
(Afterthought: It is possible that I simply have not yet found those photos because the file trees got really scrambled in photos and a couple of other places BEFORE -- but I DID see them on this computer in Wilmington -- and SOME of Fernando were posted on this blog and THOSE POSTS HAVE DEFINITELY BEEN REMOVED -- not by me!!!)
It was a lovely quiet day in Conchas Chinas today -- and the weather and surf were EXCELLENTE!!!
1. Funny that right after emailing out the last post, I saw Pope Pancho's words about "judging gays". I'm not so SURE he's saying much new -- and he'll no doubt clarify all that soon -- but he DID ratchet back the rhetoric a good deal (and SQUASH hopes of women being ordained priests).
Pope Pancho should read his EARLY CHURCH HISTORY where he will find that women DID play much bigger roles in the early church -- and many gay people were SAINTED -- one Roman church still stands that is DEDICATED TO TWO GAY LOVER-SAINTS.
On the OTHER HAND, the early followers of Jesus were all JEWS LIKE JESUS -- who only fought to reform Judaism, and for MANY YEARS after Jesus's death, converts had to convert to JUDAISM, getting circumcisions -- and it was the PAIN OF SO MANY MUTILATED PENISES that caused them to STOP circumcision which meant NO RABBI would consider them Jews -- so LET'S START A NEW CHURCH and the Christian Church was begun DUE TO MEN HATING PAIN!!!
(I'm not exactly sure that the pain was what caused all this --but I'd like to hear WHAT WAS from someone more scholarly than me in this area. There is NO QUESTION the Jesus movement was ALL about Judaism for years after Jesus died.
But I meant here only to say that I did NOT mean that George W. Bush (in the last posting), should proposition Catholic Clergy who all take vows of celibacy -- rather "street Catholics".
2. I had another GREAT CONVERSATION with my mother today, so THAT is holding!!! I DID tell her (knowing she watches non-stop Fox News -- a network she had something to do with getting together), that Catholics NO LONGER watch Fox much because it is so Racist and Homophobic, so maybe she should CHANGE THE CHANNEL occasionally.
3. I have not as yet gotten any responses from any Senators or House-ators on the Homeland Security Committees. This is NORMAL, since they never do anything -- taking a LONG TIME even for THAT!!! -- but when a serious person with extraordinary experience and knowledge CLAIMS WITH MUCH PROOF rather SERIOUS ALLEGATIONS (and I DO have "Court Proof" that Mom MURDERED her brother -- with the help of the US Veterans Hospital in lower Mississippi), and giving many details that DO CHECK OUT, they DO need to learn more from me.
Tomorrow morning I will begin calling the Washington Offices of ALL OF THEM to find out if they GOT my email and their response. I will call each one once per day until I am satisfied and update everyone. Expect BLANK RESPONSES for at least the rest of this week.
Ditto the US Attorney in Chicago.
4.And tonight, Edward Snowden's father and his attorney showed NO BELIEF IN or RESPECT FOR Attorney General Eric Holder. they just don't TRUST him -- although they keep in close contact. I'm still holding out hope for Holder -- although I've always suspected that he's NOT really STRONG-WILLED enough or maybe not even SMART ENOUGH for his job. We'll see.
BTW: Bruce Fein is Snowden's MAIN ATTORNEY. He served Ronald Reagan in the Attorney General's Office -- but has CRITICIZED every President since then, calling for the censure and or impeachments of Daddy Bush, Dick Cheney (not an ELECTED President), Bill Clinton, and ESPECIALLY George W. Bush -- usually for violations of the US Constitution.
It was CLEAR tonight that Ed Snowden's TEAM is CONFIDENT and WELL PREPARED. Next REVELATIONS probably at Congressional Hearings this Wednesday. ALSO CNN's special on THE WATERGATE TAPES (featuring my old buddy John Ehrlichman who was DEEPLY CONNECTED to Pentagon Publishing, Inc, my former employer who distributes the illegal drugs imported using US Air Force planes. See I/4 the way down here: ) is Thursday night at 9:00 Eastern.
But I will try to contact the Chicago US Attorney ONCE DAILY as well.
5. Since Gov. Pat McCrory of North Carolina is CONTINUING to show he can work with his WHITE RACIST PROTESTANT REPUBLICANS to FURTHER take the state to HELL
I will INCREASE my push in North Carolina -- adding more phone calls and finding NEW contacts there as well as NATIONWIDE to email this blog to.
5. Mayor Bill Saffo STILL has not apologized so I will LIKELY sue the City of Wilmington as well (Police Department).
By the time I finish (several years from now), I will GET MY DUE from taxpayers as severely as possible. You elect them -- YOU pay for their DELIBERATE DISREGARD OF THE LAW AND CONSTITUTION!!! !!! !!!
6.. I'd better get my BEAUTY REST!!! Lots to do TOMORROW!!!

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